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Chapter 1391 - Outside the Pass

Jin Zhifei was defeated, moreover in an extremely shameful manner. His face was stepped on by Shi Hao, as if he stepped on the ground. This was but one of the few geniuses of Jin Family in the present age!

The crowd became noisy. Jin Family’s people almost rushed out to settle things with Shi Hao.

Only, this was Imperial Pass, there was no room for them to act randomly, so they had no choice but to hold in their rage.

The glorious heaven warping figure of a clan, entering Self Severing Realm in under forty years of age, how stunning was this? It was rarely seen throughout the entire Nine Heavens, yet he was greatly humiliated here, even Jin Family shamed!

“This truly is shameful…” An elder from Jin Family said through clenched teeth, eyes cold. That foot not only stepped on Jin Zhifei’s face, it also felt like it was stepping down on all of their faces too.

This twenty-something youngster was flourishing with heroicness, destroying a well-known heaven warping genius of this generation. Just how glorious of a battle accomplishment was this?

Shi Hao’s black hair scattered down, eyes like lightning. He sat on the Southern Li Divine Flame Rhinoceros, mighty and unmoving, overlooking Jin Family, Wang Family, and others, calm and composed.

This battle made everyone see his terrifying potential. He was like a rising blazing sun. His future had endless potential!

All clans were speaking quietly, discussing amongst themselves. They felt like this youngster’s future accomplishments would definitely be formidable, that he might become a world-shaking unmatched supreme being.

“Is this Huang? He is even greater in person than his reputation!”

“Worthy of being someone who won ten victories in Great Scarlet Sky Border in a row, killing ten kings. He is formidable after all, full of potential.”

The cultivators of all different clans praised endlessly.

“Set off!” Right at this time, the great knight on the Sky Swallowing Beast gave the order. The troops of different clans all moved, setting out!

People shouted and beasts roared, the cold light flickering from weapons shining into the sky dome. The army surged with killing intent, stepping onto a giant transport formation, now truly setting out for war.

Shi Hao sat on the purple-gold rhinoceros, waves of purple mist rising from it, accompanied by divine spendor, following the troops forward.

Jin Zhifei’s clenched teeth were even making noise. This was just too shameful, his mount seized by another, subdued under another, for an expert, just how unsightly of a thing was this?

He stood in his original position for a moment, and then he moved, still setting out.

“Jinfei, your current state is not good, don’t go anymore!” An elder advised.

“No, I came to Imperial Pass precisely to sharpen myself. Apart from this, I am also extremely interested in the ancient inheritances’ natural luck outside the pass, I do not wish to miss them!” Jin Zhifei said.

He was also someone who was free, not conscripted. After leaving the pass, he could move as he pleased.

“Uncle, I will go with you!” Jin Zhan spoke up. He was known as the heavenly talent of a generation, Jin Family’s present age number one genius, potential limitless, the entire clan’s high hopes placed on him.

Jin Zhifei shook his head, extremely firm in his decision as he said, “No, I will go myself, there won’t be any issues. You should plan for the next time we set out, do not mess up your own rhythm. There is no need to feel worry for me.”

“Haha, Jin Family’s dao friends do not need to worry. Outside the pass, the one who should worry about their life or death is that youngster.” Wang Changhe walked over, advising with a smile.

“I hope this is how things turn out!” Jin Family’s people nodded.

The great army was majestic, entering the transport formation. Troop after troop of armored soldiers from all different clans were here, all of them extremely powerful.

Shi Hao also walked forward, entering the transport formation. Radiance flashed, disappearing from this place.

Then, he appeared before another giant altar, discovering that even more troops were gathered here, no end in sight.

These creatures’ outer shapes were too massive, for example, a several thousand zhang tall Golden Giant, mountain ridge-like Twin-Headed Ancient Flood Dragon, as well as mountainous green giant wolves and others!

It was clear that the men the great knight on the Heaven Swallowing Beast lea were only one branch of the great army. There were still many others, all of them gathering here.

“Once we leave this place, we will be outside the pass. All of you have to be careful.”

“Remember, killing the enemy is the same as protecting your wives, protecting your loved ones. Men should be courageous and valiant, have to have mountain and river devouring ambitions, the battlefield where all of you can prove yourselves. Use the blood of enemies to compose your resounding war song!”

Several elders stood on the massive altar, boosting everyone’s morale.

“Alright, let’s go on our way, I hope everyone can come back alive after killing the enemy!” An elder said. At the same time, he produced golden bone pieces, adding them to the cracks on the altar.


In that instant, large amounts of light surged, surrounding this place, forming a boundless heaven diagram, covering all of the cultivators underneath.

In the distance was a great city wall that towered into the heavens, piled up through star remains.

The nearby altar shone, opening up a path that led outside the pass. They were now setting out!

With a shua sound, everyone disappeared in an instant in an orderly manner, departing from this region inside the city walls, vanishing from this place.

The void was blurry, everyone could vaguely feel their bodies breaking apart. Along the way, they saw the birth of stars, and then their decline and destruction.

They knew that they left the most terrifying realm gate, or else there wouldn’t be this type of experience.

It was as if a hundred years passed, but also like a hurried moment, time unstable, many people unclear on how much time had passed. Everyone felt their bodies shaken, and then they discovered that they were already standing on a great earth.

When one looked backwards, primal chaos surged, continuously roiling. A giant city towered into the boundless heavens, standing tall there, not collapsing through endless time, existing throughout eternity.

That was Imperial pass, it was already behind them, towering in primal chaos.

“Our heaven and earth, is on the other side of the primal chaos?”

“This is precisely outside the pass!”

When everyone turned around, truly looking forward, the creatures who left the pass for the first time were all shaken. The scene was desolate and bleak, as if it was an old-fashioned ink and wash painting, extremely ancient.

The great desert was desolate, a long river extending out, a round sun setting!

This was a great desert that stretched out for as far as one could see. The blood-colored setting sun was incredibly large, as if an undying barbaric beast was guarding the horizon, thoroughly red and striking.

The scene outside the pass was savage and unrestrained.

In the great desert, there were many fire beacons that were lit by those before them, not going out after thousands of years. There were some that had already existed for hundreds of thousands to millions of years.

A great river stretched across the desert, never drying from the past until now, the water roaring past.

If one looked at it carefully, they would all feel a feeling of fear. That river water was bright red and glaring, as if divine blood was flowing from the past until now, the blood color not fading at all.

“It was rumored that it is a direct branch of the yellow springs, originally yellow, but it was dyed red by the blood of experts. Now, the scarlet red color is unchanging, possessing a strong smell of blood.” A great knight in the Self Release Realm said.

This was especially the case when the blood-colored river surged, there would occasionally be splashes. A few skeletons would appear, all of them extremely different, with snow-white and sparkling ones, golden ones, and even those that released dark light.

It was unknown just how many skeletal remains were in the river. All of them belonged to past experts, to the extent where there was no lack of long life bones!

Many people died, too many creatures killed in battle, simply no way to tally them up. This was the two realms’ greatest battlefield, as well as their burial ground!


Suddenly, when someone walked forward, bone pieces appeared beneath the grit.

“There are bones underneath the ground too?”

There was a golden lion that was massive like a small mountain, making the desert cave in under its feet. In the end, it was discovered that there were too many skeletons underneath the sand.

“This…” The cultivators who came here were for the first time were all shocked, because underneath the sand, the amount of skeletons might not even be less than the sand.


Someone waved his sleeve, making sand and stones move aside, a large area of the desert cleaned up. It was covered in divine bones, sparkling and shining, the divine dao aura still not scattering.

There were just too many here, all of them severely damaged, difficult to differentiate which bone they belonged to, crushed bones endless.

The battle back then was bitter, unknown just how many creatures from the two realms had their bones buried here.

“En, the spring water is blood?!” A young person cried out in alarm.

Inside the desert, there was a blood spring several dozen li out that surged outwards. They could smell the bloodiness even from far away, next to the blood spring grew an extremely beautiful flower, enchanting to the point of leaving one intoxicated.

“Hell Flower, no one is allowed to approach it!” The great knight’s face immediately turned pale, even him feeling great fear, feeling waves of chilliness, urging the Heaven Swallowing Beast to continuously back up!

“Just a flower, just how big of a deal can it be?” Someone muttered quietly, not thinking much of it.

An old knight seated on a Pixiu immediately shouted out, “What do you understand? This flower is something not even supreme beings dare to gaze upon. If you went up, I guarantee that you will die without a burial ground!”

This was an old person full of prestige. That young cultivator immediately felt shaken up, not daring to speak back after hearing his roaring voice.

Only when he stopped did others mutter quietly, lowering their stance to ask for guidance. “Senior, is this type of flower extremely terrifying?”

“The only fortunate thing is that it is still many years from maturing, or else everyone would have already died here!” The old knight on the Pixiu said.

The great knight’s expression was serious. He stared at the bewitchingly beautiful flower, still carrying lingering fears as he said, “Fortunately, it is still far from maturing, or else it would be a huge disaster! However, in the future, this battlefield will definitely be covered in blood.”

Everyone was horrified, listening carefully.

“It was rumored that the Hell Flower’s origins are mysterious…”

It was said that it was created through the soul of a true immortal after their death, growing after receiving the nourishment of countless creatures’ blood on this battlefield.

There were others who said that after an unmatched undying being died, this was a different type of regeneration. After taking root in the demonic earth soaked in the blood of endless creatures, devouring the remains of immortals, this flower was then produced.

Back then, there was a supreme being who saw this flower for the first time, captivated by its beauty. He couldn’t help but walk close, but in the end, as soon as his finger touched it, his body exploded to pieces.

The same day, that Hell Flower matured, completely blooming here, fragrance spreading for hundreds of thousands of li, the entire world becoming scarlet red, as if covered in a sunset glow. In the end, all creatures, regardless of what side they were from, completely turned into a bloody paste, dying here!

The endless blood turned into a small stream, gathering, absorbed by that Hell Flower.

At this moment, that young man was horrified, not daring to act carelessly. When he looked at that flower, his knees even began to tremble. This was simply a world shocking demonic flower!

“Send someone back, inform Senior Meng Tianzheng and others that a true supreme being needs to come here with an immortal dao supreme treasure, eliminate this flower before it matures. Otherwise, there will be a great disaster.”

“There’s not enough time, it already left.” The great knight said with a sigh.

Sure enough, that blood spring dried up, Hell Flower also entering the ground, disappearing from this place.

Before it matured, it had an extremely self-protective consciousness, able to fly in the sky and escape through the earth, not even Self Release Realm cultivators able to catch up.

“After we cross this desert, the land will become even more vast with divine medicines, divine veins, ancient burial regions, heavenly beast forests and other places. Where do you all wish to go?” Someone asked Shi Hao, Jin Zhifei, these types of people.

There were a few geniuses who could move freely, able to leave the army, choose how to sharpen themselves on their own.

“For the first time I leave the pass, I am willing to follow the great army’s will, wish to see the great scene of two realms clashing!” Shi Hao said.

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