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Chapter 1349 - Destruction

This voice was powerful and forceful, like a great mountain that crushed down. The foreign kings all felt a great pressure, but it also made them furious!

“I will be the one to kill you!”

“I’m going to cut you down!”


At this moment, many people shouted out at the same time, getting up together, about to rush forward, this was more than they could bear. Species that were easily angered were always the most savage and fearless ones.

“You all are delaying me from eating my Five-Layered Meat, good, then just come! In a bit, I will eat an Eight Treasure Dish, Complete Mending Soup, or maybe just have a hot pot of everything!” Shi Hao roared with laughter.


Right at this time, the Immortal Tortoise Shell moved, releasing a light cry. A shell piece flew out, rushing towards a foreign creature.

The shell fragments have always been known to be extremely mysterious, obtaining it would sometimes affect the fate of a clan, which was why even though everyone was fond of it, they also felt apprehension, never daring to look down on it.

Right now, this shell fragment moved, so all of the kings stopped. Even though the shell fragments were now damaged, they still treated them seriously, not daring to show disdain.

On the other side, a foreign creature was selected, its body not all that large, but the appearance was extremely strange, difficult to not draw attention even if it didn’t want to.

It was like a standing tortoise, only, it had a pair of human legs, standing there. Its entire body flowed with golden radiance, especially that tortoise shell that was dazzling golden, extremely brilliant.

Above the golden shell were many patterns. They were mysterious, complicated, and exceptionally beautiful, as if it contained a natural law aura.

Its arms were like tortoise arms, the golden claws extremely sharp, meanwhile, its head was the appearance of a young male, but had features similar to that of a Dragon Tortoise, nine horns extending out from its long golden hair, piercing towards the sky.

Golden Armor King Race!

Everyone was inwardly moved, the foreign cultivators revealing strange expressions. They suddenly felt like now that it appeared, there might actually be some type of battle result.

“Evil Dragon, Black Tortoise, and another foreign king race’s mixed blood descendant!”

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths side, an elder from a long life family said. He couldn’t help but frown, revealing its identity.

The so-called Golden Armor Race was a mixed blood race that ultimately formed their own race. They were powerful and frightening, their defensive strength world shocking, difficult to defeat.

The foreign creatures’ understanding of this race was deeper.

There were some young kings who even felt restraining fear, holding this clan in reverence. It was rumored that the Anlan Family’s ancient ancestor held a pike in his right hand, in his left a shield, absolutely unstoppable. Meanwhile, the shield in his left hand, when selecting the materials, previously considered the Golden Armor Race’s shell, only, it was unknown if he really did choose it in the end.

Even that type of unmatched existence had previously shown interest in this race’s shell, so one can well imagine how extraordinary it was.

“I already said that the following three people can fight me at the same time!” Shi Hao said.

This wasn’t because he was complacent and insolent, but rather because he had a reason for doing so. If he achieved a great victory today, it would bring the people of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths a powerful boost in confidence!

Even if he only gave others an unstable illusion, he still wouldn’t hesitate to do this. He wanted to give them a sense that the other side was nothing more than this!

It was because he understood the foreign side’s power well. They were simply undefeatable, unknown just how dark the future will be. Right now, the people of their side needed a burst of confidence.


The Golden Armor Clan young expert was also straightforward. After it heard this, cold light flashed past its eyes, killing intent fully revealed, immediately taking action. It was a king, had its own pride, there was no way it would fight with others.

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao obviously wouldn’t hold back, a palm slapping outwards.


That Golden Armor Clan expert’s claws were sharp, the claws of a Dragon Tortoise, tearing apart the void. Several streaks of cold radiance flew over, as if comets that smashed apart the cosmos arrived.


The noise was ear-splitting. Shi Hao’s palm struck the cold radiance.

Then, loud sounds rang out unendingly, cold light shooting in all directions. The Golden Armor Race young king continuously attacked, dragon claws tearing apart heaven and earth.


Only, when Shi Hao completely blocked everything, and then even rushed forward to attack, it had no choice but to withdraw back. It was because when its speed slowed slightly, one of its sharp claws’ hooks was hacked off by Shi Hao.

Even that clawed arm cracked apart, blood dripping out.

The Golden Amor Race expert was horrified. How sturdy were its claws? However, it actually couldn’t resist the other party’s palm strike! The opponent was just too formidable.

Hou… The Golden Armor Race young king roared, its entire body shining, golden radiance brilliant. It released crazy attacks, using its ancestral technique, striking at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao remained cool-headed. A palm slapped forward, but then his opponent suddenly turned around, using the golden shell behind itself to block it. A dang noise sounded, divine light flourishing. The Golden Armor Race young king used the sturdiest part of its body to block this strike, and then its head swelled, smashing towards Shi Hao. The nine horns in its long golden hair were extremely sharp, stabbing towards Shi Hao’s body.

Evil Dragon horns, after being passed down to the Golden Shell Clan, after the blood was mixed with that of other species, there was no way they would still be true Evil Dragon horns. However, they were still astonishingly powerful!

Shi Hao felt a stinging pain from his palms. Those horns were ridiculously tough, if it was anyone else, their palms would have definitely been ruined, pierced through.

Even someone as powerful as him with a sturdy body had several red imprints created, flesh almost punctured.


Shi Hao released a great shout, his aura immediately surging by a large amount. He operated divine force, using the most powerful combat strength, powerfully suppressing this king.


He seized that chance, grabbing one of the Golden Armor Clan youth’s horns, and then directly snapped it. Blood immediately flowed out from its head.


Shi Hao was domineering, showing no mercy, powerfully attacking. As a result, in that instant, he broke three more horns, leaving that Golden Armor king in complete fear. If it wasn’t for these nine horns, its head would have already been blasted through.

The Golden Armor Race young king felt fear, cold light flickering past its eyes. It used the most powerful ancestral technique, four limbs and skull all shrinking into its golden shell.

Then, this shell spun around, releasing dazzling symbols, smashing towards Shi Hao.

This thing’s defensive strength was astonishing, difficult for those of the same level to break through it. It wanted to use this to exhaust the other party’s strength, carrying a war of attrition against Shi Hao.

Of course, this didn’t mean that it gave up on attacking. The golden tortoise shell was covered densely in symbols, releasing streak after streak of blinding radiance that penetrated the skies.

There was both offense and defense!

Dang, dang, dang...

Shi Hao took action, noises sounding continuously. However, the golden tortoise shell was extremely hard, actually remaining undamaged. Even though the qi and blood of the Golden Armor Clan’s king inside was surging, the tortoise shell wouldn’t break for some time.

“Hahaha… just a tortoise that hides its head, is this the so-called King Race of the other side? It is just too unsightly!” Someone from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side roared with laughter, purposely speaking like this, wishing to provoke the Golden Armor Clan king into coming out. It was because they were worried that if things were dragged out, Shi Hao would be wasting his magical force and be put in danger.

“What do you all understand? This is an innate divine ability that is more focused on defense. If you all have the skill, then just break it!” Someone from the foreign side retorted.


A great shout sounded on the battlefield. Shi Hao struck out viciously, using the Imperishable Scripture. Mysterious symbols wrapped around both of his hands, as if they were the hands of war immortals, powerful and terrifying.


This time, after his palms and fingers landed, that golden tortoise shell shook greatly, fine cracks appearing. It was starting to crack apart.

“Not good!” The Golden Armor King Race youngster felt fear, it couldn’t hold on any longer.


Afterwards, Shi Hao continuously took action, striking the golden tortoise shell until it shook greatly, produced large numbers of cracks that quickly extended.


Finally, Shi Hao released a heavy strike. The tortoise shell suddenly exploded, blood splashing out. The conclusion was already set in stone!

The Golden Armor King Race’s youth was killed by Shi Hao, turning into a monster that was a mixture of an Evil Dragon and a Black Tortoise.

“What great food, this is great mending meat. I am really looking forward to the Eight Treasure Dish!” Shi Hao laughed loudly.

As for the other side, many people’s expressions fell. This defeat was even more so a humiliation, becoming head hiding tortoises. It was hiding behind a shell, yet was still broken through and killed.

The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment shone, selecting Shi Hao’s ninth opponent.

At this time, everyone looked over, not only the other side, this the case for the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ people as well. It was because this was now one of the last two opponents.

“It’s him!”

Many people looked towards that youngster. He was extremely handsome, his figure tall, between his eyes a scale. Apart from this, he wasn’t much different from a human.

This person was actually one of the young kings who appeared first, previously coming with an elder and a middle-aged individual to face the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side. That youngster was precisely him.

The scale between his brows had previously opened up, releasing a streak of divine light, seeing through the unmatched ancient seeds inside the bodies of a few youngsters from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, which triggered more young kings coming over.

He had previously came out to represent the other side in battle, proving that his strength was definitely extremely great!

Shi Hao’s eyes were ice-cold, revealing the most powerful killing intent. It was because he had previously heard this person speak, the language used Immortal Ancient words, and not the foreign world’s language.

This mean that this person’s ancestor was originally part of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Were all of his clansmen in the other side like Mo Dao’s ancestors, or was it like those geniuses who the Golden Devil Bird said changed sides?

“The only thing I want to know is, was your ancestor one of the geniuses who changed sides.”

“So what if this is true? Now, my clan has already become a top level King Clan, power overturning the present age.” This young man said calmly.

Just this sentence was already enough!

Shi Hao didn’t wish to say too much. He released a great roar, his fighting spirit surging to an unprecedented level, scattering all of the clouds between heaven and earth. He was like a demonic sovereign, charging forward murderously.

Sure enough, this young man with the scale between his brows was extremely powerful, fighting more than two hundred exchanges with Shi Hao, more terrifying than all of the others.


This was especially the case when later on, the scale between his brows opened up, firing a terrifying beam of destruction, even making Shi Hao’s palm bleed.

After the battle reached three hundred exchanges, Shi Hao’s hair flew about chaotically with anger. He continuously released heavy blows, divine abilities fired streak after streak, breaking through his opponent’s defenses, all of them smashing into his body.


This person first coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. His arm was blasted aside, and then his chest was penetrated, eventually, half of his body exploded. In the end, his head was even more so turned into a bloody mist by a single slap from Shi Hao!

There was nothing left. Shi Hao took action in a crazy manner, blasting him into flesh paste, turning him into bloody mist.

“Towards people like you, I don’t even want to eat, just a pile of shit!” This was Shi Hao’s evaluation, coldly saying this.

“There is one last one. Come over and accept death!” Shi Hao stared at the other side.

He had already killed nine kings. There was still one more, only the final person left!

A cool breeze blew through the great earth. The foreign young kings all became quiet. The young man on the other side was more like a demonic god than they had imagined, even more frightening, killing nine great experts, yet not even his brows furrowed during the process. He was terrifyingly strong!

“Next!” Shi Hao shouted.

Right at this time, beneath the ruins, footsteps sounded from within the black abyss. Golden light surged, and then it scattered, gradually making this place resplendent.

A person walked out, just crossing over from the foreign world.

This was a young man who looked to be in his early twenties. He wore green robes, his golden hair extremely thick and long, hanging down his back down to his calves.

His heroic aura was restrained, skin snow-white like fine jade, face as if sculpted with a blade, having sharp corners. He couldn’t be considered exceptionally handsome, but his aura was exceptional.

His golden pupils carried cross marks, extremely special. When they flickered, two streaks of golden lightning interweaved in the void, lightning appearing, horrifying to the extreme.

“He Wushuang!” From the Nine Heavens Ten Earths side, the golden little and couldn’t help but cry out!

“It’s that person, he actually came! Huang is dead for sure!” It was similar to the Heavenly Horned Ant’s reaction. Those foreign young kings all cried out, extremely shocked. Then, their expressions became feverish, completely overjoyed.

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