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Chapter 1308 - Alive

This was the Primal Chaos Palace!

When the Blood Phoenix Lion saw this, its blood-colored hair immediately stood on end, becoming terrified. A chill ran through its entire body, wishing to turn around and run.

However, it didn’t dare to run before it found He Wushuang’s corpse. This young man had an extraordinarily great background. Even though its bloodline was unordinary, could be considered noble, if it abandoned the young monarch who had the ‘Unmatched Under the Sky’ title, there wouldn’t be a good end for it.

In the depths of the cracks, that palace rose and fell, flowing along chaotic streams of space. It was accompanied by time fragments and primal chaos mist, extremely mysterious.

Within the wide open palace gates, the Immortal Smelting Pot was still and unmoving, subduing that place!

The little golden ant’s pupils released wisps of divine radiance. It never would have expected that the terrifying demonic pot would enter inside, confront the other artifacts.

“The unmatched weapon of an undying being, it went inside to fight…” The Blood Phoenix Lion’s voice was trembling. This was also the reason why they wanted to run.

It was because that level of battle was too high. Once the effects spread, the heavens would collapse and earth cave in, all things wiped out, no longer anything in existence.

The little ant sensed something, feeling a bit uneasy, because not long ago, it saw the Immortal Smelting Pot suck away the essence blood of supreme individuals with its own eyes, refining all of it inside.

This type of thing was too heaven-defying, the power completely impossible to keep in check. Even during Immortal Ancient years, it didn’t even show itself that many times, rumored to have long been lost!

Correct, even in the great battle of the late stages, when the calamity of doomsday arrived in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, it still never appeared.

It now seemed a bit strange!

There was a sword on the other side of the Immortal Smelting Pot, world-shaking killing energy overflowing into the heavens, making even the Primal Chaos Palace tremble slightly. The two were confronting each other!

This was a sword core, not all that sharp, extremely thick and heavy. It looked as if a cutting edge wasn’t even added, extremely simple and ancient, dull and lacking light. However, right now, it was releasing endless malevolent energy.

It was precisely the Everlasting Sword Core!

The little ant was extremely shocked. Wasn’t this sword core Shi Hao’s? It didn’t look that remarkable, but at the crucial moment, it was this terrifying, actually daring to contend against the Immortal Smelting Pot!

It was clear that in the battle between Shi Hao and He Wushuang, the two used all of their trump cards, in the end even more so using unmatched magical artifacts to face each other.

However, none of them expected the Everlasting Sword Core to erupt, burst with this level of power at the crucial moment. Even though they all speculated that it was unordinary, none of them thought that it could challenge the Immortal Smelting Pot.

“Just a damaged artifact, what use do you have left? You wish to compete against me?” That Immortal Smelting Pot spoke, releasing a ruthless divine consciousness voice.

The Everlasting Sword Core was silent, still overflowing with malevolent energy. It faced the other side, not willing to back up.

“I previously heard that you were refined merely from ruined materials, decoration for that other artifact. It seems like these aren’t just baseless rumors.” The Immortal Smelting Pot said.

It determined that this Everlasting Sword Core didn’t have its own consciousness, not possessing a sharp spiritual awareness, only having a type of instinct.

“So it was these two things. I suspected that it is some being’s bones. It still didn’t shatter after experiencing endless tribulations and dangers.” The Immortal Smelting Pot said, attaching quite a bit of importance to the sparkling white bones on the ground.

It was the bone piece with the True Primordial Record carved on it, as well as the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram.


The Everlasting Sword Core moved, exceptional sword radiance surging. It was too resplendent, simply about to tear apart the everlasting!

When it was confronted by the Immortal Smelting Pot, all of its malevolent energy completely surged, glorious sword light crushing the sun, moon, and rivers of stars, making the entire ancient palace rumble with noise.

If it was anything else, they would have long been suppressed and destroyed by the palace, crushed to pieces.

These things were too sturdy, everlasting throughout the ages, coexisting with the world, difficult to erase.


Sword energy flew in endless forms, stellar streams flowing in reverse. The cosmos emerged, abyss forming, a terrifying scene emerging here.

It was just a single strike, yet it produced such great disasters, terrifying abnormal scenes of the world being opened.

Immortal Smelting Pot, it was rumored to have been forged precisely to refine True Immortals to death, so it was naturally powerful beyond compare. A wave of gray mist drifted out from the pot’s mouth, affecting this entire space.

This mist was extremely terrifying, able to wipe out immortal divine blood!

However, the Primal Chaos Palace was similarly astonishing! As the two weapons fought, it shone, condensing space, unexpectedly wishing to simultaneously deal with the two ancient weapons!


The void shattered, this place in chaos, nothing visible any longer.

The Blood Phoenix Lion and little ant were stupefied as they watched this. The weapons fought on their own, this type of thing was actually happening.

However, it seemed like that Immortal Smelting Pot truly was incomparable, simply incomprehensible. The golden little ant could only place his hopes of the ancient palace, hoping that it could reverse the situation.

“When the Immortal Smelting Pot appears, who can match it? It was forged specifically to refine immortals to death, let alone a sword core!” The Blood Phoenix Lion said.

“You are courting death!” The golden little ant rushed over murderously. His hostility towards the lion was too great, because that Blood Phoenix Lion had eaten his siblings.

The Blood Phoenix Lion turned around to run, not wishing to fight against this ant. It had already witnessed his berserk state once.

The Heavenly Horned Ant didn’t chase after it, because he wanted to find Shi Hao’s head. Even though the chances him finding it wasn’t great, he had to find a way, holding onto that last bit of hope.

The Blood Phoenix Lion was also searching. Even though it felt like both sides most likely took each other down, destroying the other party’s primordial spirit, the head couldn’t have remained, it still had to keep looking for clues.

The void here was unstable, great cracks interweaving. This was especially the case when the Primal Chaos Palace trembled just now, making this place more and more dangerous.

A few magical artifact fragments, blood, bone fragments, and other things fell from the great void cracks. One could imagine just how intense and terrifying the great battle just now was.

The two of them fought until their bodies exploded and broke into pieces.

“Shi Hao, where are you?” The little ant screamed.

“Master, you are unmatched, known to be without equal under the sky, how could you have fallen? You are definitely still alive! Where are you? I have divine medicine for you!” The Blood Phoenix Lion was also searching.

After searching for a long time, they didn’t find the heads of either one of them.

This left the little ant in despair, feeling extremely dispirited. His companion fell in battle, making him feel extremely broken-hearted. This was the first friend he made after coming into the world, yet he fell just like this.

Moreover, Shi Hao took action for his sake, fighting to the death with the enemy who killed his brothers and sisters.

“I will get revenge for you! One day, I will fight my way into the other shore and wipe out all enemies!” The little ant vowed.

Suddenly, it felt a wave of icy-coldness. A wave of terrifying aura appeared.

It suddenly turned around, seeing a head in the great void cracks. It didn't have a lower jaw, the space between its brows shattered, frontal bone long blasted through. His primordial spirit should have been long destroyed, but… he was still alive!

“He Wushuang!” The golden little ant screamed, alarmed and furious, so angry his body was even shaking. This so-called foreign younger generation leading figure didn’t die, managing to survive.


The little ant roared, charging forward, using the most powerful strength to kill this person.

“Master!” The Blood Phoenix Lion screamed out, feeling overjoyed. He Wushuang was still alive, there were no news better than this. This way, it wouldn’t have to worry about any guilt when it returned.

“Give it to me!” He Wushuang released a low roar. His previous calmness and peacefulness completely gone. Now, his divine consciousness released a voice of urgency. His head quickly rushed up, piecing together with the broken body the Blood Phoenix Lion collected.

Then, he produced a jade container from within his body, pouring the contents into his body. One could see divine light spilling out, fragrance wafting out. This was an exceptional precious pill!

This type of thing could allow bones to regrow flesh, refined from the world’s rare divine medicines.

“Master, did that enemy die?” The Blood Phoenix Lion said.

Pi pa sounds rang out within He Wushuang’s flesh, and then he stared at the little ant who rushed over, his eyes cold. He was now truly angry.

It was because he suffered too miserably today, almost dying here. That young man named Shi Hao actually almost killed him.

“I was careless, not expecting him to be this strong.” He Wushuang said.


He raised his right hand. Even though the injuries were serious, ready to break apart again at any time, he still acted powerfully, using great divine abilities, about to directly suppress and kill the little ant.

“En?” Suddenly, He Wushuang lowered his hand, light flashing past his eyes. He immediately rushed into the sky, quickly heading in a certain direction.


A world-shaking strike was released. His fist blasted apart that space, about to destroy everything.

“You made an error. I am over here.” Right at this time, Shi Hao’s head appeared behind him, and then he quickly merged with his broken body. Bloody light surged, directly merging together.

In addition, he was also eating divine liquid, moreover unique medicinal liquid. Even though there wasn’t much at all, only that drop or two, even He Wushuang felt alarmed, because that was long life liquid!

White Tortoise Carrying Immortal!

Back then, Shi Hao had encountered this stalk of long life medicine, obtaining two drops of liquid from its mouth. Now, there was only this drop left. He directly took it.

Even though it was just one drop, it was comparable to a stalk of complete divine medicine. It was just too powerful!

As a result, Shi Hao immediately began to recover, his body as if undergoing rebirth, quickly shedding skin. There was even a wave of powerful life aura that was released from his body.

In reality, he still had other medicines, but he wanted to recover as soon as possible. He still had to continue fighting that terrifying opponent.

He Wushuang’s expression changed. He was extremely decisive, producing a purple-gold gourd, producing a piece of broken medicinal residue, and then directly ate it. He was also quickly transforming, blood rumbling within his body.

“The medicinal residue of a Nine Revolutions Immortal Pill!” The little ant cried out in alarm.

It recognized it, because it had seen it before in ancient books. That was an unmatched immortal pill refined by the ancient people. It was truly incomparable, the main ingredient precisely long life liquid.

This was too extravagant, the two great young experts immediately used this level of long life great medicine!

However, He Wushuang didn’t face Shi Hao in a great battle after eating the medicine, turning around to leave. He rushed at the distant mountain peak, his target the golden beast skins. He wanted to obtain the Imperishable Scripture!

“Where do you think you are going?!” Shi Hao roared out!

He also rushed over, chasing after him.


The two rose up at the same time, wishing to ascend that peak. Even if there were restrictions and dangers, right now, they still had to forcefully charge forward.


The great mountain shone. They rushed into the golden light ripples, everything going smoothly, not being obstructed, directly reaching the peak, approaching the golden beast skin sheets.

“Hand over your life!” Shi Hao shouted, one hand grabbing towards the golden beast skin, one hand attacking He Wushuang.

“Get lost, this scripture is mine, you will never get your hands on it!” He Wushuang roared, his handsome face now appearing a bit sinister, sound waves splitting heaven and earth.

It was because for him, this was extremely important. He couldn’t let it fall into the hands of another and had to obtain it.

Imperishable Scripture, its origins were ancient, no one knowing its source, what era it appeared from, not even the most ancient experts clear about this.

It was because when they were young, they had long heard about this scripture. Once it was completely cultivated to perfection, they would be able to sweep through all experts in the heavens!

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