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Chapter 1325 - Desolate Border Emergency

Wang Family’s decree was passed around, shaking up all sides!

Only, this time, it was different from before, it wasn’t a display of Wang Family’s might.

Great Elder’s battle against Immortal Wang was world shocking!

Huang’s name was even more so transmitted to every clan, drawing the attention of all different sides, strictly warning their disciples not to provoke him.

The effects of this battle could clearly be seen. The various great families all said they wouldn’t act against Shi Hao, all of them seeing what kind of attitude Great Elder had towards this situation, knowing that he wouldn’t tolerate any provocation.

“This really is…” Cao Yusheng was stupefied. When he received the news, he was dumbstruck, a bit doubtful of whether this was real or fake.

It was because the disturbance that was created this time was too great. For the sake of Huang, Great Elder actually fought against a long life family, putting on a great display, not hesitating to fight a great decisive battle.

Many youngsters wiped at their cold sweat. They felt both envy and jealousy. Heavenly Deity Institution’s number one expert, one of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths most powerful experts, Meng Tianzheng, expressed his stance, protecting his disciple. Who dared provoke him?

With this type of master, one could walk unhindered through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“Wang Family deserved it, this is how things should be. They think they are the overlords of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, that they can casually decide the lives and deaths of others? This time, Great Elder has taken them down a notch, it really is a joyous thing!” A few people commented.

Many people from Heavenly Deity Institution were excited.

The exploration of the underground immortal cave came to an end, those young experts all coming out, including Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Great Xu Tuo, Lan Xian, Qi Gu, and others.

When Wang Xi heard everyone’s discussions, her expression changed slightly. She really wanted to immediately leave.

Comparatively, Princess Yao Yue was extremely happy to see the family she opposed suffer. There was nothing that made happier than this, because the two were old enemies.

Princess Yao Yue’s father was Xu Mingxuan. This time, the Xu Family lent out the immortal ancient war banner to Great Elder, clearly a type of alliance, can be considered to be advancing and retreating together. Great Elder barged into Wang Family’s ancestral land with the power of the corpse wrapping cloth, displaying the power of Xu Family’s supreme treasure, this could also be considered helping them act against their old enemy.

“Fairy Wang Xi, there is no need for you to worry. WIth how stunning Immortal Wang old ancestor is, known to be an immortal core, he shouldn’t have been defeated this time.” Someone consoled Wang Xi.

Quite a few people from Sacred Academy surrounded over, expressing that Jin Zhan is about to come out of seclusion, walk out from Sacred Academy. When that time comes, he might fight a decisive battle against Huang.

Jin Zhan was known to be the pride of heaven of this generation, a legend. No one could estimate his depths, in the present world methods path, he exceeded all those before him.

Only, no matter how the others consoled, everyone’s minds still felt a bit heavy, because Shi Hao used the body as the seed, surpassing all predecessors. He was the only one who succeeded, this type of natural talent was too terrifying.

“Huang cultivates the ancient method, Senior Brother Jin Zhan cultivates the present world techniques. As for who is stronger and who is weaker, we will know after this battle.”

“Moreover, I heard that he had only just taken that step, still needing time to further fumble about. Even among the young supreme beings, he might not necessarily be able to rank in the top three.” A few people said. Sacred Academy’s people all attached great importance to Jin Zhan.

“Why don’t we arrange a date for them to have a showdown? I’ll help you all contact Huang, while you all invite Jin Zhan?” Princess Yao Yue said while giggling.

Sacred Academy’s people immediately looked over.

In the distance, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was silent. He was previously the focal point of everyone’s attention, known to be one of this generation’s most powerful experts, yet after his battle against Huang, suffering a great defeat, he lost the qualifications to aim for the number one spot.

Great Xu Tuo, Qi Gu, and the others were still better off. Even though they did trade moves, they couldn’t be said to have fought a decisive battle against Shi Hao.

“What time is it already? You all are still noisy chatting about these things. All of you should just focus on increasing your own cultivation, the creatures of the other side might cross over at any time.” An elder from Immortal Academy scolded.

Right at this time, heavenly winds swept about, Great Elder brought Shi Hao back.

In reality, the two of them should have returned two days ago, but they picked a few divine medicines along the way for the sake of refining the Purple Manor Herb. It needed many types of old medicines as supplementary ingredients.

Unfortunately, they still weren’t able to gather everything. There were some divine medicines that were too rare, not even someone as powerful as Great Elder could find any traces of them after going into various dangerous areas.

However, there was no rush. Purple Manor Herb could strengthen one’s primordial spirit, and it was effective no matter when it was taken. It hadn’t been long since Shi Hao came out of seclusion, only recently breaking through, so there was no need to immediately advance. This could be set aside for later.

“Great Elder!” Many people cried out, walking up to pay their respects.

Shi Hao was also surrounded. The Lunar Jade Rabbit, Chang Gongyan, Feng Wu, and the others were all extremely happy. This time, Shi Hao definitely barely averted dangers, no one daring to harm him any longer.

“Hey, hey, hey, all of you, be careful! Stop patting his shoulder! With this king here, all of you should cease your impudence!” The golden little ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder cried out in discontent, avoiding those large hands.

Shi Hao laughed. The commotion that was raised this time really was a bit big. He felt gratefulness towards Great Elder from the bottom of his heart.

Right now, his mind wasn’t that calm, because he mentioned a few questions. With Immortal Wang’s matchless strength, why would he still compromise like this?

One had to understand that Great Elder’s battle ended in a draw, not being defeated, worthy of his reputation as a peerless expert.

At that time, Great Elder’s expression was serious. With a light sigh, he had said that it was because Immortal Wang was too sharp, noticing something, wishing to avoid being caught up in a storm because of this matter.

This battle perhaps gave Immortal Wang an excuse to temporarily enter seclusion. He wasn’t going to come out again.

That was why on the return path, Shi Hao always felt a bit uneasy. Regardless of whether it was Great Elder or Immortal Wang, they were both matchless experts of the present world, their intuition definitely ridiculously terrifying, yet there was actually this type of reaction.

“Wu, since everyone is now here, shall we discuss where we should build the foundation of the three academies’ joint immortal land?” An old man from Sacred Academy said.

This wasn’t a sudden decision, it had been mentioned beforehand already. Immortal Academy, Sacred Academy, Heavenly Deity Institution were going to join together to allow their disciples to interact, exchange pointers, to spur them on in becoming even stronger.

Of course, the main reason was because they discovered a few immortal family dao rites that had now been dug out. The resources inside could be used to nurture the three academies’ disciples.

Previously, Great Elder wasn’t here, bringing Shi Hao way. Now that he returned, as an important figure, they obviously had to ask him for his opinion.

That was why this time, quite a few elders personally arrived.

Apart from this, these people also wanted to ask about the details regarding Great Elder’s battle against Immortal Wang, after all, this was just too shocking. Many people were shocked and curious.

“The ancient lands are all extremely heaven defying, all of them the caves of true immortals. If they are all excavated, and then moved to one area, it would produce an unimaginable precious land.” An elder said.

“Your intention is to move away those caves and combine them? The difficulty of this is just too great, after all, it is the cave of a true immortal, so there will be all types of terrifying formation patterns.” Someone frowned.

Everyone discussed things among themselves, trying to decide what they were going to do, where exactly they were going to establish the institution.

Right at this time, a shocking wave of fluctuations emerged between heaven and earth. The void exploded, a tattered warship rushing out, carrying bloody mist and terrifying fiendish energy.

“Who dares trespass into Heavenly Deity Institution?” An elder shouted.

Great Elder moved his hand, not letting him shout out. His expression was incredibly serious as he stared at this bronze warship.

At this moment, everyone was shocked. They looked into the sky, all of them staring at the blood covered metal ship.

What happened? Why did this ship that was half broken charge into this place? There were drops of blood that continuously dripped down from this surface.

“It came from the border!” Great Elder’s expression was grave. When he spoke these words, everyone here immediately felt a wave of coldness.

This ship’s style was unique to the border area. In addition, there was a clear war banner imprint on its surface, carved into the ship. It was an iron blood war banner, a flag dripping with blood!

No clans were allowed to use this symbol when moving through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, only allowed to do so on the border.

After the bronze warship rushed out, there was no more activity. It became extremely still, without any sound.


Great Elder rushed into the air, quickly flying over. The other elders also hurriedly followed.

“Wake up!” Great Elder climbed onto the boat, immediately noticing an unconscious middle-aged man with only half his body left, dripping with blood.

Great Elder helped him replenish a bit of divine force, moreover stimulating his body, slowly waking him.

“Things are bad… the impregnable pass has collapsed, powerful individuals from the other side have appeared!” The middle-aged man shouted. Even though he was extremely weak, his voice was still extremely loud, resounding through the sky dome.


At this moment, countless cries of alarm sounded. Then, everyone felt their scalps go numb, chills run down their backs. These words were too shocking, this place immediately erupting with noise.

This was world-shocking information!

Perhaps it could be immediately called grievous news!

There was nothing more terrible than this. The situation at the order has changed, what everyone was most worried about happened.

Everyone knew that the day would come when the creatures of the other side would appear, slaughtering their way into this world again. When that time came, the world would be in chaos, blood flowing like seas, bones endless.

When that day truly arrived, it would definitely be a dark time that signaled blood and bones. The world would no longer be peaceful.

Who would have expected that this day would come today? It was just that sudden, difficult to accept.

Everyone’s minds went cold. They still didn’t finish their preparations, yet the creatures of the other side were already going to slaughter their way over!

Many people trembled inwardly. Perhaps… the most terrifying times had now begun!

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