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Chapter 1338 - Continuous Deaths

“Child!” The Lu Family rushed up, howling with grief, completely heartbroken. They seized Lu Hong’s blood-soaked body, this beauty originally surging with life force lost all life force.

Shi Hao really wanted to immediately go up and take action, kill that Snake Yaksha and Golden Devil Bird, smash all of their arrogance and conviction.

The Golden Devil Bird turned into human form, her expression pale, lacking color, her head of golden hair flying about. She quickly withdrew, inwardly full of alarm.

The Immortal Tortoise Shell corresponding to her actually produced an expanse of dark red color. It was truly frightening, making her tremble inwardly, continuously back up.

Right now, it wasn’t just Shi Hao who walked up. Another person was moving from the other side, walking forward, Shi Yi. This left everyone stunned.

Shi Hao wasn’t the only young expert with the surname Shi, there was also Shi Yi, the dual-pupils known to be an undefeated legend.

During these years, Shi Yi was extremely low profile, not many people knowing how his cultivation advanced, not understanding how his strength was now. It was because he rarely fought.Suddenly, there was another person who looked around, this leaving everyone shocked as well.

It was Qin Hao, he also came. He came to see if the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment would choose him.

Many people were shocked. The cultivators who came from the three thousand provinces all suddenly understood, realizing that it wasn’t just Shi Hao and Shi Yi who were surnamed Shi, there was one more.

Qin Hao, Shi Hao’s blood brother, someone who was favored by an elder from Immortal Academy, came to observe the battle.

Only, in this type of great pressure, he didn’t try to discuss things with his older brother Shi Hao, only nodding his head from the distance, tacitly watching the battlefield.

Ever since they came to Great Scarlet Sky’s borders, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ people have continuously lost, heroes dying one after the next, making everyone’s minds sink. Most of the people here were quiet.

In the distance, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment flickered about, primal chaos mist spreading. The horizon became hazy, everything entering chaos.

“Rarely does this type of thing happen. The shell fragment is dyed in blood, signifying decline, death, an omen of fate. There is a hopeless situation that will appear!” Next to the dark abyss, a foreign ancient creature said softly.

It was extremely rarely seen thing.

The Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments were previously an unmatched treasure that could be used for divination, forecast the trend of the world, the fates of individuals, and other things. Later on, in battle, it was broken apart, turned into a damaged treasure, its effects decreased greatly.

However, from time to time, it would display spirituality, shining on its own, displaying characters, foretelling a few heavenly mysteries!

When the Golden Devil Bird’s corresponding bone fragment displayed the color of blood, a few ancient existences’ expressions immediately changed. They knew that the situation was dire!

When an ancient creature called the blonde woman back, her speed was extremely fast, withdrawing, not daring to remain on the battlefield for even a moment longer out of fear of dying here.

The foreign young kings were stunned, a bit confused. Was the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment truly accurate?

It was because even though the blonde woman couldn’t be considered a matchless expert in this generation, she was definitely not weak, could be considered quite strong. There was actually danger to her life if she didn’t return!

Where the Immortal Tortoise Shell was, as the blonde woman withdrew, that place became chaotic, primal chaos surging powerfully. The blood color of the shell fragment that corresponded with the Golden Devil Bird began to fade.

“En, not simple, that shell fragment is no longer red, fading away just like that? It is a bit strange. It can’t be a forecast for the future, right? Or is this to say, that person has some kind of karma with the entire Golden Devil Bird Clan.” A foreign ancient creature said.


Right at this time, a piece of Immortal Tortoise Shell flew out from the primal chaos, rushing towards Shi Hao. However, after a small hesitation, it continued flying, arriving before Shi Yi.

“Huh? So it’s actually him?” Everyone was surprised.

However, it still didn’t stop, moving through the air, floating above Qin Hao’s head.

Many people were stunned. Just who was it going to choose?


The Immortal Tortoise Shell landed, appearing in front of one of Sacred Academy’s disciples. It flickered with clear splendor, this time no longer flying away, choosing him!

This result exceeded everyone’s expectation. It was actually a disciple from Sacred Academy, unrelated to the three Shi individuals.

“Things are a bit unusual.” A foreign elder said to himself. He didn’t expect to see this type of result either.

“Could it be that this person is extremely powerful?” The group of foreign young kings all frowned, revealing serious expressions.

Immortal Academy, Sacred Academy, long life families’ old monsters and others narrowed their eyes as well, unknown as to what they were thinking.

Right now, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragment flickered, choosing a young expert from the other side. This was a silver-haired woman, even her pupils silver, her figure extremely tall, swaying like a silver lotus. Even though she was beautiful, no one was thinking this right now, because her gaze was too forceful, as if two silver stars were flickering.


Sacred Academy’s disciple was extremely straightforward, taking the initiative to attack, using his most powerful strength. This was a genius, but all because he normally didn’t move about in the world, his reputation wasn’t that great. He was extremely strong, not much inferior to Daoist Qi Gu.

However, it was a pity. This foreign silver-haired woman was too strong, even more frightening than the Golden Devil Bird. This battle was hard to watch.

At just a hundred moves, Sacred Academy’s genius used everything he learned, igniting his vital energy, pushing all types of precious techniques he grasped to the peak. However… he was still defeated!

The silver-haired woman’s figure was graceful, movements elegant, each step a lotus blooming. Great dao light shone below her, her silver long hair moving about. She pointed out with her right hand.

A striking blossom of blood erupted. Sacred Academy’s genius widened his eyes, losing all expression. A bloody hole emerged in his frontal bone, his body falling down on his back.

The woman didn’t stop, immediately turning around to leave. Her skin was snow-white, the coldness carrying a hint of disdain, not treating this battle like anything big.

“Too weak, even this type of person could be called a young supreme being? Too laughable!” She turned around to leave, just happening to give the young cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths a look before turning around to leave, full of contempt and disdain.

Everyone clenched their fists, feeling extremely sullen. The deaths of the people of their side were something painful and sad to begin with, yet they were now even ridiculed by the other side like this. Everyone was about to go crazy.

“And who are you?” Someone couldn’t help but shout out.

“Yin Ling, Grand Ancient Mountain’s Silver King Clan. You can’t accept this?” That silver-haired woman was extremely arrogant, also extremely forceful, directly responding like this.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, a few elders from long life families shivered inwardly, knowing about this ancient family. This clan could turn the other side into metal liquid, possessing strange divine abilities.

However, just now, this girl named Yin Ling didn’t display this ability, not even using its trump cards!

In the battlefield, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ people felt their minds sink. They fought three rounds in a row, three young heroes dying in succession, yet they didn’t win a single time. The result was just too cruel.

Soon afterwards, the Immortal Tortoise Shell Fragments shone, choosing the fourth person.

“It’s him!”

Someone cried out. This time, the shell fragment chose Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, a powerful expert. If not for being defeated by Shi Hao before, he would be a legend. There were irregular scenes from his birth, purple multicolored light surrounding the womb, as if a great sun had descended to earth.

The black abyss wasn’t far. Ka ka sounds ran out, many rocks on the ground cracked apart, the enemy appearing.

This was a strange species, having a centipede body, dark golden in color, cold and sturdy. When its hundred feet rushed past, giant rocks and other things all shattered.

However, it had a pair of human legs, able to stand on the ground while moving. The centipede body was dragged behind it like a tail.

Moreover, it also had a pair of mantis arms that was also a dark golden color, sharp like two long blades, releasing cold radiance.

This monster was clearly powerful, not an ordinary creature. The centipede body relied on human legs to move, its appearance frightening.


The power and momentum were great. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch took action. There was nothing to say. He supported endless purple energy, displaying great divine abilities, attacking this creature.

Qiang qiang...

That terrifying creature’s body was connected one joint after another, resembling a centipede. At this moment, its dark golden body cried like a divine sword, incomparably dazzling. There were centipede legs that moved as well, releasing frightening divine radiance.

It leapt into the sky, directly clashing with Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch!

In the distance, the various long life families’ expressions were serious, not saying anything. It was because they recognized this type of creature. It was definitely terrifying, known as the Mantis Centipede.

This was a cold-blooded King Race of the other side, this clan’s murderous methods heaven overflowing, like a monarch from hell, its vicious name world-shaking.

Even though the powerful Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch used world-shaking precious techniques, the first attack was neutralized. That Mantis Centipede moved its body, crushing the void, body exuding powerful great dao symbols. Its body released keng qiang noises, sturdy and unbreaking!

Everyone was horrified. This clan was too frightening, actually not being smashed through.

The centipede was fast like lightning, its human legs moving about, directly arriving in front of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch. It raised its centipede arms, releasing dark golden divine light, hacking them down.

Its movements were fast and fierce, and most importantly, its mantis arms carried foreign great dao aura, as if the skies were collapsing, nothing it couldn’t overcome, crushing all living things.

With a shua sound, the entire sky was cleaved open by its blades, hacking apart heaven and earth. Only snow-white blade radiance flickered about, becoming one.

It was too terrifying. Many people sucked in a cold breath of air, the younger generation’s expressions all changing. This Mantis Centipede was worthy of being one of the most powerful monarch level creatures, impossible to face.

At this moment, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s mind sunk. He displayed the Purple Energy From the East great divine ability, moreover using that perfect ancient seed, making it condense and take form.


This blade hacked down. The Great Mist Purple Energy Seed was struck, shaken greatly, the noise earsplitting. Even though only a portion of the Great Mist Purple Energy gathered, it was still sturdy enough.

However, when this blade descended, there was still a portion of purple energy that scattered. The seed immediately became unstable!


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was angry, his eyes even becoming red. They couldn’t lose anymore! He knew that there was no way out, he originally even wanted to use this battle to establish his unmatched conviction.

A world-shaking great battle erupted. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch had never fought this hard before in his life.

This time, he began to gather power as soon as he rushed forward, wishing to use the Great Mist Purple Energy’s greatest power, moreover adjusting his own body’s spirit to the peak.

One could see that the space before his frontal bone was incredibly bright, a white flame burning. That was soul light, currently displaying the most powerful spiritual force.

As for his physical body, it was trembling slightly. He opened all of his potential, doing everything he could to fight the Mantis Centipede, wanting to kill it here.

This battle shocked heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch fought with everything he had, about to go crazy, his hair disheveled, killing intent surging.

However, this Mantis Centipede was too strong!

Even when he used the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed, the other party still possessed dao that could break through it. It chanted a type of ancient incantation, unexpectedly interfering with the unmatched ancient seed’s power.

It was to the extent where there was one time where it almost severed the connection between the precious seed and Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, leaving him greatly shocked.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone’s faces changed. They felt that there was great trouble. The other side successfully researched some methods of dealing with the ancient seeds!

During the eight hundredth exchange, the Mantis Centipede opened its mouth, spraying out an expanse of dark light. This was its own secret technique, the light corroding all things, making the void collapse, even time becoming unstable.

“Not good!” Great Xu Tuo and other released a low cry.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was going to be suppressed!

At the same time, the Mantis Centipede chanted an incantation with its divine will, shaking heaven and earth, interfering with the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed’s power, as if Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s life gate was jammed.


Then, the shining blade light flickered, cutting across the sky. This blade cut apart the sky dome, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch also bisected at the waist from this attack, blood scattering out.


The Mantis Centipede took action, plundering the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed, seizing it.


The snow-white blade light flickered. It attacked again, dicing up Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch into several pieces, even his head opened up, cruel and ruthless.

The battlefield was silent, no one saying anything.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side was also quiet, the corners of many people’s eyes feeling like they were going to split. However, what could they do? They were still defeated, another young king falling.

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