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Chapter 1399 - Purely For Training


A sea snail bugle horn sounded, making heaven and earth tremble. The foreign great army withdrew like a tide, the black expanse slowly disappearing into the limits of the desert.

On Imperial Pass’ side, there was no one who chased after them. It was because on the other side, there was an elder who held a Heaven and Earth Pouch. This was an immortal weapon, holding up the rear, ready to attack at any time.

Then, a Heaven Swallowing Beast roared. Three lions released low roars, all of them rising up to the air, flying towards Imperial Pass. The cultivators on the Nine Heavens side also began to withdraw under the great knights’ command.

A great battle came to an end just like this.

Along the way, the warriors from various clans all became extremely quiet. Even though they didn’t suffer greatly this time, even occupying the advantage, everyone still carried worries inside. It was because the other side was too powerful, having undying beings. Once they slaughtered their way over, there would be nothing they could do!

The only thing they could rely on was Heaven Abyss. Once it was broken through, Imperial Pass definitely couldn’t be defended any longer, the Nine Heavens inevitably being buried under.

Meanwhile, the other side’s Anlan and Shutuo, the two unmatched ancient ancestors from the last great era already made some moves, passing down a decree, so in the future, what else would they do?

This type of matchless expert who looked down on great eras one after another, once they really made moves, only heaven knew what was going to happen. Would Heaven Abyss still remain secure?

It was hard to imagine what kind of state Imperial Pass and the great earth behind it would be in once Heaven Abyss disappeared!

Wuwu… Suddenly, someone released sobbing sounds, full of sadness.

Up ahead, corpses were raised one after another, damaged and in pieces. There were some that were placed on the backs of mounts, others raised in coffins one after another, covered in blood.

These were all dead cultivators, some of them well-known experts, but there were unknown soldiers as well. After this battle, they all had the same ate, dying outside the pass.

When one turned around and looked back, they would see many corpses. It was an alarming sight, making one couldn’t help but feel aggrieved, releasing long sighs.

Now that this battle ended, there were many more people who lost their husbands and fathers. After this battle, what filled the eyes was only grief. Weeping sounds gradually became louder, too many scenes of sadness behind, truly hard for others to look at.

Meanwhile, this was just one portion, because more cultivators directly exploded, bones even disappearing, nothing left behind.

The corpses that could be brought back were only a very small portion!

“Senior, if there is Heaven Abyss stopping them, why must we still leave the pass to fight with them? So many people died, it is just too miserable!” There were people who couldn’t hold back, asking the commanders.

If they didn’t leave the pass, these people wouldn’t have died.

There were some who believed that with Heaven Abyss in the way, the foreign great army definitely couldn’t cross over, no way they could cross that chasm. Taking the initiative to challenge the other side like this, wasn’t it just having soldiers die for no reason?

“The other side is targeting Heaven Abyss, so we must take the initiative to attack, stop their plans!” A middle-aged man spoke loudly. He wasn’t a leader, but he explained this loudly to avoid affecting their morale.

However, the great knight seated on a golden Pixiu raised his hand, stopping him. He began to explain, speaking up himself.

“Everything is for the sake of training soldiers, to sharpen iron-blooded soldiers!” He said.

This simple sentence explained everything.

“The day might come when Heaven Abyss disappears. At that time, what will happen?” A few elders from different clans added, loudly asking.

Everyone became silent. This was what they were the least willing to face, but it was something that could very well happen.

Sending out soldiers now was precisely for the sake of sharpening the soldiers of various clans, make preparations for the future life and death decisive battle. That might very well be a world exterminating battle, the entire world possibly drenched in blood.

This time, the scale of the battle between the two realms wasn’t small, creatures everywhere in the desert. Both sides suffered great casualties, blood dyeing the sand completely red.

Meanwhile, the soldiers who set out from Imperial Pass were still a small portion of their army, not completely going out.

When looking at this from a higher perspective, this was only a small scale fierce battle.

They were training soldiers. Without a doubt, if this continued, the soldiers from all different clans would have gone out, experiencing the cruelty of blood and bones.

From the past until now, the world outside Imperial Pass has never lacked death, while in this era, there would inevitably be even more!

The sounds of weeping decreased, the entire great army becoming quiet, silently walking towards Imperial Pass.

Even the powerful vicious beasts no longer roared, returning quietly. A few giant birds cast giant shadows on the ground as they moved forward.

This type of silence, this type of quietness, made everyone feel a great pressure.

It would always be like this every time they left the pass. Large amounts of cultivators withered away, dying, falling in battle outside the pass. This was a type of unavoidable grief and pain.

The army walked into the primal chaos mist, arriving before the boundless number one pass. Everyone was still quiet, silently entering the city.


A streak of immortal light scattered down, surrounding everyone.

There were immediately creatures who cried out miserably, directly turning to ashes, unable to even resist.

These were foreign creatures who mixed into their army in this great battle, wishing to infiltrate the pass. However, unfortunately, just like before, they couldn’t enter. After an ancient mirror shone down on them to reveal their true forms, they turned into scattered smoke and ashes.

Then, Shi Hao and the others felt as if they were disintegrating. After entering a strange passage, before they even knew what was going on, they already entered the passage’s depths.

During this process, he felt his blood rumble, his soul imprint trembling intensely, as if it was resonating with Imperial Pass.

He knew that this was a type of probing, all creatures entering Imperial Pass would be strictly examined. Only those who left this pass not long ago were permitted inside.

When they set off before, they already left their own auras here.

Imperial Pass was ancient and mysterious, there were naturally reasons why it was able to stand tall through endless time without collapsing.

Soon afterwards, they entered the city, but in the end, they discovered that there were creatures everywhere. All of them looked in this direction nervously. They were people from different great clans, raising their heads, hoping to see their clansmen return.

It was clear that this process would inevitably be full of sadness.

Shi Hao left. There was no one waiting for him here, because Stone Clan was too weak, not having the qualifications to come here.


A golden body rushed down, landing on Shi Hao’s shoulder, returning with him.

“That felt good! I killed many enemies, just that I didn’t encounter any big fish, and an old man always stood behind me, scared that I might get lost, so unlucky!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

Shi Hao was speechless. He knew that there were definitely super experts from the city protecting the little Heavenly Horned Ant, fearing that he would die outside the pass before he matured. That type of loss would be too great.

It was because a descendant of the Vicious Ten, if nothing unexpected happened, they would definitely rise up to become unmatched beings.


The foreign great army withdrew a step earlier.

Aggressive races were all iron-blooded, even if they died, they would only feel some sadness at that time. They would become calm again soon afterwards.

The foreign side was vast and boundless, the regions too vast, who knew how many times greater than the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

After the clans returned, all of them went back to their respective clans’ territory through super transport formations.

However, there were some who directly gathered together, heading to a meeting. The gathering of the younger generation this time was even more so not a small matter.

“Go invite others, bring over all of my generation’s most powerful geniuses. If we cannot get rid of Huang, then it truly is a type of humiliation. How can my side’s younger generation be inferior to someone from their side?!”

In the great desert war, even Martial Heavenly King was defeated, making many young foreign creatures feel inwardly shaken, also leaving them incredibly worried. They really didn’t want to accept this defeat by a human from the other side.

This was especially the case after Martial Heavenly King spoke out, saying that Huang already couldn’t be matched in the younger generation. This left many people shocked, all those of this generation paying close attention to this matter.

“Can we head to those legendary ancient lands, invite people from Emperor Clans to come out?”

When this sentence was spoken, quite a few geniuses from the younger generation were shocked. Was Huang this terrifying, needing to bother the Emperor Clans?

“Be careful, the Emperor Clans haven’t displayed any activity for a long time, not appearing in this world. If someone comes out from the ancient lands, then they would definitely dominate the world, all sides defeated. There won’t be any chance for our generation at all!”

Regardless, Shi Hao had already become a well-known person in the foreign side’s younger generation!

In the great desert battle, he defeated Martial Heavenly King, drawing the eyes of the foreign clans’ young experts. They already saw him as a mountain blocking their path, one that had to be uprooted.

“Master, you… came back alive!” At Stone Clan’s village entrance, A’Shou saw a figure walk over from the distance. He couldn’t help but cry out loudly in pleasant surprise.

When the group of children heard this, they all quickly ran over. They were all shocked and happy to see him.

“Big bro, you really are formidable! I heard that this time, the battle was extremely bitter, yet you came back safe and sound, not even injured at all! I’m so happy!” A little girl shouted, her rosy little face revealing a pure smile. However, shortly afterwards, she cried, because she lost her father not too long ago, now remembering him.

The people from the tribe all appeared. When they saw Shi Hao, they were all extremely happy, revealing simple and honest smiles. There was someone who walked over, giving his shoulder a pat, another who brought over a large bowl of strong alcohol, someone else who brought over a towel for him to wipe away the dirt and sand.

“It is good that you came back, living is good…” The clan chief Shi Houde’s voice was shaking a bit. What he was scared of the most was when they came back to greet their soldiers, because he would always hear grievous news. The clan’s strong men usually came back dead.

“Child, hurry and eat some dried meat, recover a bit of stamina.” There were some middle-aged women who walked over, carrying kind and amiable smiles.

Shi Hao thanked them. He felt a type of warmth here, a type of feeling of returning home.

He took up residence here, not having any plans of leaving. He prepared to make this the place he would stay at for some time.

In the following half month, Shi Hao didn’t go out, guiding the children in their cultivation. In addition, he himself also analyzed his great dao path, entering half seclusion.

He was waiting. When it was time to leave the pass again, his target wouldn’t only be the battlefield!

A few days later, in this area’s mountain range, someone paid this small tribe that rarely received care from others a visit, bringing over a letter.

“Is Huang here? He really is in a remote place, actually in this barren mountain.” The one who came muttered quietly.

“Who are you, what do you need?” The young man A’Shou greeted them.

“I came to find Huang, deliver an invitation to him. In three days, there will be a gathering in Imperial Pass, those who are invited all the top figures of the younger generation, the elites of all different clans.”

“What gathering?” With a sou sound, a golden figure rushed over, directly landing by the letter, giving the messenger a fright.

“We’ve been busy cultivating recently, where would we find the time to go to a gathering.” The Heavenly Horned Ant curled his lips.

“The gathering this time is quite special, only the leading figures of the present world younger generation going, all of them extraordinary. This meeting will only bring benefits, no harm.” The one who came said. From what he said, the ones who went would all be those who grasped the ebb and flow of the future world.

“It’s not like we never met them before in the Nine Heavens!” The little ant was impatient.

“This time, not only are the cultivators from the Nine Heavens going, the most powerful inheritors of various clans in Imperial Pass will also be there, even more so descendants of unmatched beings, as well as true immortal posterity. They have never visited the Nine Heavens before.” The one who came explained. It was clear that he really hoped that Shi Hao could go.

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