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Chapter 1392 - Heaven Abyss

The entire great desert used to be a battlefield, vast and boundless without end. Countless ancient people fought here, fighting into the heavens above and earth below. Even after endless time passed, it was still as if they could hear the resounding war songs and iron blooded shouts of war.

The great army advanced, pressing forward.

The geniuses who could move freely all chose to follow along, also wishing to see the grand scene of the two realms fighting.

“There are undying beings holding down the other side, our side already not having true immortals a long time ago, will we be able to stop them?” Someone asked with a small voice.

A genius asked. This was the first time he arrived in Imperial Pass, so he didn’t understand this place at all.

In reality, these were also the question Shi Hao had inside, the situation grim. How were the Nine Heavens Ten Earths suppose to stop the foreign masters?

“For all these years, my side’s true immortals have all died off, no longer existing, yet every clan is still able to stand tall, there is naturally a reason for this.” An old knight said.

“Yi, what is that reason?” Someone cried out in alarm.

When they entered the desert depths, everyone subconsciously raised their heads, because they just felt like there was something covering them above, boundless like a star dome!

Those who came out for the first time were stunned. They looked towards the sky, was this a demonic cloud or immortal mist? Pure white and darkness intertwined, as if yin and yang were wrapped around each other!

The most crucial thing was that the abyss was linked up to the heavenly dome, entering the boundless unknown, and not towards the world below.

It was truly too large and boundless, covering the world above the desert.

“Could this be… that this is Heaven Abyss?” Someone said to himself.

Shi Hao was also stunned. He had heard before he came that there was this type of abyss, only, it was unknown if it led into the depths of the great earth or towards the world beyond, it was extremely mysterious.

This was created by spatial walls, coming from a mysterious domain.

The black and pure white mist swirled together, intertwining, slowly moving, possessing terrifying strength.

Inside that Heaven Abyss, there were many star fragments that rose and fell. As it moved around, there was a terrifying demonic power that was created, the scene majestic.

This wasn’t a normal type of abyss, even stars could be swallowed up.

However, it wasn’t a black hole, truly was only an abyss, because when one continued walking in the desert, they could see that the sky abyss almost touched the surface.

Because of this, they could see even more clearly that there were many star remains inside that moved slowly, even more so some giant skeletal remains floating, moving about, making one feel fear.

“This Heaven Abyss is mysterious and unknown, many experts had tried to look into it, but no one has ever found out its source. However, it is what protects our world’s Desolate Border!” A great knight said.

“It… how does it protect us?” Many people were confused. They saw that Heaven Abyss was almost within reach, yet they didn’t sense any special power.

“It is ineffective against ordinary creatures, but once there are undying beings that cross over from the other side, entering this region, they will be sucked into Heaven Abyss, and thus disappear!” The great knight said seriously.

“What?” Many youngsters were shocked when they heard this. They couldn’t help but step backwards, their expressions a bit pale.

Something that could swallow up undying beings, just how terrifying of a thing was this? Heaven Abyss was too frightening, where did it lead to, to actually have this type of unmatched power!

“Don’t worry, it won’t swallow up you all. When normal creatures walk here, there won’t be any changes, only when undying beings appear will it swallow them up.” The great knight explained.

What was going on? It was here specifically to deal with undying beings?

How did it take form? Who was the one who arranged this? Even now, no one knew, because after Immortal Ancient’s last years, this world was wiped out, civilization cut short, everything couldn’t be traced back.

When the foreign side retreated, who was the one that chased them away? It was hard to say even now.

This Heaven Abyss should have been formed then, right?

“That is why even after endless years, the other side, even though it attacks violently from time to time, after losing a few undying beings, they could only send their children to attack.” An old knight said with a smile.

It could be said that the existence of Heaven Abyss ensured the safety of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, or else if the foreign undying existences came, Imperial Pass would definitely be in danger!

In this era without true immortals, this abyss displayed tremendous use, stopping the foreign side’s iron hooves.

Many people looked towards the sky. This abyss that appeared in the heavens above gave everyone an incomparably mysterious feeling. There were too many secrets contained within.

Where exactly does it lead to? The undying beings that it devoured, what happened to them? Did they die, or were they transported to another strange land?

This gave everyone a strong adventurous desire. They really wanted to know where it led to, what kind of truths were hidden.

“There was previously another city, but unfortunately, it has already disappeared, not appearing for a long time.” An old knight said with a sigh.

Shi Hao was immediately shocked. This was what he attached the most importance to, as well as one of the reasons why he left the pass. He wanted to find that city, understand what it was like now.

“Senior, where did it go?”

“I do not know… perhaps it hid itself in the void, perhaps completely broke apart. We have not seen it in recent times.” The old knight released a sigh.

“It should still exist. A year ago, someone got a hurried glance at it, seemingly seeing some leftover images.” The great knight on the Heaven Swallowing Beast said.

Shi Hao wanted to understand more, but he discovered that everyone’s understanding of that city was somewhat limited, unable to provide him with the reason why it disappeared.

It was because that city was extremely mysterious, even in the ancient era, it could only tower between the worlds alone, intermittently visible.

“During the most ancient times, Imperial Pass had previously been sealed, not allowing anything to go out, isolated from the outside world. It is unknown if something happened to Heaven Abyss or that ancient city during that time.” An elder said quietly.

This made Shi Hao’s mind tremble, and then he clenched his fists.

Imperial Pass sealed up the city, cutting itself off from the rest of the world!

Shi Hao immediately developed many speculations, because he had seen some scenes. Could it be that the creatures in that ancient city were struggling with no support?

If this was the case, there were definitely changes that took place. Imperial Pass actually sealed up the city! Were they refusing to provide aid, or was there some other reason? Why didn’t they go out of the pass to provide reinforcements?

Shi Hao frowned, clenching his fists tightly. He felt that there were definitely some ‘stories’ back then, these stories perhaps depressing, perhaps solemn and stirring, or perhaps couldn’t be helped.

“I am going to investigate the truth, return Stone Clan’s innocence!” He inwardly clenched his teeth.

“There are creatures up ahead!” Suddenly, someone cried out, startling the entire army.

At this time, at the limits of the horizon, the other side had long discovered the Nine Heavens’ army, because there were just too many of them, too eye-catching.

“Get into formation, prepare for battle!” A great knight roared, leading his own troops. They got into formation, preparing to charge forward.

This was not a normal great formation. Dazzling light flickered within the army, rushing into the heavens, forming a screen of energy light, protecting the great army.

“What kind of thing is that?”

Many people stared ahead, looking towards the horizon.

The group of creatures’ bodies were large, with humanoid ones, ancient beasts and vicious birds, currently constructing a mysterious formation. That was a huge undertaking, the amount of materials used just too great.

“What are they doing?”

“They are arranging a great formation, wishing to attack Heaven Abyss, destroy this place, open up a path for the undying beings, which is why we need to defeat them, destroy the incomplete great formation!” The great knight shouted.

At this moment, the other armies also finished their preparations, about to charge forward.

“Kill them!” An expert roared.


Sky shocking drumbeats sounded, the great battle erupting. Great armies rushed forward one after another, a great decisive battle unfolding.

Wuwu… A desolate sounding bugle horn rang out. From the limits of the horizon, countless creatures appeared, no limit in sight.

The other side’s preparations were ample, the great army already facing them seriously, stopping the work of creating the great formation, starting to engage the enemy.

“What kind of thing is this, why is it so grotesquely shaped?” The experts of different clans who came to the desert for the first time were all shocked. The foreign creatures were of all different appearance.

A few creatures surging with killing energy rushed over, some like centipedes, making one feel terrified, some having pure white wings, beautiful and outstanding, but were actually male. There were some who were pitch-black like ink, flesh dried-up, looking like skeletal remains, only a layer of skin around their bones, known as ascetics.


From the Nine Heavens’ side, a great knight seated on a white elephant roared, shaking up heaven and earth. The war halberd in his hands swept through the world, hacking forward murderously.

He was a commander, taking the lead. He released his most powerful combat strength, great cultivation of Self Release Realm released, the power simply unimaginable.

With a hong sound, heaven and earth collapsed, moonlight falling down from that Heaven Abyss!

Meanwhile, his great halberd tore through the sky like a streak of eternal immortal light, unstoppable, the desert ahead producing overflowing great waves. Large amounts of foreign cultivators cried out miserably, all of them swept through and killed.

One could see that an expanse of blood waves surged, many foreign cultivators howling bitterly.

This type of killing attack was terrifying and bloody, but this was precisely the battlefield, extremely cruel.

“Ao…” The white elephant the great knight was seated on released a long roar. Its snow-white elephant nose swung about, sweeping ferociously through the foreign army.

Its white elephant nose was becoming thick, instantly becoming like a mountain ridge, frantically smashing towards the foreign enemies. It was best if a few important enemies were injured by this attack.


This thick elephant nose possessed astonishing murderous power, immediately making the foreign cultivators suffer considerable losses. Many people coughed out blood and flew outwards, some directly exploding.

“Courting death!”

A monster leapt out from the foreign army. Golden hair scattered down, lion head, human body, alligator tail. It released roars, brandishing a divine spear as it slaughtered its way over.

Dang! It faced the great knight seated on the white elephant, their weapons crossing, the void erupting, the noise ringing for hundreds of thousands of li.


Following this individual’s war spear displaying might, the foreign army rushed over, about to engage in muddled warfare.

“Kill…” Shouts of war shook the heavens. Both sides engaged each other, quickly fighting a battle of life and death.


Blood splashed out from time to time. The great battle was incredibly intense, with each step that was taken, there would always be people who fell, turning into corpses. The intense battle was too miserable.


The sky dome was even about to be shattered, battered by war energy. All sides trembled, the great earth even about to collapse.


That great knight fell, because that lion-headed, human-bodied powerful creature was too terrifying. In the great confrontation, its divine spear swept out like a heavenly blade, spearpoint brilliant, slicing through the great knight’s neck, making his head fly out, large amounts of blood gushing forth.

“No!” On the Nine Heavens’ side, many people cried out. A great knight was defeated just like that? He was definitely going to fall.

Hou… In the distance, someone roared out, shaking heaven and earth, wishing to stop this, but he didn’t succeed.

This was the battlefield, life and death ruled by fate, extremely cruel.

“Assume the battle formation!” An old knight roared, commanding this battle.

This battle was too shocking. Blood scattered, pouring down like rain.

“I am going to kill you!” Right at this time, the great knight seated on the Heaven Swallowing Beast dove down, the man and beast seemingly one. He held a pure gold mace in his hands, smashing it forward.


The weapon in his hand enlarged, becoming like a mountain, its power intimidating. It smashed towards the lion-headed monster, but in the end, it collided with the other party’s war spear, the noise truly too deafening.

Death was everywhere, too miserable, blood flowing for thousands of li, corpses lying everywhere. Right now, on the boundless desert, the color of blood was glaring and endless, roaring voices shaking the heavenly dome, shouts of war even more so directly rushing into the heavens.

Shi Hao surged with hot blood. He finally arrived outside the pass, seeing the foreign great army, battle suddenly erupting just like that. He was going to take action here.


Shi Hao entered the great army, diving down like a demonic god, starting to take action, unleash a massacre here.

Killing a hundred individuals could exchange for one life, killing a hundred thousand people was needed to absolve Stone Clan of its sins. He was going to fight with his utmost here!

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