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Chapter 1351 - Last One

“What matter?” Many people were shocked. The He Family’s elite disciple came here just to declare a piece of information?

In the back, the few ancient existences all remained calm, like living fossils as they stood there, unmoving. It was clear that they knew what was going on, long aware of what was going to happen.

“We still have to wait!” He Ziming said. He turned around, saying this to that pitch-black abyss.

There was definitely something major. Everyone knew that there was still a period of time, but the war should break out soon.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many people became nervous. Just what exactly was going on? It should be unfavorable for their side!

Everyone’s minds sunk, fearing that this might have incurred some type of disaster.

“Great one, seize the advantage to kill him!” The silver-haired woman spoke up again, asking He Ziming to take action.

“I do not mind doing it myself, but it seems like I came a step late.” He Ziming hesitated a bit, as if he felt a bit of regret. “However, if my side is defeated in these ten battles, it really would be quite regretful.”

“Why? Why can’t you take action?” The silver-haired woman asked.

“Because the battles of gambling have already begun. The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments can only choose those who are present, so I cannot enter the battlefield. However, if he wins those ten great battles, becoming the one who stands on the battlefield in the end, then I will take action!” These were He Ziming’s words.

Everyone was stunned. They forgot this issue. Previously, there seemed to be this kind of restriction, the ones who were selected could only come from these creatures at the very front.

“What do you all think?” At this moment, on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder Meng Tianzheng was currently discussing with some long life families.

“There are some variables, the situation doesn’t seem too favorable.” Someone said.

The reason why Great Scarlet Sky Border was broken through, the ancient city made of immortal bones blasted through, was all because of the Immortal Smelting Pot. That pot known to have been forged specially for refining true immortals to death was just too frightening.

Shi Hao had previously told Great Elder how that thing had previously been held by He Wushuang, appearing near Imperishable Peak, collecting the essence blood of the most powerful experts.

Now, this pot reappeared on Great Scarlet Sky’s borders. It should have something to do with the He Family, likely He Wushuang who personally operated it.

Now, He Wushuang’s own descendant came, saying that he was here to declare a piece of news, further proving that this clan was involved, likely one of the main people involved.

“What are you, He Little Shuang? Or what else? Get over here, acting all calm over there, looking like all that, do you really think that you are an exceptional expert just because you are copying your grandfather. Crawl over here, this king is going to kill you!”

The golden little ant shattered the silence, crying out loudly, wishing to challenge He Ziming!

On the other side, a few young kings looked over. Even though they attached great importance to the Heavenly Horned Ant, right now, they still felt like it was seeking the path to its own doom.

“Little ant, your clan’s blood is the most precious, known to be a great mending medicine. Don’t bother looking for great one, you should just fight against me.” On the other side, there were creatures who harbored bad intentions, bullying it when it still hadn’t matured yet, wishing to kill it.

“Killing it is too much of a pity, it should be captured alive and raised at our side. That way, we can enjoy its Extreme Strength Blood for a long time.” A creature roared with laughter.

Shi Hao took steps out, walking forward, saying, “You all truly are unbridled. Nine of you all already died, where’s the tenth?”

Just this sentence alone shut the other side up, no one replying. With the bloody reality before them, no one could contend against Huang.

He Ziming arrived, yet he couldn’t participate in this competition, unable to take action yet, unable to kill that young man named Huang.

“After the Immortal Tortoise Shell fell into the foreign side, its inherent qualities had already disappeared. It still hasn’t brought over the tenth head after all this time?” Shi Hao said.

These words were extremely overbearing, full of disdain towards the foreign young kings, directly assuming that the tenth person was going to inevitably die, that they were just sending over a head.

“This damned Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment, it belonged to my world before. Could it be that it truly became dyed with a demonic nature, now fully partial to the other side?” Some people said quietly.

The golden little ant was still unwilling to accept this, still shouting out, wishing to fight against He Ziming.

“If I truly fight against you, then it would be bullying too much. You still haven’t grown up, I can remove your head in just a few moves.” He Ziming said extremely calmly.

This type of tone, this type of cool and collected appearance, if it was placed on someone else, then it would be a type of egomania, too arrogant, but when he said it, it seemed quite normal.

The Heavenly Horned Ant was furious. All because of his age, he was looked down on again and again,so much so that he couldn’t get revenge yet. However, he knew himself that he hadn’t matured yet, his blood energy strength still not matchless, indeed not the other side’s opponent.

However, there was a wave of resentment within him. When he saw the descendant of the opponent who killed his brothers and sisters, if he didn’t take action, then he really would feel too stifled, his heart feeling as if it would explode into flames.

“If I take action, isn’t it the same?” Shi Hao consoled him.


Right at this time, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments shone, becoming incomparably brilliant. Strand after strand of chaotic energy flew out, a tortoise shell piece flying out, landing before a silver-haired woman on the other side.

She was extremely beautiful, her hair shiny and glossy, falling like a waterfall. Her pupils were silver-colored as well, possessing a special type of temperament, as if a beautiful fairy landed in the mortal world.

Among the creatures of the other side, she was definitely an exceptional beauty, none of the others could compare to her. In reality, even in the foreign side, she was an extremely well-known young lady, her beauty ranked within the top ten.

“One of the ten great beauties!” Those on the other side said quietly, eyes revealing brilliance.

Beauty, regardless of where it was, would always draw eyes, difficult for them to not be the focal point of attention even if they didn’t want to be, let alone that this was someone ranked the tenth beauty in a generation.

However, right now, this silver-haired woman’s expression wasn’t that good. She knew that if she fought against Huang, it would definitely be hard for her to win. Even though her cultivation level was also extremely high, it definitely wasn’t as highly ranked as her appearance.

However, at this moment, there was no one now who could replace her. She had to enter the battlefield.

It was because the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment was extremely strange, able to affect the fate of a clan. If she went against it right now, or if she withdrew in the middle, it might produce significant changes.

One had to understand that in the great gambling battle of the Immortal Ancient Great Era, it was carried out precisely in this type of manner. The effects were too great, many secrets circling about!

Normal people all felt great restraining fear towards these Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments!

“I know about you, you are the one called Yin Ling, right? The one who came from the Grand Ancient Mountain’s Silver King Clan.” Shi Hao said indifferently, eyes revealing divine radiance, staring at her extremely beautiful face.

It was because Yin Ling had previously came out, killing a young genius from Sacred Academy.

The previous young kings who had taken action had all been killed by Shi Hao, for example, the Snake Yaksha, Golden Devil Bird, and others. Now, she was the only one left.

“In reality, there was no need for the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment to choose you, the last person was naturally you. You should have came a long time ago, taking your time like this, could it be that you are scared of death?” Shi Hao ruthlessly pointed out.

Even if the other party’s appearance was like a goddess, he was still indifferent. He wouldn’t forget the scene of this woman ruthlessly killing Sacred Academy’s disciple.

Blood splashed out, yet she was smiling, extremely bewitching and ruthless, moreover even giving out her name, stating that she came from Grand Ancient Mountains’ Silver King Clan, that they could feel free to seek her out for revenge.

At that time, just how arrogant was this woman, even more so how cold?

Only now, when she saw Huang’s power, did she reveal fear, not willing to come out for a long time.

“Just now, you’ve constantly asked that one surnamed He to take action, have him deal with me, it is because you are feeling fear, right?” Shi Hao was not polite, prodding at her inner sore spot.

Not long ago, this silver-haired woman spoke out again and again, asking He Ziming to enter the battlefield, her words even more so carrying contempt, saying that when He Ziming took action, he could easily kill that servant. The one she was humiliating was naturally Huang.

“You… shut up!” Yin Ling shouted, her pretty face becoming cold, snow-white skin taut. She was like a female leopard, carrying coldness and hatred as she stared at Shi Hao.

“Ten battles, ten victories. Ten complete the  great mending soup!” Shi Hao said. He raised his head, looking at the silver-haired woman, long treating her like a dead person.

“I do not like this type of stance, it is too arrogant. No one can claim themselves to be unstoppable, are you sure that you can definitely win?” Right at this moment, He Ziming said, his expression still calm, but his tone became more or less more serious.

“I will naturally win this battle. Who do you think you are? So what if you don’t like it?” Shi Hao was extremely direct, not giving the other side any face.

“Yin Ling, come, I have something to gift you.” He Ziming called over that silver-haired woman.

Yin Ling, who came from Grand Ancient Mountain’s Silver King Clan, became overjoyed when she heard this, her exceptional appearance blossoming into a smile. This place immediately became brilliant.

She broke into a small run, arriving at He Ziming’s side. She knew that the other party definitely had heaven reaching methods that could help her.

He Ziming was extremely serious, producing a small white jade container, and then opened it. The inside immediately erupted with sky overflowing divine light that tore through the heavenly dome. The fluctuations that were revealed were too strong, immediately making the surrounding people fall weak onto the ground, all of them kneeling.

He quickly produced a drop of liquid, quickly sealing up this bottle. Then, he placed that tiny drop of liquid into another bottle, adding other types of medicinal liquid, and only then did the pressure disappear.

“Ancient ancestor’s true blood!” Someone cried out in alarm, knowing what this was

Only a type of special medicinal liquid could seal the ancient ancestor’s true blood’s frightening fluctuations. Otherwise, heaven and earth would collapse, the power couldn’t be contended against!

He Ziming was extremely serious, producing a special writing brush, then dipped it into the divine liquid mixed with medicinal liquid, writing the word ‘kill’ on the woman’s palm.

Everyone’s expressions changed. This was a serious matter!

The instant the ‘kill’ character formed, a wave of extremely terrifying aura pervaded outwards.

“He Wushuang’s, less than half a drop has been produced. The character ‘kill’ has been written, doing this to kill Shi Hao!” In the back, there were elders from long life families who spoke their thoughts.

“Many thanks to great one!” The silver-haired woman was overjoyed, feeling as if she was holding an insurmountable martial dao monument in her palm, able to kill anything!

He Ziming withdrew that bottle and pen. With a smile, he said, “You are but one of my world’s ten great beauties, no one wishes to see jade perish, sweet fragrance fade.”

Yin Ling’s jade-like appearance flourished with multicolored light, expressing her gratitude once more. Then, she was full of confidence, walking towards the battlefield.

“Do you think that half a drop of blood, a ‘kill’ character can reverse the universe?” Shi Hao watched everything calmly, not stopping this just now.

“I only wish to tell you that there is no one who can always win and never lose. I am extremely dissatisfied with your attitude.” He Ziming said with a smile.

“Then let me tell you, this type of blood, I will seize it, collect it to feed to pigs!” Shi Hao was extremely direct!

“Kill!” The silver-haired woman shouted, her exceptional appearance filled with coldness. “I am going to let you understand that my side cannot be humiliated, the ancient ancestor’s dignity cannot be blasphemed against! I will kill you right here!”

“Barking like a dog, today, I will make all plans of your side amount to nothing!” Shi Hao took action, not wasting any more time.

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