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Chapter 1343 - True Blood Defeated


Zhan Feng walked out, white-robes fluttering about with the heavenly winds. His great sleeve moved, large amounts of murderous energy rushing out, attempting to suppress and kill Shi Hao.

He was extremely arrogant, when he took action, it was extremely powerful. When the great sleeve moved, stars flickered about, as if a stellar dome was revolving within his sleeve, carrying terrifying power.

Towards this type of attack, Shi Hao faced it directly. His arms moved, as if a Green Sky Peng spread its wings, rushing into the heavens.

It truly was a Kun Peng spreading its wings, wings like clouds that covered the sky, vast and boundless. It could directly rush into the cosmos, shatter heavenly stars, power immeasurable!

At this time, Shi Hao directly used the Kun Peng Method, its natural law profound mysteries grand, smashing the great sleeve that contained stellar power into pieces. This place immediately became covered in brilliance.

“En?” Zhan Feng was shocked. He had the qualifications to be arrogant, his strength great, able to easily defeat others among his peers, yet right now, they had just began, yet that sleeve was already destroyed.

It was as if large amounts of butterflies fluttered about, the damaged sleeve turning into pieces, scattering across the sky.

Zhan Feng’s expression became cold. He was extremely handsome, even though he wasn’t human, he looked no different from one. No one knew what his original form was like.

Right now, that arm of his was exposed. There were golden pike patterns that were revealed.

This left everyone shocked, even Shi Hao shivered inwardly, becoming even more vigilant and careful. It was because he already knew that Zhan Feng had a fourth of Anlan Clan’s true blood, possessing unfathomable and mysterious power!

“After disrespecting Anlan Clan like this, you have to pay the price!” Zhan Feng shouted coldly, walking over step by step. In his surroundings, the void distorted, exceptionally sharp radiance appeared.


Sure enough, the radiance completely appeared, forming golden weapons one after another, cutting through the void. They were all long spears, their radiance intimidating, killing energy heaven overflowing!

It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of golden spears there were, wherever the speartips passed, the radiance was terrifying, able to penetrate all living things.

At this time, all of the long spears were trembling slightly, the metal sounds ear-splitting, murderous energy covering heaven and earth. These golden spears were all aimed at Shi Hao.

However, Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear at all, instead laughing coldly and saying, “You talk about the Anlan Clan as soon as you open your mouth, considering yourself a part of it, but you aren’t surnamed Anlan, so what are you so proud of, what are you so arrogant for? You think you are worth anything?!”

“You actually dare talk to me like this? The Anlan Clan’s power is ever-present, you will definitely die miserably for this!” Zhan Feng shouted, his handsome face overcast.

“You serve under the name of another, looking up to the unmatched strength of the clan’s ancestor. Let me ask you, what do you have yourself? A true expert can establish a clan himself, one comparable to Anlan, while you… are not enough!” Shi Hao said coldly, taking the initiative to attack.


Zhan Feng was furious. In his surroundings, the tens of thousands of long spears cried out together, the noises intimidating. They turned into streak after streak of golden divine multicolored light, hacking towards Shi Hao.

This type of scene was too terrifying, because the world was immediately penetrated, the void exploding!

Tens of thousands of pikes flew out, golden light erupting, impossible to stop. This type of attack was just too ferocious.

This wasn’t a normal type of weapon, but rather the embodiment of ancestral techniques, the personification of a type of great power!

If there was an unmatched ancestor who created a method, and then generation after generation of descendents after him displayed that method, the ancestral technique would become more and more powerful.


Shi Hao opened his mouth, spitting out a stellar stream. If one looked carefully, they would see that this was endless lightning. He was attacking with the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique!

All of the golden pikes trembled, many breaking on the spot, blasted apart by the lightning.

However, there were still large numbers of golden long spears that pierced over, resplendent and dazzling, releasing murderous energy.


Shi Hao’s single heavenly passage appeared. It was pierced by numerous golden spears, and then it violently trembled, quickly shrinking, about to enter his body.


“Kill him!”

The foreign young kings shouted. When they saw this scene, many people revealed cold smiles.

Suddenly, a terrifying sound was released, moreover, a blast of astonishing radiance surged, erupting here. Many people were forced to close their eyes.

Shi Hao’s single heavenly passaged condensed to an extreme point, and then it suddenly erupted, as if the universe experienced a great explosion.

All of the golden pikes broke apart, completely obliterated.

Zhan Feng was greatly alarmed, a streak of blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth, quickly withdrawing. This made his mind sink. This was but Anlan Clan’s ancestral method, yet it was stopped!

“If a true Anlan came and fought against me, it might be a bit interesting. You… are not enough!” Shi Hao walked forward.

Zhan Feng was definitely sufficiently powerful, but Shi Hao still mocked him like this, truly making this young king with Anlan true blood vexed and furious. He released a roar, and then used his greatest power, taking action again.


Shi Hao flew over from above, raising his fist and smashing down!

It could be said that this was a type of powerful display, moreover being completely unrestrained, this the case even when facing the Anlan bloodline, not attaching any importance to Zhan Feng. He looked down from high above, powerfully suppressing the foreign youth like this.


Zhan Feng produced magical imprints, releasing palm strike after palm strike. Heaven overflowing radiance surged, surging towards Shi Hao like powerful waves, terrifying beyond compare.

However, this couldn’t stop Shi Hao. He dove down, with each fist, the wind produced would smash those symbols apart, scatter those waves.


Zhan Feng released the most powerful palm, smashing together with Shi Hao’s fist. A true great collision was carried out between the two!

Pu. It was extremely tragic, Zhan Feng’s confidence wavered, because that hand of his broke apart, blood flowing in long streams, his entire arm contorting.

He staggered backwards, his face a bit pale.

He could have evaded this exchange, but he didn’t want to do this, because he wanted to kill his opponent powerfully.

However, the result was extremely bitter. His physical strength was inferior to his opponent’s.


Zhan Feng released a great roar, bloody light flickering, the hand recovering. When one reached this cultivation realm, one could regrow broken limbs, let alone the fact that he had just swallowed a divine pill. He rushed over again.

An intense struggle unfolded. Zhan Feng avoided Shi Hao’s attacks, not truly facing him head-on.

However, suddenly, when they confronted each other again, Zhan Feng no longer evaded, brandishing his right arm, striking forward.


Patterns interweaved, erupting in the void. A wave of terrifying aura covered heaven and earth, as if a primitive ancient beast walked over from when the world first opened, wishing to kill the creatures of this world.

These were the patterns on Zhan Feng’s arm, the golden pike patterns on his arm reviving, formed from all types of great dao symbols. Right now, they actually separated from his body, producing a streak of golden light, flying at Shi Hao.

It was too fast, completely impossible to evade.

Moreover, that type of power was just too frightening, the void collapsing. The weapons belonging to others in the surrounding were crying out, actually wanting to bow down, trembling.

An exceptional fluctuation rippled out. Zhan Feng was going to reverse the situation purely through the pike patterns on his arm!

“Every single person from Anlan Clan has a golden pike on their hand. These are natural patterns, the power greater the purer the bloodline!” At this moment, a foreign elder said, revealing the true circumstances.

The situation became dangerous to the extreme!

Behind Shi Hao, many people cried out in alarm, their expressions turning pale white. Were the great victories obtained through great difficulty going to end here? If Shi Hao died here, then that would definitely be too heavy of a loss, the mental blow this would deal to everyone too great.

Right now, Shi Hao’s mind became heavy. He never expected the foreign ancestral technique to be this terrifying. All of this was because of the Anlan Clan true blood Zhan Feng possessed.

Shi Hao didn’t use other precious techniques. At this moment, he only had two words in his mind: Imperishable Scripture!

He was extremely daring, not wishing to seize victory through stability, but rather test the Imperishable Scripture’s result.

During these past few days, he had been trying to figure out these scriptures the entire time, possessing a set amount of achievements. This was especially the case when he used this to support his hands, it was exceptionally astonishing, nothing it couldn’t overcome.

The Imperishable Scripture’s true meaning already appeared on Shi Hao’s hands, symbols rushing into the heavens, palms brilliant to the point where it couldn’t become any more dazzling.


Everyone was stunned, not daring to believe their eyes.

It was because the golden pike patterns on Zhan Feng’s arms were grabbed with a single grip from Shi Hao.

“What great speed, too hard to evade! He actually bare-handedly grabbed it!” Many people sucked in a cold breath of air.

The most crucial thing was that the golden spear point pierced at Shi Hao’s fingers, releasing keng qiang sounds, yet couldn’t slice through.


The golden pike enlarged, releasing intense explosions and matchless power. It wanted to suppress and kill Shi Hao!

As for Anlan true blood’s power, this long spear that was produced released unimaginably frightening power!

What was terrifying was that Shi Hao’s hands were similarly astonishing, resplendent like Immortal Gold. They grabbed the long spear, preventing it from struggling free no matter how it shook.


In the end, the most horrifying thing happened. A great roar sounded, unmatched divine force used, Imperishable Scripture activated, supporting his great hands. The golden long spear began to crack!

Finally, with a peng noise, the golden long spear was completely broken by Shi Hao!

Ah… Zhan Feng released a great cry, complexion becoming pale to the extreme. The golden pike patterns on his arm disappeared, true blood destroyed.

Shi Hao took action without holding back at all, his hands flickering about. The Imperishable Scripture’s patterns were restrained in his flesh, unstoppable as they struck at Zhan Feng.


Zhan Feng didn’t want to face him head-on, yet had no choice. It was because he couldn’t evade, the other party’s speed too fast, pressuring him while striking!

This strike crippled Zhan Feng’s arm, bloody mist surging. His right arm disappeared.

Then, Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, smashing down murderously!

The death scenes of the Mantis Centipede and monster with twelve pairs of arms played out once more!

Zhan Feng walked the same path as them, white robes dyed in blood, unable to face his opponent at all. He was blasted flying under Shi Hao’s peerless fist strength.


In the end, his body was broken to pieces. He was killed on the battlefield before everyone’s faces.

Zhan Feng died in battle!

This place was dead silent, the foreign young kings truly alarmed this time. Even Zhan Feng who had Anlan bloodline actually died, killed. This left many people stunned.

“Is this the so-called person with true blood, having one-fourth Anlan true blood within him? He was nothing more than this!” Shi Hao said coldly.

This was a major event. Anlan’s descendant actually died such a miserable death, making everyone’s minds heavy.

Shi Hao also finally confirmed that this type of confrontation would inevitably lead to him having to face the few membered Anlan Clan. No wonder the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment displayed an abnormality, it touched upon the fate of clans and other things.

“Zhan Feng actually died!”

The foreign cultivators finally snapped back to reality. Then, many people released this low shout.


Shi Hao spoke, his voice indifferent and ruthless, ringing through this battlefield!

Another young foreign king died. Could it be that Shi Hao really was going to continue fighting? Everyone looked towards Shi Hao, feeling like he really might kill a group of kings all by himself!

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