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Chapter 1336 - Burning Rage

“I can’t wait any longer already, we should have started a while ago! This battle is going to further raise my side’s heavenly might, just like how our ancient ancestors did, slaughter all the so-called true immortals beneath their feet!”

The Snake Yaksha laughed loudly, extremely unbridled. When the foreign young kings mentioned the battle of the past, they were all incredibly proud, feeling a type of confidence that originated from their innermost depths.

It was because they won a great victory in that battle, cutting down some of the most powerful leading figures from this side, completely overturning this world.

“It has to be like back then. When the great ancestors took action, even the so-called Immortal Kings would become corpses, brought back on mounts. Just what kind of awe-inspiring might was that?!”

There were some creatures who looked back upon the past, their faces full of fascination. When the past brilliant battle successes were mentioned, they truly wished they were born in that era, that they were the ones who killed immortal dao experts, seizing these world-shaking accomplishments.

“Whenever I see that Immortal Suppression Monument soaked in dark red blood from my world, I will always feel my blood boil. Just how powerful were the ancestors, slaughtering all of the creatures in this world until they were crawling at their feet, unable to resist. It truly was a great undertaking, really feel like I was born at the wrong time, having no karma with that battle!”

Those people recalled fondly of the past, their expressions moved, a type of battle intent surging from from their very bones.

These foreign young cultivators were extremely aggressive, their eyes shining like small suns, full of powerful confidence. They wanted to immediately start killing the people on the other side.

Because of the ancestors’ various dazzling accomplishments, it made them feel a type of innate superiority. They were all extremely confident, a type of arrogance that they were superior to the creatures of the other side fostered in them ever since they were young.

“Who wishes to fight?” From the darkness, an ancient creature asked the young foreign cultivators.


“I will fight!”

It wasn’t just the dozen or so individuals, another seven or eight individuals walked out from the black abyss. There were now more than twenty young experts standing together, every one of them surging with battle intent.

“Who among you wishes to fight?” Sacred Academy’s Great Elder asked the people on his side.

The two sides’ numbers were originally similar, but now, a few more creatures appeared from the other side, every one of them deep and immeasurable, making them couldn’t help but frown.

“You all should increase your numbers a bit, need at least twenty people who are willing to fight.” Someone said coldly from the other side.

“No, we will decide the outcome with five rounds. There is no need to have so many people participate.” An elder from Immortal Academy said, because he was scared that the losses would be too heavy.

These later generation youth were their hope. Some of them merged with perfect seeds, too much meticulous care used on them, raising them up not easy. They used who knew how many divine medicines, scriptures, and other things on them. If they fell in a single battle, dying early, then it was too much of a pity.

“If they are defeated now, what meaning is there left in being kept alive?” On the other side, an ancient foreign creature said.

“Each side will send out ten individuals to decide who is superior and inferior, decide life and death!” A foreign elder added.

“If you all are scared, then just start begging for forgiveness, haha… kneel down and acknowledge allegiance!” A young expert from the foreign younger generation laughed loudly, carrying an expression of contempt.

“Great Elder, let us fight!” Many people were angry, rather be killed than humiliated.


The candidates were chosen, those with perfect seeds all walked up, but their numbers weren’t as large as the other side. Then, those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy and Sacred Academy’s best young geniuses also walked forward. 

At this moment, the atmosphere was stifling to the extreme, making one feel suffocated.

This place entered a momentary silence. The two worlds’ cultivators all stopped talking. It was as if a million great archaic mountains were crushing down, making everyone’s breathing difficult, as if they were going to go unconscious.

Great Scarlet Sky’s border entered absolute silence.

Everyone was waiting for the next bloody battle to erupt.


Suddenly, from the darkness, several dozen pieces of tortoiseshell fragments that were soft like jade appeared, pulsing there, flickering with radiance. Then, primal chaos pervaded, heavenly mysteries chaotic. 

“Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments!” A few people from long life families released a low cry.

These were originally an Immortal Tortoise Shell’s armor fragments that could be used for divination, able to pry into the future, possessing inconceivable power. However, it was ruined in the battle of the past.

Later on, even though it could be used for divination, it could no longer predict great heavenly mysteries and future events.

In the battle of Immortal Ancient’s last phase, it was precisely this type of tortoise shell fragments that selected opponents, cast into chaos, leaving it up to fate, choosing individuals in the battlefield to become opponents.

There were some who said that it was random, but there were those who believed that it was actually carried out under some type of cause and effect, that it would concern the two clans’ fate in the future, extremely mysterious.


Multicolored light flashed. A piece of tortoiseshell rushed out of the chaos, flying towards the mist, landing before a foreign young creature pulsing with silver light.

“Hahaha…” The Snake Yaksha walked out, its silver snake head raised, spitting out its silver fork-like tongue. Vicious energy overflowed into the heavens, laughing loudly in a brash manner.

“How lucky, I am the first one to come out. Who is my opponent? Tremble! Just crawl below my feet!” Its eyes were cold, walking forward with large steps. 

It had a human race torso, human legs and human arms, a snake head, silver snake tail, and a pair of silver-white yaksha wings, ferocious and terrifying.

On the other side, everyone’s minds fell. The candidate appeared.

Xuan Kun!

He was previously a Heavenly Deity Institution disciple, standing side by side with Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, Princess Yao Yue, all heavenly warping geniuses who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, cultivation extremely strong.

However, it was a pity, after he entered Immortal Academy, he was not able to obtain a perfect ancient seed, so in theory, he should be weaker than Great Xu Tuo, Lan Xian, Little Sky King, and others.

That was why everyone felt gloomy, difficult for them to say anything.

Xuan Kun sighed. He looked at the tortoiseshell before him. After a moment of silence, he laughed and said, “Dao friends, why do you all need to be like this? Cheer for me, I will kill the enemy!”

“Xuan Kun, you will definitely win!” Someone shouted loudly.

“Definitely win!” Many people shouted out, offering him encouragement.

“Good! I am going!” Xuan Kun walked over with large steps, his vital energy like a surging mist, rushing out from within him, his aura increasing with each step.

Later on, when he entered the battlefield, three great dao flowers floated above his head, continuously blooming. Strand after strand of immortal dao mist fell, entering his body, forming a type of great dao ring.

Heaven and earth trembled, space collapsed, twisting. Stars appeared in his surroundings, golden lotuses blossomed one after another in his surroundings. All types of irregular scenes emerged.

This was someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, someone who comprehended the great dao, close to the great dao, world-shocking irregular scenes that appeared after gaining enlightenment.

At this moment, Xuan Kun understood the dao. He raised himself to the greatest state of his entire life!

“You are not enough, switch for another person!” The Snake Yaksha was extremely violent, suddenly shouting out like this. When faced with Xuan Kun in his most powerful state, it actually had this type of attitude.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone was angry. This was just too humiliating, actually treating a powerful individual like this.

“You do not have a perfect seed, not the prey I want!” The Snake Yaksha roared.

It was clear that a perfect seed was extremely important for it. This made it completely angry and lose itself. The opportunity was hard to find, it was the first to step up, yet it didn’t encounter a creature it really wanted to kill.

“Less nonsense. Die!” Xuan Kun took action. Three strands of immortal energy turned into three divine swords, hacking out like sky shocking rainbows.


The Snake Yaksha’s eyes were cold. The long snake tail suddenly swung out, accompanied with gray mist, making space collapse. It smashed into the three divine swords, metal sounds earsplitting, sparks flying in all directions.

Everyone was startled. Even though this Snake Yaksha was brash, it truly was frightening. It actually used its flesh to face the three swords made from immortal energy?

“Something’s not right, the gray mist is a bit different. It is comparable to immortal energy, able to make its body unbreaking, tough to an unimaginable level!” Someone saw through the real situation.

The great battle erupted just like this. Xuan Kun fought while risking it all against the Snake Yaksha, displaying all types of divine abilities, releasing all of his precious techniques.

However, soon afterwards, everyone’s hearts sunk. They clearly saw that Xuan Kun wasn’t a match. It was because the Snake Yaksha was too calm, its body sturdy and unbreaking. It either shattered all types of precious technique symbols with its snake tail or used its arms to break down the various divine abilities, calm and cool-headed.

It didn’t exhaust much energy, body unimaginably powerful. Xuan Kun struck its body several times with magical imprints, yet in the end, only a string of sparks were produced, unable to do anything to him at all.

On the contrary, when the Snake Yaksha’s arm brushed Xuan Kun, it made him cough out large amounts of blood. There was a set gap between the two!

When the intense battle reached more than a hundred exchanges, the Snake Yaksha’s eyes became cold. The silver wings behind it shone, symbols covering heaven and earth, smashing outwards, immediately making the void collapse, the power of destruction spreading everywhere.

This was a type of powerful attack. All types of irregular scenes emerged, like stars falling, void shedding blood, great suns trembling.

This was the Snake Yaksha’s extreme art. When cultivated to a profound level of cultivation, when its wings moved, stars would fall, the cosmos would split apart, be destroyed!

Xuan Kun encountered danger. He couldn’t block this attack, continuously moving backwards. However, he was nailed in place, left with no choice but to face it head-on.

When the silver wings struck out again, silver radiance surged, the battlefield submerged. Xuan Kun was also submerged, nothing could be seen anymore.

“Let’s end it here!” The Snake Yaksha said coldly.

“Ah..” A miserable cry sounded. Then, the battlefield gradually calmed down, silver light receding.

There were no miracles that happened. Xuan Kun was defeated, moreover dying in battle.

A pair of Silver Yaksha wings moved down, locking down Xuan Kun’s body, preventing him from struggling. A silver snake tail shot out like a spear at this moment, piercing through his stomach, sucking out his body’s essence blood!


In the rear, many people cried out, their eye-sockets feeling like they were splitting.

Xuan Kun’s eyes grew dim, looking towards the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, long unable to speak anything. It was because his vitality was already coming to an end.

That silver snake tail not only pierced through his heart, it also rushed through the bones in his body, crushing his primordial spirit.


In the end, Xuan Kun’s body exploded, turning into bloody mist, body and spirit extinguished, no longer in existence.

However, no one forgot the dim expression in his eyes when he was close to dying. They were looking towards the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, wishing to say something. Was he bidding them farewell?

He died just like that!

“According to the rules of the past, since I am the victor, I can remain on the battlefield. I wish to continue fighting!” The Snake Yaksha’s vicious might was world-shocking, revealing a mouthful of snow-white fierce teeth, speaking like this.

“This creature was too weak, and he doesn’t have a legendary unmatched precious seed, really too unsightly. I hope the next person does not disappoint me.” It said coldly.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone was furious, especially those who knew Xuan Kun, their hair all standing on end, blood boiling. They really wanted to release a great roar into the sky.

“Xuan Kun…” Many people cried out loudly in grief.

Shi Hao saw the distant Immortal Tortoise Shell release clear light, about to choose another opponent for the Snake Yaksha. He immediately stepped out and roared out, “Wait!”

He continued to press forward, saying, “There is no need to choose opponents like this, I’ll step up, one versus three! If you all are still scared, I’ll fight ten of you at once. Why is there a need to have ten battles?”

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