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Chapter 1324 - Great Disturbance

Wang Family’s family lord felt a wave of hesitation, not daring to believe what his ears were hearing. He was actually going to write this type of decree, the family going to compromise, actually agreeing to these types of conditions.

Moreover, they had to announce it to the world!

The meaning of the decree was just that, to tell the world that Wang Family would no longer make things difficult for Shi Hao, that the grudges between the two have already ended.

It seemed like the two were going to have their grudges neutralized, that they would coexist peacefully from here on forth, that there would be no more disputes between then, but the inner details would soon no longer be secrets, but would instead quickly spread. At that time, this decree would make the Wang Family look really bad.

It was because this was the result of Meng Tianzheng barging into their home, forcing Wang Family to write this decree. This was definitely going to produce a great disturbance!

For the Wang Family Lord of this generation, this was a type of humiliation. Being forced to write this type of decree really was losing too shameful, what kind of face would he have left?

From past until now, the Wang Family had never been forced to do anything by another, let alone sign a treaty unfavorable to themselves. However, this was completely shattered today!

When the decree was released, it would definitely trigger great waves, the outside world would look at Wang Family with suspicious eyes, accompanied with all types of criticism. The situation would be extremely bad!

It was because everyone felt like the Wang Family admitted defeat this time. This was a sign of powerlessness!

“This really is shameful… not only does it bring shame to me as this generation’s family lord, it is also shame for my Wang Family itself. How can we show this type of weakness?” Wang Family’s lord released a long sigh.

Right now, Great Elder already brought Shi Hao into the Wang Family’s divine medicine garden, personally picking several stalks of Immortal Execution Grass, not paying any attention to the matters behind them, calmly waiting for Wang Family’s decree to spread through the world.

Purple boulders rested one after another, from the size of a table to over ten meters tall, the rocks of all different shapes and sizes. This was a sparkling purple stone forest. However, Great Elder instead told Shi Hao that this was Wang Family’s immortal medicine garden.

There were no fields, no soil, so how could divine herbs grow here?

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao understood why these were rare divine medicines only Wang Family had. After walking into the depths of this place, he saw seven or eight stalks of divine herbs rooted in the purple boulders.

“This is Purple Manor Herb, a rare divine medicine that can’t be found outside of this place.” Great Elder explained. These medicinal herbs could strengthen one’s primordial spirit, make it indestructible.

One could tell how rare it was just from its name, because the purple manor was the accupoint where the primordial spirit was located. If this place could be solidified, then it would naturally be able to protect it from hundred disasters!

“The origins of this place is mysterious. You shouldn’t underestimate these purple stones, thinking that they are ordinary, there are legends that they were left behind after an immortal expert’s purple manor was shattered.” Great Elder told him about these inner details.

This left Shi Hao shocked. The purple manor fragments of an immortal expert? Right now, he really wanted to bring away all of the rock fragments on the ground. These were priceless treasures!

No wonder they could produce purple manor divine herbs, there was nothing more precious than this.

“What a pity, under the corrosion of time, even the best things’ essence will scatter. You can see that there are only seven or eight stalks of divine herbs left, there were far more than these before. Moreover, during the initial phase of the archaic years, there was previously a stalk of immortal medicine that grew here, Purple Manor Long life Herb!” Great Elder sighed.

Shi Hao could not calm himself down. Wang Family’s backing was actually this great! The origins of this medicinal garden was too frightening! The fragments of an immortal experts’ primordial spirit purple manner had previously produced a priceless immortal medicine.

Great Elder only picked a single stalk of Purple Manor Herb here.

According to what he said, just half a stalk was already enough, eating more would be useless.

This stalk, if it was paired with the Octadic Treasure Unicorn and other things, it would be enough to allow several individuals to simultaneously enjoy the best effects.

“Wang Family has the Chaos Calming Art, able to cultivate the primordial spirit sword core, so the value of this Purple Manor Herb is unimaginable for them.”

This was precisely the reason why Wang Family saw this as their lifeline. If Great Elder wanted to pick a second stalk, Immortal Wang would most likely not be able to sit still.

Every stalk of Purple Manor Herb needed many tens of thousands of years to grow, they were just too precious!

Then, Great Elder brought Shi Hao to another medicinal garden in Wang Family. Auspicious energy rose in this place. He picked several other types of divine herbs.

Of course, even though they were both divine medicines, for Wang Family, its significance wasn’t as great as the Purple Manor Herb, because even though other divine medicines had substitutes, the Purple Manor Herb couldn’t be substituted. It was greatly tied to the Wang Family’s ability to cultivate the Chaos Calming Art.

“Indeed, these medicines are difficult to find in the outside world. Wang Family’s medicinal garden really is plentiful, I wouldn’t mind taking up long term residence here.” Great Elder said with a sigh.

The elders guarding the medicinal garden’s faces were dark, but they didn’t dare say anything. It wa because compared to Great Elder, their so-called strength really was insignificant.

“What is that over there?” Shi Hao discovered that the divine medicinal gardens were surroundings a piece of hidden land.

“Wang Family’s long life medicine garden. It is located at the center of the divine medicine gardens, a restricted land. Apart from Immortal Wang, no one can take even a half step inside.” Great Elder said.

“Their family has a long life medicine?” Shi Hao was stunned. Then, he was greatly shaken. This was but something that could allow one to pry into the immortal dao, allow one to see long life!

“It is only a dried up medicinal root, something that was discovered from Immortal Ancient and nurtured all the way until now. It is unknown just how many types of divine springs and spiritual liquid has been poured on it, yet none of it was able to make it geminate.”

Of course, this medicinal root still showed signs of recovering. It was no longer dried up, now having a bit of life force. It might even truly revive in the future.

Shi Hao was speechless. Truly worthy of being a long life family, able to retain hopes of reviving even after a great era of time. This was too heaven defying!

“Has the decree been finished yet?”

When they returned to Wang Family’s ancestral palace, Great Elder directly asked. This made many people develop anger, yet they didn’t dare retort, nor did they dare oppose him.

Immortal Wang already left, entering seclusion, not paying attention to any of the following matters.

A few of the nine dragons came, their expressions all unkind, immortal energy surrounding their bodies, fists tightly clenched. They really wanted to immediately take action.

“Fine, I’ll write it!” The family lord of this generation released a long sigh. It was because he saw that not even the nine dragons said anything after coming, so it was useless even if he resisted.

“How can it be like this? I oppose this! My Wang Family has never been wiped out even after experiencing Immortal Ancient’s great war, let alone this present era. Why do we have to cower back, let a single Meng Tianzheng force us to this step? We should be taking action!”

Right at his time, a white haired elder walked over, his figure large and tall, looking extremely valiant. He looked towards Wang Da, this was Wang Da’s grandson, a powerful figure from Wang Family.

“Your family’s ancestor already gave his word, yet you still want to stop this?” Great Elder said with a laugh.

“I oppose! This decree must not be written!” This elder had a large frame, his gaze penetrating, staring at the family lord.

Wang Da really wanted to say something as well, but he didn’t in the end. Only, his eyes carried vicious light, looking towards the distant Shi Hao, and then at Great Elder.

“It was me who gave the order to eliminate this future grievance. Right now, I still carry the same attitude, we cannot show weakness to the outside world!” That white-haired elder said, persisting with his viewpoint.

“Oh, you are quite unyielding towards outsiders, then let me ask you, this time, my disciple was harmed by your Wang Family, was this order also given by you?” Great Elder’s expression became slightly cold.

The white-haired elder was close to a zhang in height, not appearing that old, instead possessing a valiant type of aura. He didn’t feel any fear, his voice extremely cold. “He is so weak, still not enough for me to pay any attention. I just happened to hear about his whereabouts and randomly said that we shouldn’t just watch a future disaster happen.”

“This means that this matter has a lot to do with you, that it all began because of you?” Great Elder berated severely.

“So what if it does? My Wang Family’s decision, what right does outsiders have to interfere? Even if your divine abilities are matchless, it will still be difficult for you to display might in my long life family!”

When the white-haired elder said this, his eyes flickered with light, because he had always coveted the position of family lord. Now, he saw a good opportunity.

Right now, the current family lord had to write a decree of shame, while he maintained such a strong viewpoint, so if he played his cards right, there was a good chance he would replace the other party.

“Wang Da, you really have quite the grandson.” Great Elder laughed coldly.

“Meng Zhengtian, what are you trying to do?” Wang Da was alarmed, shouting out loudly.

“I have already said that if your Wang Family dares touch my disciple, I will start with the nine dragons, hunt you all down one by one, definitely wouldn’t show mercy. However, since we already reached an agreement, I decided I wouldn’t act forcefully. However, now, this main culprit is appearing before me, precisely the one who put my disciple in danger, so I naturally want an explanation” Great Elder said coldly.

No one expected Great Elder to suddenly be so domineering, his temperament completely changing from before.

That white-haired elder suddenly felt lacking in confidence, realizing that he put on too great of a display, possibly placing himself in danger.

“You… what do you want to do? This is the Wang Family, an undying long life family!” He shouted loudly, showing strength while weak inside.

Pa! Right at this time, Great Elder took action. When Wang Da saw this, he rushed up, exchanging a palm, as a result, staggering backwards, unable to stop him.


In the next instant, that white-haired elder’s brains were blasted apart, as if a melon was blown up, dying on the spot.

“Don’t think that I, Meng Tianzheng, is easy to bully. If some younger generation barks noisily a few times, I can ignore it, but if they try to kill my disciple again and again, I will not tolerate it!” Great Elder spoke coldly.

“You…” Wang Da was originally furious. His own grandson was killed right before his eyes, how could he tolerate this? However, when he saw Great Elder’s murderous appearance, he was intimidated, momentarily unable to roar back.

“We’re leaving!” Great Elder said. He brought Shi Hao with him, and then with a swing of his great sleeve, he brought away that decree.

It was because Wang Family’s present family lord already finished writing it just now.

Soon afterwards, Great Elder left Wang Family, disappearing from the long life ancient land.

“Meng Tianzheng, you old thing, I am not finished with you!” Wang Da roared. He was angered to the extreme. Today’s experiences left him just too sullen.

Great Elder brought Shi Hao into the distance. Along the way, he already tossed the decree into a great sect that was attached to Heavenly Deity Institution.

As a result, the contents of this decree was spread throughout Immeasurable Heaven at astonishing speed the same day, everyone learning of it.

“What? Wang Family acted weakly, lowering their heads just like that, exchanging weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk?”

Many people didn’t dare believe what they were seeing, but reality was right before their eyes.

Furthermore, many people verified this through some important channels, in the end discovering with alarm that Great Elder personally visited Wang Family, even fighting against Immortal Wang.

This triggered sky shocking waves, not just limited to Immeasurable Heaven, but even extending to other territories.

At the very least, a few long life families in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all learned about this, a few ancient sects understanding what happened. Huang was Great Elder’s disciple, not someone who could be bullied.

This was an extremely major event. Meng Zhengtian, for the sake of a youth, visited a long life family, not hesitating to fight a battle, issuing an extremely terrifying message.

“This youth cannot be touched. It seems like Meng Tianzheng has entrusted too much hope onto him. Right now, anyone who touches him will die!”

“This matter is a warning, that youngster named Huang cannot be looked down on, even more so cannot be provoked. Otherwise, Meng Tianzheng will act out.”

These were the conversations a few important individuals in long life families were having. One could see just how great the effects of this matter was!

In the nine heavens above, a few ancient sects were all warning their clansmen not to act recklessly.

While a great storm was sweeping through all lands, an even greater disturbance erupted. However, the various powerful clans of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths still weren’t aware of it.

At the borders of the foreign region, the place adjacent to the other shore, a great barrier that had remained sealed for who knew how long cracked. Then, it suddenly released a great noise, breaking apart!

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