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Chapter 1328 - Great Scarlet Sky

Warships were like clouds, covering the sky!

There were thousands to tens of thousands of great ships, their sizes ranging from mountains to stars, of all different sizes, close and numerous, completely covering the sky dome. No sun could be seen, as if a dark night had descended.

Under the sounds of the True Dragon Bugle Horn, all of the ships moved out together through the skies, as if celestial troops and generals sent to battle together, shaking up the sun, moon, rivers, and mountains, the entire world trembling as a result!

In the depths of Heavenly Deity Institution, there was a giant stone platform that had endless symbols engraved on it, resplendent light released from it. A vast tunnel was opened up, as if it was a great passage leading into the great cosmos.


Crazy winds swept about, heaven and earth breaking apart. Many warships roared by, rushing towards that wide tunnel together, heading toward Great Scarlet Sky.

This was already not a spatial gate of normal meaning, because it was just too large, as if the stellar dome caved in, causing time to warp. It was extremely shocking.

In order to head into Great Scarlet Sky, they had to cross over a realm wall. Heavenly Deity Institution had this type of altar, able to open up a ‘sky path’, allowing them to smoothly move between the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Otherwise, if one really wanted to head to Great Scarlet Sky by relying on their own strength, there weren’t many people who could do so in this world. The amount of time needed to do so would also be tremendous.

“Kill! Stop the vicious creatures of the other side!”

Someone shouted, waves of killing intent rising. Then, an ancient ship shone, clouds of light rushing out, battle intent overflowing!

“Kill! Stop the enemies’ advance, guard our mountains and rivers, defend our territory, protect our wives, children, and elders!”

Warships rushed up one after another, releasing dazzling light, rushing into the passage.

Shi Hao and the others were silent, quietly watching everything. There were a few young ladies whose eyes were moist, also ascending this ship, wishing to see their seniors kill their enemies.

Everyone knew that if they truly encountered the creatures of the other shore, many people were going to die. They would have to pay an unimaginably terrifying price.

“We’re going!” Sacred Academy’s elder leapt out, directly entering that boundless passage, not moving together with the warship, instead moving on his own.

There were warships everywhere, all of them quickly moving. Once they passed this passage, it would mean that they entered Great Scarlet Sky. A world shocking great battle would break out.

Shi Hao and the others’ ship was extremely sturdy, the ship a faint red color, flickering with scarlet multi-colored light. It was because there was quite a bit of the unmatched treasure Scarlet Blood Immortal Gold mixed within, known as an immortal dao material.

This was a long life family’s precious ship, even though it wasn’t that large, far from being comparable to those starships or great warships, it was sturdy and unbreaking, enough for carrying several thousand people. Aside from a few elders whose strength were immeasurably deep, they were all young geniuses.

There was no need to question the worth of this ship. It could tear through the great cosmos, quickly change directions, and even more so block the most powerful attacks.

This was a great treasure, one rarely seen in this world!

Its use was precisely to protect the young geniuses, allow them to watch the battlefield from the distance. When needed, it could bring them away from the dangerous situation at any time.

This warship flickering with scarlet multicolored light was the last to enter the passage, all of this for the sake of the younger generation’s safety.


Finally, all of the warships moved through the spatial passage, entering another world. Dense spiritual essence immediately surged, engulfing all of the ships.

Great Scarlet Sky!

They arrived! Everyone entered this ancient land that was known to be one of the Nine Heavens!

There were many legends tied to this place, full of mysteries and brilliance.

However, all of this was no longer important right now. What was more pressing than the foreign invasion. This was tied to the safety and fates of all clans, it could easily result in the annihilation of this entire world.

“The Primordial Ancient World had previously been divided up into many areas, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all a part of the former ancient land. Later on, Immortal Ancient’s last phase battle broke it apart, some ancient realms forever disappearing, only these parts of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths remaining.” Great Elder said.

Then, he raised his voice, shaking up all of the warship. “Great Scarlet Sky was previously called Hate Parting Heaven, so even without me saying too much, you all should understand just how many eternal regrets this place carries!”

Everyone was shaken up. This was indeed the case, the people of the last great era slaughtered until blood flowed like rivers, corpses piled like mountains, resentment too great, difficult to resolve the regrets of the past.

“Great Scarlet Sky, also called Hate Parting Heaven, this was what was recorded in ancient history. It is because the true immortals carried hatred. Their skeletons were piled up together, hatred and regrets too hard to disperse. Those of later generations piled up their bones into an impregnable pass to protect this realm, block up that great world crack.” An elder from Sacred Academy said.

Great Scarlet Sky was extremely vast. When they entered this place, everyone saw endless mountains and rivers go by. Their speed was too fast, directly entering the bordering ancient land.

“True immortals have been killed in battle, the most powerful group of people of the last great era wiped out. This is already extremely lamentable and regrettable, yet today, even the city made from their bones was broken through! This is a type of humiliation, our world’s great hatred. We must stop them!” Immortal Academy’s elders roared.

The ones who set out were the present world’s most powerful clans, the ones who came all experts, the warships naturally astonishing, speed inconceivably fast, moving like mirages.

The borders were extremely far, but under the speed of these divine ships, they still quickly closed the distance.

Right now, everyone was nervous, because they were approaching the battlefield.

“We are here. Be careful!”

“Prepare for battle. All ancient ships, start up the great attack formations!”

Ancient ships shone one after another, divine force surging, all types of symbols representing their clans’ most powerful symbols lit up, about to carry out a great decisive battle.

Great Scarlet Sky’s border was right before them.

This was a mysterious ancient land. Stars floated in the sky one after another, extremely close, as if they were just above their heads. Chaotic energy surrounded them.

It could be said that this was the end of the world, the edge of this realm.

Later on, they saw a few stars were right in their path. There were a few stars that fell down onto the endless great earth.


Many people cried out in shock, because quite a few people came to this type of place for the first time. They had never seen this type of scenery before in their lives.

There were a few giant mountains below, as well as a few great peaks that towered into the clouds. Their mountainous surface still had a few stars that weren’t too large hanging from them.

It was to the extent where a few massive ancient peaks were surrounded by chaotic energy, suns laying in disarray above.

This place was just like the rumors of immortal families, giving one a type of unreal feeling. There were all types of stars, some floating, some directly growing on the ground.

This wasn’t an illusion, a few celestial bodies truly produced from the mountain range. They absorbed the chaotic essence energy of when the world was opened, produced star cores, and then gradually left the earth surface.

“True Dragon Lair!” Someone released a low cry.

There was a stone monument in front of a giant mountain, in that place an ancient hole. The ancient characters ‘True Dragon Lair’ were carved on it, draconic energy pervading outwards.

“There was previously a True Dragon that took residence here, building its lair from star cores, producing True Dragon eggs through chaotic energy, but now, it has long been abandoned. The draconic energy is sparse to the point where it can be overlooked.” Someone explained.

Then, everyone saw a giant Golden Crow corpse that was still shining, the heat released turning a mountain region into a sea of flames and magma, vast and endless, accompanied by primal chaos.

This was precisely the border area of the Great Scarlet Sky, all types of strange ancient remains here. One could see just how glorious this place was before.

This border was the border of a realm, adjacent to primal chaos. Not only were there the remains of creatures from the world’s creation, there were all types of extremely rare species and other things.

In the past, this place could also be considered a cultivation holy land, but it was still destroyed, its value no longer as great as before.

“Prepare for war!” Great Elder roared.

It was because they now truly arrived at their destination.

The ancient land ahead had mountain ranges, giant valleys, and also plains, vast and boundless. When they assembled together, they formed this borderland.

Right now, it was not as peaceful and auspicious as before, evil winds roaring past, creatures weeping.

They had just approached this place, yet they could already smell a pungent bloody smell. This was just too shocking!

When they gazed forward, they saw city ruins one after another, turned to debris. Broken walls and building remains were everywhere, as for the ground, there was no complete corpse to be found at all, all in pieces, blood turning black, bones in pieces.

It was too tragic, not a single living being to be seen. One had to understand that there were many ordinary people living here, that this was an ordinary place of residence.

The borderland was where many creatures lived, this place continuing to develop until it reached its present population.

“Just how many people were there here? There were at least ten million, yet they all died so miserably, not a single person left alive!” Someone sighed mournfully.

As the warship advanced, more and more city ruins could be seen. It was torn apart by a great claw, everything falling in a single day.

Of course, even more of the city was destroyed by the powerful winds, taking the lives of many experts and ordinary people.

Along the way, from the number of the residences, they suspected that these tribes and cities had a total population in the hundreds of millions!

This was just too tragic!

There wasn’t a single person alive. The only reason they heard howls was because of unwilling spirits that were screaming out, still not scattering yet.

Figures were everywhere, ghost energy overflowing into the heavens. This place was like hell on earth!

At the very front, black energy surged, tearing apart the heavens, terrifying fluctuations released. Great Scarlet Sky’s impregnable pass was over there, the city ruins made from immortal bones located ahead.

All of the sinister, bloody, and malevolent energy pointed there. It was the source of destruction.

The foreign creatures came precisely from that location; this was where they unleashed their slaughter.

The plains, mountains, abyss, all terrain was shaking, because there was a low roar sounding from that area. It wasn’t that loud, but it was world-shaking, wishing to make the whole world collapse.

“Lowly servants, have you all arrived? This world will soon return to the embrace of the undying!” The voice that sounded from that direction was incomparably awe-inspiring.

“Kill!” Sacred Academy’s old man roared.

Everyone’s eyes were bright red. They witnessed too much death along their way here, many creatures wiped out. Now, it was time for their revenge.

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