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Chapter 1344 - Triple Delight

It was this ‘next’, again. However, now, the foreign young kings felt completely different. There was nothing more terrible than this!

Previously, when Shi Hao first said next, many people felt like he was courting death, not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, so they only ridiculed him.

However, now, many creatures became alarmed. The battle results were right before them. These were not bullshitted, but produced by killing. Now that even Anlan’s descendant was killed, no one dared look down on him. Who could look down on this young man?

This was definitely a terrifying young supreme being, one who could kill kings!

“Hateful, this ant actually wants to devour heavenly dragons. A freak emerged from the defeated’s descendents!” The Snake Yaksha found this hard to accept, belittling the other party like this.

It had a silver body, the thick snake tail moving about there. It had wanted to take action before, but now, it felt some misgivings, feeling apprehension towards Shi Hao!

Zhan Feng had a fourth of Anlan Clan’s true blood within him, just how powerful was that? However, he was still defeated. The golden pike that was condensed from a strand of true blood was even broken, truly shocking too many foreign creatures.

“Killed him well!”

“What Anlan true blood, what true name power, what unmatched family? The so-called genius was nothing more than this. Wasn’t he still killed by Huang?!”

From the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, the people were naturally happy, cheering there. All of the young cultivators’ faces revealed brilliance. These successive great victories truly boosted their morale.

The main thing was that the previous defeats left them all feeling suffocated, heroes dying miserably one after another, falling in this ancient battlefield, truly dealing too great of a mental blow to everyone here.

Now, Shi Hao was standing there alone, continuously defeating three foreign heroes, establishing undefeated divine might, triggering great waves, becoming the focal point of everyone’s attention.

“Next? It has been many years since someone looked down on the cultivators of my world like this. Today, you all were actually slaughtered by a single person until you cannot even raise your heads. Are you all scared of him?!”

In the back, a blurry figure stood close to the black abyss, as if it was a living fossil that had existed throughout the ages, not moving at all. However, his words rang out, shaking up everyone.

He didn’t fly into a terrible rage, but this type of cold words made one feel even more shaken up, feel a great fear.

The younger generation kings all revealed ashamed looks. When faced with that human cultivator, they even forgot to retort just now, not immediately speaking back. This really made them seem a bit lacking in boldness and bravery.

“What is there to be scared of? From the past until now, who knows just how many powerful heavenly talents my world has produced, these individuals shocking past and present. His methods, when compared to those creatures, what can they count as?” There were foreign young kings who said this loudly.

“Kill him! He is nothing more than the descendant of the defeated Immortal Ancient people. Even their immortals have all been killed, their ancestors killed until they crawled beneath our feet. As a descendant, he is nothing. It is just like how we dealt with his ancestors, just kill him and that’s that!”

Wave after wave of fighting energy surged into the heavens. The foreign young kings all carried a type of innate superiority, extremely arrogant. They were instantly stirred up, wishing to kill Shi Hao.

Moreover, there were two young kings whose figures were especially striking, both of them releasing chaotic energy, standing out from the masses!

These two didn’t say anything this entire time, only now releasing light from their eyes. Inside their pupils, the universe became disillusioned, scenes of the world collapsing appearing from time to time.

These were terrifying experts!

Shi Hao swept out a look, but he didn’t feel fear. However, he knew that there might be danger, that they might be unimaginable young enemies, but he still remained unflustered.

The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments didn’t immediately shine, not directly selecting Shi Hao’s next opponent.

It was because after he continuously won three rounds, his strength dominating his opponents, this could be considered a great victory. He could retreat, even more so able to rest and take some time to recover.

This was a rule, a standard established during the Immortal Ancient battle of the past.

It could be said that this was completely imitating Immortal Ancient last phase’s great battle at the peak.

That was a battle so intense ghosts wept and deities howled, sun and moon lost radiance, great stars continuously fell. Immortal kings fought with their lives on the line, but the results were tragic, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side still defeated.

The war banner of the past was used to wrap the corpses of immortal kings, blood dyeing the heavens read, even more so scattering the wills and conviction of the people.

Today, this battle naturally couldn’t compare to the world-shaking great confrontation of the last days, but it still had long-lasting effects, victory or defeat might very well be related to the fates of clans and other things.

The foreign side released cries of war, angrily rebuking, while the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side was cheering, forming two extremes. Shi Hao stood on the battlefield, naturally becoming the focal point of everyone’s attention.

“What are you putting on such an arrogant display for? Does he really delusionally think he can face the young kings of our side alone? He is definitely going to die a miserable death, pay the price for his arrogance!” A young foreign expert said.

Shi Hao originally could stop, but he instead stood there like a javelin, not moving at all, waiting for new opponents to appear.

“There was previously a group of people who were known to shine with the sun and moon, as ancient as the world, immortal beings, but when they faced our world, the sun and moon were shook down, heaven and earth collapsed, these people naturally also all defeated. There were some who were lucky enough to die, but they still became prisoners, others even had their wills wiped out, becoming the most obedient slaves.” Someone deliberately brought this up, ridiculing Shi Hao as a descendant of defeated people. The end result of the ancient people really was miserable.

At this moment, the chers of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side stopped, everyone’s eyes becoming ice-cold, staring at those people angrily.

This was just going too far, humiliating the ancient people again and again. Those were but their ancestors, now that they were humiliated like this, it truly was hard for them to bear. They really wanted to get justice for their ancestors.

“Is that so? Some of those so-called paramount figures became servants?” Some of the foreigners pretended to be confused, only after consulting others did they say, “Wu, I remember, my family’s ancient ancestor had a walking corpse-like slave. Turns out he was the ancestor of this side’s people!”

When the people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths heard this, their eyes all became red.

“Enough!” Shi Hao berated. Not even he could take any more.

“In the past, your ancestors won a few battles, but that is not you. My world’s past humiliation, the day will come sooner or later when it will be settled!” Shi Hao said with a cold voice.

“Haha…” On the other side, the group of young kings roared with laughter, doing this on purpose to neutralize the dejection and resentment produced by the three successive defeats.

Shi Hao didn’t say a single thing. He sat down, producing a large cauldron. He added water from a divine spring inside, and then started up a divine flame.

What was he going to do? A few people were shocked.

“Bring over all of my spoils of war.” Shi hao shouted towards Cao Yusheng.

Cao Yusheng and the others immediately knew what he was going to do. They quickly moved over the Mantis Centipede’s body, as well as that golden goat-like damaged body.

Apart from this, Shi Hao personally moved, dragging the ruined body of the Anlan Clan descendant Zhan Feng over.

Zhan Feng’s original body was like a white lion, entirely snow-white like jade. Only, right now, it was in ruins, just like the Mantis Centipede and golden goat, only having some of their body left, because they were beaten until they exploded.

Shi Hao sat there alone, doing things himself. He skinned and washed them, cleaning up the three experts’ meat, his actions smooth and skilled, extremely experienced.

“What are you doing? Are you humiliating the young kings of my world?!”

On the other side, the foreign creatures’ mockery, laughter, and cold words finally stopped. There were some who couldn't help but shout out, unable to continue watching this.

“These are my spoils of war, why do you all care what I do with them? If you want them back, then hand over the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed and Life Seed. Otherwise, get lost!” Shi Hao coldly replied.

At this moment, everyone knew what he was going to do. It was just too obvious.

The Mantis Centipede, golden goat, and Zhan Feng were treated like ingredients. After their carcases were cleaned, they were tossed into the cauldron to stew.

“Do you want to die?” On the other side, there were people who were about to go crazy, roaring out, truly angered badly.

The glorious foreign young kings were actually treated like food by another, moreover cleaned up right in the battlefield. This truly was a type of tremendous shame.

“Just close your mouths. If you can’t accept this, then just come up and hand over your lives, I’ll have another type of food to eat then!” Shi Hao directly shouted, showing no sign of stopping, preparing his food here.

Inside the cauldron, the three great creatures’ meat released brilliant radiance.

Outside the cauldron, Shi Hao prepared another dao flame, directly using it to roast. Regardless of whether it was the golden lamb leg or the other two types of creatures’ meat, they were all roasted until oil dripped down, the meat quality fine, releasing an alluring fragrance.

Only Shi Hao would do something like this, normal people definitely wouldn’t cook the meat of young kings with a dao flame, because the divine force they contained was just too strong.

“You… actually dare do this!” On the foreign side, those young kings couldn’t sit still. Shi Hao’s retaliation was too sudden, unable to be processed with normal reasoning.

They humiliated the ancient people of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, mentioning how they became prisoners, how their wills were erased, turned into puppet slaves, so Shi Hao now displayed this hand.

These are only my food; this was definitely the meaning this young man wanted to express. All of the foreign young kings knew that this was what he was thinking!

Meanwhile, the other side didn’t say anything, but rather used direct action to slap their faces. It was just too clear, too painful, making a few creatures erupt with fury, their eyes become scarlet red.

“Good!” On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many people couldn’t help but cry out.

Everyone felt as if there was a wave of heat surging within them, making their blood boil. Shi Hao’s actions made them feel delighted, many people couldn’t help but release a long roar.

Right now, Shi Hao didn’t fight, but his actions made many from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side feel that this was even better than the great battles.

“Your conduct and deeds have crossed the bottom line of what we can allow. We will definitely hack you into mincemeat!” Many people roared out from among the foreign young kings.

“I am waiting. Whoever comes, whoever I’ll kill!” Shi Hao replied like this.

Then, the meat fragrance wafted out, streaks of essence energy radiance also released. It had to be said that the essence contained within the three great kings was too astonishing.

This was definitely a great mending medicine, comparable to divine level ginseng fruits.

“I am someone who has a single desire, which is to taste all the delicacies of the world. This is the first time I am going to enjoy the food of the other side, wu, it really isn’t bad, too delicious!”

Shi Hao stood on the battlefield alone, starting to eat the golden meat chunks, the meat accompanied by large amounts of auspicious multicolored light.

“I’m going to kill you!” The people on the other side screamed out, truly provoked. Many of them were seething with anger to the point where they were going to faint. They had never experienced this type of humiliation before.

“Mantis Centipede, a golden goat, and a white lion with Anlan true blood, these three are all land animals, so now that they are cooked together, I should give it a name. I feel like Triple Delight is quite suitable.”

Shi Hao ate while speaking inarticulately. A thick meat fragrance wafted about, the smell simply about to melt one’s tongue off.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, when everyone heard this, they were first speechless, and then they all laughed loudly.

“You will definitely die a miserable death today, atone for your crimes with blood, wash away this type of humiliation!” The foreign kings roared out.

“Bring over wine!” Shi Hao called out, heroic spirit surging, asking for people behind him for fine wine.


A pot of divine wine flew over, personally brought over by an elder from a long life family.

Shi Hao stood up, undid the seal, and then raised it up, drinking down a large mouthful. “Triple Delight is only the appetizer, come, I will kill whoever comes. I want to gather ten great mending ingredients!”

These brash words sounded, shouted out, shaking up Great Scarlet Sky’s borders. He was going to face the entire foreign side’s younger generation kings alone!

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