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Chapter 1342 - Anlan

How could the foreign young kings not be alarmed and furious? That youngster on the stage actually said next, his attitude just too carefree. Was he looking down on them?!

For them, this type of indifference, this type of contempt was truly a type of humiliation. Who dared to disregard them like this, shout at them so casually?

“I am going to kill him!” The Snake Yaksha said with a low voice, its silver body shining, releasing strand after strand of symbols.

Apart from the Golden Devil Bird who became more and more worried, the other young kings’ eyes all released cold light. That person was too unbridled, they had to teach him an unforgettable lesson, had to suppress and kill him!

The blood on the ground was extremely thick, the bright red carrying a type of light golden color, the blood of young foreign kings who had just passed away.

After that strange person was killed, it turned into its original form, a golden goat. No wonder its face was like that of a goat, on its head a pair of horns, its original body was precisely like this. Its golden fur shone, extremely resplendent, blood flowing with astonishing innate essence energy.

Those twelve arms all turned into goat feet, sturdy and powerful.

Only, right now, it was in pieces, because it was blasted apart by Shi Hao, only a ruined body left behind that released a light golden light, laying on the ground.

It was just like the Mantis Centipede, after the battle, it was in pieces from Shi Hao’s attacks, flesh and blood everywhere.

“Help me properly wrap up this goat and that Mantis Centipede.” Shi Hao said, telling the golden little ant and Cao Yusheng behind him.

Everyone was stunned, but they quickly recalled his nature. They were all speechless, because they knew what he was going to keep the corpses for.

“I will kill you!” The Snake Yaksha roared.

“If I am given the chance to go up, I will definitely kill him! A white-robed king said. He was extremely strong, standing over there. The void in his surroundings distorted, a few people feeling great restraining fear towards him.

“There has never been anyone who dared threaten and look down on us. Execute this person!” Someone else said.

“Next!” Shi Hao didn’t have any other words, still just this word, his voice resounding through the skies.

This made the expressions of the creatures on the other side change. Those young kings’ eyes all released sharp light, a few individuals’ thick long hair even flying about, aura intimidating.

As for those from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, they all vented a wave of resentment, as if they had eaten a ginseng fruit, all of their pores relaxing, feeling extremely comfortable.

From the start until now, the Nine Heaven Ten Earths were continuously defeated, heroes dying one after another. It was extremely tragic, the atmosphere constrained to the extreme.

Now, Shi Hao obtained two great victories for their side in a row, completely changing everything, eliminating their gloominess, making their blood boil.

A people couldn’t help but cry out, cheering Shi Hao on.

“Huang, you’ve killed them well! You are undefeated, kill them! Get revenge for the dead!”


Shi Hao stared forward. The ones he wanted to kill the most were the Snake Yaksha, Golden Devil Bird, and the others, really wishing that they could take the initiative to step up themselves, because victors had this type of choice opportunity.

If was just like how after he won two great battles, he still stood here to continue fighting. At the same time, he could also choose to back down.

“No one has ever dared act this insolently before us. He has to be killed in the simplest and most direct manner, remove his head!

That white-robed youngster spoke again. His figure was extremely tall. When he spoke like this, there were people in the surroundings who nodded along, agreeing with his words.

At this time, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment shone, accompanied by chaotic energy. It floated up, and then with a chi sound, a shell piece flew out, choosing Shi Hao’s opponent.


Everyone became shocked, because that shell fragment landed before the white-robed youngster, just happening to choose him.

Many people looked over, revealing surprised looks. It actually gave him this chance, having him walk up, fight against that young man named Huang.

“Excellent, heavenly fate is profound, my wish granted just by speaking up. Even the heavens are acknowledging me, wanting me to suppress and kill this person!” The white-robed youngster said ruthlessly.

He began to take large steps forward, walking towards this place, white robes fluttering about. His entire body released blinding radiance, as if a war god revived, about to descend powerfully into this world.

“Kill him!”

When this person moved, a few youngsters from the other side shouted out, their mouths calling for murder, telling him to kill Shi Hao with the most powerful methods, display unmatched might.

Shi Hao’s eyes were clear, calmly waiting for this person to press forward.

This youngster was untainted by a speck of dust, even his socks snow-white colored, complexion fine like jade, could be called an exceptionally beautiful man. He was like a child of fate!

As he walked, heaven and earth moved, rumbling with nose. The great earth below his feet even more so fissured, mountains collapsing, giant rocks flying, scattering the clouds in the sky.

Outside his body was a divine ring, brilliant and intimidating. It was as if a terrifying undying existence was walking over.

“Encountering me is your misfortune. I’ll grant you death!” This young man stared at Shi Hao, directly speaking like this.


Suddenly, the shell fragment corresponding to this young man shone, producing a few symbols. It was extremely shocking.

At the same time, the shell piece corresponding to Shi Ha was also trembling, producing a few strange symbols. However, it quickly disappeared with a flash.

“What does this mean?” Shi Hao was confused. This was the first time he encountered this type of situation. The shell piece that corresponded to him actually displayed an abnormality just now.

“Those characters are the surname of an unmatched existence!” A few individuals from the other shore cried out in alarm.

Why was it like this?

A group of youngsters trembled inwardly, all of them extremely confused.

“Zhan Feng’s mother is a descendant of that unmatched existence, Zhan Feng has some of that clan’s true blood within his body!” Right at this time, an elder from the foreign side explained.

The white-robed youngster was named Zhan Feng, the family his mother was from was extremely terrifying, not even many experts from the other side daring to carelessly talk about them.

Everyone trembled. Was this caused by the portion of true blood within Zhan Feng’s body? It was stimulated, producing that family name.

“To be more precise, it is Zhan Feng’s maternal grandmother’s family, which is why he has a fourth of that family name’s true blood!” Someone said with a low sigh.

Forget about others, even Shi Hao who was only thinking about cutting the enemy down was stunned. Just what kind of family was that, for the foreign creatures to treat it with such importance?

At the same time, Shi Hao’s mind also trembled. That family name appeared on the shell fragment, even though it disappeared again, it still definitely implied some things. Was he going to be tangled with this family name in the future?

It was because when he previously used the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment, there were already people discussing that the one chosen would not only fight in the battlefield, there was karma between them as well, that it would involve the ‘fate of clans’ and other things.

“Your origins seem to be quite unordinary, are you someone important?” Shi Hao said, extremely direct.

This was also quite rarely seen. His intention was that he was going to slaughter his way forward, not wishing to waste words with the foreign cultivators!

“I have a fourth of Anlan Clan’s true blood!” Zhan Feng said extremely coldly.

Anyone could see that this was an arrogant person. When he said the family name Anlan, there was a brilliance that flashed past his eyes, this radiance originating from pride.

“A fourth of true blood is enough to make you this arrogant?” Shi Hao mocked, finding this a bit difficult to understand.

“Audacious!” At this moment, it wasn’t just Zhan Feng who spoke up, even those others in the back speaking up, loudly berating Shi Hao!

It was clear that this family name possessed extraordinary strength, making many powerful clans feel endless reverence. They wouldn’t tolerate the disrespect of others.

“Is Anlan Clan that strong, that special?” Shi Hao said to himself.

However, right at this moment, his mind was shaken. When he spoke the family name Anlan, a wave of heaven shocking killing energy filled the sky.

This left Shi Hao stupefied. He widened his eyes, feeling that this was inconceivable. He stared into the void.

A golden pike that seemed to be able to tear through all living things was resting there, releasing bits of radiance, possessing a type of malevolent murderous intent that overflowed the heavens.

This was too frightening. When the family name was just mentioned, it would already produce this type of irregular scene, a golden pike visible.

Shi Hao had a type of feeling that this type of irregular scene would appear when some creatures said this family name.

“The power of a true name, that existence is still alive after all, still overlooking the heavens!” On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths side, Great Elder sighed, the expression on his face incredibly serious.

“Who is that?” Someone asked.

“An unmatched existence, terrifying beyond imagination. When his family name is spoken, it would be like calling out his true name, his weapon and some of his power would become visible.” Great Elder said with a light sigh.

This was a terrifying existence, someone who made everyone feel fear.

At this moment, Shi Hao finally understood how unordinary the Anlan surname was. It really was too frightening!

However, when he spoke, he didn’t seem that concerned. He looked at that white-robed young man and said, “Only one-fourth true blood, yet it is worth feeling arrogant over?

Many foreign creatures became quiet, only looking at him with cold expressions.

Anlan, this family name’s individuals were extremely few in number. The clan was extremely frightening, but they didn’t have many people, which was why the white-robed youth having one fourth of the bloodline was already extremely astonishing.

It was because it was unknown just how many years it had been since the ancient land where those with the Anlan family name resided produced a child!

“You are speaking like that only because you are ignorant, you will never understand the power of this family name. You are going to pay the price for this!” Zhan Feng said coldly.

“Anlan!” Shi Hao said this to himself again. The irregular scenes appeared again, he saw that golden pike once more. It was as if it could directly tear through the great universe.

This weapon was too frightening, at the same time leaving Shi Hao shaken. He felt that it looked familiar, as if he had seen it before.

En? Soon afterwards, he remembered where he had seen it before.

When he was in Heavenly Deity Institution’s underground cave, he had previously seen the imprint left behind by the golden little ant’s father, the golden-haired middle-aged man known as one of the Vicious Ten.

Shi Hao had interacted with him, spoke to that middle-aged man, seeing a few scenes before his death.

At that time, one of the Vicious Ten, the golden-haired man, Heavenly Horned Ant with matchless divine strength, had previous encountered the attacks of unmatched existences, injuring him, making him bleed.

The deepest impression Shi Hao was left with was that at the final critical moment, a golden long spear tore through the great cosmos, abruptly descending, piercing through the Heavenly Horned Ant’s body with a pu sound.

“This long spear… it’s that one!” Shi Hao’s expression immediately changed completely.

“Anlan Clan won’t tolerate any blaspheme. Your disrespect will have to be repaid through blood. Atone for your crimes!” The white-robed young man Zhan Feng shouted .

Anlan, just the mentioning of this family name was enough to touch upon the power of true name. Just how terrifying was this? This was power only unmatched experts from the other side possessed.

It was rumored that the owner of the Immortal Smelting Pot also had this level of power!

“Forget about someone like you with one-fourth true blood, even if a pure-blooded person came, he would still undoubtedly die under my hands, killed without exception!” This was Shi Hao’s reply, his words powerful.

“Brazen!” Zhan Feng berated, taking action. When the other side said the word ‘pure-blooded’, wasn’t this mocking him for being a mixed breed?

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