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Chapter 1327 - Summoning Warriors

A True Dragon’s horn was polished into a bugle horn, the sound ringing able to ring throughout the ages, stirring up everyone’s courage and fighting spirit. Everyone felt their bodies shaken up, as if they were becoming stronger!

“There is nothing to be scared of, at worst, we will just die. Could it be that the creatures of the other side won’t die? We’ll exchange lives for lives, blood for blood, fight them to the end!”

“Bullying our side again and again, do they think that there is no one here? Invading unbridledly, slaughtering all under the sky, do they really thing that we are pigs? We are going to stake it all against them, fight to the death!”


Many great roars sounded, some people clenching their fists, their head of hair flying about, the corners of their eyes about to crack apart.

“Great Elder, please tell us more clearly, what kind of power does our world have that was able to force back the terrifying creatures of the other shore back then? They are ridiculously powerful with undying existences, while the true immortals of this side have already been killed in battle!”

There were people who were still doubtful, speaking up like this, asking Great Elder to speak about the secrets of the past.

In reality, this was something that everyone knew about. Back then, even though the foreign side achieved a great victory, killing all of the most powerful creatures of this world, even the powerful Vicious Ten’s Heavenly Horned Ant, True Dragon, Kun Peng, and others were defeated, all of them dying. Even Immortal King Without End and Reincarnation Immortal King’s blood was shed, giving up their lives on the battlefield.

How miserable were things back then? The most powerful group of people were all killed in battle, blood dyeing the borderland.

However, in the end, the creatures of the other shore didn’t stay here for a long time. After staying here for a period of time, for some reason, they quietly backed up.

This was something that had left everyone confused for a long time, unable to understand why this happened. It had remained a controversial topic for a long time.

Great Elder looked at everyone. He rose up, his long sleeves fluttering about. “The world is one of balance, all power comes with conditions, let alone those vicious people from the other side. In the end, they will be defeated. As for what kind of experts it will be who take action, you all will know when the time comes. You all do not need to worry!”

“The creatures of the other side will be defeated in the end!” Sacred Academy’s elder also cried out.

Then, everyone was inspired, losing their flusteredness, also shouting out, battle intent clearly surging.

Shi Hao’s pupils contracted, because he was close to Great Elder, also understanding him. He saw that when he spoke these words, the corners of his lips trembled slightly, clearly a bit forced.

When he saw this scene, Shi Hao’s mind immediately sunk. Great Elder spoke these words to stir up everyone’s confidence. The truth itself might not be that perfect.

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. He remained silent for a long time, feeling as if he was suffocating, as if there was a great pressure.

One had to understand that in Immortal Ancient’s last phase, even when the most powerful individuals of this world were killed in battle, there was still no one else that took action. There was no one who interfered with the creatures of the other side.

Comparatively speaking, even if there was someone who ultimately took ation, they waited until this world became silent, and only then did they deal with those of the other side.

At that time, what meaning would there be left? The world was already covered in skeletal remains, everyone in this world killed in battle, not many individuals left. It was already equivalent to a purge of the world!

Just how cruel of a reality was this? However, those existences who had the ability to interfere, why didn’t they act sooner?

There were definitely secrets that were hidden, the truth perhaps bloody, extremely terrifying. That was why Great Elder didn’t speak about it too clearly, only talking about half of it, saying these things just so that everyone wouldn’t feel fear.

“History’s darkest age!” This line appeared in Shi Hao’s mind. This was a prediction, as well as a type of reveal, perhaps something that spoke about the entirety of the situation.

In the future, perhaps there was something even more frightening than what everyone has imagined, exceeding the tragedy of Immortal Ancient, the bones that piled up like mountains, blood that contaminated the rivers. Just what kind of dismal scene would there be?

One that exceeded generations, making everyone feel utter despair. The most terrifying chaos was about to unfold!

Shi Hao thought of many things. Those existences who could interfere with this word’s great battle, were they allies, or were they enemies? It was hard to say!

If they were enemies, then that was terrible to the extreme, far more frightening that what they imagined.

Could it be that the so-called history’s darkest age was precisely because of this? This involved just too much.

Just what kind of creatures were they exactly? Shi Hao more or less had some suspicions, because three years ago when he was informed about the experiences of another, it truly moved him, bringing him great enlightenment.


Whistling sounds could be heard from above. A white bone warship that was incomparably large quickly arrived, closing in on Heavenly Deity Institution.


“White Bone Mountain’s Clan Lord has led all of the clan’s greatest experts here, making an appearance for the Ancestral Dragon Bugle Horn!” Someone gave a reply, voice extremely resounding.

An extremely powerful clan came. White Bone Mountain was a secret land that was difficult for outsiders to enter. White bones covered that place, someone saying that the creatures there were all formed from bone spirits.


A meteorite rushed over from outer space. A long tail of light was dragged behind it, the falling star possessing sky shocking might, appearing above Heavenly Deity Institution.

This was a warship, just that it was refined from a star. When it stabilized, it looked simple and ancient, the gray stone body sturdy and rigid.

“Solemn Orchid Clan’s experts have all arrived!” A great clan had arrived.

Hu… Great winds roared. A large purple-colored ship moved over, passing through the realm wall. Its size was incomparably massive, far larger than a star as it floated in the heavenly dome.

“That is… long life imperial court’s Xu Family’s people have come!” Someone said with a low cry. This was Princess Yao Yue’s clan! The edge of the ship was full of elders dressed in the same color, several thousand people in total, every one of their blood energies overflowing, powerful to the extreme.

“The old ancestors all came?!” Princess Yao Yue cried out in alarm.

Then, flight magical artifacts appeared one after another, long life families hurrying over in succession. This was definitely the most top level fighting strength, the scene shocking to the extreme.

With the great disaster here, the clans all moved out their forces. It was because if Great Scarlet Sky was broken through, which clan could escape disaster?

Soon afterwards, warships filled the skies. There were just too many powerful clans in the Nine Heavens above. When they heard the True Dragon Bugle Horn sound, they were all shaken up, stopping everything and quickly gathering all their experts, hurrying over.

“Go, we will immediately hurry to Great Scarlet Sky, there is no time to waste. Have those who come afterwards head straight to Great Scarlet Sky, we will set off first!” Great Elder shouted.

Time was too pressing. Unforeseen events have taken place in Great Scarlet Sky, now no one knowing what things are like. Perhaps… it had already completely fallen into enemy hands!

However, regardless of what happened, everyone had to hurry over. If they had to face a great war, then they had to do it, if they had to strengthen the border and set up another line of defense, then they would do just that. Either way, time was pressing.

“Great Elder, I want to go as well!” Shi Hao said. He wanted to go there and take a look.

“What can an infant like you do there? You cannot accomplish anything in this type of battle. Stay behind!” An elder from Immortal Academy berated.

“What is the use in me staying behind? Will I have time to grow? With the darkest times of history here, what time is there left to cultivate?” Shi Hao said.

He felt extremely helpless. This battle came too early, not giving him any time to grow up.

Right now, the other young supreme beings were all extremely regretful. None of them had truly risen up, yet this type of great event already happened.

“All of you better obediently go back and cultivate. Right now, it is still not your turn. The great war might persist for many years. When we’ve all fallen in battle, or the elders died in meditation, it won’t be too late for you all to come out!” An elder from Sacred Academy roared.

The youngsters were all moved, but they were also filled with a feeling of powerlessness, hating the fact that they were born at the wrong time, that they still didn’t reach the peak of their lives!

“We are known as geniuses for nothing, powerless to kill the enemy, good-for-nothing!” A young supreme being released a long sigh. The timing was too terrible, they didn’t even stand at the peak of this world yet.

“What are you all in such a rush for? The time will come for all of you to take action!” Great Elder spoke. He looked towards all of the youngsters and said, “Did you think that us old folks entrusted all of our hopes onto yourselves? Let me tell you right now, there are geniuses in every generation! Many stunning figures of history are still alive, still healthy. You all do not need to worry, all of you go into seclusion, wait until you’ve risen up!”

Great Elder was shouting as he spoke this. He leaked out a piece of extremely shocking information to appease everyone, to stop them from panicking!

Geniuses rose up from every generation, all of them dominating hundreds of thousands of years!

This was a portrayal of the changes to the world of cultivation. In this world, there were many geniuses who appeared, some returning to being ordinary, some aging, some whose whereabouts were unknown.

After hearing Great Elder’s words, everyone was shaken up. Those geniuses have always advanced forward, never being cut short, the past young supreme beings already grown up, so it was time for these people to set out.

This type of information was enough to shock many people!

“Wait for us to take action. You all should just cultivate at ease!”

Right at this time, on a few giant warships, a few creatures appeared, ranging from middle-aged to elders, their ages extremely great!

“Right now, watch us take action, let us old supreme beings face them. All of you should focus on breaking through, not think about anything else!” These people shouted loudly, voices shaking heaven and earth.

A few young experts’ eyes turned sour, and then hot tears surged.

Those were all the Pride of Heaven that disappeared! However now, they stepped forward bravely, wishing to participate in the battle. Meanwhile, this separation might be eternal, they might be killed in battle in Great Scarlet Sky!

“We wish to take a look from the distance!” Right at this time, Lan Xian, Princess Yao Yue, and others spoke up. This was a group of young ladies, all peerless geniuses, but now, their eyes carried tears.

Women would always be a bit more gentle than men. They knew that once these past young supreme beings, now elders, went, most of their blood would dye the battlefield, never able to return again.

“That is fine as well, bring them along, let them see what the foreign creatures are really like, how cruel the great battle will be. They will see how their seniors fought, and then take revenge for us in the future!”

Right at this time, an elder from Immortal Academy nodded his head in agreement, but he required complete preparations, that they can open a great formation to send the younger generation back at any time.

“Set sail!” Great Elder roared.

Under the True Dragon Bugle Horn’s sound, great ships moved out one after another!

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