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Chapter 1397 - Rebuking the Heavens

This scene left everyone stupefied, feeling shocked from their innermost depths. The two foreign ancient ancestors were communicating with Heaven Abyss?

On the ground, that skull was three zhang tall, pitch-black like ink, its eye sockets and other apertures releasing essence energy, turning into a mysterious flame. This flame continuously burned the golden decree, making it more and more resplendent.

“Wait, how could that skull have strands of immortal dao energy?” On the Nine Heavens’ side, many people were alarmed. That skull definitely had an extraordinary background, yet it was refined into an altar by another.

However, it carried even more strange energy, as if it was corroded. It flowed with mysterious power, spraying out divine flames from its seven apertures, extremely terrifying and astonishing.

Everyone knew that once this type of flame made contact with them, they would definitely be directly burned to ashes. 

It was because they could see that even the nearby space was burning, absorbing secret force from the great cosmos, everything created by the black skull!

Meanwhile, this was precisely the reason why the temperature of the flames was so terrifying, able to burn the golden sheet, make the symbols on it rush towards Heaven Abyss.

Ou ma ni da la de…

Inside Heaven Abyss, golden symbols appeared one after another, engraved there, releasing a loud noise. It was as if three thousand ancient monks were chanting, as if three thousand demonic sovereigns were crying out, the scene too shocking.

It was too terrifying, this voice carrying unmatched dignity, berating Heaven Abyss, as if it was trying to negotiate some type of great karma with it!

Everyone became horrified. Anlan, Shutuo, how heaven-defying were the two ancient ancestors? They unexpectedly could be like this, a single decree able to accomplish this.

At this moment, the foreign creatures knelt down, involuntarily feeling a type of servitude from deep within their souls. They kowtowed here, prostrating in worship.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, even if they weren’t willing, there were still some people whose knees went weak, their souls trembling, kneeling down.

This was a type of pressure similar to that of a young beast seeing a beast king, an innate fear that left them with no choice but to submit.


There was someone who roared angrily, definitely not willing to lower his head, kneel down. A mouthful of essence blood sprayed out from his mouth, his body towering in place.

However, their bodies betrayed them, forcing them to kowtow. Their legs gradually bent, refusing to obey their minds.

The human body was mysterious, the flesh containing a treasury. However, these types of potential, this immeasurable power, sometimes, the gates shut within the body would always be incited by external forces, producing various involuntary actions.

It was clear that this golden decree’s symbols were written by the two unmatched experts. They deeply understood the physical bodies’ mysteries. That was why when the magical decree left, it affected all spirits.


An ancient diagram sealed the heavens, unfolding with the wind, immortal might pervading the air. Great Elder Meng Tianzheng arrived, in his hands the Ten Realms Diagram. It floated above, stopping the magical decree’s might, protecting everyone from the Nine Heavens’ side.

At this moment, everyone released a breath of relief, wiping away the blood at the corners of their lips. In the end, they still didn’t kneel down, or else how could they bear this type of humiliation

At the same time, an elder appeared from the foreign side, in his hands the Heaven and Earth Pouch. It released ten thousand strands of light, protecting their side, fearing that Great Elder would suddenly act fiercely.

All of the creatures became momentarily quiet, holding their breaths, closely watching the situation with the black skull altar and Heaven Abyss.

The golden decree was completely burned, only a bit of ashes remaining. Several thousand symbols flew into the sky, entering the abyss. Dao sounds rumbled, splitting the sky dome.

One could vaguely see that there seemed to be two faint golden figures that appeared. They pointed towards the limits of the abyss, releasing the most powerful sound.

“They are discussing karma with Heaven Abyss!” Even Great Elder was stupefied, feeling waves of coldness. The foreign side’s Anlan and Shutuo were too terrifying.

They were actually able to accomplish this!

However, when they thought about it more, they could only release light sighs. How terrifying were those two great existences? They weren’t cultivators of this great era at all, but rather originating from the last civilization’s ancient history.

At that time, Anlan and Shutuo had fought against True Immortals, contending with the unmatched beings on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, and in the end, they won.

Just how terrifying of a thing was this?

Anlan, Shutuo, and the others had lived for an incredibly long amount of time, no one able to say for sure what era they appeared in. They previously fought with Without End Immortal King and Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King.

Even though this was due to various reasons, the two immortals kings weren’t weaker than anyone else. It was only because they didn’t have enough reinforcements. However, regardless, they were still defeated in the end.

The ones who had the last laugh were still the foreign side’s Anlan, Shutuo and others!

Now, it was precisely the two great experts who appeared. Someone brought over a magical decree, displaying unmatched might!


Heaven Abyss displayed a reaction, moreover an extremely powerful one. A wave of white essence energy was released, extremely pure and holy, pouring into Heaven Abyss, the energy surging through this world.


Scarlet red chains appeared one after another, as if they were bleeding immortal swords. They rushed out from white mist, directly hacking towards the golden symbols rising from the magical decree.

In that instant, the noises were deafening, as if dao swords were crying out, as if there was Divine Iron clashing, extremely terrifying. Everyone’s souls even trembled in response, as if they were going to fall apart.

A portion of the golden ancient characters were destroyed!

Ao duo li de miu ga!

A great voice sounded, as if it was extremely angry. This represented the two ancient ancestors’ killing intent, about to engulf Heaven Abyss.

Only, this was still a decree in the end, and not the dao body, nor was it a divine consciousness, let alone a true body, its power extremely limited. As a result, it couldn’t stop Heaven Abyss’ terrifying power.

The scarlet red divine chains of order spread out, releasing hualala noises, as if judgment descended from the heavens above. Streak after streak of scarlet red chains blasted through golden symbols one after another.

In the end, under pu pu sounds, all of the symbols were blasted through, the decree disappearing!

“Great Elder, just now, what did the voices that sounded from the golden decree mean?” Shi Hao arrived at Meng Tianzheng’s side, asking with a soft voice.

In the surroundings, those who were able to approach Great Elder’s side also revealed serious expressions, wishing to know the answer to this.

“It is as you all expect, they are asking, reproving the heavens, carrying out a treatise of karma!” Great Elder said with a serious expression.

Cold energy rose from everyone’s backs. It was one thing to think something, and another for it to be truly confirmed!

Those who dared rebuke Heaven Abyss, loudly berate it, just how domineering and heaven-defying was this?

Even though the golden decree was erased, they could see that Anlan and Shutuo didn’t fear this abyss. Otherwise, how could they dare do this?

Of course, there were definitely some reasons. Their true bodies couldn’t approach this place.

“What did they say exactly?” Shi Hao asked for guidance. He really wanted to know what the contents of that magical decree was.

In reality, the foreign side were also discussing quietly, asking their old ancestors, wishing to know what happened.

It was because not even they recognized the symbols on the decree, these were special ancient characters that only unmatched existences could understand, extremely mysterious.

“I could not understand it either, those characters are difficult to recognize, only able to vaguely recognize some words, roughly guess at some of its intent.” Great Elder released a light sigh.

The divine archer from Imperial Pass walked over, also displaying an act of respect, and then asked Great Elder for guidance, to speak of it in more detail.

“The rough meaning is that that thing must be found. Moreover, those dao brothers have to be guided back. That is why they must enter the pass!” Great Elder said quietly, his expression incredibly serious.

This was definitely a huge matter!

When those here heard these words, all of their bodies went rigid, and then their expressions turned pale. This information was too terrifying, making them think of too many things.

Enter the pass, this was without a doubt, making it through Heaven Abyss and charge through Imperial Pass!

They had to find that thing, this might have exposed a tremendous great secret! This likely touched upon why the other side had to enter the Nine Heavens, the mystery regarding why they had to slaughter their way  into this world!

This was definitely a gargantuan matter. Everyone began to shiver inwardly.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths, what exactly was there that attracted them?

Apart from this, Anlan and Shutuo said that they had to guide back some dao brothers, this was even more horrifying. Forget about the great knights, even Great Elder himself felt his scalp going numb.

On Imperial Pass’ side, there were foreign people?

Moreover, according to what the decree said, the so-called dao brothers were definitely on the level of Anlan and Shutuo, or else how could they be referred to as brothers?

This piece of information, just the thought alone made one’s entire body go ice-cold. It truly was horrifying to the extreme!

Shivering all over with fear, truly shaken up, this was Shi Hao’s most direct feeling.

However, when everyone thought seriously about this, they still carried doubts. If there were creatures of this level, would they have to be guided back? Just a single palm from them would be enough to overturn their side, directly return.

“Guide back…” Great Elder said to himself, full of doubts.

Right at this time, the foreign elder who held the Heaven and Earth Pouch walked over. He was protected by the endless strands of immortal light produced by the immortal artifact, as if a blazing sun was blossoming.

“I advise you all to hand over that thing as soon as possible!” This was his request.

In that instant, Shi Hao and the others’ minds were greatly shaken, but they were also filled with expectation, wishing to obtain more information from his mouth. What exactly was this thing?

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