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Chapter 1350 - Surname He

Golden light surged, extending from the darkness. That place was divine and auspicious, pitch-black, a tall and slender figure wrapped in light walking over, as if a war god descended in this world!

The foreign generation’s young kings all revealed zealous expressions, bowing down, showing him great respect. It was as if they were welcoming their king, the scene shocking.

One had to know that these young geniuses were all kings of various clans, that they were arrogant, how could they bow down to another? They were all wild and unrestrained, yet now, this type of scene actually appeared.

Great Scarlet Sky Border ancient city was made from ancient bones, but it was now in ruins.  Below it was a giant black abyss.

This area was absolutely dark, one unable to see their five fingers if they even extended their hand before them. The foreign creatures stood there, difficult to see their true bodies, every one of them faint and indistinct.

Long golden hair scattered down to his knees as we walked over, a sphere of resplendent sacred light shining from him, erupting in the darkness, appearing extremely different from the masses.

It was like an oasis had appeared in the desert, as if a tree of life emerged from a battlefield of endless bones, carrying a fresh, auspicious feeling. He was entirely different from the people not long ago.

“Great one, please take action, kill the descendant of the defeated!”

“Since great one came, then there is no more suspense. Killing Huang won’t be an issue!”

These were the sincere thoughts of the young foreign kings. They truly believed that as long as this golden-haired male took action, he could kill Shi Hao, that there would definitely be no exception when he displayed his glorious might!

Everyone felt reverence towards him, not envious, nor did they try to compete against him. It was because they knew that there were some existences who, no matter how hard you tried to catch up to, you still won’t be their opponent. The difference would only grow greater and greater!

“I am going to kill you! The one named surnamed He, hand over your life!” From the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, a golden little ant went crazy, entire body erupting with resplendent divine light that blazed fiercely. Even though he was small, right now, his battle intent was heaven overflowing, divine multicolored light surging, making the entire world tremble.

It was because he was going berserk, his clan’s unique divine ability. Once he entered this type of state, his strength would definitely increase greatly, to the extent where it would even become many times greater!

However, the consequences were that his will would become blurry, and after the battle he would become completely drained, body injured greatly due to an overexhaustion of his life potential.

There were many people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side who were confused, not understanding why the Heavenly Horned Ant would suddenly go crazy, as if it was provoked, eyes even looking like they were going to split apart.

“It knows who that person is, and even called out his name!” Someone said quietly.

Only Shi Hao knew that after its siblings were killed in battle, they were even directly fed to the other party’s mount, not even their corpses remaining, their ends tragic.


Shi Hao grabbed him, stopping the Heavenly Horned Ant from going. He understood how the little ant was feeling, how could he feel calm after seeing the enemy who killed his brothers and sisters? All those with courage would feel their minds surge with emotions.

“Let me go! If I exist, he cannot, if he is alive, then I cannot be! I finally met this bastard, I am going to kill him, ah…” The little Heavenly Horned’s strength became especially great after going berserk.

“Wake up! That isn’t him!” Shi Hao used dao sound, shouting by his ears, shaking up his soul.

This was extremely effective. The little ant who went berserk was completely absent-minded, and then his eyes became a bit clearer. Shi Hao pointed at the space between its brows, finally calming down.

“You recognize me?”

In the darkness, a male walked out from the ruins’ underground abyss. A golden path appeared beneath his feet, divine and sacred, auspicious energy surging.

This was extraordinary, not quite the same as the other foreign young cultivators. He was just like an emperor, a monarch who ruled over the world, making all of the strong yield, all of them avoiding his brilliance.

Cold winds swept past, releasing wuwu noises. The dusky Great Scarlet Sky Border became even more vacant. There were great dao rumbling sounds, sounds of stars swirling by the edge of the primal chaos, majestic and desolate.

Golden hair was blown up by wind, revealing his covered snow-white cheeks. He looked like he was sculpted from jade, style and temperament exceptional. He looked similar to He Wushuang, but they were definitely not the same person.

If one looked carefully, what was most similar between the two should be that type of distinct style. Their bodies were both tall and long, skin as if sculpted from jade, hair golden. However, there were still some differences between their appearances.

“He looks similar, but isn’t the same person. Where is He Wushuang? Who are you to him?!” The golden little ant shouted.

“He is my paternal grandfather.” That golden male said calmly. Even though he was berated by the Heavenly Horned Ant, shouting out his grandfather’s name, he didn’t get mad, instead carrying a gentle smile.

They really were similar, just like when they saw He Wushuang in the past. He had a special type of temperament, extraordinary and sacred, towering far above the mortal world like a solitary immortal.

All things of the secular world seemed to contaminate his holiness. It was as if a world of its own formed around him, the human world too far from him.

“Audacious! How can Ancestor Wushuang be someone you can just call out? Daring to blaspheme the dignity of the undying, there is only execution waiting for you!” Someone shouted out.

That golden male didn’t say anything, yet the others couldn’t sit still. Not only the young kings, even a few middle-aged creatures revealed killing intent.

“That forbidden name is not something that can be casually spoken! Speaking like this, are you seeking the path to your own doom?!” A silver-haired young lady shouted.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone’s minds jumped. Forbidden, what level of existence was that? It should be the greatest level of creature, right?

Shi Hao was also stunned. He had previously encountered He Wushuang, feeling like it was quite unreal. For him, only a few days had passed, yet a great era already separated them.

Right, a great era passed. That person was so frightening, no matter what, he definitely would have become an undying being. There wasn’t much that could stop his footsteps.

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but sigh!

The golden little ant even more so glared out, full of unwillingness. Regardless of whether he wanted to accept it or not, the one who killed his older brothers and sisters had already become an unmatched existence.

“What forbidden existence, I am going to kill him sooner or later!” The Heavenly Horned Ant vowed.

“Hold your tongue! Even someone like you dares to insult an undying existence? Moreover, now that great one has stepped into the forbidden ranks, just saying his true name would incur punishment, obliterate your soul!” Someone shouted.

Everyone was shocked. Shi Hao and the little ant were even more stunned. He Wushuang became that level of creature, could it be that he was going to catch up to the Anlan Clan’s ancient ancestor?

“I don’t believe it! He Wushuang, get over here!” The Heavenly Horned Ant shouted loudly.

When one time failed, he shouted it again and again, his voice rumbling out.

Right now, many people on the other side were furious, feeling like directly calling that unmatched existence’s name was a type of blaspheme that couldn’t be forgiven.

“Wu, the ancestor has sensed something, his weapon’s soul is reviving.” Right at this time, that golden-haired male spoke, still calm, not getting angry.


Between heaven and earth, a great halberd appeared, as if it could kill all creatures, the snow-white halberd blade illuminating eternity, able to suppress the great cosmos. It was too astonishing, swirling with chaotic energy!

It appeared too suddenly, out of thin air, suppressing this place, simply about to destroy the sun, moon, and universe. This great halberd was too frightening, hacking through the heavenly dome!

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. There were many people from the foreign side who kowtowed. On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone trembled. This was definitely a paramount existence.

“Is he about to catch up to Anlan Clan’s ancient ancestor?” At this moment, Shi Hao trembled inwardly. The power of time could not be defied, now that endless time passed, He Wushuang already grew to an unimaginable level.

He knew that this was actually extremely normal. It would be weird if He Wushuang couldn’t achieve this level.

That day, him and He Wushuang ended in mutual destruction, ending with a draw. Now that he was given a great era of time, how could he not rise up? He was but someone who dazzled the past and present!

However, one could see that He Wushuang was still a bit lacking when compared to Anlan Clan’s ancient ancestor. When just the surname Anlan was spoken, a golden pike would tear through heaven and earth, truly frightening to the soul.

Fortunately, they were in this side of the world. If they were in the foreign side, just saying it out loud might incur Anlan ancient ancestor’s ruthless slaughter!

He Wushuang was extremely strong, indeed having the talent to dominate the world, intimidate past and present. However, perhaps due to his cultivation time being less than that ancient ancestor’s, perhaps due to other reasons, he was still a bit lacking.

It was because only when his true name was said three times did his weapon appear, displaying its might.

The long life families were all extremely mysterious, knowing that there was a heaven warping genius who emerged during Immortal Ancient years, previously slaughtering the young supreme beings with three strands of immortal energy on this side.

Now, they found out he actually grew to this step.

For the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, this was definitely not good news, but rather terrible to the extreme. He Wushuang had already become a great disaster!

“Great One, please take action, kill that petty and low slave!” A silver-haired woman said, walking up and speaking respectfully.

This type of greeting, this type of contempt, was all because the golden-haired male’s appearance. The young kings here all felt that this was extremely normal, that now that he was here, all enemies would be defeated.

“There is no rush.” The golden-haired male looked at Shi Hao, carrying a gentle smile on his face. He was extremely calm, unhurried and composed. He then looked at the other side of the battlefield, saying, “I came here to announce an extremely important matter!”

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