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Chapter 1334 - Group of Kings

Nearby the black abyss, streak after streak of demonic god-like figures stood tall, making one feel a great pressure. All of the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths felt a stifling feeling.

Right now, more than ten young demonic gods walked over, all of their outward appearances different, from different races. They carried a great intimidating pressure. Wherever they stepped, great cracks would extend for who knows how many li. Their eyes were burning fiercely as they stared at the other side, wishing to carry out a hunt.

No one expected them to have this type of stance, as if they were sharks that smelled blood in the sea, as if hawks in the air saw small herbivores on the grassland, about to feast.

Many people in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths above were shocked and angry. That type of stance was too brash, completely looking down on the young cultivators of this side. What did they treat the creatures on this side as?

This made one feel extremely humiliated. They were all cultivators, in the same era, yet the foreign young creatures were this arrogant, not feeling even the slightest bit of restraining fear, striving to be the first to not be left behind.

“How can this be tolerated?” Forget about the youngsters, even some of the middle-aged cultivators of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were angered. The foreign creatures were too arrogant, not treating the people of this realm as opponents at all.

“Who will fight against me?!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch shouted. It was because he flew over before Shi Hao, the first one to stand on the battlefield. How could he not be indignant after being looked down on by the other side like this?

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s talent was undoubtedly at the extreme peak regardless of whether it was in the past or present, his talent exceptional. However, recently, he suffered a setback, really wishing to free himself from his inner shadow, prove himself, regain his confidence.

The dozen or so cultivators on the other side rushed over, roaring like a crazy gale, immediately making rock and silt fly everywhere across the ancient land. A few giant rocks weighing hundreds of thousands of jin were swept up into the sky.

There were men and women among the dozen or so creatures, with intelligent and attractive individuals, as well as ugly ones among them, but they all had one common trait: their vital energies were condensed, holy light surging from their frontal bones, the result of a powerful soul. They were all going to make an appearance.

Some of these creatures laughed loudly, some calm, some indifferent. There were some who possessed immortal charm, some as if they came from the underworld, their temperaments all completely different.

“Haha… let me give it a try!” A creature surging with silver light walked over. It had a human torso, a snake head, divine wings like those of a yaksha, as well as a shining snake tail.

“Snake Yaksha!” Someone from the back recognized this creature, immediately feeling a headache.

It was because this species was too strong, known as one of the King Races of the foreign side, impossible to face. It was unknown what this young Snake Yaksha was ranked.

“No, let me be the one to go. I was the first one who made an appearance.” On the battlefield, that young man who had already ascended onto the battlefield before spoke. He had a rhomboid scale between his brows. Right now, after this scale opened up, it revealed an imprint, able to see through all fabrications of this world.

It was because it was precisely him who saw that those youngsters had unmatched seeds within their bodies, which startled the group of young experts who came after.

“Haha…” A string of silver bell-like laughter sounded. A female cultivator with long golden hair walked over. It was as if her hair was cast from gold, dazzling and resplendent.

She was extremely strong, golden essence energy surging in her surroundings, forming a ring around her. It was as if a goddess of the nine heavens descended here.

She looked like a human, but she had two horns on her head that flowed with dazzling divine light. Meanwhile, there were golden tail feathers behind her as well that were extremely long, dragging along the ground.

“Older brothers, please let this little sister try first, I really need a perfect seed to study.” She said with a smile.

“Golden Devil Bird!” An elder from Sacred Academy revealed a serious expression. When the others in the surroundings heard this, their expressions suddenly changed.

The legend this race left behind in Immortal Ancient really was extraordinary and frightening, the clan’s bird cry was simply like the sound of hell, or else why would it be called a devil bird? Once it screamed out, it could shatter precious techniques, seriously injure one’s primordial spirit!

This type of species was extremely rare, but back then, they brought about great harm to the cultivators of this side. It was rumored that Without End Immortal King, under great anger, attacked with his dao bell, slaughtering his way into the other shore, wiping out this clan.

Now, it seemed like there were definitely fish that escaped the net, and they had long grown up, moreover multiplying, becoming an extremely powerful clan once more.

“I think it is still me who should go!” Right at this time, a ferocious beast walked over, six feet stepped on the ground, making the earth quake.

This was a ferocious beast, its legs thick like giant pillars, covered in qilin scales, different from the thick skin of a rhinoceros. Moreover, there was an alligator tail that grew from its back that was bright red and brilliant.

The void in its surroundings distorted, caved in, moving along with it. This was a Void Beast King!

There were Void Beasts in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, but they were extremely rare, viewed as powerful and terrifying creatures. In reality, they were all descendants of the foreign Void Beast Kings.

One could see just how terrifying the true form of this type of vicious beast really was.

Three years ago, when Shi Hao went with Heavenly Deity Institution’s people to Immortal Battlefield to undergo a trial by fire, he had previously killed one. It was also at that time that he subdued the foreign side’s Mo Dao.

However, this one was clearly stronger than the one from back then, its malicious energy even more pressing!

“Unforgivable. All of you can just come at me!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch roared. What were they treating him as? Did they really see him as meat on a chopping board, delicious food on a plate?

“Haha…” A few creatures roared with laughter, actually wishing to strive to be the first to take action, rushing over with a hu la sound, surrounding them.

“You all are going to fight as a group?” In the back, Qi Gu, Great Xu Tuo, Lu Hong, Lan Xian, and the others also rushed over.

Shi Hao was in this group as well, staring coldly at the other side, inwardly observing them. He couldn’t help but sigh, the other side’s young cultivators were too strong!

The laws were different, dao different, path different, creating an extremely frightening group of young kings.

“This woman’s life aura is too strong, there is a special seed within her body. I’ll take this one.” The Snake Yaksha was entirely silvery-white in color. It had a human body, snake head and tail. Its snake tongue moved about, staring at Lu Hong.

Lu Hong came from a long life family, previously obtaining a mysterious seed, the life energy within her body far greater than others, known as a life goddess. A few old monsters believed that she might achieve immortality in the future.


The Golden Devil Bird moved. She was currently in human form, her head of long golden hair dancing about, fast like lightning. She was extremely direct, using actions instead of words to seize her prey, rushing at Lan Xian.

It was because Lan Xian also had an unmatched ancient seed within her, known as the Sky Dome Seed. It was extremely strong, with too many legends related to it in Immortal Ancient times.

The battle erupted just like this. The Golden Devil Bird was the first to take action, her body shone, gathering power, ready to release a cry at any time.

“Careful, do not let her release the demonic cry!” In the rear, older generation figures from the Lan Family shouted anxiously.

“Haha… then I won’t act too politely either!” The Void Beast King released a roar. He targeted Ten Crown King, leaping over. The mountains shook and earth quaked as it threw itself over murderously.

The skies immediately warped, and then it vanished, moving through the void like level ground. It was a Void Beast, a creature that grasped world-shocking spatial natural laws.


Ten Crown King was completely calm while facing its attack. He directly brandished  a Dragon Fist, a fist immediately collapsing the skies!

“You all are going too far. You are not allowed to fight with me over my prey.” That male with the scale between his brows shouted, stopping the other creatures. He rushed at Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch alone, already attacking.

“This enemy is mine!” A giant beast roared. The heavens split, as if a black demonic peak crushed down, rushing murderously at Immortal Academy’s matchless young expert, Little Sky King.

“Then I will deal with this person!” A silver-haired woman said, eyes releasing two streaks of silver light beams. She walked forward, about to suppress Immortal Academy’s Great Xu Tuo.

It was because she could tell Great Xu Tuo was unordinary, immortal dao energy rushing out from his body.

“Wu, it truly is as I suspected, this is the inheritor of the ancient monk bloodline, obtaining a granule of immortal ashes. Hehe, this really is natural luck, the rarest mending medicine!”

This place became chaotic. More than ten foreign young cultivators rushed forward together, looking like ravenous wolves who saw blood. They all leapt out, looking for opponents, pouncing onto their prey.

Soon afterwards, Shi Yi, Exiled Immortal, Daoist Qi Gu, Six Crown King Ning Chuan, and others were also targeted. There were people who rushed over, fighting against them.

Shi Hao was naturally no exception. A young cultivator from an unknown clan leapt out, arriving before him, killing intent immediately sweeping out like a tide.

This creature’s body was like a centipede, its body stretching out segment after segment. It had a hundred feet that were close together, making those who saw it feel a bit terrified. However, there was a pair of human legs by its abdomen, allowing it to stand.

Moreover, It had a pair of claws that were especially long, praying mantis arms. They were like two snow-white great blades.

In summary, this was a great centipede with human legs, as well as mantis arms. It was entirely dark golden in color, its body releasing keng qiang sounds, unknown just how tough its body was.

Only, after it leapt out, it actually targeted the Heavenly Horned Ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder, treating him as its target.

“A human without a perfect ancient seed, how can you compare to the precious bloodline of the Heavenly Horned Ant? That is but my real target.” It spoke like this with an indistinct voice.

Shi Hao was momentarily stunned, and soon afterwards, he understood. The foreign cultivators had special methods that allowed them to detect ancient seeds.

Comparatively, during Immortal Ancient’s battle, those with perfect seeds delivered quite a bit of damage to the other side, which was why the creatures of the other side researched this dao carefully, passing on their findings to their descendants.

Shi Hao wasn’t the only one who realized this, the others also did. Their minds immediately sunk.

It was because the research of the creatures of the other side was extremely thorough, or else how could they discover who had which ancient precious seed so quickly?

Meanwhile, this meant that they most likely already derived some methods specially to deal with these ancient seeds!

When they thought more about this, everyone broke out into a cold shiver. This wasn’t completely impossible, but rather quite likely. The situation was extremely terrible, a few people sensing danger.

“Things are not good!” In the rear, those older generation figures all possessed extensive experience, understanding the situation even more clearly than the youngsters. Their faces immediately changed.

Everyone finally knew why those dozen or so experts became so excited when they saw the young supreme beings from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, striving to be the first to rush over.

“Who dares fight against me? Just crawl over here, I’ll slaughter all of you!” Shi Hao roared. When he realized that things weren't right, he immediately attacked.

Moreover, he didn’t only target a single person, but rather released more than ten precious techniques, attacking all of the foreign experts. This was simply triggering a group battle, challenging everyone!

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