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Chapter 1337 - Cruel Desperate Struggle

Shi Hao truly couldn’t hold himself back anymore. Previously, it was one thing, because even though Xiang Feng, Crimson Hair Divine Monarch and other seniors died in battle, he couldn’t really do much to help, but now that his peers were fighting, how could he sit still? He wanted to immediately fight!

“Without rules, how can order be maintained?!” On the other side, a short shout was released, as if a heavenly drum was rumbling, simply about to make Shi Hao’s soul completely explode.

At the crucial moment, Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s great sleeve moved, erasing the ripples of the void, stopping this type of catastrophic result.

“You wish to kill my disciple, are you forcing me to massacre your entire younger generation?!” Great Elder said coldly.

“You won’t be able to do such a thing. Moreover, I am only warning him that the rules have already been set, no one able to alter them!” On the other side, the middle figure of the three living fossil level individuals spoke.

Shi Hao was unharmed. His primordial spirit was powerful, just now only becoming unstable. After Great Elder neutralized this disaster, his eyes released divine light like lightning. “This is a request of mine. Do you dare accept it or not?”

He stared at the Snake Yaksha, as well as the young creatures behind him.

“You think you are anyone special? Without a seed I need, why should I bother giving you a chance? Get lost!” The Snake Yaksha said coldly.

“Who do you think you are? The past Without End Immortal King? You are delirious, thinking you can fight our clan’s kings!”

“What a joke, what are you going to bring out to fight against us? If you don’t have a perfect seed, just hurry and get lost!”

On the other side, the reactions of the creatures were all different, some of them laughing, not treating him with any importance, some of them coldly berating, full of hostility, there were even those who didn’t even raise their heads, completely ignoring him.

“Rules are rules. Unless you have the ability to interfere with the rules, hurry up and withdraw, or else don’t blame me for killing you!” A foreign elder said.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng sighed, inwardly transmitting for Shi Hao to return. The rules had already been set, it was now too late to change things.

“Xuan Kun!” 

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many people cried out, carrying sadness. This was especially the case with those who had previously cultivated in Heavenly Deity Institution, sighing endlessly. The genius of a generation passed away silently just like that.

“Hateful!” Many people clenched their teeth. Xuan Kun was killed in battle, yet the other party still showed disdain, humiliating him, shouting out noisily there. They really wanted to immediately take action.

It was a pity, even Huang was rejected when he wanted to go up and fight, unable to take action. They could only wait for the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments to choose opponents.

Shi Hao felt unfairness inside, his battle intent long surging, wishing he could immediately go up. He never desired a battle as badly as this time, hoping that the next one was him.

However, he was disappointed. The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments swirled with auspicious light, chaotic energy surging. Finally, a shell fragment flew out, landing before Lu Hong.

After a momentary silence, Lu Hong walked out. Everyone’s eyes landed on her body.

“Lu Hong, you need to be careful!”

“You can definitely win over it, kill that Snake Yaksha!”

From the rear, a group of people shouted, truly hoping for Lu Hong to win, kill that silver-winged Snake Yaksha. It was too hateful, many people wanting revenge for Xuan Kun.

Regardless of how things were before, whether there were any prior conflicts, previous competition, right now, everyone directed their anger at a common enemy, deciding to stand together, hoping to strike down the foreign vicious beings.

Lu Hong came from the long life Lu Family, within her body exuberant vital energy that far surpassed everyone else. Wherever she passed, dried land would produce buds, deserts becoming verdant with greenery.

There was someone who said that if she properly grew up in this great era, she would become a life goddess, perhaps able to achieve immortality.

“Child, be careful!” A few elders from Lu Family shouted, feeling worry for her, wiping away their cold sweat.

This was not an exchange of pointers for the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, but rather a life and death decisive battle. People had died from the very start, an extremely cruel competition.

Lu Hong was extremely beautiful. When she walked up, her figure was graceful, skin color fine white, her head of green hair fluttering about.

“I can sense a precious seed within her!” The Snake Yaksha’s eyes erupted with brilliance, its tail continuously striking the ground, unable to calm the agitation within it.

“Come back.” However, right at this time, an ancient figure transmitted sound, ordering the Snake Yaksha to return.

“Why? I want to fight her, this is my prey!” The Snake Yaksha was unwilling to accept this. It couldn’t help but cry out.

“Are you questioning me?” That ancient figure asked coldly.

“I do not dare!” The Snake Yaksha trembled, breaking out into cold sweat. It was because in the foreign side, there was a great hierarchy, it definitely didn’t dare provoke this type of ancient creature.

“You are the victor, so you still have chances to take action again. Let the others get a feel for how the enemies are, let them have a chance to fight.” That elder said.

This was to train their people, giving all of the the foreign young kings a chance to fight. They didn’t feel any restraining fear, it was just this direct.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone’s expressions were ugly, but it was hard for them to say anything. Right now, the situation was against them, they suffered too many losses.

After the Snake Yaksha returned, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments shone, a sparkling fragment flying out, landing between the foreign young kings, triggering cries of alarm.

“It’s me, it chose me! Hehe, what good luck!” A golden-haired woman laughed continuously. Her figure moved about, the golden tail feathers behind her shining, as if a peacock was spreading its tail, extremely brilliant.

Golden Devil Bird!

The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments shone, choosing her.

“I really am unlucky. Why isn’t it me?”

“This is too much of a pity. The legendary life immortal seed actually has no fate with me!”

The other kings complained, extremely unsatisfied, every one of them vexed.

These words, this type of attitude, truly made the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths furious. The other side wasn’t treating them with any importance.

Lu Hong entered the battlefield. Everyone from the Lu Family in the back all felt as if their hearts were shoved up to their throats, extremely worried. They never expected her opponent would be the Golden Devil Bird.

One had to understand that this was a race that angered Without End Immortal King. Back then, they had dealt great harm to the experts of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“If you offer up your Life Seed, I can leave you with your life!” The Golden Devil Bird was extremely direct. Right now, it was in human form, her head of golden hair scattering down, incredibly bright. Her words carried a wave of killing intent.

“Back then, Without End Immortal King wiped out your clan. Who would have expected there were some fish that escaped the net!” Lu Hong said directly.

“Audacious, you dare mention these past events!” The Golden Devil Bird was alarmed and furious, her tall and slender figure moving about, coming over with a single step, rushing murderously at Lu Hong.

The Golden Devil Bird Race was previously wiped out. Without End Immortal King felt that they were too dangerous, so he carried his immortal bell, rushing into the other side alone, turning the clan’s ancestral land into ruins, completely wiping them out.


A great battle erupted. The Golden Devil Bird faced Lu Hong, the battle incredibly intense. Both sides fought with no thoughts for personal safety, fighting with everything they had.

Immortal energy pervaded the air, life force surging, this the case even in the void. Many divine vines took root in nothingness, growing in the heavens above, releasing precious light, illuminating this place.

The vines, plants, and other things grew crazily, winding towards the Golden Devil Bird. There was even more so a green life sea that appeared, surging powerfully, about to seal the Golden Devil Bird within.


Right at this time, a cry suddenly sounded, severing the life energy. Lu Hong’s body shook intensely, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood, her primordial spirit growing dim.

That sound was ear-splitting, extremely unpleasant to listen to. The Golden Divine Bird finally displayed its own divine ability. It really was incredibly terrifying.

Just the noise alone was enough to stop precious techniques, injuring souls, almost make one’s primordial spirit collapse!

This was precisely where the Golden Devil Bird was terrifying. With a single cry, it harmed everyone around her. In a large-scale war, the destructive power of this would be even greater, attacking indiscriminately. The entire battlefield would be within the range of this attack.

“Lu Hong!”

Many people cried out loudly in the back, feeling incredibly worried. The Lu Family was even more so trembling inwardly, truly wishing they could immediately rush over and provide aid. However, there were some ancient creature confronting them from the other side, so who dared act recklessly? They would immediately kill all those who tried.

When struck by this type of demonic sound, there would be a chance of one’s soul scattering at any time, body and dao disappearing, the results extremely terrifying.

Lu Hong’s body swayed, primordial spirit shining. Her greatest advantage was that her life force was powerful, which was why she didn’t die from the first strike, making it through. In addition, she crazily took action, retaliating fiercely.

“What a pity, Lu Hong’s life force is so strong, but it isn’t suitable for battle.” Someone said quietly.

Comparatively speaking, she was powerful enough, above Xuan Kun. However, compared to her powerful life force, her combat strength wasn’t enough to make her unrivaled under the sky.

The older generation figures all knew that the Life Seed’s uses were too great, but most of the time, it was used as support, used to rescue others. It was suitable for helping others in a team battle.

Lu Hong was extremely important, she might be able to display great use in the future.

The battle continued on. It was clear that the Golden Devil Bird couldn’t continuously use that type of sound either, because the consumption was too great. That was why after using her cry, she used other methods to fight, this place temporarily becoming quiet.


At the three hundredth exchange, the Golden Devil Bird finally released the demonic voice again. It passed through Lu Hong, making her cough out large mouthfuls of blood, the space between her brows split apart, a crack appearing in her frontal bone.

Lu Hong was seriously injured, her soul suffering damage!

However, she endured it, persevering through.


However, Lu Hong’s injuries were too heavy. Under the Golden Devil Bird’s crazy attacks, she continuously coughed out blood.

At the six hundredth exchange, when Lu Hong’s condition began to gradually recover again through her world-shocking life force, about to revive, a gu sounded, the demonic sound erupting again.

Even though Lu Hong already protected herself with divine light, symbols defending her frontal bone, she still couldn’t stop this sound. The demonic sound formed ripples, making her skull crack, almost ending her life right there and then.

“I just refuse to believe that I cannot kill you!” At this time, even the Golden Devil Bird felt a bit strained, never expecting to encountering this type of opponent. Her life force was too exuberant, a bit troublesome to deal with. 

Unfortunately, Lu Hong didn’t have any matchless killing methods, difficult for her to reverse the situation.


At the nine hundredth exchange, the Golden Devil Bird suddenly released the most dazzling light. It directly revealed its true form, turning into a foot long Golden Devil Bird, releasing a powerful demonic cry that was even greater than before.


This time, there were no miracles that happened. The demonic sound pierced through the space between Lu Hong’s brows.

Moreover, golden feathers shot out, over a hundred of them in total, piercing through various parts of Lu Hong’s body. She fell down onto the cold and desolate battlefield, blood continuously flowing out.

“Ah…” From the rear, many people cried out, the Lu Family even more so going crazy, about to rush over.

The battle ended just like this.


A wave of bloody light surged. Even though the Golden Devil Bird was tired, it still immediately took action, removing the perfect seed from Lu Hong’s body, within it contained endless life force!

That seed wanted to escape, but after it read an incantation, it gradually became calm.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths side, everyone shivered inwardly. The foreign side had methods of dealing with them after all, having countermeasures. Their research regarding the perfect ancient seeds had reached a shocking level.

In the distance, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments shone, releasing clear splendor.

The Golden Devil Bird was shocked, feeling a wave of fear, face turning pale. It was because a captivating red color appeared on that Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment corresponding to her piece, as if blood was dripping. There were words on it as well.

“Who.. who is surnamed Shi?” Her voice was shaking, crying out loudly.

“Death sign, death situation!” In the rear, even those three living fossil level ancient creatures were shocked, never expecting to directly see this type of situation. One of them shouted, “Come back, withdraw!”

“I am surnamed Shi!” In the distance, Shi Hao released a low shout. He roared like a wild beast, hair flying about in anger. He truly wanted to go up onto the battlefield. Was it now his turn to take action?

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