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Chapter 1329 - Confrontation

The city created from the bones of the ancient people was crushed, countless lives massacred. A hundred thousand li of Great Scarlet Sky was turned to ruins, all life eradicated, no life to speak of. Just how cruel was this?

That was why the cultivators who rushed here were all utterly furious, a wave of blood surging within their chest, wishing to get revenge!

A single ‘kill’ word expressed what everyone was feeling inside. Right now, it was unknown just how many ancient ships shone at the same time, giant symbols rising one after another.

These were the symbols of all clans, profound mysterious of all of the most powerful bloodlines. They all activated at the same time, attacking the ruins together, wishing to obliterate the enemy.

Even though they knew that those were foreign creatures, that they might have likely stepped foot into an unimaginable domain, high above them, right now, no one wanted to just surrender. They were going to fight to the end!


Raging flames surged, divine light overflowed, killing energy overflowing into the heavens. The symbols of all different clans gathered together, producing a terrifying reaction, forming unmatched scriptures.

This wave of power was world-shockingly great, shaking up everyone’s minds.

Before this, none of them knew that the symbols of ten thousand clans would be this powerful when they gathered together!

Only Great Elder, Sacred Academy, Immortal Academy, and a few living fossil level figures from long life families had some idea, previously hearing about it and made their own suspicions. They had read a few lines about this from ancient books, finding a few clues. Now, everything was verified.

“Good, it should be like this!” An elder shouted.

The symbols of all clans rumbled, producing unimaginable matchless power, crushing the ruins, surging fiercely, simply as if they were going to establish a new world!


The void exploded, primal chaos surging, black lightning interweaving streak after streak. The borderland expanding, gradually becoming larger. It was as if this world was being reconstructed, that the heavens were going to be opened up again!

This type of scene was too terrifying! In the end, reincarnation void figures even appeared, leaving everyone in disbelief!

“Turns out our symbols are actually this powerful, the profound mysteries of all clans able to resonate with each other. When they are merged like this, the divine might is matchless!” There was someone who cheered in pleasant surprise.

“Too frightening… this is excellent! Suppress and kill the foreign enemies! A few people roared out, stirred up and excited.

Heaven and earth trembled, many great stars trembling here.

Just as everyone was carrying great hopes, full of expectation, under the collapsed impregnable pass, a ruthless and cold voice sounded from a black tunnel.

“The lowly will be lowly. No matter how hard you all try, no matter how you struggle, it can’t change reality. Too weak.”

The voice was extremely cold, not all that loud, clearly not minding this attack that much. For everyone, this was a type of contempt, completely looking down on them.

Under everyone’s horrified eyes, a large hand reached out from the black abyss below the ruins. It was pitch-black like ink, carrying some scales. It faced the symbols that crushed down.


This was just a single claw, yet it made the over ten thousand symbols break apart, turning them into mountains and seas, everything surging crazily like a flood.

This was just too frightening! The joint force of all clans, all of the warships shining, activating their killing formations, yet they still couldn’t injure it!

The most crucial thing was that this joint attack was blasted through by that large hand. What kind of power was this? It left everyone’s souls deeply shaken!

How were they even supposed to fight now?

How were they supposed to face this kind of enemy?

The large black hand collapsed the universe, scattered the clouds, tearing apart the symbols of all clans, moreover making the few moons suspending in the sky dome explode, fall down onto the ground one after another!

What kind of terrifying scene was this?

At this moment, everyone became stunned, simply unable to accept this type of reality. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

In that instant, many people’s expressions became pale, lacking color. Their morale, the battle intent they had just stirred up, was completely crushed by this claw.

This type of existence, how were they supposed to fight against it? They weren’t even on the same order of magnitude!

Even though many people came, the experts of all clans all present, it was useless no matter how many of them were here. They couldn’t contend against the enemy.

This made many people’s expression become bitter, even more so feel despair!

They mustered great forces, hurrying over, yet in the end, they discovered that everything was futile. When facing the other side, their power was too weak, unable to contend against them at all!

There was nothing that dealt greater of a mental blow than this, turning all hope to dust.

Many people’s confidence wavered. Were they supposed to continue fighting? Were they still going to choose to battle? If this continued, they would only die for no reason, it would be a one-sided massacre!

This place quieted down, actually no one saying anything.

This type of scene was extremely strange. Originally, with all the people from various clans here, shouts of war shook the skies, but after that giant black claw descended, heaven and earth became deathly still.

The atmosphere was too terrifying!

“Truly is disappointing, getting worse with every generation. You all are too weak, cannot even take a single blow, not even comparable to Immortal Ancient’s creatures.” This type of voice sounded from the ruins.

It wasn’t all that resounding, not extremely impassioned, only a type of calmness, coldness. This was precisely the reason why everyone felt as if the difference between them was too great, impossible to catch up to.

No one argued back. They all felt incredibly grieved. They carried great hatred and resentment inside, yet they were powerless to resist, far from being the other side’s opponents.

“The people of the last great era, those so called ancient people should be your predecessors, right? They thought they were extremely strong, not willing to submit, wishing to fight us to the end. However, what was the end result like? They were all wiped out! The so-called true immortals, so-called unmatched experts, didn’t they all lay at our feet in the end, their corpses everywhere? Hesitating until forced to do even more, isn’t it precisely this? Meanwhile, you all, as their descendents, have their blood flowing through you, traditions truly get passed on… All of you refuse to be convinced until you are faced with grim reality, after learning that we descended once more, you actually dare to challenge us. Do you all not know the difference between life and death?!”

The other side didn’t mince his words at all. This was a type of humiliation, moreover carrying a type of truth. It shook up Great Scarlet Sky, spreading through the four seas, making all creatures of this world tremble, their minds shaking greatly.

Moreover, when the last few words were roared out, berating the creatures of this world not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, not knowing the difference between being dead or alive, it was completely a type of contempt, a stance of looking down from above, showing disdain towards all creatures of this world.

It was just a single enemy, yet it was going to destroy everyone’s conviction!

This was too frightening, he intimidated them with his power alone, using fact to tell them that the creatures of the other side couldn’t be stopped, that the individuals of this world were still far too lacking.

How were they supposed to respond? How could they resist?

Many of them were surging with rage, wishing to roar out, curse, berate the other side, but in the end, they discovered that everything was meaningless.

It was because if they didn’t truly fight and only roared out, it would only make them a joke!

Right now, dejectedness, a feeling of defeat spread. Every single person became silent, their beliefs no longer firm.

“Calm your minds!”

Right at this time, a thunderous sound erupted, ringing through everyone’s ears, making everyone wake up, snapping back to reality.

It was released precisely by Great Elder, his expression serious. He stood up in the end, his spacious dao robes fluttering, releasing hu hu noises. He shouted loudly, “What is there to feel dejected about? We have only begun to face each other, what point is there in losing heart? If you all knew who you were facing just now, who you all were confronting, you wouldn’t feel bad. He is an undying creature, an expert who lived from the last great era, someone who participated in the battle of the last era!”

Great Elder’s words were like great waves, sweeping through the world, waking up everyone.

“It has just begun, yet undying beings have already taken action, trying to discourage us, what does this mean? It means that they are lacking in confidence, not having that much certainty, which is why they are doing this!” Great Elder roared.

Sacred Academy, Immortal Academy, and a few elders from long life families all came out, agreeing with what he said. At the same time, there were others who spoke up.

“It is precisely as we previously speculated, how could the realm wall be that easy to break? If they really could easily sweep through our realm, would those undying beings waste their breath on us? They would have long taken action, unleashed a great massacre.”

“Precisely. Just now, when we took action together, releasing the symbols of all clans, we were able to face someone from the last great era without suffering a defeat, the exchange ending in a draw!”

Several elders spoke up, loudly speaking.

Everyone was first stunned, and then they came to realization, as if they understood many things.

“Lowly beings, are you trying to boost your own morale? This is somewhat amusing.” A cold voice sounded from the abyss below the ruins.

“In reality, you really are lacking in confidence. You all are still not going to come over, which is why you sent over a matchless expert from the very start to intimidate us.” Great Elder said.

“Moreover, you can only cross over a set amount of distance, still rejected and suppressed by this world’s natural laws. As time passes, the effects you will suffer will become gradually greater, which is why even though you are undying, you cannot truly sweep through our world!” Great Elder said a step further.

“What a joke. If this is what you believe, then I will start from you! Die!” That voice in the abyss below the ruins became even colder. Then, it suddenly erupted with power, giant fluctuations rippling outwards. Heaven and earth trembled, making all of the warships tremble, about to explode.

That large black hand reached out again, directly grabbing towards Great Elder, covering the sky and hiding the sun, incomparably terrifying.

“Everyone, watch carefully, the so-called undying beings, the so-called paramount figures of the last great era, is nothing more than this!” Great Elder roared. Then, he unexpectedly didn’t evade, didn’t run, instead facing the enemy. He used himself as an example to boost their morale!

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