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Chapter 1330 - Challenging the Undying

“Great Elder!” 

Many people screamed out.

It was because this was just too dangerous, simply like throwing his life away!

Just now, anyone with eyes could see that creature’s vicious might couldn’t be challenged, not even the clans working together could do anything to him. How terrifying was this? This could definitely be considered matchless divine might!

Everyone knew that Great Elder was extremely strong, but compared to an undying being, he was definitely still lacking somewhat. He wasn’t the other party’s opponent, this was just throwing his life away.

“Great Elder, stop!” Shi Hao shouted. His mind was overwhelmed with worry. He clenched his fists, truly wanting to immediately rush over.

The faces of everyone from Heavenly Deity Institution immediately turned white, fearing that Great Elder would fall on the spot. That would be a tremendous loss they could not afford.

At this moment, a large black hand reached out from the abyss below the ruins. It was like a dark cloud, covering heaven and earth, crushing down forward. Everything in its path was destroyed.

The void broke apart, the mountain peaks collapsed, great cracks extending. The rotating stars fell, suspended moons exploding, great rivers on the earth even more so long dried-up.

The scene was too terrifying. There was nothing that could stop his advance!

There were originally eighteen blood moons in the sky, but now, only two were left, the rest not grabbed down by the large hand, instead swept down by the most powerful shockwaves.

This was world destroying, overturning sky and earth, stars collapsing. There was nothing more horrifying than this.

Under the vast sky, all things were annihilated, all life extinct, chaotic energy surging like a sea, about to purge the world of all past traces.

It was frightening to the extreme, making everyone’s eye sockets feel like they were splitting.

Great Elder was like a moth flying into a flame, looking extremely insignificant there.

Even though his body released resplendent light, natural laws interweaving, order constructed, compared to that large hand, he was like a firefly, completely insignificant.

“The lowly will always be this pitiful. Killing you truly is a meaningless task, just like brushing off the dust on one’s body.” That voice was indifferent, calm, not attaching importance to anything in this world, possessing a type of ‘I am the sole sovereign’ manner.

The great hand shone, black waves overflowing, instantly covering Great Elder. Then, with a ferocious grip, it completely closed to kill Great Elder.

“Great Elder!” Shi Hao screamed, his eyes even becoming red, his head of hair all standing on end, feeling incredible pain. Was the extraordinary talent of a generation going to fall just like this?


Suddenly, heaven-splitting noises sounded, the noise shaking up the heavens. Great Scarlet Sky even began to tremble, this entire world seemingly breaking apart.

“Ancestral Dragon Bugle Horn!” Someone said quietly.

It was a simple and ordinary looking horn without much luster, looking like it was polished from gray stone. It suddenly appeared between that large black hand, releasing heaven-shaking sounds.

That horn’s tip was extremely sharp, even though it wasn’t accompanied by flickering gold light, one could tell from a single look that it could tear apart the cosmos, destroy stellar streams.


The moment the large black hand closed, its owner released a light grunt.

The Ancestral Dragon horn shone, and then it became sparkling and translucent, resplendent to the extreme. Blazing natural laws instantly surged, more frightening than any weapon, blasting through that large black hand.

Pu. Blood splashed out, that blood actually black-colored, not red, moreover carrying a strong aura of ruin,

“Insect! Despicable, you dare injure me?!” This creature roared out. It unexpectedly suffered a counterattack, making it reveal some rage, its voice making the sky break apart.


The True Dragon Horn enlarged in size. Great Elder’s long robes fluttered about, his head of hair standing on end, operating the Ancestral Dragon Horn with full strength, supporting it with all of his attention, offering it a blood sacrifice!

The True Dragon’s sturdiest area, its most powerful weapon, rumbled at this moment. It quickly transformed, a great dragon vaguely visible. It moved through the cosmos, immortal horns resting on its head, claws tearing apart stellar streams, throwing itself murderously at the great black hand.

“It’s actually this item… a supreme treasure, the Ancestral Dragon’s weapon!” This creature was finally moved, revealing an expression of shock.


Heaven and earth split apart, primal chaos energy erupting. The True Dragon Horn and great black hand smashed together, stirring up a heaven overflowing storm!


Great winds rose. This was produced by energy, derived from natural laws. Winds swept into outer space, a few great stars unable to hold on any more, falling down one after another.

There were even more so some stars that exploded in midair, turning into dazzling light!

This was a type of incomparably magnificent scene, the shockwaves reaching into outer space. The greatest power was released, not much that could stop it.

“True Dragon, you already fell in battle back then, what viciousness can you even show now? Die!” The foreign existence roared, large hand turning into a fist, smashing towards the True Dragon Bugle Horn.

Ang… A draconic cry resounded through the Nine Heavens, resounding and impassioned, making one’s primordial spirit resonate as well. It was as if the first dao sound from when the world was opened was spreading.

The great dragon was majestic, boundless like a stellar stream. It moved its body about, horn splitting the skies, smashing towards that fist.

A world-shaking great collision broke out, great destruction ensuing!

In the end, gray mists pervaded the air, a low roar spreading. Everyone was shocked, because they saw that black blood scattered down once more, pouring down like rain, landing on the ground, corroding all living things.

One could see that the fist was bloody, black blood scattering in all directions, revealing some finger bones.

“You dare injure me, despicable ant, I will kill you first!” This paramount existence’s words were cold. The large hand reached across the sky, avoiding the Ancestral Dragon Horn, directly grabbing towards Great Elder.

With a turn of his hand, the sky dome collapsed, no longer existing, the only thing left a black hole, as well as a splitting cosmos abyss.

This was too terrifying. Just how powerful was this level of creature? It was simply impossible to even estimate. Everyone shivered deeply in fear, only able to watch from afar.

Everyone felt like their hearts were gripped. They didn’t want Great Elder to die. Just now, they saw him use the True Dragon Horn, able to resist the undying existence. They all cried out, hoping that he could stop the enemy.

This was the first true battle, none of them wishing for this side to be defeated. If they could stop the other side, then that would undoubtedly boost everyone’s morale. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to see the slightest bit of hope.


A painting scroll unfolded, illuminating the sky, releasing a terrifying aura. It was as if an Immortal King descended, opening up an imperishable great world.

Ten Realms Diagram!

Great Elder used this supreme treasure. It moved with the wind, unfolding. It was like battle armor, but also like a shield, blocking before him, protecting Great Elder.


When the large black hand was about to smash down, the light released by the Ten Realms Diagram was like a flame, blinding to the extreme, blocking him, forcing him back.

The world trembled greatly, sun and moon sinking.

Ao… The True Dragon Horn dove down again, turning into a sky shocking streak of rainbow light, piercing the back of that large black hand, making blood scatter down on the void once more.


One of Sacred Academy’s elders roared.

“Excellent strike!” A few elders from Sacred Academy also shouted.

Then, the other clans all began to cheer as well, voices filling the clouds, shaking up Great Scarlet Sky.

Everyone carried a feeling of gloominess, feeling extremely dejected. Now that they saw the so-called high and mighty undying existence injured, they naturally all became excited, the resentment they felt vented a bit.

“Great Elder, kill him!”

“Great Elder’s divine might is matchless!”

A few youngsters cried out, every one of them wishing they could turn into Great Elder and personally fight, kill that hateful enemy.


Immortal multicolored light blossomed. The Ten Realms Diagram protected Great Elder, bringing him quickly back. Then, he stood in the sky, confronting the great hand before him, facing him from the distance.

At the same time, the True Dragon Bugle Horn released wuwu sounds, also moving back, appearing in Great Elder’s hands, ready to attack at any moment again.

“Insignificant insect, relying on the True Dragon Horn to attack me, using the Ten Realms Diagram in defense, it can only temporarily protect your life. Relying on the weapons of your ancestors, how long will it keep you alive for?” That voice was still extremely calm, but it became much colder, releasing a bone piercing killing intent.

Everyone’s minds sunk. Indeed, if they relied on their true strength, then there wasn’t a single person in this world who could forcefully face the undying!

It was because there were no immortals left in this world. In terms of cultivation realms, they were a whole level off!

“You look calm, as if you do not mind, but you really wish to immediately kill me, right? What a pity, you are not able to do it!” Great Elder did not feel ashamed. After using two supreme treasures, he wasn’t injured, and he could even continue fighting.

“As an undying being, a powerful existence from the last great era, when facing us, don’t tell me I cannot even use similar level weapons?” Great Elder said slowly.

“If not for this world having problems, displaying unforeseen changes, preventing us from taking that final step, how could we tolerate you acting recklessly? If I was given an environment that permitted the achievement of immortality, I only need a hundred years, no, just ten years, and that’ll be enough for me to kill you!” Great Elder directly roared out the last few words.

Everyone was greatly alarmed when they heard this. How powerful was Great Elder at this moment? He fully displayed his matchless boldness!

“Kill me?” That creature laughed, only his aura became even colder, as if it could seep directly into one’s soul.

“Correct, kill you. Give me a perfect world, an environment that permits the achieving of immortality. I only need ten years! At that time, I can suppress and kill you with just a raise of my hand!” Great Elder’s eyes had powerful flames burning within them, a type of blazing heat, even more so a type of regret.

It wasn’t that his aptitudes weren’t enough. He had already reached the final stage, only half a step away before stepping into the long life realm, but this world’s environment changed greatly, not allowing one to achieve immortality.

If this was Immortal Ancient, he would have long risen up, overlooking the heavens!

“What bold words. Never has anyone acted this presumptuous before me!” The undying existence’s voice rumbled out, ringing through this place like thunder.

“I already used immortal dao weapons to prove that this level of power is enough to kill you. If I step foot into immortal dao, you would be nothing!” Great Elder’s hair danced about crazily. When his eyes opened and closed, it was as if lightning tore through the darkness, erupting in the void.

At this moment, he went completely berserk. This was a type of arrogance, a type of confidence. It was only because this world changed that he was left with regrets, unable to achieve immortality.

Otherwise, with his talent, he would have definitely became an unmatched expert who shocked past and present.

Many people were moved. Immortal Academy, long life families, and a few other elders released a low roar. The environment changed, leaving them helpless, feeling inwardly bitter, even more so feeling disappointment and frustration.

However, as experts, their convictions still remained!

“If you cannot achieve long life, cannot become true immortals, then you all will remain as ants. It is pointless no matter what you say.” That owner of that large black hand said coldly.

“There is no way to achieve immortality now, but that does not mean that it is impossible in the future.” Great Elder released a light sigh. Then, he faced everyone, transmitting sound, roaring out, “Do you all see? The foreign so-called paramount level creature is nothing more than this, even with my cultivation as a half long life being, I can injure him, make him bleed. Perhaps this generation might not be able to achieve immortality, but it is different for you all. There is still time. When the time comes, the environment changes once more, you all might be able to step foot into the immortal dao domain, able to kill them!”

“We will definitely rise up and kill the foreign enemies!” Many people cried out.

“What a joke. Even if this was Immortal Ancient times, how many people could achieve immortality? Even if the environment returned to how it was, how many people could succeed? Even those so-called ancient people, even when they achieved immortality, didn’t they all still die in battle, let alone you all! Moreover, do you all think that we will give you all the chance? Daring to rebel like this, all of you will be slaughtered, your bloodlines completely extinguished!” This creature said coldly.

“Are you threatening us? However, can you even come over? There is definitely a reason why you all attacked Great Scarlet Sky, plotting something. You all still cannot cross over. With the realm walls torn apart, slightly connecting the two worlds, the changes to the environment might happen soon!” Great Elder said.

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