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Chapter 1312 - Scripture Obtained

Imperishable Scripture, it was right here. They could now obtain it!

There was no news better than this. The series of events that had taken place after they arrived was extremely strange, like an emotional roller coaster, taking their moods up and down.

They were finally going to obtain the scripture, their hopes not going to come to nothing.

“Hateful He Wushuang, you thought that no one else would be able to obtain the scripture just because you destroyed the mountain peak? Who do you think you are? When I finish cultivating it, I’ll come settle the debt with you!” The Heavenly Horned Ant gnashed his teeth in anger. The grudge of having his brothers killed, the hatred of his sisters cut down, how could he let it go?

Shi Hao was also overjoyed, feeling stirred up inside. He looked at the jade stone-like white bone key. He indeed never foresaw things turning out like this.

It truly was finding a glimmer of hope when everything seemed lost!

The Imperishable Scripture was extremely important, it was what he desired. For some reason, he felt like he had to use this scripture to cross all types of tribulations, that this was what he had to rely on.

At the very least, before he had taken a path no one had taken before, one that was his own, this scripture might be tied to whether he was going to live or die. Its significance was too great.

Only, when the excitement passed and he calmed down, Shi Hao stared at this crow.

Was this black vicious bird trustworthy?

Everything that was spoken just now was built on its words. If something unexpected happened, then it might be something extremely serious and terrifying.

It wasn’t that Shi Hao was being overly suspicious, but rather that in this type of dangerous land, many things couldn’t be evaluated with normal reasoning. If he was naive and simple, he might just die without even a proper burial!

The crow wasn’t annoyed that it was being watched like this, instead revealing a look of praise, saying, “Even though you are stirred up, your still haven’t lost a sense of propriety, losing the vigilance you ought to carry, this is the distinctive character of a warrior. Otherwise, no matter how great one’s talents are, he still might die.”

It was an evaluation that wasn’t bad, carrying praise. What it was worried about the most was that the people of this great era didn’t experience war, never witnessing the blood and cruelty of Immortal Ancient Great Era, the misery of bones piled up into mountains, that they were like flowers in a greenhouse.

Now, it seemed like the situation was better than it thought.

“You can go and try, use the white bone key to open up Imperishable Peak!”

The first step was about to be carried out, uncovering the most superficial layer of the seal!

This time, Shi Hao and the Heavenly Horned Ant were extremely careful, closing in on the precipice. They operated the greatest divine force to undo the seal.


In reality, this was a type of reaction, interacting with Imperishable Peak, making it revive.

“You have already remained here for a while, fighting a great battle, not losing to He Wushuang. This peak has actually long approved of you, so there shouldn’t be too much difficulty.” The crow said. It remained far away.

Sure enough, when Shi Hao had just begun to use the key, this massive mountain seemed to have become like a living creature, quickly reviving, releasing light, producing exuberant life force.

This was a type of extremely wonderful change!

The bare mountain body was originally dull gray and lacking radiance. It was a dark red color, soaked in the blood of immortals endless years ago, this place lacking life force.

However now, a few tender stalks of grass grew, as well as a few green vines. They emerged from the earth, to the extent where they could be said to break out of the stone walls in emergence, green and lush, gradually prospering.

Then, the entire mountain revealed a layer of faint golden light!

Moreover, all of the plants were changing, as if they were golden plants. This place was resplendent, the radiance rushing straight into the skies.


Grand scripture sounds rang through the mountaintop, so loud even the deaf could hear, making one want to comprehend the dao, immerse themselves in the deepest level of comprehension. It was as if they were anointed with perfect enlightenment.

These scripture sounds were divine and dignified, as if an imperishable creature was chanting scriptures here!

Then, above the mountain, several golden beast skin sheets appeared, turning into paper. Their surfaces were covered in scripture, containing endless mysteries.

Those characters were extremely brilliant, flickering like stars. Shi Hao wanted to seize them, wishing to see them clearly, but he just couldn’t do it.

The four golden sheets fluttered about there, releasing hua hua sounds. He couldn’t truly grasp the scripture’s profound meanings, only able to vaguely understand a bit.

This was precisely the Imperishable Scripture!

“Open it!”

The crow shouted, reminding Shi Hao not to waste time.

Shi Hao’s palm shone. He activated magical force, operating that white bone key. At this moment, auspicious energy erupted in thousands of streaks, brilliant multicolored light in tens of thousands of strands; it was extremely gorgeous and magnificent.


The white bone key turned into a streak of white light. It entered Imperishable Peak, directly making its way into the mountain body, and then disappeared without a trace.


A world-shaking noise sounded. This mountain was cracking apart, releasing the most resplendent golden light from within. It was as if the most terrifying volcano of this world was cracking apart in the darkness of night, blazing radiance surging from within. From the distance, it was as if golden liquid was flowing.

Divine radiance poured down, illuminating the heavenly dome.

At this moment, the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers all grew dim, only serving as a backdrop. Only this majestic ancient mountain displayed its might, swirling with mysterious aura.


In the end, the mountain collapsed, giant rocks tumbling in all directions, revealing the scene within. The true scripture was here, the four golden sheets were incredibly condensed and real.

“Imperishable Scripture!” The little ant’s breathing became rushed, finally seeing this scripture.

The four scriptures were densely covered in characters. There were all types of mysterious lines as well, corresponding to the great mysteries of the human-shaped creature’s body.

No wonder that when many creatures cultivated to the highest cultivation realm, they would always choose the human form, there was a reasoning behind this. Even the Imperishable Scripture was prepared for human-shaped creatures.

“Can you cultivate it?” Shi Hao asked.

The Heavenly Horned Ant raised its head up high, full of confidence as it said, “It’s not like I am a true ant. I am a Heavenly Horned Ant, humanoid to begin with!”

After saying this, it stood up, holding its arms behind its back, putting on the appearance of a profound expert.

“En?” In the distance, the crow was suddenly shocked, and then it was pleasantly surprised, saying, “This time, it is quite excellent, the scripture’s recovery relatively complete, not becoming damaged.”

“What are you trying to say? Could it be that all nine pages are here?” Shi Hao asked.

“No!” The crow shook its head in rejection. “I am saying that these four pages’ recovery was quite complete, that there weren’t any damages.”

In the past, regardless of whether it was the old Heavenly Horned Ant or He Wushuang, they both came here. The four sheets of golden beast skin books more or less had some deficiencies, for example, missing a corner, lacking the final few lines, etc.

The crow was worried that the scripture wouldn’t completely revive, that there would still be damages. Now that it saw the scene before it, it became at ease.

Shi Hao and the little ant were moved. They quickly rushed forward!

They proceeded all the way here precisely for the Imperishable Scripture. Now, they were finally going to obtain it.

The golden sheets floated there, sun, moon, and stars revolving around them. That type of scene truly was a bit frightening.

This wasn’t like a scripture at all, every single beast skin sheet like an expanse of cosmos that supported a stellar realm. They gave others an incredibly heavy feeling, as if they were going to crush this world.

In reality, when Shi Hao and the little ant touched the scripture, there really was this type of feeling. It was too heavy, simply impossible to move!

Shi Hao and the little ant were extremely shocked. With their current strength, it was already so strenuous, so if others came, they wouldn’t be able to move it in the slightest!


The little ant released a great roar, raising a sheet of golden beast skin. His entire body was surging with spiritual essence, now already feeling extremely strained!

This thing was real, actually having a tangible form!

They thought that it was just an imprint, no way it would have a material form. However, they really did have physical forms!

“Why is this thing this heavy? Even with our strength, it’s taking everything just to raise these four beast skins. We won’t be able to bring even a single one away!” The little ant said.

The crow was momentarily speechless. It looked at this scene again and again, and only then did it say, “The Imperishable Scripture is an unsurpassed scripture, it cannot be reasoned with conventional wisdom. Do you really think it is a beast skin sheet? It is enough if you do your best to remember it, doing so can be counted as bringing it away.”

“Fine then!” The little ant was still a bit unwilling. It liked the feeling of touching this type of beast skin, previously wanting to keep it as some type of collector’s item.

The man and ant both sat down, starting to observe these types of characters.

“They aren’t Immortal Ancient characters, nor are they the words of this world, however… I can recognize them!” Shi Hao’s expression became serious.

This was an unmatched scripture after all. These characters were the embodiment of the dao, transcending the limits of ages, allowing people of any great era to understand them.

How astonishing was this? This was a unique and exceptional heavenly book, unmatched precious scripture!

Both of the them were extraordinary, possessing exceptional talent, or else there was no way they would have made it through the trials to reach this place.

Even though the four golden sheets were packed with characters, they were all clearly engraved in their heads, impossible to forget.

Meanwhile, at this time, something strange happened. The four beast skins grew dim, the sun, moon, and stars around them also began to die out.

Soon afterwards, the four sheets of golden beast skins disappeared, vanishing from the skies!

“Disappeared?” The little ant was stunned.

“Correct, because it has already been remembered by you two, equivalent to becoming undying. It has taken root in your heart. It will take many years before the Imperishable Scripture here is reborn.” The crow explained.

The two of them felt that this really was strange. The scripture was like a farm crop, after being reaped once, they had to wait until the next year before it would make more.

However, if one wanted to wait for it to appear here, then one might easily wait several million years, to the extent where even an entire great era might pass!

Shi Hao and the little ant remained in a wondrous state for a long time. They couldn’t control themselves, comprehending the scripture, not willing to wake up from this.

The crow coughed, having them wake up. 

“Wasn’t it said that the Imperishable Scripture couldn’t be destroyed? Unless one cultivated it to a level of perfection, it should have completely appeared here.” The little ant was unsatisfied, raising this issue, asking about why the other five sheets were missing.

“It is because this is the upper part. There were only four sheets of scripture to begin with.” The crow replied.

Then, it told them something that made them sigh. The Imperishable Scripture had two halves, the lower part in the ‘Land of Undying’, a grand and terrifying restricted area.

Going there was the same as throwing one’s life away!

One could see from the name alone that this place was unordinary, known as an undying ancient land. It definitely carried endless legends and secrets.

“If you two completely cultivate the two parts, reaching the level of perfection, then the Imperishable Scripture would disappear from both areas, forever unable to be reproduced in these two places again.” The crow reminded.

“This place called Land of Undying, I heard that even long life family’s people avoid it, that they wouldn’t approach this type of place. How can we obtain the lower part then?” The little ant became a bit dispirited.

Back then, his father didn’t know there was a lower part, just speculating that the scripture was incomplete. Otherwise, with his father’s unmatched prowess, he might have been able to make a trip around the Land of Undying, pay the creatures there a visit.

“Cultivate the upper half properly first, it is already enough for you to cultivate to the supreme being level. Do not forget that your father only had the upper half as well, yet he already stepped into the long life domain.” Shi Hao said, telling him not to bite off more than he could chew, that setting a proper foundation was the most important.

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