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Chapter 1314 - Guiding a Snake Out Of Its Hole

Shi Hao felt his entire body emitting heat, his blood flowing quicker. His face turned red, truly angered badly!

Wang Family actually dared to do this!

They were going to kill him when he was still young, their scheming just too deep. They weren’t dealing with the creatures on the other side, instead, they might even be communicating with them. This was simply fiendish, absolute scum!

No wonder that when he was in the ultimate land of self-refinement, when that crow mentioned long life families, its laughter was so ear-piercing. There was hidden filth and secrets!

Long life families, every one of them was too glorious, exceptionally brilliant. However, who would have expected that some of them would harbor these types of thoughts? It really made one shiver with fear.

“Wu, don’t feel so agitated, relax a bit.” That elder whose face was covered in wrinkles was all smiles, not upset in the slightest. After being cursed as scum, he still remained extremely calm, saying, “Young man, you really are too simple and honest. This world isn’t black and white, more of it lies in the gray area between, this is the world’s true color.”

“When the nest is upset, no egg is left intact. You all think that your family can continue existing, but are those of the other side truly trustworthy? The day will definitely come when they will eradicate you all!” Shi Hao berated.

“You overthink things. This world is far more complicated than what you think. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths don’t only have our long life family alone, and it isn’t all the result of struggling to the death. The degree of complexity exceeds your imagination.” This elder was all smiles, but it only gave others an even more sinister and cold feeling, as if it was an aged viper.

“What is the point in saying so much? Just get rid of him earlier, there is no need to tell him everything!” Wang Manglong said, his eyes carrying hatred. His voice was full of viciousness.

It was because he knew that once Shi Hao was killed, others might not know within a short time, but a supreme individual will find out one day. When that time came, he would undoubtedly die, be pushed forward as the scapegoat.

This was a difficult and cruel mission, one that he had to give up his life to complete. That was why he hated Shi Hao bitterly. Even though it was them who took the initiative to kill the other side, they still put all of the blame on Shi Hao.

“Still so impetuous, no progress at all.” The elder shot Wang Manglong a look, somewhat displeased. He also finally understood why the clan chose to sacrifice him.

This elder didn’t care much about his own life or death that much, because his time had dried up, going to die in meditation within a year. He had lived long enough, not feeling much fear towards death.

“Bring it out!” He no longer spoke politely, directly forcing Shi Hao. It was because the other party definitely obtained something heaven-defying.

“Truly don’t want any face, there are actually people as filthy as you all. All of your ugliness has been completely witnessed with these two eyes.” The little golden ant was furious.

“Heh heh, I almost forgot about you. If you didn’t speak up, I really might have overlooked you.” The elder’s smile was a bit cold. He stared at the Heavenly Horned Ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder, and then said, “What a rare and precious species, one full of such brilliant legends, known to be one of the most powerful bloodlines. The Extreme Strength Blood really is something to yearn for! Obtaining you is above everything else, in the future, my Wang Family will have a Heavenly Horned Ant that can offer unmatched precious blood constantly. There will be many powerful figures who will emerge from our later generations.”

When he heard these greedy words, the little Heavenly Horned Ant was angered to the point of shaking, truly furious beyond belief. This person was too shameless, actually able to speak such despicable words!

“Old fart, you’re dreaming! I really am starting to wonder if part of the reason why this world was destroyed during Immortal Ancient’s final battle was because of you bunch. Greed is definitely enough to make you all do the most vile things!” The golden little ant said hatefully.

“Too simple and pure, these topics are not suitable for you.” The elder no longer said too much to it, instead looking towards Shi Hao. “You are the first one who came out from Heavenly Deity Institution’s immortal cave, the first thing you did was immediately hurry to the northern sea, you definitely did this because there is something more important here. Just hand it over.”

At this point, he didn’t need to hide anything. His tone was indifferent, expression gloomy and cold, unquestionable, forcing Shi Hao to hand over what he obtained!

“Get lost!”

Shi Hao only had these words, because he truly felt like this person was too despicable and shameless, letting down the creatures of this world. This family was rotten down to its roots.

It could be said that this type of terrifying long life family didn’t deserve its glory, they were the most terrifying malignant tumors.

“I really cannot understand why Great Elder and the others don’t just ally together to wipe out a family like you all!” Shi Hao restrained a wave of anger.

“I’ve already said that this isn’t a black and white world, there is more gray in between. If one is too straightforward, this entire world wouldn’t be able to tolerate them.” This elder said indifferently. With a lecturing tone, he said, “In reality, you thought too much. Our clan didn’t ally with the other side. Back then, we only discussed a few conditions at most.”

According to what he said, the Wang Family still didn’t cross that line!

Shi Hao had heard that back then, there were a few long life families who helped each other out, signing imperishable contracts. The Wang Family might precisely be this type of clan.

“Enough, I don’t want to see your ugly face anymore!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Little bastard, you are trying to put on airs with me? Hand over everything you obtained, or else I will let you wish you were dead rather than alive!” At this time, the elder became hostile, losing his patience.

“You should have been like this to begin with. What point is there in being polite to him? Just directly suppress him! I want to step on his face, take a look at the scene of him groveling on the ground.” Wang Manglong said. His face was slapped in Heavenly Deity Institution until even his lower jaw shattered, so he hated the other party bitterly.

This time, for the sake of eliminating a future disaster, he might die. There was definitely no good ending for him, so he was naturally full of resentment.

The elder’s expression became overcast. He pressed forward, but he also acted carefully. It wasn’t because he feared Shi Hao’s strength, but rather because he was scared that he might act too powerfully and destroy what he wanted to obtain.

If it was an unmatched scripture, ancient dao book, and other things, they might very well completely disappear with this young man’s self detonation. If that happened, the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.

That was why from the beginning until now, he had conversed with Shi Hao the entire time, trying to calm him down first as much as possible.

He already inwardly began to display methods. This void became blurry, dim, mists surging. This region of outer space was locked down!

“Heh heh, young man, in reality, you can die honorably. Just hand over those things, and then I won’t torture you.” The elder said with a smile. Everything was within his grasp.

“Do you know what I obtained? Imperishable Scripture!” Shi Hao was extremely direct, directly speaking the name of this scripture!


It was as if a streak of lightning tore through the void. The old and young pair were both stunned, and then they began to tremble. That was just too shocking! Their eyes burned with desire, full of greed.

“Hand it over!” Wang Manglong released a low roar.

“Everyone, if you all still don’t come out, then this scripture will likely shift owners, become the Wang Family’s clan protecting art!” Shi Hao shouted into the distance.

“En?” The elder was alarmed. However, when he sensed his surroundings carefully, he didn’t detect anything.

“Is there really no one? If you don’t come out, then the scripture might be gone soon.” Shi Hao said. He didn’t discover anyone here, only gambling, believing that since the Wang Family dared to come here, then there might be other families as well.

“Little bastard, you should boast less and quickly hand over the scripture. Otherwise, you will wish you were dead rather than alive!” The Wang Family elder’s eyes were treacherous, tearing down all pretenses.

“Thing who doesn’t know the difference between life and death, you still want to trick us, you are too naive. Who can save you now?!” Wang Manglong sneered.

Suddenly, the void trembled lightly, it was as if ripples spread. Someone forcefully tore through the Wang Family’s imprisoned void, breaking down the restrictions.

A silver-robed person appeared, his entire body releasing silver light, his face even covered in a silver helmet, to the extent where not even his eyes could be seen. The aura was powerful, his appearance sudden.

“For the sake of the Imperishable Scripture, this one cannot sit still any longer either.” Suddenly, someone spoke from another direction. A figure enveloped in black mist also walked over.

Then, another sphere of green light emerged, hazy and instinct, surrounding a powerful creature.

In that instant, three great experts appeared one after the other, but they weren’t from the same faction. They confronted each other, all of them revealing themselves for the Imperishable Scripture!

The expression of Wang Family’s elder became unpleasant. He never expected three terrifying individuals would be here, not even him discovering their presence. He really was careless this time.

“I only need the scripture, do not need the person.” The one covered in silver armor said.


“I am also the same!”

The other two great experts were of similar opinion, coming for the scripture.

“Three dao friends, this matter can be properly discussed. We can make four copies of the scripture, one copy each side. This person will be killed by me!” Wang Family’s elder said.

The three great experts remained silent, not saying anything.

Wang Family’s elder immediately roared with laughter, saying, “Then it’s decided!”

He then suddenly turned around, staring at Shi Hao and saying, “Little bastard, you’ve provoked trouble for me. I won’t let you die that easily!”

“Ancestor Xuan, capture him, let me torture him!” Wang Manglong was eager to get into the action, wishing to immediately step down on Shi Hao.

Shi Hao still remained calm. He looked at the surrounding individuals, not paying Wang Family’s old and young pair any attention, instead speaking to the three great experts. “Has Yuan Qing come as well? I really hope he is here, or else I’ll really be just too disappointed!”


Everyone was stunned. Then, they felt like something wasn’t quite right. Why was Huang this calm, actually putting on an appearance as if he was confident in his backing?

Not good!

They all keenly felt that things weren’t right!

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