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Chapter 1335 - Previous Generation’s Desperate Struggle

Shi Hao took action. Precious techniques immediately weaved about, attacking the kings of the other side!

Sword light suddenly surged, divine horns splitting the skies, beast feet crushing the ancient land… this place immediately erupted with an expanse of roars. The kings that were attacked naturally retaliated, taking action ruthlessly.

Everyone was stunned. There was actually someone who dared challenge all of these kings alone! Was he tired of living, or was he following the path to his own doom?

Shi Hao only had one goal in doing this, which was to draw their aggression, buy the people of this side time to calm down, withdraw, and then think through this situation.

It was because the current situation was extremely severe. The other side knew too much about the ancient seeds, so they likely had some trump cards they were holding back!


A world-shaking sound rang out. More than ten streaks of the most powerful precious techniques rushed out, rushing angrily at Shi Hao. These were the divine abilities of more than ten kings.


Shi Hao turned into a streak of electricity, vanishing from his original location, fast to the extreme, movement technique astonishing. Not even someone as powerful as him would truly face those kings.

“You dare provoke us? Not understanding the difference between life and death!” The Snake Yaksha said coldly.

Roar! The Void Beast King released a great roar, making everything collapse, the sky break apart. It continued to attack Shi Hao.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Lan Xian, Lu Hong, Great Xu Tuo, and the others were all shocked, never expecting Shi Hao to dare do this. At the same time, they roughly guessed that he was trying to help them.

It was because just now, they all felt that things weren’t quite right, the foreign creatures’ understanding towards the ancient seeds was just too deep, able to detect them even though they were hidden within the depths of their bodies.

“Stay your hand!”

Right at this time, a great shout sounded from the back, the noise like thunder, carrying great dao true meanings.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ older generation figures shouted, stopping this battle. They were worried for Shi Hao’s sake, fearing that he would fall under the kings’ attacks. They couldn’t just watch him die.

“Taking the initiative to provoke us, you need to pay the price for doing so!” The Golden Devil Bird cried out. Even though she was female, long golden hair scattering down, her beautiful eyes contained great killing intent.

“You won’t be able to escape!” The male with the scale between his brows rushed murderously at Shi Hao.

None of those dozen or so individuals showed signs of stopping, their movements swift, all of them wishing to immediately kill Shi Hao, respond to the provocation he had just issued.

It could be seen just how arrogant they were, not caring about even the shouts of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ elders in the slightest. It was because they had confidence that their elders would protect them, that they wouldn’t suffer a loss.

“Come, let me kill until I’m content, get revenge for those seniors!” The light in Shi Hao’s eyes was like lightning. He stared at one of them, deciding to deal a vicious blow to one of them first.

Not long ago, Xiang Feng, Crimson Haired Divine Monarch, and other seniors were killed, their souls wiped out, dying too tragically, too miserably, making their side’s morale fall greatly, the situation looking grim. Shi Hao hoped that he could fight to his heart’s content, use great victories to wash away the gloominess and stifling pressure.

Great winds roared. Great Xu Tuo, Shi Yi, Qi Gu, and others took action, wishing to help him. They couldn’t just watch him fight alone. That wasn’t realistic, no one could fight a group of kings alone.


The great earth trembled. A tall figure appeared. Great Elder suddenly appeared at the center of the battlefield, separating both sides of the young cultivators, towering in the middle.

His great robes fluttered about, figure standing tall, stopping the kings.

“Are you going to interfere?”

When facing this level of existence, the young kings were without fear. The Snake Yaksha and others shouted, to the extent where there were some who didn’t lessen their attacks.

Great Elder remained unmoving, a streak of precious splendor released from his body, neutralizing their attacks, separating this place. The Snake Yaksha and others were immediately sent flying out.

“Are you trying to bully the weak as the strong?”

The other side immediately became dark. Three blurry figures appeared, no one able to see how they moved at all. They were already standing there, stopping Great Elder.

“If I was bullying the weak as the strong, they would long have disappeared from existence.” Great Elder said.

“With us here, would you be able to accomplish your aim?” One of the three ancient figures said. They were like the most ancient statues of the world, unmoving, possessing an intimidating aura.

“Just now, it was always one on one fights with each generation. I believe that the younger generation should also settle things like this.” Great Elder said, not wishing to increase the flames of war.

It was because he was worried that the foreign side had ways of dealing with the ancient seeds, fearing that their future elites would be harmed.

“Is dao friend scared? In my opinion, these youngsters all want to fight, wishing to fight against each other, why don’t you let them do what they want? Shielding them like this, this might not be that great of a thing. What kind of experts can grow in greenhouses? My realm’s geniuses all crawled out from mountains of corpses and seas of blood. I believe even if you stop them like this, the youngsters of your side will not cower back, or else they cannot break through their own trials, admitting that they are inferior to others. If they are this timid, what dao heart is there to talk about?” That figure who was like a statue spoke emotionlessly, within the heartlessness a type of transcendence.

His voice wasn’t all that resounding, nor was it all that forceful, but it pierced into many people’s minds. The younger generation, in particular, all clenched their fists.

“The other side, are you all scared? If you are scared of being killed, just hurry and run! Go hide behind your parents, don’t show yourselves before us, hahaha!”

“When we truly cross over and the great war arrives, where would you all be able to run? A group of cowards, lacking the bravery to even fight a battle!”

The dozen or so foreign experts all roared with laughter, every one of them mocking the people here greatly, ridiculing everyone on this side.

This was especially the case when the ones who spoke up first were girls. This immediately made Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch and others feel vexed and angry. This was undisguised humiliation, looking down on them to the extreme.

Everyone knew that the other side was taunting them, but they still couldn’t help but become angry.

At the same time, Daoist Qi Gu, Lan Xian, Great Xu Tuo, and others felt like no matter what, they had to fight. Even if the other party understood the perfect ancient seeds, they still couldn’t cower back.

Running away wasn’t the solution. They had to face the other side sooner or later. Instead of waiting, they might as well just fight today, see just how the foreign creatures of their generation were after a great era passed.


At this moment, it wasn’t just a single person who shouted out, but rather a group of youngsters from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. All of them came to this conclusion, not wishing to cower back, not willing to run.

They had to face each other sooner or later, so they might as well fight now and settle things!

Otherwise, even if they had perfect seeds, so what? If they didn’t even dare fight, their reputations as young supreme beings would be completely meaningless, better if they didn’t get ancient seeds.

“Let me!”

Right at this time, Shi Hao walked out, standing at the very front. He was going to fight, because he didn’t have a so-called ancient seed, wishing to fight freely, kill to his heart’s content.

“I can also fight!” Daoist Qi Gu walked over, this was Sacred Academy’s disciple.

“Wu.” On the other side, one of the three foreign statue-like existences revealed a look of shock. He gave Shi Hao a look, and then said, “Have a bit of skill.”

“Let me go first, I’ll slaughter all of them.” The Snake Yaksha walked out, silver light resplendent, wishing to fight.

“How about this, we’ll use the Immortal Tortoiseshell to decide opponents.” An ancient foreign figure unexpectedly spoke up, stating this type of rule.

“Just like that year when the matchless figures of the two worlds fought?” Great Elder’s body trembled slightly, forcefully enduring the emotions welling up within him, preventing himself from acting out.

For even Great Elder to be like this, one could see just how moving of an event this was.

Back then, the battle was extremely miserable. When the two armies faced off against each other, the immortal kings faced the most powerful individuals of the other side, using the Immortal Tortoiseshell to choose opponents, fighting until the skies shed blood, losing their lives on the battlefield.

“Correct, since the two realms’ young cultivators all wish to fight, then how do we choose opponents for them? We might as well use the Immortal Tortoiseshell to make the decision.”

Great Elder and the other older generation figures became silent when they heard this. The other side purposely brought up the Immortal Tortoiseshell to remind them of the most miserable battle of the past.

It was precisely in that battle that even Immortal Kings’ corpses were brought back while wrapped in the great banner, that the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side was truly defeated, and then wiped out, left with a grudge for all of eternity.

The younger generation were facing off, so why was there a need for this? It was easy to see that this was the foreign side purposely dealing with them, exposing scars no one on this side wished to face. 

“Come, who is scared of who?!” Immortal Academy’s Little Sky King shouted.

“A decisive battle to the death!” There was someone from Sacred Academy who shouted out as well.

“We will take revenge and wipe out the grudge for our seniors!” The eyes of youngsters from long life families were all red.

The battle of the past between those at the very peak ended in the defeat of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. The heavens were dyed in blood, powerful individuals from all different clans perishing.

There was too much shame and humiliation from the past, too much unwillingness. The ancestors of various clans were killed, blood flying between heaven and earth. It was too bitter and miserable.

The entire world’s destruction was caused by the result of this great battle!

Whenever one learned of that piece of dark history, there was no way they wouldn’t feel grief, all of them would feel a wave of anger within, a powerful desire to rise up and get revenge for their ancestors, wash away the blood and hatred. All of them felt this urge, even more so as if this was their mission.

On the foreign side, the three figures who stood in the darkness were like living fossils, still not moving. They watched everything emotionlessly and coldly.

Those words just now weren’t spoken randomly. The three great ancient creatures understood well the severity of what they just said, for the Immortal Tortoiseshell to choose opponents to fight to the death. It was enough to make the people of the other side heavy like a mountain, feel like they were going to suffocate.

On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many elders wanted to stop this, but even they felt a flame burning within them, a wave of killing intent rushing into the skies, blood even boiling and surging.

They opened their mouths to say something out of worry that their later generations would suffer harm, but after thinking about it, they felt that if they really did stop them, then it might deal a severe blow to their confidence and conviction.

“Forget it, if they can’t even cross this trial, then what future is there to talk about? If even the perfect seeds have been thoroughly researched by others, then even if we protect them, it would be meaningless. Instead of this, it is better off just letting them fight!” Immortal Academy’s Great Elder said with a heavy voice.

Great Elder Meng Tianzheng silently nodded. A few long life Family Lords were also quiet, then nodding their heads in agreement.

What was to come was going to come anyway. If even perfect ancient seeds lost their former brilliance, then it was useless no matter how much they treasured them, no matter how they protected them. They were going to have to face the other side in the future anyway.

“Excellent. All of you agree, then let’s prepare for battle!” An ancient figure spoke from the darkness.

“Haha, I’ve been itching to get on with it for a long time already!” The foreign young kings shouted, feeling extremely excited.

“We have to be just like the ancestors, wipe out all of the so-called unmatched experts through the battles against the opponents decided by the Immortal Tortoiseshell, wipe them all clean!” Another person shouted like this.

In that instant, the anger of many people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths shot through the roof, all of them clenching their fists. The scars were exposed again, extremely painful, a tragedy they didn’t wish to look back upon.

“You all are gambling on the fate of your clans, betting on the fate of the world!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng said coldly, staring at the other side.

“Wu, the confrontation between the younger generation has not reached that degree yet, however… victory or defeat can indeed explain quite a few things. Perhaps it can show a bit of the fate of clans, fate of worlds!” On the other side, an ancient creature said.

Another foreign creature said, “However, the dao fate is on our side, just like back then, when our world’s matchless experts moved, your world’s exceptional figures all fell. Now that we are returning to the way the ancestors fought, we will still win. The hope of your next generation will likely end here!”

“You…” On the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, everyone was furious. Their old injuries were stabbed again and again, too hard to endure.

“This time, you’ve all gambled too heavily!” Great Elder Meng Tianzheng spoke deeply.

He turned around, his eyes inadvertently passing over Shi Hao. Others couldn’t see much from that look, but Shi Hao could feel that he was entrusting much, too much onto him, desiring victory, hoping that when he took action, he could stop the people on the other side.

Shi Hao was shocked. Great Elder was normally extremely calm and unflustered, yet today, his eyes carried such heavy emotions.

They had to win! 

They had to win, could not lose!

Right now, everyone knew that the younger generation’s confrontation was a bit different, linked up to the final days of Immortal Ancient.

The mood was heavy, the pressure stifling; this was what everyone was feeling, even breathing becoming difficult.

“Let’s start!” On the other side, a foreign ancient creature shouted. A great showdown was going to be held, carried out in the same way the ancient people did, battles to the death!

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