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Chapter 1331 - Who Will Fight?

“Laughable. You all are unbearably ignorant, even if an immortal ascension environment was provided, all of you would still be weak and lowly, how could you all be compared to us?” The owner of the large black hand said coldly. He never made an appearance this entire time, only crossing over with a large hand.

Everyone already knew that it was precisely as Great Elder said. His true body couldn’t cross over, severely restricted, or else he would have descended a long time ago.

As a result, they all calmed down a bit. The worst moment didn’t arrive yet!

After a moment of peace, everyone felt a wave of anger within them, even more so a type of wrath. That creature looked down on others too much, passing judgment on everything and showing contempt towards all.

“Not only is his true body unable to cross over, it might be restricted as well. Our world is applying a layer of natural law shackles on him, there is no need to worry.” An elder from Immortal Academy said, further boosting everyone’s morale. Moreover, with the two worlds slightly connected, there would definitely be changes that would take place, this world would slowly restore the environment for immortal ascension.

This was what was recorded in ancient books, just that not many people knew about it.

According to everyone’s suspicions, the creatures of the other side might have done something on this side of the world, but in the end, it will be broken through.

“Wu, if you all aren’t willing to accept this, I can send out some young generation who has not stepped into the undying domain yet to fight against you all, see who is stronger and who is weaker.” The owner of the large black hand spoke like this, leaving everyone shocked.

“This only further proves my speculations. As time goes on, it is harder for you to remain in this side of the world, so you have to withdraw. You can’t hold on any longer, right?”

“What are you saying?” The owner of the large black hand was cold. “I merely wished to let you all understand that even if it is among people of the same age, those who haven’t achieved long life, they can still forcefully subdue you all.”

While speaking, that large black hand returned to the abyss, disappearing without a trace.

This triggered a wave of discussion among everyone, especially the long life families, Immortal Academy, and Sacred Academy’s experts. They believed this entire time that Great Elder’s suspicions should be true.

Perhaps it wasn’t time yet for the passage between the two worlds to truly open, especially in this place where the world expelled the foreign undying existence. The enemy suffered from the powerful force of the world, suppressed by it.

The supreme experts on the other side couldn’t truly cross over, only parts of their bodies able to come over, display attacks.

“Hurry and investigate what classical stories or quotes Great Scarlet Sky has, what war records there are. Search through any doubtful points! This place is a bit strange. From how rushed they are, moreover how they want to intimidate us, there are definitely extremely important reasons and mysteries!” Great Elder said softly.

There was more than one person who thought this way. Immortal Academy, long life families, and Sacred Academy’s leading figures all thought this way.

There were people who were sent out to specially look into this, immediately setting out to look for ancient texts.


Right at this time, that black abyss erupted into action, releasing heaven overflowing black mist, forming a terrifying domain. Then, many figures rushed out.

They floated in the distorted sky in the distance, standing in the black haze, as if they were a group of the most powerful great demonic gods!

“They’ve come, the creatures of the other world have successfully stepped into our world!” A youngster cried out.

“Son of a bitch, we’re going to stake it all against them. Wipe all of them out!” A few people who were extremely unyielding didn’t feel any fear, instead roaring out in anger.

On the other side, killing energy covered heaven and earth, sweeping over like a tide, making many people’s souls become unstable, releasing ka ka sounds, about to fall apart.

This group of people were too strong. When they stood together, a terrifying domain was produced, one that was about to disintegrate everything.

Sacred Academy, Immortal Academy, and long life families’ experts released a scoff. They released divine might, resisting this domain, preventing that storm from approaching.

This was a group of true demon kings. They were too strong, these individuals like iron towers in the black mist, standing tall, truly frightening.

“Aren’t you all unwilling? These are my world’s later generations who can fight against you all. You can see just how great of a disparity there is!” A dignified voice sounded from the abyss.

Those individuals walked over, the black haze not scattering, still wrapped around them. Their true bodies couldn’t be seen, only black shadows visible. It made them feel suffocated.

“Do you dare fight?” On the other side, there were creatures within the black shadows who spoke, carrying confidence, as well as a type of pride and aloofness.

“Your ancestors have already been defeated, the descendants they left behind seem more and more unsightly. Do any of you dare challenge us?” There were creatures that looked down on them from the black mist, not putting them in their eyes at all.

On this side of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, everyone frowned, especially those great long life families who began to discuss amongst themselves even more about whether or not they should take action. Should they challenge the other side here?

They should!

Soon afterwards, they reached a unanimous agreement, because they really had to size up the foreign creatures a bit, see just how strong they were. They had to send people out to fight them.

“Descendants of prisoners, your ancestors had previously crawled at our feet, but you all are going to fight now? My cultivation is ordinary, but I believe it is enough to suppress you all. Who wishes to challenge me?” Right at this time, a large and tall creature walked over from the black abyss, its appearance that of a wild beast, four legs supporting it on the ground, extremely large and bold.

However, that black mist was too special, still preventing them from clearly seeing its true body in the end. They only knew that it was strong like a lion or tiger.

“Since your cultivation is ordinary, then get lost, send out an expert to fight us!” An old man with a violent temper from Sacred Academy berated.

“Do you want your clan eradicated?” That black figure’s divine will was deep and cold, angered by these words.

“You alone aren’t enough to do such a thing!” Sacred Academy’s elder sneered, moreover berating, “Since you wish to fight, then have creatures of enough weight come out. That way, you all won’t have any excuses when you lose!”

“That is fine as well, we’ll switch some people then. You all can truly fight it out on the battlefield.” The dignified voice sounded from below the black abyss.

Then, mists surged, large amounts of figures appearing, every one of them with extremely terrifying vital energies, a bit more frightening than the last group of people.

“If we are going to compare, then we should do things properly. I cultivated for a million years, who will fight against me?” A figure walked out from the black abyss, its voice possessing extremely powerful penetrative force.

Everyone was able to sense that this creature was extremely frightening.

“Master, let me fight!” A lean-faced elder walked out, gray hair scattering down his shoulders, his figure on the shorter side. He said respectfully to Sacred Academy’s great elder.

Many people didn’t know his identity. They all revealed a look of shock.

However, the great clans released cries of alarm one after another, appearing extremely shocked.

“He… was actually still alive, that person from back then! His blood energy force was known to shock the Nine Heavens, someone who was reckoned to be first or second among Sacred Academy’s disciples a million years ago!”

“What? He is Xiang Feng? Wasn’t it rumored that he went mad, already passing away in meditation several hundreds of thousands of years ago?”

The people of various great ancient families all cried out in alarm, producing great commotion.

This was a generation of disciples from a million years ago, someone known as a supreme being seed from the past, one of the most powerful young experts from Sacred Academy in that generation.

Moreover, he was Sacred Academy Great Elder’s main disciple, his status unordinary. He had previously defeated many in his generation, only one or two people able to compete against him among his peers.

This was a young supreme being from a million years ago, someone who was previously ranked within the top three of his generation!

This type of status, this type of accomplishment, this was an influential figure of the past generation, definitely a king!

In reality, quite a few people didn’t want Xiang Feng to be the one to go. However, he already stood out, so it wasn’t too good to oppose him.

Xiang Feng walked out. Even though his figure was a bit short, the blood energy his entire body carried was too powerful, as if an expanse of blood-colored stars wrapped around him, immersing him in unmatched divine splendor.

Terrifying power rippled outwards, spreading in all directions.

“He is Sacred Academy Great Elder’s main disciple, definitely someone who is powerful beyond compare, having enough qualifications to represent our side of the world’s generation a million years ago!” Many people nodded. This was an excellent choice.

On the other side, next to the black abyss, that creature walked over, leaving the dense black mist region.

It wasn’t an undying being, comparatively speaking, its cultivation was still not enough to suffer from the restriction of this world. At the very least, it wouldn’t be affected by the laws of this world in front of the black abyss, as if it was currently in their side of the world.

“My name is Xiang Feng. Come!” Xiang Feng spoke, moving his body, using his most powerful strength to fight.

“I do not have any interest in who you are, I only came to kill you.” The creature on the other side spoke. Its appearance was humanoid, but there was a row of vertical eyes on his forehead, nine of them in total.

On this side, everyone was shocked and alarmed. Was this foreign creature just arrogant, or was it purposely trying to humiliate them? It was acting just too carefree.

“Kill!” Xiang Feng took action, using the greatest power. Blood energy surged like a rainbow, rushing out from the crown of its head, blasting through the heavenly dome, divine force surging.

When the two great experts stood together, it was absolutely world-shaking!

When one cultivated to their level, they could be said to be standing at the peak of the world, the destructive force they possessed unimaginable, terrifying beyond compare.

Sword energy rushed up from time to time, hacking down great stars.

However, after just a hundred exchanges, a muffled groan sounded, large amounts of blood splashed out. Xiang Feng backed up.

He lost an arm, forcibly torn off by the other creature, simple and savage, ruthless and cold.

“Nothing more than this.” That creature said softly. It walked forward, continuing to fight.

“Ah…” Xiang Feng roared out. His broken arm regenerated. Then, he staked it all, fighting with his life on the line.


After another fifty moves, Xiang Feng’s eyes lost spirit, blood dripping out from his seven apertures, unable to even speak anymore. The space between his brows was actually crushed by a single grip from the other party, his primordial spirit turned to ashes!

“Xiang Feng!” Sacred Academy’s Great Elder felt great pain, a mouthful of blood spraying out from his mouth.

Everyone was shocked. This was but someone ranked in the top three, a supreme being figure a million years ago. However, he was killed by the other side just like that.

“Wu, I didn’t even use my own divine method, only using the methods of your world.” That creature said. It flung aside Xiang Feng’s corpse, returning to its side.

Xiang Feng, the influential figure of a generation, died just like that? Everyone refused to believe what they were seeing!

They had long agreed that no one else would interfere with this type of decisive battle, otherwise, Sacred Academy’s Great Elder would have definitely taken action. This was his main disciple, this death leaving him feeling incomparable grief.

The others also found this hard to believe. The powerful Xiang Feng died just like that. It was too fast, the result too frightening.

“Who are you? What is your identity in the other side?” Someone roared out. This was someone from Sacred Academy, their eyes all red now.

“My name is Di Tuo, barely ranked nineteenth among my peers a million years ago.” This creature turned around. After saying this, he didn’t even turn around, walking towards the side of the abyss.

At this moment, this place was dead silent, everyone stunned. Even though they felt anger inside, they still couldn’t help but feel a wave of coldness. Someone ranked nineteenth killed someone who was ranked within the top three of this side of the world. Just how terrifying of a thing was this?!

Right at this time, another creature from the black abyss spoke. “I cultivated for five hundred thousand years. Who will fight against me?”

Almost at the same time, someone from the Nine Heavens Ten Earth’s side shouted out, saying, “I cultivated for twenty years. Who dares fight against me?!”

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