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Chapter 1313 - Scum

With the Undying Scripture in hand, Shi Hao and the little ant were incomparably satisfied. This was the goal of their trip, so they were filled with the joy of gains.

Even though they still carried some regrets, the lower half of the Imperishable Scripture was in the Land of Undying, in a treacherous restricted land, with their current cultivation realm, there was no rush to find the lower half.

Right now, it was enough as long as they earnestly cultivated the upper half!

“You all should leave. The baleful energy this place is suppressing underground is too strong, staying here for too long might corrupt you, it is not good for the body.” The crow reminded.

The corpses of former natives were buried here. Normally, the killing energy didn’t display itself, but it would erupt at special times. When those times arrived, even the expressions of supreme beings would change.

“Many thanks to senior!” Shi Hao bowed respectfully, expressing his sincere thanks.

“I hope that you can successfully cultivate the Imperishable Scripture, reach the consummate level!” The crow said seriously, looking Shi Hao in his eyes.

“I will succeed!” Shi Hao nodded. This was going to be extremely difficult, because it touched upon the five other sheets. In the future, he would have to search for them in the Land of Undying.

“With the mountain in this type of shape… are we just going to leave it like that?” The little golden ant asked.

After all, they obtained benefits from this place. Now that Imperishable Peak collapsed, they couldn’t help but sigh.

“There is no need for you all to do anything. If those from the other side come here in the future and see this scene, they will merely think that it is the result of their actions back then.” The crow said. It then turned into a wave of black smoke, rushing over and rearranging those boulders again.

“Senior, until next time!” Shi Hao turned around.

However, would they be able to meet again? It was because he knew what this crow really was!


Behind them, black smoke gathered, turning into a crow. However, in the end, a hong sounded, turning into large faces one after another. They carried despair, carried sorrow.

Finally, those giant faces became indistinct, scattering into strands of baleful energy, entering the ground one by one.

They were heroic spirits that had fallen in battle. There were some emotions that, even though endless years have passed, were still difficult to erase. There were some wills that were too difficult to extinguish.

They were a group of pitiful people, a group of fearless heroic spirits. They wanted to see the later generation rise up, wash away the humiliation of the past, truly defeat the enemies on the other side.

The foreign enemies destroyed the pure lands on this side, killing these fighters, even more so wiped out their families and descendents, slaughtering everyone.

This was a great grudge that continued throughout the ages. Even though they died, that type of despair still remained. It turned into a special type of emotion that wandered this world.

Shi Hao left into the distance, but he could vaguely still make out an ancient war song. Even though it was extremely faint, that type of sadness, that type of grief, was injected straight into one’s soul.

They lost, all of them killed, no one to protect their wives and children, and as such were massacred, slaughtered.

In a daze, Shi Hao saw a great earth dyed in blood. The men of all clans fought, wives and children crying in distress. However, in the end, they still lost, not even the weak elders, young ladies, or children spared.

The natives were killed, all of them wiped out!

This was the lamentable Immortal Ancient. It was originally a prosperous world, yet it was forcibly buried, blood purged by the people from the other shore, creating this world ending tragedy.

“I will not allow this type of thing to happen to this world!” Shi Hao vowed inwardly, his fists tightly clenched.

“Mother, brothers, sisters, I miss you all…” The golden little ant’s eyes were red. He turned his head back with each step; were his loved ones killed right here in the past?

It was too difficult for him to let go. He vowed, saying, “I have to become stronger, slaughter my way into the other shore, get revenge for you all. I am going to continue fighting! Even if I die in the process, it has to be like father, fight until the last drop of blood flows out, kill until the foreign experts shiver in fear!”

Along the way, nothing unexpected happened. There were no special scenes that occurred.

When they entered earlier, they saw too many corpses, even the blood that was flowing out still carrying heat. It was just that real, that difficult to distinguish whether it was real or fake.

Shi Hao knew that they saw things that truly happened. That was the final conclusion of the former natives!

It was cruel, heroic, and tragic!

Sad, pitiful, lamentable!

They left, leaving this ancient land. They followed the mountain path, walking between a few grand mountains.

“Heavens, my eyes aren’t deceiving me, right? That is… Huang! He actually came out alive!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out. 

Outside, there were some people who didn’t leave yet, waiting for news all this time. In reality, the number of people here actually wasn’t few, people all around the great mountains.

There were a few giant cities in the Northern Sea Forest, many people living in them.

Everyone thought that Shi Hao would undoubtedly die in the ultimate land of self-refinement, that there was no way he could come out alive, that this was an unchangeable situation.

That was why many people left beforehand, not wishing to waste any time here.

However, Shi Hao appeared, coming out alive. This was definitely a heaven shocking development, news that shook up the entire northern sea!

No one had ever came out alive! This place was full of danger, the ultimate land of self-refinement was too terrifying, there was no way one could go in and come out in one piece.

Yet now, someone broke the legend, establishing an inconceivable feat!


This place erupted with noise, news flying in all directions, transmitting to the various giant cities, and then into the northern sea depths.

“Someone actually returned alive! Huang truly is a heaven warping genius!”

At this moment, all praise seemed to be lacking. No one had ever succeeded in coming out of that place alive, when they went in, they would die. At the very least, no one in this great era was able to do it.

Forget about everyone else, even Shi Hao himself sighed with admiration. He encountered He Wushuang at his current cultivation realm, the battle ending in mutual defeat, both sides falling, so he knew that when people of other cultivation realms visited the extreme peaks, entering the land of self-refinement, the dangers they encountered would also match their respective cultivation realm.

If he could encounter He Wushuang, then if those giants were to come, then they might encounter half undying beings and others!

Their return trip was extremely calm, no unexpected things happening.

The ancient coffin, and the ancient corpse on the cliff whose eyes were opened, making one doubt if it was actually dead, didn’t move at all, allowing him to come out.

They finally left the land of danger. Shi Hao released a breath of relief.


Suddenly, great winds blew past. There was an expanse of black mist, accompanied by a great downpour that cleansed the heavens, pouring down, submerging the land around the giant mountains.

This was just too sudden, leaving one completely shocked!

“Not good, it’s those divine peaks that no one had ascended for millions of years that are displaying changes, ghost achieving immortality, it’s real! They’ve appeared!”

There was someone who cried out, causing panic in this place. Many people began to run away.

It was because within this expanse of darkness, it was gray and misty, incredibly stifling.

Only Shi Hao knew that this wasn’t a ghost immortal, not strange changes that were happening on the ancient mountains no one ascended for millions of years, but rather other creatures.

Powerful winds split the skies. Soon afterwards, Shi Hao was brought into outer space by the great winds.

He stood here, gazing into the stars of the cosmos, deeply sensing the insignificance of a single person.

“It’s you all!” A black line appeared between his brows, his expression unpleasant.

There were two people on the other side, one old, one young. He didn’t recognize the older one, his hair sparse, snow-white and sparkling, his face full of wrinkles, old to the point where there was even a rotting smell. Shi Hao could tell with a single look that this person didn’t have much longer to live.

As for the younger one, Shi Hao recognized him. It was someone he had fought with not too long ago in Heavenly Deity Institution, blasted until blood was vomited out, almost dying on the spot. His name was Wang Manglong.

These were people from a long life family, Wang Xi’s clansmen.

“I believe you should understand our reason for coming!” Wang Manglong’s expression was ice-cold, carrying killing intent, as well as a powerful feeling of resentment.

Shi Hao’s mind went cold. Wang Family really dared to take action. Were they planning to eliminate him here?

“I was forced into Origin Ancient Mine by your Wang Family, almost dying in the process, and later on even more so viewed as a servant, always you all who oppressed and opposed me. Now, you even want to directly kill me?” Shi Hao asked.

“Heh heh, young man, you are not bad, your talent exceptional, worthy of respect. However, this is precisely why you’ve made many people fearful. Once you are allowed to grow, I fear that there might be a great disaster brought to my Wang Family.” That elder spoke. Even though he gave off a feeling as if half his body was already buried, ready to die at any time, his voice was still resounding, making one’s blood and qi surge!

“Killing me like this, don’t you all feel like it is a bit too much? Apart from this, once Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder learns of this, would you all be able to live?” Shi Hao looked at them coldly.

“Who will know that it was us who did this? Everyone has already seen that there were strange changes that happened on those divine mountains no one has ascended for millions of years, and that is what caused your disappearance, your death.” Wang Family’s elder was all smiles.

“You think that your methods are great, but it is extremely difficult for there to be mysteries in this world. With Great Elder’s great cultivation, he will definitely learn of everything!” Shi Hao said.

“For the sake of my clansmen, for the sake of eliminating a future disaster, even if that old thing finds out, so what? At that time, you would already be dead. Could it be that he really wishes to start a war against my Wang Family?” Wang Manglong sneered.

“Do you think you can continue living after I die?” Shi Hao said coldly.

“I was already aware a long time ago. Provoking you in Heavenly Deity Institution was done on purpose, I was acting under orders. After establishing the grudge there, leaving behind an introduction, only then would killing you here seem fair and reasonable!” Wang Manglong’s face was pale. He stared at Shi Hao with resentment, saying, “If that old thing from Heavenly Deity Institution insists on denouncing us, he could only see that I carry resentment, killing you out of a grudge. In this type of situation, for the greater good, he won’t completely have a falling out with the Wang Family, he will at most kill me!”

“Also, this old one is about to die soon anyway, not having many years left, so I am willing to accompany you to the grave.” That elder from the Wang Family chuckled, carrying a restrained sinisterness and killing intent, staring at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao’s expression became increasingly cold. “Do you all hate me this much, not hesitating to throw away your lives just to eliminate me?”

“It wasn’t much originally, but your growth was too fast. If this continues, the day will come when my Wang Family will be threatened. That will be a disaster, so it is better to just end your life early.” The elder said with a smile.

He was extremely frank, saying that he wanted to kill a genius, eliminate him beforehand to prevent any unforeseeable events from taking place in the future.

This was enough to prove just how much importance the long life family Wang Clan attached to Shi Hao. They were a giant power themselves, but for the sake of killing him, they didn’t even hesitate to abandon their own clansmen.

“The creatures of the other shore are about to invade, and I can be considered one of the seeds. If I don’t die, when they cross over, I have confidence that I can display great uses.” Shi Hao calmly said.

“What a joke. It is precisely because we are scared that you will rise up that we are going to kill you. You think we are just going to watch as you grow stronger?!” The elder roared with laughter.

“You…” Shi Hao’s face became cold. “You aren’t even going to consider the fact that there are enemies on the other side?!”

“Who cares if the heavens collapse and the earth caves in, great flood overflows into the heavens? What does the misfortune of the rest of the world have to do with us? As long as our long life Wang Family properly continues existing, then that is enough. When the creatures of the other shore invade, what does that have to do with us?!” The elder laughed coldly.

“What did you say?!” Shi Hao berated.

“Youngster, you are too naive. Do you truly believe that all of the long life families are going to fight to the death with the other side? The reason why the long life families could remain, safely pass through a great era, is because they all have methods. There are reasons for this!” The elder said indifferently, but these words were truly terrifying.

“You…” Shi Hao was shocked and furious. The words this old man spoke were too clear. They deserve to be punished!

“Wu, you entered the ultimate land of self-refinement, actually able to come out alive and in one piece. You ought to have obtained what you wanted, right?” The elder said. Then, he chuckled and said, “Just hand it over. Perhaps we will be buried with you, but that isn’t now. We’ll bring the heaven-defying natural luck you obtained back with us to Wang Family first.”

“Old thing, your Wang Family’s people are all truly scum!” Shi Hao said through gritted teeth.

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