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Chapter 1393 - War of Two Realms Pt.1

A great sun set in the west, sunset radiance like blood, scarlet clouds heavy. Most of the sky was a red color, crimson color spreading, beautiful and bewitching.

It was to the extent where there was a bloody smell that rushed into their nostrils.

This wasn’t a misconception, because shouts of war filled the skies, endless creatures fighting a great life and death battle, blood scattering down in large amounts everywhere.

The war zone was vast, creatures endless, impossible to count just how many there were. Corpses rested on the ground one after another, stretching out for hundreds of thousands of li, coming from different clans.

This was a great battle of cultivators, completely different from that of ordinary people. The effects of this battle were too far reaching!

It was because cultivators who were slightly stronger could travel hundreds, or even over a thousand li in an instant, slaughtering to the east, fighting to the west, the boundless desert becoming a giant battlefield.

“Kill…” The roaring sounds rushed into the heavens, shaking up heaven and earth, the skies even collapsing. It was because the creatures who were fighting were all too powerful.

The murderous intent of war reached into the heavens above and earth below, shaking up the void. The world’s fluctuations were intense, blood scattering outwards. One could see many areas on the ground were damp, becoming a scarlet red color.

“Ah…” In the sky dome above, atop a hundred thousand zhang flood dragon, a great knight was killed, blood pouring down from above.

He was one of the Nine Heavens’ commanders, falling here.

Meanwhile, his mount, that Twin-Headed Ancient Flood Dragon couldn’t escape either. It had cultivated for endless time, body hundred zhang long, like a giant mountain ridge in the sky, forcibly torn apart by the violent ape-like creature from the other side.

In that instant, a rain of blood poured down from the sky, joining up with the horizon’s sunset glow. It was just too striking, heaven and earth becoming a red color, terrifying to the point of making one’s heart pound.

This region was drenched in a rain of blood, this place completely red. Even though it was a desert, there were still many blood swamps created, this place even more so suffused with a bloody smell.

In this place, life was just this brittle. Even if it was the Self Release Realm great knights who towered above most experts, standing at the peak of martial dao, they still might die at any turn, life and death hard to say.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many people’s eyes became red.

That foreign powerful expert’s entire body was covered in black hair, as tall as the sky. It raised its head, roaring, collapsing the clouds all around it. It was at least several tens of thousands of zhang in height, truly terrifying.

Part of its body was drenched in blood, making it look even more sinister, as if it were a great demon king who stood at the peak of this world!


The sky was ripped apart, another great knight hurrying over from the distance. An ancient cauldron was suspended above him, rushing down powerfully, starting to fight fiercely with this vicious creature.

Even further out, Shi Hao took action, already joining the fight. On this battlefield, if one didn’t kill their enemy, then they would be killed, neither party able to coexist. It was extremely cruel, even the most powerful cultivators would die here from the slightest carelessness.


An enemy brandished a heavenly spear, but it was blasted aside and broken. With a turn of his hand, Lightning Emperor Precious Technique erupted. With a ka sound, a streak of purple-colored lightning flew out from his palm, blasting the enemy into charred coal.

“First one!”

He kept count, directly facing a creature next to him.

“Pu!” Kun Peng fist was released, striking outwards. Blood splashed outwards, immediately killing several people, all of them exploding.

There were no weaklings here, the few people he killed in succession all in the Heavenly Deity Realm!

Those who could enter the great desert were all at least heavenly deities, just how shocking and cruel was this? Otherwise, they didn’t even have the qualifications to come here to serve as a soldier.

“Ninth!” Shi Hao kept count, his expression indifferent, not showing any mercy.

It was because if one didn’t kill the enemy here, then they would be killed. Moreover, these foreign creatures came to blast open Imperial Pass. If they failed to protect it, then the other side would invade, entering the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

It could be said that this was a group of cold-blooded, indiscriminate murderers. In the past, they had already done this, wiping out all clans, completely destroying Immortal Ancient. Now, they wished to recreate this tragedy!

That was why Shi Hao didn’t feel the slightest bit of pity, killing them decisively, taking action when he should take action.

“Young man, there is no need to keep count, this is for you!” An old cultivator flung over a bone tile that was extremely warm like jade, on it carved a complex diagram.

“What is this?” Shi Hao was confused, asking him.

At the same time, a blood-soaked war spear stabbed over, this person an extremely powerful foreign creature. It had a silver body, looked like a devil, throwing itself over, a Void Dao Realm cultivator.

This creature already continuously killed more than ten people from the Nine Heavens side, extremely tyrannical in this region.

“Kill!” Shi Hao’s eyes released cold light, because there was still half a heart nailed on that blood war spear, still beating. It was treated like food by that creature, half of it chewed off.

It was too savage!

Now, this creature targeted Shi Hao, the blood-colored war spear piercing towards the space between his brows.


Shi Hao’s hand pressed together, and then he forcefully exerted force. The spear broke apart, and then with a hong noise, Shi Hao went all-out, not holding back at all. He treated this as a great life and death battle, a fist smashing outwards.

This creature used its ancestral method. Divine light surged, forming a divine pot, swallowing up heaven and earth essence, stopping Shi Hao’s fist, wishing to subdue him here.

Pa! The divine pot shattered, Shi Hao’s fist was incomparably ferocious, blasting through the sacred light surrounding the creature, directly piercing through its chest, making its body explode, blood splashing everywhere.

Right at this time, the bone tile that the elder gave Shi Hao shone, recording a number.

“This is a merit tile, do you know what kind of use it has now?” The old cultivator said with a smile.

“I understand!” Shi Hao nodded.


Shi Hao slapped a bloody mouthed creature to pieces in passing, ending its life. In the end, he discovered that there were no symbols that flickered on the bone tile, not recording it down.

“What is going on?”

“Heavenly deities in the outside world are quite excellent, but in this place, they cannot be considered experts, the merit tile won’t record it.” The old cultivator explained.

This left Shi Hao shaken. Only when Void Dao Realm cultivators were killed woud it be recorded here, this was just too strict! He couldn’t help but release a light sigh. Even if there were only a thousand people left in Stone Clan, the merit he needed not as much as before, he still had to kill a hundred thousand enemies.

If they all had to be Void Dao Realm cultivators or greater, then just the thought alone would make one’s scalp turn numb.

“Do you need merit badly?” An old cultivator asked.

Shi Hao nodded his head. He truly did need it. Stone Clan’s situation was bleak, if this continued, the entire clan would be wiped out. In the past, there were countless people, but now, how few were left?

“If you have the confidence, feel like you can become powerful enough, you can seek out special creatures, for example, those king clans. Even if they are also in the Void Dao Realm, killing one might be equivalent to killing a group of other experts!”

“Good!” Shi Hao nodded. He opened his Heavenly Eyes, seeking out these so-called powerful clans on the battlefield, wishing to kill extraordinary experts.

Shi Hao slaughtered his way in a certain direction, separating from the old cultivator. He wanted to seek out foreign King Clans, if he encountered a young Emperor Clan cultivator, then that would be even better!

Aohou… a muffled roar sounded, originating from the foreign side. Several dozen cages appeared, all of them opened with a kuangdang noise.

A group of giant beasts rushed out, every one of them incredibly ferocious!

These giant beasts ranged from several thousand zhang in size to tens of thousands of zhang in size, all of them terrifying creatures, carrying a wave of horrifying baleful energy, as if they crawled out from a mountain of corpses, seas of blood.

There was a giant vicious beast that was eight thousand zhang, resembling a vicious wolf, but it didn’t have any fur, instead covered in black scales that flickered with terrifying dark light. It rushed over from the horizon.

It was sinister and ferocious. Opening its mouth, it instantly swallowed several dozen cultivators, blood splashing far into the distance.

This vicious beast was extremely terrifying, slaughtering everything in its path, sweeping through everyone. War beasts bred specially for massacring were let out of their cages, eyes scarlet red, chasing after the cultivators of the Nine Heavens.

“Brutes that need to be executed!” The old cultivator who gifted Shi Hao the bone tile roared, stirring on his mouth, slaughtering his way outwards. In his hands was a long blade that was as bright as snow. When it was brandished, heaven and earth collapsed, killing intent surging, as if great waves were rushing forth.

The old knight was extremely strong, at the peak of the Void Dao Realm. He urged his mount, rushing forward to stop this crazy war beast. That blade quickly enlarged, becoming ten thousand zhang long, crushing down like an enormous mountain ridge.

Moreover, there was a deep cold energy, silver blade radiance tearing through the sky, hacking towards this vicious beast, landing on its back, wishing to directly bisect it at its waist.

This beast was too vicious, if he was a second too late, it would have devoured many cultivators. If he had acted a moment too late, it would swallow up many cultivators, the results of waiting any longer would be too horrible to contemplate.


However, when faced with this sky shocking blade, this vicious beast didn’t panic or evade. It released a roar, shattering the nearby space. Moreover, its entire body flourished with dark light, looking like a black sun.

In that instant, giant bone spurs appeared on its back one after another. It rushed angrily into the skies, extremely sinister, tough and sharp.

On its black colored body’s back, the thick bone spurs emerged in rows, too fierce, surging with dark light. It was like a reaper of life from hell, cruel and powerful.


The old cultivator’s ten thousand zhang long blade descended, hacking down on its back, perfectly stopped by these bony spurs, unable to achieve the desired effect!


At the same time, this demon king vicious beast opened its large bloody mouth, swallowing up the old cultivator with one gulp, forcefully crushing him into a bloody paste, blood spilling out from the gaps in its mouth.

“No! Master!” In the distance, a group of young cultivators’ eyes felt like they were going to split. When they saw this scene, they felt incomparable pain, their hearts even bleeding, this scene too miserable.

In the great desert, it was just this cruel, life and death fickle, those who had been famous for many years might die at any time here. This was the burial ground for many experts.

Shi Hao saw this scene with his own eyes, his brows standing up straight, eyes slightly red. The distance was too far, he couldn’t stop it in time.

“Ah…” He released a great roar, body rushing out, leaving the back of the mount he seized from Jin Zhifei, going back the way he came from, rushing up, killing in that direction.

The old cultivator kindheartedly gifted him the merit tile, giving him pointers on the battlefield, yet in the end, as soon as they separated, he died just like this, moreover so tragically.

“I will kill you!” Shi Hao roared.

At this time, this vicious beast was still acting crazily, actually sweeping through everything in its path, no one in the surroundings able to stop it. In the blink of an eye, there was a large zone of death created, broken arms and ruined limbs everywhere, all forcefully devoured.

Weapons and precious techniques landed on its body, yet they weren’t that effective. This ancient beast was too strong, the black armor on its body incomparably sturdy, sparks flying in all directions, completely unaffected.

“Be careful, this is a king bloodline, within it flows the blood of a King Clan!” Someone shouted out, reminding the people around him.

“Brute, go to hell!” Shi Hao rushed forward, making the cultivators of the surroundings clans move out of the way. He directly dove down, body becoming larger, his magical projection filling up heaven and earth, as if a giant appeared in this world!

When one cultivated to a certain realm, they would be able to display a magical projection, able to tower into the clouds. It was to the extent where when one’s cultivation was sufficiently deep, they could directly grab down the sun and moon!

Shi Hao was ten thousand zhang tall, eyes like two suns, bright and dazzling. He did everything he could to slaughter his way forward, wishing to directly kill this beast.

“Ao…” This vicious beast sensed danger. It turned around, looking like it wanted to run.

“You can’t escape!” Shi Hao roared, chasing after it.


The void exploded. This vicious beast didn’t truly run, but rather had its back towards Shi Hao, smashing it towards him. It was because there were many sky reaching bone spurs on its back that were incomparably sharp, able to split the universe!

All of the bone spurs shone, almost burning. They were supported by its ancestral technique, wishing to forcefully impale Shi Hao, kill him here.

However, it was useless. Shi Hao went berserk, using his greatest power, displaying his own innate supreme being precious technique, Reincarnation, his fist smashing over.


A large half of these bone spurs immediately exploded, moreover, its back went limp, body aging, starting to shed old skin.

However, this ancient beast truly was extremely strong, having a bad feeling. All of the bone spears shot out from its body, turning into giant arrows, firing at Shi Hao. Meanwhile, its own body quickly escaped.

Shi Hao surged with murderous intent. How could he allow it to escape? He quickly chased after it.

“Hou…” He released a great roar, grabbing this eighty thousand zhang long giant vicious beast, and then both his hands exerted force, directly tearing it apart in midair.

Blood poured down like a long river, scattering downwards, dyeing the great desert red.

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