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Chapter 1311 - Imperishable

“Did I truly meet He Wushuang?” Shi Hao found this a bit hard to believe.

“You did, but you didn’t.” The crow explained.

That person had He Wushuang’s strength, but it wasn’t his true body. After all, there was a great era separating them, so how could they meet so easily?

If they really did meet, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

He Wushuang had cultivated for endless ears, if they met in this world, then that would be simply unimaginable!

That was why if one wanted the Imperishable Scripture, they couldn’t lose to the younger He Wushuang. Otherwise, it would be completely useless, they would fall short, unable to defy the heavens even after cultivating it.

“Why did everything seem so real? What kind of place is this, for it to be able to recreate He Wushuang?”

“This is a reflection of history. It could be said that you encountered He Wushuang, but part of it could be said that you watched another person fight against him.” The crow sighed, sounding extremely distressed.

Why did it speak like this? Shi Hao was confused.

“It is because in Immortal Ancient’s last phase, after the entire world was defeated, there really was a young man who came with his mount in search of his father, encountering He Wushuang here.”

That person was extremely strong, powerful beyond compare, among the very best of this side. He was regarded as their hope, wishing to have him remain behind and grow up.

“He was hidden within a long life family, but during Immortal Ancient’s last phase, he sensed something, feeling as if his head was wrenched by blades, tears of blood flowing out involuntarily. He knew that all of his own loved ones had been killed in battle, entire family killed, slaughtered on the battlefield!”

“Long life family” Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. They were able to ensure which families survived during those end times?

“Precisely… long life family, their age exceeds your imagination. However, you all won’t understand why some families were able to continue existing. These so-called long life families, heh, hahaha!” The old crow’s laughter sounded extremely ear-piercing.

It didn’t continue laughing, instead returning to that young man’s story.

That young man couldn’t hold back any longer. When the last phase’s great battle ended and things calmed down a bit, he immediately hurried to the battlefield, wishing to find his loved ones’ corpses. However, he ended up encountering He Wushuang.

He Wushuang held the Immortal Smelting Pot, collecting the essence blood of these supreme figures. He originally should have left a long time ago, but he sensed something, discovering the Imperishable Scripture, moreover successfully undoing its seal.

He Wushuang lingered about here, staying for a few days.

The result was easy to see. That youngster hurried over, and then the two clashed, not wishing to stop until the other side died. In the end, they fought until they went crazy, sacred blood scattering out!

It was a pity, that young man died, ruthlessly killed by He Wushuang, not his opponent. One of the most powerful seeds of Immortal Ancient fell here, dying without achieving anything.

Meanwhile, what Shi Hao experienced, some of it was produced by He Wushuang’s imprints, while some was the result of being dragged into that young man’s miserable battle.

“He Wushuang is still alive!” The crow said. This sentence made Shi Hao’s mind heavy, making the little ant’s breathing even more so become difficult.

What cultivation realm did he reach now? Was there anyone who could even keep him in check?!

The little ant said through gritted teeth, “What we experienced was so real, was what he said all true? When he said that he killed my brothers and sisters?!”

“It is true. This was indeed done by him.” The crow said.

Shi Hao still had questions, asking, “Why do I feel like what I faced wasn’t just imprints, but real, as if it was an instance of reincarnation?!”

“This… I cannot say for certain. Based on my understanding, you only fought with his imprints. However, this mountain peak is extremely unordinary, known as Imperishable Peak. Perhaps it truly affected the balance of time-space, forcefully bringing you two back to Immortal Ancient’s last phase, encountering He Wushuang!”

Shi Hao lowered his head to look at the five dao reincarnation imprints in his palm. He didn’t say anything. As for what truly happened, only when he met He Wushuang in the future would he completely understand.

Meanwhile, at that time, he would also be able to verify the secrets of the previous four dao reincarnation imprints!

“He Wushuang, you’re already covered in old skin. Are you still alive? I will definitely hack down your head with my own two hands!” The little ant shouted, making a vow here.

Only, regardless of whether it was him or Shi Hao, both of their minds were extremely heavy.

It was because if He Wushuang truly still existed, then that would be extremely troublesome. After all these years passed, he definitely became an absolutely terrifying individual.

Perhaps the entire Nine Heavens Ten Earths would tremble beneath his feet. Once that creature appeared again, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.


He needed time, he needed to catch up!

Shi Hao felt a wave of powerlessness. How could he rise up? What did he have to do to raise himself to the peak of the divine dao? Otherwise, he was destined to fall while nursing a grievance, difficult for him to accomplish anything.

He didn’t have as much time, so he could only rely on himself to transcend to the limit, complete the path others needed endless times to complete in the shortest amount of time!

“I want the Imperishable Scripture!” Shi Hao said. He couldn’t waste any more time. He needed to obtain the scripture, and then strengthen himself. Time was too precious for him.

“Where is the Imperishable Scripture?” The Heavenly Horned Ant also asked. This was their greatest goal in coming to this place, everything else was secondary.

“He Wushuang brought it away.” The crow sighed.

“What?!” The little Heavenly Horned Ant cried out in alarm.

Shi Hao’s head of black hair also fluttered about behind him. He clenched his fists, this was just too terrible. The enemy was becoming stronger and stronger, good fortune incomparable. Meanwhile, they missed out.

The golden little ant was so angry he couldn’t help but release a great roar, striking the mountain peak fiercely, finding this too hard to accept. How could it be like this?

“He brought away the Imperishable Scripture… there is no news more terrible than this!” Shi Hao said with a sigh. Then, he asked, since the scripture disappeared, why was there still a need to test him?

“He Wushuang brought away the scriptures, but that doesn’t mean that the inheritance is truly cut short here.” The crow said.

“What are you trying to say?” The little Heavenly Horned Ant immediately asked.

“What is the so-called imperishable?” The crow was extremely calm, and then with a somewhat imposing and pressing voice said, “It can allow one’s flesh to become imperishable, the body exist forever! Meanwhile, it has to be even more so like this itself! To be known as imperishable, that means that the scripture also has to be imperishable!”

Shi Hao and the little ant were a bit stunned. What kind of reasoning was this, what was going on?

“The true Imperishable Scripture is engraved on this Imperishable Peak!” The crow pointed at this massive mountain.

It spoke of a shocking secret. The Imperishable Scripture was engraved on the mountain! Unless one truly completely refined it, it would exist forever, remaining imperishable, eternal.

In the past, after the seal was undone, the beast skin sheets that appeared on the mountain peak were all condensed from its symbols, not true tangible beast skins.

“If you wish to obtain this scripture, then you need to obtain its acknowledgment, moreover find the ‘scripture key’ to examine it!” The crow explained.

Shi Hao and the little ant were both stunned when they heard this. They never expected this place to be this complex, this difficult just to examine a scripture.

They both carried suspicions. It was actually this difficult, requiring all types of conditions. Just how did He Wushuang bring away the Imperishable Scripture?

The crow released a sigh. The creatures of the other shore really were too strong, with unsurpassed terrifying individuals in existence. There were previously a few great undying beings who came together.

“They took action together, forcefully opening up a crack, revealing the true scripture!”

In the end, after those individuals believed that He Wushuang obtained the scripture, they used the Immortal Smelting Pot that was made to refine true immortals to death to break the mountain peak, destroying this place.

They didn’t wish for any later generations to obtain the scripture, thus ending it here!

“Only, they were people from the other side after all, so they wouldn’t understand the true terrifying nature of this scripture. After endless time had passed, Imperishable Peak recovered. The scriptures within appeared once more. It is imperishable!” The crow said.

Was this the Imperishable Scripture? Even the scripture could remain imperishable, coexist with the world!

It was mysterious after all, no wonder others said that once it was truly refined to perfection, one could become unmatched through the heavens! They really could achieve unbreaking through all tribulations, imperishable in this world.

“Sigh!” The little ant sighed, feeling dispirited and downcast.

In his eyes, the situation was still extremely bad, absolutely terrible. It was because He Wushuang seized the scripture a step before them, now cultivated to who knew what level. Was there even any use in trying to catch up?

However, it quickly woke up again, saying, “You are saying that once someone truly successfully refines it, this Imperishable Scripture would disappear from this place?”

Since the crow said that the scripture was still here, the mountain peak properly recovering, then this meant that… He Wushuang didn’t completely refine it, or he didn’t reach absolute perfection!

“He will never be able to fully cultivate it, unable to reach the end of this path, because just like the former Vicious Ten’s Heavenly Horned Ant, he will find it too difficult to fully comprehend.” The crow said.

“What are you trying to say?!” The little ant didn’t want to continue listening, widening its eyes.

“The scripture is incomplete. This place only has the four golden beast skin sheets you saw. This isn’t all of it, there should be nine sheets of scriptures!” The crow explained.

“En?” This left Shi Hao stunned.

There were nine pages of the Imperishable Scripture in total? The other party only brought away four sheets, so it seemed like he really couldn’t achieve perfection with it.

No wonder the Vicious Ten’s old Heavenly Horned Ant couldn’t completely cultivate it his entire life. It was just like he had said, the scripture was flawed, not complete.

Where are the remaining five sheets?” The little ant asked.

“They are rumored to be in the most terrifying restricted land of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Even in our world, only two or three people know about it.” The crow sighed.

Shi Hao and the little ant knew that there were terrifying restricted areas in this world that couldn’t be stepped into, even long life families needed to avoid those places.

“Which restricted areas? What do we have to do to obtain the scripture?” The little Heavenly Horned Ant desired it greatly.

“If you wish to enter the restricted areas, you have to be alive to explore them. Before you study the five latter sheets of scriptures, it is best if you properly cultivate the first four for now!” The old crow said, pouring cold water on the little ant’s enthusiasm.

However, it was extremely difficult to open this Imperishable Peak, because the two of them knew that a ‘scripture key’ was needed.

What was that thing? What did it look like?

“You already passed the trial, your talent not inferior to He Wushuang. As long as you obtain the scripture key, it would be enough.” The crow said.

Shi Hao and the little ant were immediately stunned. They had never heard about this before, so where would they even go to look for it?

They were not He Wushuang, they didn’t have undying beings behind them, no unmatched experts to help them forcefully acquire the scriptures. Where would they go to find these types of experts in the present age?

“The one who pointed you here should know that a ‘scripture key’ is needed. Could it be that he didn’t tell you a about it?” The old crow frowned, feeling quite disappointed.

“The scripture key, what exactly did it look like?” Shi Hao asked.

“A white bone key, gentle like fine white jade, imperishable and unbreakable.”

When he heard this reply, Shi Hao was moved. He quickly searched his belongings, producing a snow-white sparkling white bone key.

“You had this thing on you!” The crow gasped in surprise.

Shi Hao understood that the old Heavenly Horned Ant definitely long sensed this key, and that was why he pointed him here!

This thing came from Immortal Battlefield. Three years ago, Heavenly Deity Institution’s students moved out together to undergo a trial by fire. They had previously entered an ancient land. This key was discovered from an underground cave.

There was previously a rotting Emperor Butterfly there as well, the long life family Feng Clan’s uncle and nephew had previously tried to fight over the opportunities in that place, but both ultimately died there.

Apart from this, the unmatched empress who wore the bronze mask had previously appeared over the battlefield’s great river of history, helping Shi Hao force back a giant from endless years past.

In short, that place was extremely mysterious, carrying extremely great mysteries.

He never expected the white bone key he obtained back then would be this important! No wonder there was previously a rotting Emperor Butterfly there.

When he thought about these things, he thought of the little Emperor Butterfly that was laying dormant on him. After several years had passed, it was still asleep, just like the Divine Striking Stone, not waking all this time.

One was like this because it absorbed the rotting Emperor Butterfly’s imprints, undergoing a transformation, the other because it ate an All Magic Stone, Heaven’s Mandate Stone, and all types of other heavenly treasures.

“With the scripture key, you can obtain the Imperishable Scripture!” The old crow said with extreme certainty!

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