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Chapter 1326 - State of Despair

The most terrifying age of the history has arrived!

When they thought of these astonishing changes, everyone shivered inwardly, everyone’s minds sunken like an abyss. The great battle… came just like that, so sudden no one was able to make proper mental preparations.

Pertaining to the other side, those terrifying opponents’ cruelness and mercilessness, there were just too many legends. It represented the underworld, a land of distress!

Moreover, based on previous speculations, the great disaster of this era was going to exceed the past, overturn the entire universe. They were going to enter the darkest age.

“This is just too sudden! Why is the chaos happening just like this? I still haven’t even prepared myself for it!” A youngster cried out. 

Many people shivered inwardly. Who here finished their preparations? Almost no one did! They were all hoping for that time to arrive later, the later the better!

Even Great Elder, Sacred Academy’s living fossil, and Immortal Academy’s old man’s expressions changed greatly, these individuals also extremely shocked, clearly stunned by this information.

It was because these people had previously joined hands to analyze the impending disaster, believing that the age of darkness wouldn’t arrive this early, at the very least still a few thousand years of time left.

“This is just too fast, how were they able to break past? The impregnable pass is sturdy and unbreaking, forged from immortal dao flesh and blood. There should be no chance of it breaking apart!” Someone said quietly, finding this hard to believe even now.

“Wake up, don’t remain muddle-headed anymore! Tell us about all of the details!” Great Elder pointed at the space between the middle-aged man’s brows, helping him treat his injuries through magical force.

The middle-aged man’s injuries were too serious, just like the bronze warship, losing half his body. Regardless of whether it was the flight magical artifact or his body, they both suffered serious damage.

Moreover, his primordial spirit also cracked apart.

“Senior Meng, it was just too cruel, the border has turned into hell. It is unknown just how many people died, countless souls howling, so miserable one cannot bear to watch!” Tears flowed down from the middle-aged man’s eyes.

He was truly overwhelmed with grief. His brothers, his loved ones, his friends, many people he was familiar with were instantly killed, unable to even retaliate in the slightest.

When they heard what he said, many people’s fine hairs stood on end. The foreign attackers were too fierce, the experts who took action were simply unimaginable, immediately breaking down the impregnable pass.

In that instant, many people were buried on the spot in the ruins, flesh, blood, and city collapsing together, forming a bloody paste. It was a spectacle too horrible to endure!

“You said that you came from Great Scarlet Sky” Great Elder frowned. He still didn’t lose his cool, continuing to maintain his calmness.

“Correct, Great Scarlet Sky, the ancient land known to be sturdy and unbreakable, has suffered a never before seen disaster. The situation is terrible, that place becoming a realm of ghosts!” The middle-aged man’s body was dripping with blood, in grief and indignation.

Right now, an elder from Immortal Academy produced a purple-gold divine pill, having him eat it. The middle-aged man’s surroundings shone, divine force surging.

Then, the bones within his body continuously released ka ka sounds, flesh and blood wriggling about. The lower half of his body began to grow at a visible rate.

It was clear that this was a divine pill, one that allowed him to recover in the shortest amount of time!

“Many thanks to senior!” The middle-aged man expressed his thanks. With his cultivation, there was no way he would become crippled because of this either, after a period of time for rest, he could regenerate his broken limbs. 

Right now, he was only experiencing extreme exhaustion and grief.

“Wasn’t Great Scarlet Sky forged from the bones of immortals? That path should be impossible to open, so how could it have broken down?”

The elders all frowned, their expressions overcast. If this turned out to be true, then the situation would be extremely bad.

In their eyes, if the creatures of the other shore really did slaughter their way over, they would come through the three thousand provinces’ Desolate Border, because that was the place where it was most unstable.

After endless years, it was unknown just how many of the most powerful experts went there to guard that ancient city.

In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, only the three thousand provinces’ Desolate Border wasn’t so sturdy. After endless years passed, even though those of the other side were never able to invade over, they still brought great troubles to this side.

That was why the formidable individuals generation after generation, when they didn’t have much of their lifespans left, they woulds head there to use up the last of their strength, igniting themselves with their world-shocking cultivations to carry out the final battle of their lives.

“If Great Scarlet Sky has displayed changes, then things would become much more troublesome. This means that the other passages are likely not safe either, because they are similar level ancient passes.” Great Elder released a light sigh.

How could it be like this? The peace of so many generations came to an end just like that, blood and flames about to burn the great earth.

“Hurry and request for the Ancestral Dragon Horn, quickly blow it, order the great clans of the nine heavens above to all come and offer assistance to Great Scarlet Sky!” Great Elder quickly gave the order, because the situation was dire.

Everyone trembled, their souls shaking. Just now, they were listening to the middle-aged man’s recounting of events, and now, they were truly going to enter war.

Even though they knew a long time ago that this would happen, when things truly arrived, when they thought about the different possibilities that could happen, every person here couldn’t help but feel their heart pound, their fists clenched. There were some who felt fear, their bodies trembling.

These weren’t just words, they really were going to have to stake it all with their lives. Their fathers, brothers, even themselves might quickly become blood that dyes the battlefield, might die!

“Tell us everything you know. Why did Great Scarlet Sky break open? What kind of signs were there before?!” An old man from Sacred Academy said with a sunken voice.

“At that time, there weren’t any abnormalities in that ancient city. It was shrouded in immortal mist, the city should still be sturdy. However, early in the morning, when the sun’s fist strand of golden multicolored brilliance scattered down, the city suddenly released ka ka sounds, and then it cracked apart, in the end exploding to pieces!”

The middle-aged man carefully described the terrifying scenes of what happened, making many people feel nervous, as if they themselves were there.

When the imperishable ancient city built from the flesh and blood of the ancient people collapsed, many people saw a terrifying ‘pot’ that tore apart everything, not even the city that was made from the bones of immortals enough to withstand this power.

When he heard up to here, Shi Hao’s expression immediately changed. He thought of something, and then looked at the Heavenly Horned Ant on his shoulder.

“Could it be… The Immortal Smelting Pot?” The golden little ant couldn’t help but tremble.

Not long ago, they had previously seen a pot before Imperishable Peak, roaring through the mountains and rivers, absorbing the essence blood of the most powerful beings, terrifying to the extreme.

Those were the imprints left behind from Immortal Ancient’s last phase!

It was rumored that this pot was forged precisely to refine true immortals to death, its vicious might matchless.

Meanwhile, it originally belonged to an unimaginable existence on the other shore. However, the only comforting thing was that this person had lived for too long, already passing away.

For some reason, in the great battle of the last great era, the Immortal Smelting Pot didn’t appear. Someone had said that the pot was buried along with that person.

Only, Shi Hao and the Heavenly Horned Ant didn’t believe this. Ever since they went to Imperishable Peak, they learned a few truths. After the last great era ended, He Wushuang had previously brought this pot to that battlefield to collect essence blood.

“Wuwu…” A heavy and oppressed bugle horn sounded, cutting short Shi Hao’s thoughts.

This bugle sound echoed through this place like muffled thunder, resounding through Immeasurable Heaven. Then, it passed through the realm wall, spreading throughout the Nine Heavens Ten earths.

This was refined from the horn of a True Dragon. After being used by endless powerful individuals, this horn had long developed spirituality, becoming unimaginable, the sound continuous and drawn-out, able to pass through realm walls, summon the most powerful families.

They couldn’t waste any time, they had to immediately contact all of the great clans, have them prepare for war!

The Dragon Horn normally wouldn’t be blown, and in reality, it had only been used once or twice in all of history. Only when a terrifying event that endangered the Nine Heavens Ten Earths happened would it be used!

When this bugle horn sounded, it meant that the age of darkness had arrived!

The horn of a True Dragon was a precious treasure hard to find in this world to begin with. After it was refined into a bugle horn, one could well imagine its power. However, this bugle horn’s sound didn’t injure the soul, even though it resounded through heaven and earth, it didn’t make one’s blood energy surge, there was no danger of self-explosion.

The moment the bugle horn sounded, many elders felt great respect. There were some youngsters who sensed a great bleak feeling, hot blood surging, wishing they could immediately throw themselves into the great battle. There were others whose faces were pale white, filled with fear, their bodies shaking.

“The impregnable pass has broken down, ninety percent of those guarding it have died miserably, that heavenly might too hard to resist…” The middle-aged man continued.

After the Immortal Smelting Pot appeared, it broke down everything. All cultivators inside the impregnable pass were crushed into a bloody paste without any suspense, only a strand of innate essence blood was sucked clean by the pot’s mouth.

This was an extremely terrifying scene, leaving everyone shocked. Who could resist this type of demonic might?

The only thing that left them confused was that the Immortal Smelting Pot floated above the ruins, not completely rushing over, and in the end, it withdrew again, returning to the other side of the realm wall.

However, the scene that followed was still terrifying. A large black hand reached out from that passage, rushing out from the ruins, surrounding the border region, crushing all life.

Regardless of whether they were male, female, old, young, whether their cultivations were profound, everything turned into a bloody paste under that claw. The ones who weren’t in the city also died, everyone wiped out.

This was a devastating blow, cruel and ruthless!

“Moreover, that seemed to be a type of sacrificial ceremony, using the blood of our side’s creatures to open up the sturdy passage!” The middle-aged man’s teeth were clenched, his eyes even becoming red. It was because his loved ones, his friends, all died inside.

They didn’t die in battle, but had their lives reaped, obliterated. Humiliation and grief filled his mind.

“Everyone died. In Great Scarlet Sky’s border, even the children who were only a few years old died under that claw, dead but eyes still open! I can’t accept this!” The middle-aged man roared. Even his great-great-grandchildren died miserably, rage filling his heart, a mouthful of blood spraying out.

Back then, he was extremely far away. When he ran over frantically, the powerful winds stirred by the great hand brushed his body from the distance, completely destroying half the ship and his body!

When everyone heard up to here, they all felt a chill run from head to toe. This person was extremely strong, almost half a step into becoming a supreme being, yet he still almost died there without any strength to resist.

Just the astral winds that swept over from the distance were already this terrifying, if the enemy’s large hand really crushed down, who could resist that type of power?

Everyone became quiet, finding it hard to speak. They really were alarmed.

According to what the middle-aged man said, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths were most likely going to be finished soon. It was because no one could stop that type of power!

Many of them suspected that this was most likely an undying individual who took action, someone who truly lived from the ancient past until now that came over. Who in this realm could face this kind of person? There were no creatures like that in this world!

“He didn’t pursue you?” A living fossil level elder from Immortal Academy asked.

“I do not know why, but that large hand withdrew, not truly crossing over.” The middle-aged man’s eyes were full of hot tears. When he thought of his loved ones who all died, he really wanted to go crazy.

It was precisely because he knew that the difference between himself and that large hand, as well as the Immortal Smelting Pot was too great that he didn’t throw away his life, instead immediately hurrying over to deliver the news.

Unfortunately, there were realm walls between the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the formation platform was crushed and destroyed by that large hand, so it took him a long time to break through the realm walls and arrive.

“Are you all scared? Do you feel fear?” Great Elder spoke, looking towards everyone.

Right now, there was no way everyone wasn’t alarmed and flustered. There were no long life beings in the present world, no true immortals, so what were they supposed to bring out to face the undying, to face those people who remained imperishable throughout endless time?

It was completely like a mantis trying to stop a chariot, a situation of inevitable death. There wasn’t the slightest trace of hope!

Right now, many people became quiet, feeling like even the skies became dark. Everyone was full of despair, unable to see a path of life!

“Let me tell all of you, do not feel fear, do not be scared. No matter how powerful those of the other side are, they will still be forced back by us!” Great Elder shouted.

“Do you all know, when they slaughtered their way into this world, why they backed off? It is because there is a power that exists!” Great Elder roared. “This era does not need to feel despair, because they will still be forced back again. They will not be able to set their footing in this world!”

He was stirring up everyone’s confidence, couldn’t allow them to panic and lose confidence.

“Wuwu…” The True Dragon Bugle Horn sounded, echoing through this place, shaking up the mountains and rivers, making everyone’s minds surge greatly.

It was because the bugle horn’s sound became resounding, impassioned, stirring up everyone’s fighting spirits!

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