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Chapter 1332 - Chu Shanhe

Two noises sounded at the same time, resounding through Great Scarlet Sky’s borders!

When that creature walked over from the black abyss, the ground trembled slightly, its figure shrinking. It was wrapped around by black haze, but there was a layer of faint blood light, forming a ring.

It was extremely frightening. This was a blood divine ring, proof that it had slaughtered countless creatures before!

Meanwhile, on the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ side, many people looked towards the place where that voice was released from. It was an Immortal Gold ancient ship, all youngsters there!

A few people looked towards Shi Hao, but the one who released that sound just now wasn’t him.

There were many demonic god-like creatures on the other side who looked over, staring at this place.

“What are you all looking at? Have your eyes all gone crooked? This king is over here!” A voice sounded like thunder, originating from Shi Hao’s shoulder and not his mouth.

Everyone finally understood. There was someone else after all!

Many people had no choice but to open their heavenly eyes, carefully looking in that direction. It was because the creature who opened his mouth and spoke was just too small.

Heavenly Horned Ant, this was precisely the one who roared out, wishing to fight against the foreign cultivators!

He carried a hatred towards the creatures of the other shore that was etched into his bones. His father died, mother killed, brothers and sisters even more so killed by He Wushuang alone. It could be said to be a heaven overflowing blood hatred.

Before the black abyss, those creatures were still cold. One of them cast a cold look over, saying emotionlessly, “The Heavenly Horned Ant Race still hasn’t been completely eradicated?!”

“My Heavenly Horne Ant Race has existed throughout the ages, how could we go extinct? Just wait until I slaughter my way over in the future, properly wash your necks for beheading!” The golden little ant shouted loudly.

“Is there no one else from this side, even letting a bug who hadn’t matured yet to come out to fight.” Someone said coldly from beside the black abyss.

These individuals were all callous, of few words, but whenever they did speak, they would speak words that made one feel extremely bad. The bloody battle success was right there, it was difficult for them to retort even if they wanted to.

“Nonsense, this king already cultivated for twenty years, at the very least, at least eighteen, or was it seventeen… who dares fight against me?” The Heavenly Horned Ant cried out noisily.

Everyone became speechless. Even if his cultivation age was discounted, was this Vicious Ten descendant reliable?

“Don’t stir up trouble.” An elder said quietly, not allowing it to speak any further.

The little ant’s motive might be good, wishing to fight and defeat the enemy, but it still hadn’t matured yet, couldn’t even be considered part of the younger generation. It wasn’t its turn to go up yet.

“However, I just want to fight!” The little ant was extremely stubborn.

“If you want to fight, the time for you to come out will come, this is still not it. You’ve seen for yourself that experts have risen from past until now, generation after generation coming. It will definitely be your turn eventually.” Great Elder said.

On the warship, all of the young supreme beings were shaken up. They clenched their fists, looking towards that black, mist shrouded region within the ruins.

“Does anyone dare fight against me?” That creature in the darkness spoke once more.

With well-known old enemies coming out from the other side, there was no way they would let the little ant come out now. Even if he caused a momentary disruption, it was still meaningless.

“I will fight against him!”

At this time, an elder walked out from Immortal Academy, his skin wax yellow, hair grayish-white, body withered up. He walked over step by step.

There was no way to run, and they couldn’t avoid this battle. The foreign side stepped out, if there was no one from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths who stepped out, then it would be an even greater blow to their confidence!

Who was this person? Many people looked in that direction.

He didn’t possess an extraordinary aura, seeming rather ordinary, like an elder from the secular world who was a bit sickly. His skin was yellow, not looking extremely healthy.

Many people guessed at his identity, feeling like he definitely wasn’t ordinary. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t dare represent this generation of people and fight.

“Chu Shanhe!”

It was impossible for there to be no one who recognized him. There were some people who were moved, recognizing the identity of this waxen yellow skinned elder, saying his name.

“Chu Shanhe, who is he? Why do I feel like this name is quite familiar, yet i can’t remember?” Someone said quietly.

This person was definitely extraordinary, but his reputation didn’t seem to be that prominent, many people unable to recall what kind of accomplishments he had.

“The Chu Shanhe whose aura was known to devour mountains and rivers, having the might of an overlord, sweeping through the masses, someone who was known to be part of a peerless pair with another individual!”

“I remember, there was previously a heroic man who was like a sun in the sky, only, it was extremely brief, like a comet that flew through the sky, quickly disappearing.

After this reminder, many people remembered, recalling Chu Shanhe’s background.

He was a stunning hero brought up by Immortal Academy, his brilliance in that era endless. It was just that later on, a few things happened that caused sky shocking changes.

In reality, this matter involved many things, not only Chu Shanhe, but also a few other young kings.

That year, Chu Shanhe and a few others, eight individuals entered a dangerous restricted area in the nine heavens above for the sake of obtaining the weapon left behind by an Immortal King, as well as to explore a certain legend. These people could be said to be too naive and innocent, like calves who weren’t scared of tigers.    

Only, it was quite the pity, once they left, it was equivalent to being parted through death. In the end, only Chu Shanhe alone returned of those eight, the others never appearing again, all of them wiped out.

Moreover, Chu Shanhe also became sickly, lacking his previous domineering qualities, after that, he even more so disappeared.

There were some who said that the mental blow he suffered was too great, making him lose the heart to contend for supremacy. There were others who said that the deaths of his comrades made him go crazy, that it was difficult for him to take.

One had to understand that those seven never came back, all of them the most stunning young supreme beings of that generation. One of them even stood side by side with Chu Shanhe, known as the peerless pair, moreover his dao companion.

It was precisely this type of person, someone who was number one five-hundred years ago, who was viewed by others to have his will fallen, the Chu Shanhe who had long been forgotten who stepped forward bravely.

“Shanhe, your body has some issues, it has never been solved!” Immortal Academy’s elder was worried.

“I can fight!” Chu Shanhe said. 

However, when his body shone, divine force operated, a dark red color appeared on his waxen yellow face, a strand of blood directly leaking out from the corners of his lips.

Everyone’s minds immediately sunk. He didn’t even take action, yet his injuries already appeared. How was he supposed to fight a great battle?

“Shanhe, don’t go, your current state is no good, you still haven’t recovered.” Immortal Academy’s Great Elder directly stopped him.

Just what kind of injury was this, to remain for five-hundred thousand years? Not even Immortal Academy’s powerful elders had a way of treating it? This was extremely frightening!

“It’s fine, I can fight. Even though this sickness has accompanied me all this time, it has been the best sharpening stone. It won’t affect this battle.” Chu Shanhe insisted on going over.

“I understand. This is a sickness left behind from the Nine Heavens above’s restricted land, I heard that they had previously been struck by both black and white life and death lights, only him coming out alive in the end.” Someone said quietly.

At the same time, everyone also sighed. The reason why Chu Shanhe had to fight was not because he was stubborn to the extreme, but rather because if others went out, they would likely suffer a great defeat.

After all, he was number one of that generation, and even though his body had problems for many years, his cultivation had never stopped, so the chances of victory would be a bit greater.

He was determined to fight only because there was just no way. He wanted to participate in this battle!

On the other side, in the depths of the black abyss, that creature walked over, its footsteps heavy, as if it was walking on everyone’s hearts.


There was someone who couldn’t hold it in any longer, releasing a low roar of pain. These footsteps were too terrifying, making everyone’s hearts feel like they were going to be crushed, as if it was their chests it was stepping down on, the pain difficult to bear.

Blood flowed out from a few people’s mouths, actually injured by the footstep sounds!


Chu Shanhe walked over. With a swing of his large sleeve, a strong wind blew past, making that place warp, cutting off the footsteps sound, facing that creature.

“A blood dripping divine ring.” Chu Shanhe looked at the creature on the other side. The other side had a black haze surrounding its body, even more so had a divine ring formed from a layer of scarlet multicolored light, as if it was condensed from the blood of gods.

This was the result of slaughter, the divine ring produced from the blood essence of countless creatures after they were killed by this person.

“Come!” This creature spoke up. It had a humanoid body, powerful blood energy, aura too great.


The battle erupted just like that, heaven and earth collapsing, ghosts crying and gods howling. Astonishing scenes immediately shocked the heavens the moment they clashed.

Their movements were too fast, many people unable to see just how they attacked. They only saw cracks extend one after another in the sky dome, meteorites flying through the sky, dazzling and resplendent.

This was just too intense, the two experts fighting until the sun and moon lost light, heaven and earth’s color changed.


Black lightning interweaved, clouds appearing in the sky. Large amounts of rain poured down, covering this world in an expanse of scarlet red.

It was actually a rain of blood. This wasn’t an irregular scene, but heaven crying!

It was all because the two individuals’ clash was too intense, startling the ancient souls and heroic spirits that died at the border, making the ruined souls of those experts who died in vain reappear, crying and howling along with them.

Not many people could come into contact with this type of scene, only the most matchless heroes could.

It was clear that Chu Shanhe and his opponent were extraordinary, producing this type of astonishing scene.

A hundred, a hundred fifty moves…

The two individuals clashed, the battle becoming more and more intense, already about to reach two hundred moves in the blink of an eye. All types of divine abilities clashed, the two fighting a life and death decisive battle.

“Cough…” Chu Shanhe coughed out blood, his face becoming increasingly yellow, the situation far from good.

“Let’s end things!” The foreign creature shouted. The blood-colored ring around it turned into a weapon, rising up and shining towards Chu Shanhe.

This was impossible to evade. With a chi sound, it entangled Chu Shanhe, about to break his body apart.

“Why can’t this blood-colored divine ring be avoided?” The people in the back cried out in alarm. Then, their minds immediately sunk; was another supreme being going to die here?

Xiang Feng died in battle, already delivering a great blow to their confidence. If Chu Shanhe also died, then things would undoubtedly be even more serious. Not even the number one person from five hundred thousand years ago was a match, that result would leave them feeling too bitter.

Chu Shanhe was restricted, body taut, difficult for him to attack. There was even more blood that flowed from the corner of his mouth.

On the other side, that creature released a low roar, its entire body leaping up. A claw directly struck towards the crown of Chu Shanhe’s head, if this blow landed, it would definitely directly destroy his primordial spirit.


Right at this time, Chu Shanhe’s waxen yellow body changed, unexpectedly releasing black and white, two types of light. With a zheng noise, the blood-colored divine ring was broken, and then he faced his opponent.

With a pu sound, blood splashed outwards. That creature released a roar, furious and fearful, wishing to back up.

Only, it was too late. The black and white lights directly tore apart its body, starting to break it apart from the space between his brows, extending all the way downwards until his entire body broke to pieces.

“What is that?” Many people cried out in alarm.

No one expected Chu Shanhe to turn the tides, reverse the situation. This was completely unexpected.

Then, the people of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths immediately cheered, this place noisy. This victory was not easily acquired.


Chu Shanhe spat out large mouthfuls of blood, his body lacking luster, his skin like yellow paper, pressed against his bones, dried-up and lacking essence energy. His entire body fell backwards.

The cheering sounds immediately stopped. Many people from Immortal Academy rushed over to provide assistance.

“Interesting, there is special black white life and death energy in a certain restricted land in this side of the world. It actually didn’t destroy him, instead being nurtured in the body.”

This voice sounded from the black abyss, as if commentating on this battle, but also as if he was sighing.

Even that person said it was a restricted and mysterious place, so one could see just how unordinary it was.

“Shanhe has been nurturing and refining the black white life death light this entire time, wishing to use it as a weapon. His exhaustion now has been great, quickly bring him back so he can recover!” Immortal Academy’s Great Elder said.

“A bit unexpected, my realm’s five hundred thousand year cultivator, previously ranked eleventh when he was young, was killed just like this.” There was someone before the black abyss who sighed.

When these words sounded, the expressions of the cultivators of Immortal Academy, Sacred Academy, and long life families’ major powers became rigid, feeling their bodies become a bit cold.

Chu Shanhe, this was but the number one genius of this world five hundred thousand years ago, but he only won against someone who was ranked eleventh on the other side?

Even though he won, everyone immediately felt their joy dampened, feeling more and more like their minds were heavy, that there was too much pressure.

Right at this time, at the side of the black abyss, a powerful aura surged. As a result, three creatures immediately walked over, emerging from the darkness, arriving on the battlefield.

There was one elder, one middle-aged individual, and a young king. From old to middle-aged, then to a youngster, there was one of each.

“One on one battles aren’t exciting enough, why don’t we have three matches go on at the same time? The decisive battles can be carried out more quickly!” That elder said.

This was clearly showing contempt for the cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Even though they knew that Chu Shanhe had just won, they still didn’t mind it too much.

Without a doubt, these three creatures represented three different generations, foreign kings of different ages. Their ranking was definitely extremely high in their generations, at the very least higher than eleventh!

“Fine, this king was already becoming impatient from waiting!” The golden little ant was the first to cry out, about to jump out, but he was stopped by Shi Hao.

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