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Chapter 1316 - Great Elder’s Might

Powerful winds roared, engulfing the Nine Heavens!

Great Elder was like a Peng, diving downwards. When he walked, a single step took him several tens of thousands of li, his speed too fast, unimaginable.

Moreover, he still didn’t reach his greatest speed, still accelerating. This left Shi Hao inwardly shaken. He finally understood why Great Elder was one of the most powerful experts of this world.

This type of speed disturbed time, temporal fragments flying everywhere in his surroundings. There was even more so the sun, moon, and stellar streams moving about, the scene grand, aura majestic. It was too shocking!

They were just hurrying to their destination, yet such astonishing natural phenomenons were already created!

Time fragments scattered down. Great Elder brought Shi Hao through the stellar dome, hurrying towards Wang Family.

Wang Family was in Immeasurable Heaven, so there was no need to tear through a great realm wall, it was also in this part of the world. That was why for Great Elder, he could quickly hurry over.

Meanwhile, for ordinary people, this path was simply unimaginable, because it was just too long, easily calculated in the hundreds of millions of li. This was an astronomical number!


Soon afterwards, Great Elder swung his sleeves, shattering the void. He walked out from within, arriving above a boundless great earth.

They arrived!

It was just too fast. After a short journey, they directly arrived at the other side of Immeasurable Heaven.

Shi Hao was inwardly speechless. If it was him who was traveling alone, he needed to borrow hundreds to thousands of giant spatial transport formations. Even if he hurried along it would still take him many days.

Up ahead, Dragon Snakes rose from the continent, Qilins laid within the mountains, Flying Phoenixes flew above, auspicious energy flourishing!

Of course, the so-called Dragon Snakes weren’t True Dragons, but rather giant mountains, the giant peaks forming a great winding spine. They extended out one after another, standing side by side, immortal white mists winding about them, as if Dragon Snakes were rising.

Meanwhile, those great peaks were like laying Qilins, purple energy rising in spirals, mist filling this place. Grass grew all over, this place full of an auspicious and sacred feeling.

The cliff was precipitous, like phoenixes that were flying one after another, carrying a transcendent feeling. This was especially the case with some cliffs that had caves in them, releasing brilliant light, as if feathers were moving about.

This was one of Immeasurable Heaven’s most famous peaks. It belonged to the Wang Family, known as Long Life Wang Palace.

In the past, this place had produced long life beings, inextinguishable through all disasters, eternally undying. In Immortal Ancient Great Era, this clan flourished to the peak, but even now, it was still glorious and dazzling.

After endless time passed, no one dared to cause trouble here. Not even other long life families were willing to provoke them.

The great earth was boundless. Meanwhile, this place was even more so filled with ancient trees that towered into the heavens, all types of divine birds and vicious beasts moving about.


When Great Elder’s group arrived, a voice shouted out from ahead.

A purple-gold violent ape that was a hundred zhang tall, in its hands a war spear, jumped out, the ground immediately shaking. It blocked the way forward.

This purple hair covering its entire body was glossy, as if it was cast from metal. It was extremely ferocious, without a doubt a wild savage species, one who was extremely powerful.

“Move aside!” Great Elder berated.

“Outrageous! After coming to Wang Family’s residence, you still dare to force your way in. Are you tired of living?!” The purple-gold violent ape roared, immediately causing the rocks and dirt to fly about, the earth moving and mountains swaying.

“What bold words. There is still eight hundred li from here to Wang Family, yet you already wish to stop others’ advance?” Great Elder said coldly.

The reason he descended here was because he could tell that something wasn’t right. There was actually an extremely great formation laid by someone, this formation extremely terrifying, able to stop supreme individuals!

“Heh heh…” The purple-gold violent ape laughed strangely, carrying a type of sinisterness. Its eyes widened greatly. “Everyone knows that when within three thousand li of Wang Family, one must walk on foot out of respect. You actually dare act this insolent.”

“Ignorant monkey!” Great Elder’s face fell. WIth a great swing of his sleeve, this ridiculously powerful violent ape immediately cried out, blood spraying out of its mouth, entire body shaken. Then, it flew out several thousand li, disappearing into the horizon.

“Heavens, what kind of old monster is it that came?!” This was the final thought this violent ape had before going unconscious after smashing into a great mountain several thousand li out.

The violent ape had long reached the peak of the Void Dao Realm, about to break through, yet before Great Elder, it was flung aside like a puppet. Just how great of a difference was this? It was like that of clouds and mud!

The eight hundred li great formation was extremely astonishing!

Even Great Elder frowned when he stepped inside, because this was a deadly great formation. When normal people entered, they would undoubtedly die.

Even supreme beings would feel hesitation when they came here.

When Great Elder brought Shi Hao into the formation, he was silently analyzing it while standing there, studying it. Then, he walked forward, directly pressing ahead, his speed extremely fast.

It was as if a great wind blew past him, several hundred to over a thousand jin of giant rocks flying everywhere. Many ancient trees that towered into the clouds were even more so uprooted, a path opened up.

It wasn’t Great Elder who intentionally destroyed this place, but rather that this was a dangerous place. Only by comprehending the formation, as well as powerfully breaking it down could they advance.

He didn’t reveal any hesitation, tearing through everything in his path, advancing forward boldly. Large amounts of symbols flickered beneath his feet, all of them mysterious and incomparably complex.


In the places Great Elder walked past, endless lightning erupted, the electricity directly striking the heavens, continuously tearing apart the sky dome, scattering the clouds. It was as if judgment day had arrived.

Behind him, the ground surface ruptured, streaks of red magma rushed into the sky, forming a vast crimson expanse!

The formation was extremely astonishing, even someone as powerful as Great Elder stirring up such a great disturbance, unable to calmly proceed. He had to use extremely powerful magical force.

All types of ferocious beasts roared, vicious birds releasing long cries!

The disturbance here raised the vigilance of everything ahead.

Eight hundred li, for normal people, this was extremely far, but for Great Elder, it could be crossed in an instant. They successfully made it through the formation!

“What audacity, actually daring to provoke Wang Family’s heavenly might!” An explosive shout sounded from the skies, golden light surging. In addition, there were powerful winds that swept over.

The winds were just too great, making even the mountains below shake. Boulders weighing over ten thousand jin flew about like rice straw, the scene terrifying.

A type of divine bird that was incredibly large, entire body golden in color, magical and extraordinary spread its wings. It was several thousand li in size, body covering the heavenly dome, astonishingly brilliant.

This was a terrifying vicious bird, the cold light released from its eyes frightening one down to their soul!

“Great Golden Winged Peng!” Shi Hao was shocked. This was not a normal Golden Winged Peng, its bloodline definitely pure. Moreover, its cultivation realm was terrifyingly high.

“Reaching half supreme being level at this age, truly not simple.” Great Elder nodded his head.

A terrifying Golden Winged Peng dove down, casting a great shadow over the earth below. Great winds roared past, mountains and rivers shaking in response. One could see just how powerful it was.

“I don’t care who you are, trespassing into Wang Family’s important areas is a serious crime. Are you going to bind your own hands and feet, beg for forgiveness, or do you wish to bring upon yourselves the anger of the Wang Family?” The Golden Winged Peng shouted.

“When did these eight hundred li of mountains and valleys become the Wang Family’s private property?” Great Elder calmly looked at the Golden Winged Peng, and then said, “Out of consideration for your cultivation not being easy, just quickly back down. Do not bring trouble onto yourself.”

The Golden Winged Peng was resentful, its temperament fiery, extremely domineering. Now that it saw someone looking down on it, it immediately turned into a streak of dazzling golden light, reaching out its giant claws towards Great Elder and Shi Hao.


In the surroundings, a few boulders directly collapsed, exploding under a wave of fluctuations, completely unable to endure this type of pressure.

Shi Hao’s mind was greatly shaken. This divine bird was ridiculously frightening, this type of power most likely enough to directly blast down a moon. It was just too valiant and frightening.

However, Great Elder remained completely calm. When faced with this world-shocking claw, he stood in place, only reaching out his right hand to welcome this several thousand li long Golden Winged Peng.

Golden divine brilliance filled the sky, distorting the void. The great Peng displayed its might, shaking up mountains and rivers, the void shattering inch by inch!

This type of scene was extremely shocking, as if it was about to wipe out this very world!

However, something even more shocking happened. The several thousand li long matchless Peng bird, when it rushed down, it unexpectedly underwent change, continuously shrinking.

It was as if heaven and earth were capsized, time reversing. Everything was changed.

The several thousand li long Golden Winged Peng released blinding golden light. When it rushed into Great Elder’s hand, it continuously shrunk, becoming the size of a palm. It was restricted in the palm, continuously beating its wings, but it just couldn’t fly away.

As for its sharp claws, when they landed on the palm and fingers, sparks flew in all directions, completely unable to do anything to them. In the end, its claws even more so flowed with long streaks of blood, about to break off, only now did it no longer dare to move.

This scene was extremely terrifying. How powerful was the Golden Winged Peng? However, all of this was completely useless before Great Elder, it was subdued just like that.

However, this bird was clever. Even though it was hot-tempered, right now, it understood everything. This was an unmatched figure, not many individuals like him can be found in the entire Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Previously, it could still use the Wang Family’s name to intimidate the other side, but now, it seemed like this person isn’t even scared of the Wang Family!

“How valiant was your ancestor the Kun Peng? Its posterity actually fell to this level, becoming the watchdog of another family, what a pity.” Great Elder said. With a light brush of his arm, this Golden Winged Peng immediately fainted.

“Who intrudes upon my Wang Family?”

Several dozen li out, there was a grand and massive building standing in their path. Someone sat in front of the massive building.


Great Elder sent Wang Manglong’s half ruined body, as well as the head of this clan’s elder out. They smashed into the decorated archway, immediately making that place collapse, smoke and dust rushing into the sky!

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