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Chapter 1315 - Line That Cannot Be Crossed

This was just a young man, clearly in a desperate situation, yet he was actually so calm, not flustered at all, as if he was looking at meat on a chopping board. He was definitely up to something!

“Were you scared stupid? Playing the fool here, like that’ll do anything!” Wang Manglong said extremely crudely.

However, regardless of whether it was the three great experts or Wang Family’s elder who didn’t have much time left, they were all quiet, feeling uneasy inwardly, carefully sensing the surrounding situation.

However, they didn’t discover anyone. If anyone came, then they were much stronger than them!

“Young man, is deceiving others fun?” Wang Family’s elder said with a cold and deep voice, his gaze sinister.

“You’re scared?” Shi Hao was calm. He scanned his eyes over them, feeling increasingly calm.

However, the golden little ant on his shoulder was extremely nervous. It felt more and more like Shi Hao’s bluffing couldn’t solve the problem at all. In the end, he would only die more miserably.

Wang Family’s elder released a light shout. Ripples appeared from his mouth, these ripples quickly spreading outwards. This was the bat bloodline’s divine ability, able to sense if there were any enemies hiding.

A moment later, his expression became cold and deep. “Little bastard, tricking us like this, are you courting death?”

“He was angry because he was actually fooled by a younger generation. Through the bat bloodline’s divine ability, he was certain that there were no powerful experts nearby. This place was extremely calm.

If not even this type of divine ability could search through the completely empty outer space, then the person who came was too terrifying.

The other three experts released a breath of relief, feeling like they were too careful, scaring themselves. This was outer space, so could there really be unmatched experts who were drawn here?

“Youngster, I gave you a chance, yet you yourself don’t understand life or death, daring to deceive us. Now, it is time for you to hand over your life!” Wang Family’s elder directly took action.

He reached out an arm, five fingers unfolding, grabbing towards Shi Hao’s neck. He was going to lift Shi Hao up like a little chick, and then fiercely humiliate him!

“You fucker!” The golden little ant roared in anger. It was the descendant of the Vicious Ten. This was the first time he saw something so unfair. They were both cultivators of this realm, yet they were going to engage in internal strife.

It was to the extent where he had reason to suspect that the Wang Family had colluded with those from the other side.

“What genius, what heavenly talent? This old man is going to cover the sky with a single hand, strangle a genius, have you nurse an endless hatred!” Wang Family’s elder said coldly.

Now that they had become completely hostile, his expression was incredibly cold, terrifying to the extreme, his previously smiling appearance was nowhere to be seen.

“Haha…” On the side, Wang Manglong roared with laughter, feeling incomparable joy.

Shi Hao released a light sigh, and then said, “You all have forced me!”

“Merely dressing up as god, playing the devil!” Right at this time, one of the three great experts couldn’t remain quiet any longer either, not believing his words.


Towards this, Shi Hao only crushed a piece of ancient jade. Strand after strand of multicolored light was released from within, extremely gentle, carrying soul power.

“Immortal Nurturing Jade!” At this moment, the expression of Wang Family’s elder changed. He couldn’t help but cry out.

Even though he had never seen one before, he could guess from its appearance. This was a legendary treasure that could nurture the soul, protect the primordial spirit.

This thing was extremely precious, not even some powerful supreme beings seeing it before!

This type of thing had only appeared before in legends, recorded in bone books.

The other three great experts’ expressions also changed on the spot, to the extent where there was one who wanted to immediately run, not wishing to stay here.

“Since you came, then there is no need to be in a rush to leave.” A calm voice sounded.

After the Immortal Nurturing Jade was crushed, strand after strand of multicolored light interweaved together, forming a figure. Immortal winds swept about, bones carrying the dao, kind brows, pleasant eyes, white-haired, yet had a healthy complexion; it was precisely Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder!

Wang Family’s elder was frightened so badly his soul trembled. His large hand that reached out already reached before Shi Hao’s neck, yet it was forcibly stopped.

He never expected to see this matchless expert here!

Wang Manglong on the side was even more stunned, his body couldn’t help but tremble. How could it be like this? Why did this elder who could overlook the Nine Heavens Ten Earths follow at Shi Hao’s side?


Great Elder raised his hand, slapping that large hand Wang Family’s elder reached over with, instantly turning it into scattered ashes, making him release a miserable scream.

Then, with a turn of Great Elder’s hand, he was grabbed over like a little chick, just like how he originally wanted to treat Shi Hao.

“Your Wang Family’s hands have been reaching too far!” Great Elder’s voice was cold, truly angered at this time.

At the same time, he released a short shout. The three great experts who wanted to run just now began to shake violently, all of them staggering about, unable to leave this place.

“Senior!” One of them shouted with a trembling voice.

None of them expected Great Elder to appear here. This was clearly a spiritual body, not his true body. It was hidden within the Immortal Nurturing Jade to protect Shi Hao.

From this, one could see that Great Elder attached too much importance to Shi Hao. Just how noble and great was his status? There weren’t many in this Nine Heavens Ten Earths who could compare, yet right now, he did this much for a youth, willing to go so far.

As for Wang Family’s elder, not long ago, he was still calm, as if everything was within his grasp, but now, his face was pale, difficult for him to utter a single word. He was carried by Great Elder, difficult to move at all. The difference between the two was just too great.

Shi Hao naturally didn’t feel any fear. Before heading to the Northern Sea, when he discussed things in private with Great Elder, he was scared that there would be others who would target him. In the end, Great Elder gave him a piece of Immortal Nurturing Jade, saying that it could protect him.

This Immortal Nurturing Jade was extremely miraculous. A spiritual body could be split up and stored within, hidden inside without the outside world’s notice. At the crucial moment, it could instantly reassemble into a soul body!


Great Elder reached out his finger. The three great experts’ armor, masks, and other things were all blasted to ashes, fully revealing their true appearances. They were all old and gray-haired, older generation figures.

“What a pity, Yuan Qing truly wasn’t here.” Shi Hao sighed.

The one he was previously on guard against was Yuan Qing. He never expected that this person didn’t come, while Wang Family’s people became the main force.

As for the three individuals, Shi Hao didn’t recognize any of them.

“Your three families also sent people over. It truly leaves me disappointed…” Great Elder closed his eyes.

“Senior, please show forgiveness. We didn’t come to harm Huang to death, only wishing to see what he hurried over to the Northern Sea to do!” One of them hurriedly explained.

It was clear that when Shi Hao left the Immortal Cave underneath Heavenly Deity Institution, it drew their attention and curiosity. Out of greed, they also followed behind.

Great Elder suddenly opened his eyes and said, “You all can just end your own lives. I will pretend as if nothing happened.”

“What?!” The three of them cried out, filled with fear and shock. The three of them all had unordinary identities, coming from ancient and powerful families.

However, Great Elder was actually forcing death on them!

“There are some bottom lines that cannot be crossed. I do not wish to have a falling out with your families, but you all have to do your part as well, give me an explanation!” Great Elder said coldly.

The three of them were in despair. They understood Great Elder’s intentions. This was killing the chicken to warn the monkey, taking action for Shi Hao. He was going to take the lives of these three!

They could definitely be considered great figures. Even in the nine heavens above, their statuses were extremely great. However now, their lives were going to end here!

“You don’t want to do it yourselves?” Great Elder asked.

While speaking, pu pu pu three sounds rang out. Great Elder released a river of stars, producing a divine sword, hacking them into a rain of light, turning them into ashes!

It was extremely direct, no mercy spared. The three experts were killed just like that, cut down by Great Elder!

“You…” Wang Family’s elder’s expression turned pale, all of his wrinkles trembling.


With a turn of his hand, Great Elder blasted a larger half of his body to scattered ashes, feeling that it was beneath him to say too much. He only left behind a head, but the primordial spirit within had long been burned clean.

He was directly killed, everything done with great decisiveness!

“Ah…” Wang Family’s Wang Manglong was frightened badly, his entire body ice-cold, truly scared. Great Elder looked majestic and aloof, yet he killed without even blinking an eye. These four great experts were like ants before him, not even wasting the slightest bit of effort to kill them.

Shi Hao walked forward. His fist smashed outwards, powerful winds stirring about, the heavenly dome trembling.

Wang Manglong tried to protect himself. Even though he knew that he wasn’t a match, he wasn’t just going to watch himself be killed. However, this was completely futile.

With a pu sound, he was blasted to pieces by a fist filled with anger. The arms that blocked in front of him and that head exploded like a melon, his life ended here, leaving behind a ruined corpse.

“Go! To Wang Family!” Great Elder said.

With a swing of his sleeve, light mists were dense, surrounding the Wang Family’s ruined corpses. They were going to be brought to this clan.

“Great Elder!” Shi Hao was shaken up. He opened his mouth, wishing to say something. Great Elder did too much for him! Now, he was going to forcefully barge into Wang Family!

“There is no need to say too much. I need to let some people understand that there are some bottom lines that just cannot be crossed, that there are some people they cannot touch!” Great Elder said extremely decisively.


Heavenly winds swept about. Great Elder brought Shi Hao along. He tore apart the heavenly dome, crossing heaven and earth, directly heading to that ancient and powerful long life family!

Shi Hao was moved, even more so feeling stirred up. Hot blood surged within him. Great Elder took action for him, now heading to Wang Family to criticize them harshly. He was going to confront an undying long life family!

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