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Chapter 1333 - Defeat

“Let go!” The Heavenly Horned Ant couldn’t struggle free even after using Extreme Strength Blood, firmly pressed in place.

Shi Hao shook his head, naturally not letting it go up, because there was life and death danger at every corner. Meanwhile, the little ant didn’t grow up yet, not suited to fighting to the death. If they were going to fight, it was still he who would step up first.

On the other side, the three creatures were all extremely frightening. That old creature was humanoid, but he unexpectedly had eight arms. His build was mid level, his face covered in scales.

He was surrounded by black mist, appearing strange and powerful. When he walked, this heaven and earth were trembling in response, blood energy surging slowly like a sea.

This was an extremely powerful foreign cultivator. When his eyes opened and closed, lightning shot out streak after streak. At this moment, he opened his mouth, saying, “I cultivated two hundred thousand years, I am quite interested in verifying things with you all.”

At his side, chaotic energy surged. That middle-aged creature was extremely bold and powerful, build tall. There wasn’t a single hair on his head, instead covered in bony outgrowths, incredibly sharp and sinister.

This creature carried a wave of the most powerful aura, currently in his most robust years, body full of essence energy. He was in his golden years, the terrifying fluctuation he released not weaker than that elder’s.

At this moment, he also spoke up, extremely dignified, saying, “I cultivated for fifty thousand years, who will fight against me?”

Immediately afterwards, that young man walked over, his movements like those of dragons and tigers, heroic and powerful. He was extremely handsome, his body accompanied by immortal energy, as if a solitary immortal was walking in the secular world.

Three dao flowers bloomed above him. Immortal energy descended, entering his body, and then coming back out from his head, then turning into a great dao flower, circling about him, nourishing his body.


Everyone was shocked. This youngster, aside from a rhomboid scale between his brows, looked extremely similar to a human, without much difference at all. Moreover, he clearly cultivated Immortal Ancient method, even the three great dao flowers were condensed from three strands of immortal energy.

This person was extremely powerful, astonishingly terrifying!

“I cultivated for twenty-five years, long for defeat!” The youngster spoke. Moreover, what he used wasn’t divine will, but rather a type of ancient language.

This was a language of Immortal Ancient, originating from this side!

Many people were stunned, especially Shi Hao who immediately knew that he came from beyond the Desolate Border, originally the same source as those of this world, just like Mo Dao who he subdued.

Only, this person was even stronger!

Old, middle, young, they all came out, three individuals representing three important generations!

This side of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths could not calm down. Many people spoke out, wishing to fight.

“I cultivated two hundred thousand years, I am willing to fight!”

First, it was a few elders who agreed, taking a step out at the same time, all of them wishing to fight.

Apart from this, there were several individuals who cultivated fifty thousand years who also wanted to fight.

Of course, the most came from the younger generation. On that warship swirling with scarlet multicolored light, a group of young supreme beings moved, all of them wanting to fight!

“Just let me take action.” A scarlet haired elder spoke. His hair was a bit curly, fiery red like a raging flame. He stepped out.

He came from a long life family. In this instant, quite a few older generation figures nodded, acknowledging him.

“Crimson Haired Divine Monarch, he has the strength!”

Even Sacred Academy’s Great Elder nodded, approving. At the same time, this great elder also felt mournful, still carrying the corpse of his main disciple, feeling more and more dejected. Not even the Soul Guiding Lotus was able to repair his primordial spirit.

Xiang Feng had cultivated for a million years, the first one to step out, yet he had his skull crushed by a single grip, primordial spirit scattering into ashes, completely dying.

No matter how powerful the divine medicine was, there still had to be a primordial spirit fragment left to save someone. Meanwhile, Xiang Feng already completely died, not even a single primordial spirit imprint able to be preserved.

“Crimson Haired Divine Monarch, he cultivated the Great Sky Burning Art, known to be able to burn away all things evil. This technique had previously subdued many foreign cultivators during Immortal Ancient times!”

“The title Crimson Haired Divine Monarch has far surpassed his real name, now very few knowing his real name. Two-hundred thousand years ago, he had previously remained unmatched, sweeping through all of his peers.”

There were people discussing among themselves. After finding out he was Crimson Haired Divine Monarch, many of them felt more reassured.

“It is a bit strange, why do I feel a familiar aura?” The foreign eight-armed elder’s pupils contracted, staring at Crimson Haired Divine Monarch.

“You all back up first, watch from the side.” The eight-armed elder actually spoke like this, having the middle-aged and young man not take action first. It was because he had a strange feeling.

A great battle erupted. Crimson Haired Divine Monarch walked over, directly fighting with the eight-armed elder.


Flames rushed into the skies, burning the nine heavens.

The Great Sky Burning Art displayed might, burning the heavens, making this place explode. Crimson Haired Divine Monarch displayed this ancient heavenly art as soon as he walked up, wishing to use this to subdue the foreign enemy.

However, this eight-armed elder was terrifying beyond imagination. His eight arms all moved, producing different magical imprints, incredibly ferocious, actually able to resist the sky burning flames.

Pi pa sounds rang out, the two clashed intensely.

The scarlet flames became a golden color, raging golden flames surging, engulfing the sky above and earth below, bringing a few stars floating in outer space down, burning them into magma.

An expanse of heat filled the void, space collapsing. This was heaven burning flames, able to destroy all things.

They fought intensely. The two individuals fought until three hundred moves, the great Sky Burning Art’s flames’ color became dim, chaotic light surging, burning there.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. Crimson Haired Divine Monarch was formidable after all, the flames he cultivated even able to merge with primal chaos. If the day came when it truly turned into chaotic flames, then it would truly be unmatched.

Moreover, once they reached that step, it would bring him past the long life domain, achieving immortality!

“Still not strong enough. I heard that someone cultivated this ancient heavenly art in the last great era, immortal dao symbols turned into inner flames, primal chaos turned into external flames, harmonizing with each other, able to burn undying beings!” The eight-armed elder commented.

Everyone was shocked. Just how strong was he, not even the Great Sky Burning Art able to injure him, moreover still having the leisure to comment on this battle.

Crimson Haired Divine Monarch was furious, releasing a great roar, entire body releasing layers of ripples. That was the mysterious power that leaked out from his body, supporting the flames, wishing to burn down this powerful enemy.

“En? Perspiration like mercury!” Eight-armed elder narrowed his eyes. He took action ruthlessly, also starting to stake it all. Otherwise, he might fall here.

It was precisely as he said, Crimson Haired Divine Monarch’s sweat snow-white like mercury, extremely miraculous, possessing a wave of powerful fluctuation.


However, Crimson Haired Divine Monarch was still injured, a mouthful of blood coughed out from his mouth. A magical imprint slapped into his shoulder. It was because the other party had eight arms, even if his power was not several times that of others at his level, it was still close.

“Blood carrying mercury!” The eight-armed elder was shocked.

The others also saw that after Crimson Haired Divine Monarch used all of his strength, his sweat was like mercury, the bright red blood carrying wisps of silver light, snow-white in color.

“You are the descendant of a powerful clan from my world!” The eight-armed elder said, coming to this conclusion.

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting?!” Crimson Haired Divine Monarch shouted.

“Seeing as your cultivation is unordinary, having the bloodline of a powerful clan from my world, don’t make the wrong choice and go too far.” The eight-armed elder said. Previously, he sensed a familiar aura, and now, he was sure that Crimson Haired Divine Monarch was a descendant of the foreign side.

“Get lost!” Crimson Haired Divine Monarch’s rejection was extremely direct.

“Since it’s like this, then I’ll just send you on your way. Even though you are the descendant of a powerful clan, after betraying your ancestors, now obstinately persisting in going about things the wrong way, your death deserves no pity!” The eight-armed elder said. He already fought a great battle of four hundred moves with Crimson Haired Divine Monarch.

“Not good, Crimson Hair, come back!” A living fossil level figure from a long life family shouted.

Unfortunately, it was too late. This disciple they had brought up, a king known to be first or second two hundred thousand years ago, suffered a serious blow.

That eight-armed creature was too frightening. With that strike, even the stars of outer space were crushed.

At this moment, with a pu sound, one of his arms pierced through Crimson Haired Divine Monarch’s chest, crushing his heart.


Crimson Haired Divine Monarch roared in anger, divine flames surging outside his body, chaotic energy spreading, fighting intensely.


The eight-armed elder was too terrifying. Another arm descended, twisting Crimson Haired Divine Monarch’s neck.

“Just go on your way!” With a last shout, the eight-armed elder produced a fist imprint, blasting apart Crimson Haired Divine Monarch’s head with a single fist, ending his life.

The battle ended, ending precisely at the five hundredth exchange.

“Even if you are the descendant of my world, if you do not repent, I will still cut you down!” The eight-armed elder said ruthlessly.

“Crimson Hair!” Behind him, there were people who cried out, feeling incomparable grief.

“How could he be defeated? After cultivating the Great Sky Burning Art, he should be able to subdue the foreign cultivators. Why did he still end up losing?”

Crimson Haired Divine Monarch, known to be the first or second best young king two hundred thousand years ago, in the end, after cultivating all these years, his cultivation had advanced to an unimaginable degree, yet he was still killed in battle.

For the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, this was a heavy blow.

“Who are you? Give me your name!” Crimson Haired Divine Monarch’s disciples and experts in the same school shouted out, their eye sockets feeling like they were going to split, filled with incomparable anger and resentment.

“You all can call me Eight-Armed Great One. Two-hundred thousand years ago, I was ranked tenth among the same generation!” He coldly said, and then he backed up.

“Who is going to come up to give up their life?” At this time, that middle-aged man without any hair on his head, only sharp bony outgrowths on it roared out, standing domineeringly on the battlefield.

The aura he released was extremely terrifying, actually not weaker than Eight-Armed Great One. Meanwhile, he only cultivated for fifty-thousand years.

Someone walked over, undoubtedly a supreme being, a top level figure among his generation. He was wrapped within immortal energy, extremely powerful.


A great battle erupted. Both sides’ moves were incredibly fierce, fighting until the sun and moon lost radiance, heaven and earth lost color.

It was extremely pitiful, this battle ending even faster, only around eighty moves when this exceptional figure who cultivated for fifty thousand years had the space between his brows penetrated by the foreign cultivator. Then, his body was blasted through by a single fist, corpse disintegrated, only bloody mist scattering out.

This conclusion was heart gripping, making many people couldn’t help but cry out. The expert of a generation died just like this, too tragic. They were so powerful, yet had such miserable endings.

The difference was extremely great!

Until now, there were four great battles, yet only Chu Shanhe won. However, he came out with the status of five-hundred thousand years’ number one king, yet only won against the foreign side’s eleventh ranked creature.

If the creatures of the other side sent out someone who was ranked a bit higher, what would the results be like? Chu Shanhe would most likely fall in battle!

Right now, the atmosphere was tense to the extreme. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side was incredibly dejected, many people’s wills wavering. These battles were already enough to prove many problems.

“Really are so weak you all can’t even take a single blow. Who will fight against me, dare throw their life away?!” That foreign young man spoke up, looking down on this side.

“Motherfucking… this king is going to end you! Like I’ll let you act all arrogant!” The little Heavenly Horned Ant couldn’t hold back, about to erupt into a string of curses. He hated the foreign creatures, hating this type of repressive atmosphere even more.


Shi Hao still grabbed him. He himself took steps forward, walking out.

“No! Let me go!” The golden little ant cried out.


At the same time, a streak of purple light rushed into the heavens. Another figure also rushed out, auspicious energy surging.

“I will fight against him!” It was actually Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch. He had lost to Shi Hao not long ago, feeling full of defeat. He wished for a battle to regain his confidence.

It was because his dao heart was flawed, so he wished to cut down the foreign expert while under the most repressed atmosphere, killing out a path of light, using this to free himself, transcend the self.

“Let me!” Right at this time, Daoist Qi Gu also walked over. He was Sacred Academy’s young supreme being. He wanted to get revenge for his clan’s great elder’s disciple, even more so wished to wash away Sacred Academy’s humiliation of defeat.

“Great Mist Purple Energy Seed!” On the battlefield, that youngster stared at Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, feeling extremely shocked. It was because back then, the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed was known as an unmatched seen, yet it now reappeared in this world.

“En, there is also a Yin Yang Seed, World Tree Sapling…” Then, he stared at a group of young supreme beings on the scarlet warship. The rhomboid scale on his forehead opened, releasing a terrifying imprint, shooting out blinding light. He actually saw through everyone’s cover with a single look.

“What? These seeds are still here? Let me take a look!”

“Back up, let me take action!”

Right at this moment, next to the dark abyss, there were a few young foreign experts who walked over with large step, one more terrifying than the next, all of them releasing sky shocking auras.

These people stared at Lan Xian, Ten Crown King, Great Xu Tuo, and the others, their eyes burning greatly, as if they discovered their prey.

“Do you all dare fight or not? Come over to decide victory and defeat!”

No one expected the foreign younger generation to immediately produce more than ten people, every one of them incredibly eager, as if they saw delicious prey, shouting out over there, wishing to carry out a hunt.

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