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Chapter 1309 - Mutual Destruction


An ear-splitting noise sounded. He Wushuang stopped him, one palm striking towards Shi Hao, other hand grabbing towards the golden sheet. Divine radiance surged between both parties.

Right now, they already reached a point where they wouldn’t stop unless one side died. For the sake of the Imperishable Scripture, for the sake of fighting over that legendary scripture, the two fully released their potential, fighting until they went crazy.

With a hu sound, great winds stirred about, the vast sky splitting. He Wushuang’s long golden hair fluttered about in the sky, winding towards Shi Hao, the hair strands even more frightening than divine chains.


When Shi Hao opened his mouth, he spat out a wave of lightning. Pilipala sounds rang out, the sounds deafening, as if endless volcanoes erupted at the same time, magma surging into the heavenly dome.

He Wushuang’s golden hair was bathed in lightning, accompanied by fiery light, still winding towards Shi Hao’s arm.


However, at the same time, many golden willow branches appeared behind Shi Hao, rushing out together towards He Wushuang’s waist.


Bloody light splashed out. Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao’s arm or He Wushuang’s waist, they both revealed terrifying injuries, as if they had been hacked by a blade, blood gushing out everywhere.

The two withdrew their attacks at the same time, no longer fighting over the golden beast skin sheet, insteads going all out to kill the other party. It was because as long as the other party was still alive, there was no way for them to obtain the Imperishable Scripture.

Right now, both of them had nothing to say. Only with the other party’s death would there be a result.

When Shi Hao’s eyes opened and closed, divine radiance shot out like lightning. Right now, he was extremely terrifying. After experiencing the life and death battle just now, he developed a type of enlightenment, all of his methods feeling even more familiar.

Golden feathers filled the skies as they fluttered about, Kun Peng feathers floating all around Shi Hao. In addition, golden vortices appeared around his body, frantically devouring heaven and earth essence energy.

Golden Vortex Ripple Technique!

This wasn’t the most profound meaning of the Kun Peng Method, but right now, an immeasurable aura was being produced!

True Primordial Record, turning the rotten into the miraculous!

At the same time, after three great dao flowers bloomed above Shi Hao’s head, they disappeared at the same time, turning into three spheres of light that chanted scripture sounds.

Inside of one of them was a seated figure!

Past, present, and future, matching the three vortices. Within the vortex that represented the ‘past’, scripture sounds rumbled, as if it was forming an entire world.

He Wushuang laughed coldly, not feeling any fear. He said coldly, “I’ll let you understand what is the so-called one strike shatter all methods. It doesn’t matter no matter what kind of methods you have!”


The space between his brows split, a battle-ax falling out, flickering with cold radiance. The shaft was extremely long like the pole of a spear, an entire zhang in length. The blade was extremely sharp, able to hack apart heaven and earth.

The great ax descended, hacking down towards Shi Hao.


In Shi Hao’s surroundings, there were countless golden vortices that devoured the battle-ax’s divine force. Meanwhile, the three spheres of lights were like divine lamps, guiding everything, releasing strange power that restricted this place, obstructing the battle-ax.


The great battle erupted once more. The two weren’t like how they were previously, deciding life and death with a single blow, because they both sensed each other’s terror. There was a chance of falling at any time, neither one of them able to bear that type of result.

That was why they might as well just fight a normal battle!


Heaven and earth collapsed!

Precious techniques appeared one after another, brilliant like fireworks as they emerged. He Wushuang was shocked, the three spheres of light produced by the great dao flowers were too special.

It was as if people from the past, present, and future chanted scriptures at the same time, offering sacrifices for Shi Hao, supporting his body, granting him the power to remain impervious to all methods.

The so-called one strike shatter all methods couldn’t be carried out!


A sharp and clear sound rang out. The three spheres of light shattered at the same time, forming clouds and smoke, winding about Shi Hao’s body. They formed a mist, making him look like a solitary immortal. He looked more and more powerful and frightening.

He sighed inwardly. He should have cultivated three figures, but now, there was only one that sat in the past, and he couldn't effectively display its power.


He Wushuang leapt up, forcefully cleaving heaven and earth, battle-ax in hand exceptionally sharp, impossible to stop!


Shi Hao raised his hand, striking the battle-ax from the side, the noise released loud and clear. As a result, the skies directly collapsed, the cracks extending who knew how many li. This place immediately broke down.

“I will kill you even if I have to pay the price!” He Wushuang said coldly.

The battle between the two was extremely intense, not deciding victory or defeat even after eight hundred moves. He Wushuang’s temperament changed, his entire body becoming indistinct, now like a faint cloud, throwing himself at Shi Hao.


Following a loud noise, this battlefield seemed to have frozen still.

Shi Hao was shocked. Space froze, time seemed to have stopped, everything coming to a standstill.

At the same time, a figure appeared from the mist. He Wushuang wasn’t affected, quickly rushing over, wishing to end Shi Hao’s life here.


Shi Hao struggled about, but he discovered that this was a terrifying method, difficult for him to budge an inch. The other party condensed the void, making time seemingly come to a standstill, borrowing this strange phenomenon to attack him.

“Impervious to all methods!” Shi Hao said with a low voice, wishing to open the single heavenly passage.

However, he discovered for the first time that he wasn’t able to succeed. His single heavenly passage couldn’t enlarge great enough!

This was something that had never happened before!

It could only be said that this enemy was more powerful than anything he had ever faced before, forcing him to this extent.


At the critical moment, Shi Hao’s body changed, becoming incredibly ferocious, killing energy overflowing into the heavens. He didn’t struggle, instead changing forms.


His flesh turned into a heavenly blade that was faint golden in color, killing energy roiling, the edge astonishingly sharp.

His body immediately turned into a blade, truly too strange. This blade was too shocking, simply about to cut apart the heavenly dome.

This was an insight Shi Hao gained after experiencing danger.

His physical body was powerful. Even though the single heavenly passage couldn’t be completely opened, it could still stick to his skin. Moreover, he operated the True Primordial Record, engraving symbols all over the heavenly passage.

This made his body even more sturdy and indestructible, difficult to break!

The most important thing was that Shi Hao longed for the Chaos Calming Art, turning his primordial spirit into a sword core. Unfortunately, he didn’t obtain the technique itself, unable to completely imitate the effects. He turned his sturdy and unbreaking physical body into a sword core, blade core, engraving all types of divine symbols on it!

This was why he was able to carry out the current transformation!

This wasn’t purely a physical body sword core, it also carried all of the precious techniques Shi Hao grasped, all of it simultaneously engraved on the blade core, thus producing such power.

Just like that, another life and death clash was carried out.

“Die!” He Wushuang imprisoned time and space, quickly rushing over. An enormous ax hacked down, the void collapsing.


Shi Hao’s body turned into a blade core, at this moment breaking free from the restrictions, hacking forward. Sparks flew everywhere.


Blade radiance flashed. Reincarnation symbols, Kun Peng symbols, Lightning Emperor symbols, everything interweaved, completely released. They faced each other again, confronting each other with life and death on the line once more.

He Wushuang quickly backed up, not taking the risk. A terrifying wound was opened in his stomach, his intestines almost spilling out.

However, Shi Hao was also shaken up. The blade core trembled slightly, corroded by the mist, simply as if it was going to rust. He had no choice but to reveal his true body.

“This foreign person has a bit of haze around him, why is this?” Shi Hao was confused. It was too destructive, granting the other side an inherent advantage.

However, he still calmed himself in the end.

“I do not wish to waste time. Kill!” He Wushuang’s hands formed imprints, and then he lightly scoffed, “Dominate everything under the sky!”

He was summoning something. A type of indescribable natural law descended, harmonizing with him, suppressing this place’s heaven and earth great dao, making one feel suffocated.

“Not good, this is their realm’s great dao traces. He could actually summon it!” The little ant cried out in alarm.

Great cosmos cracks appeared in He Wushuang’s surroundings. Strand after strand of natural laws interweaved, extending from the other side.

During the Immortal Ancient years, there were previously some experts who suffered greatly. Even with perfect seeds, they were still defeated. It was precisely because the world changed, natural dao becoming chaotic.

However, Shi Hao wasn’t affected in the slightest, because he had many gates within him. At this moment, they opened. The path he took allowed him to ignore the effects of the outside world, because his body was the seed.


Shi Hao didn’t bat an eyelid, forcefully and powerfully sending a fist smashing out towards the space between He Wushuang’s brows.

“It is useless! Your universe is ruined, natural laws incomplete, suppressed, that is why even if you rely on perfect seeds to communicate with the great dao, so what? You will still be subdued!”

He Wushuang was cold and confident, taking action calmly. He also sent a fist out, smashing towards Shi Hao. He believed that under the present conditions, his fighting strength was greater than Shi Hao’s.

However, he quickly realized that something wasn’t right, shivering inwardly. Shi Hao’s fist was still incredibly powerful!


He had no choice but to defend himself, and then use offensive methods.

However, it was already a bit too late. Shi Hao’s fist was already closing in on his forehead, making that place crack, flowing with blood.

“Ah…” He Wushuang was going crazy. He didn’t fear death, no longer defending himself, starting to attack. His fingers became like a sword, stabbing them at the space between Shi Hao’s brows.

The two’s actions were both extremely fierce, wishing to shatter the other party’s primordial spirit!

Shi Hao wanted to kill the other side, not wishing to cower back. He was betting that He Wushuang would cower back, and then he could deliver the most terrifying injury.

He Wushuang was fierce and ruthless, extremely decisive. He gave up on defense, attacking just like that. He was gambling that Shi Hao would hold back, not going down the path of mutual destruction.

As a result, immediately afterwards, the scene that resulted left the Blood Phoenix Lion horrified, shocking the little Heavenly Horned Ant.


Bloody light and brain matter splashed out. Shi Hao’s fist shattered He Wushuang’s forehead, going straight through.

Meanwhile, He Wushuang’s finger sword hacked open the space between Shi Hao’s brows, shattering his primordial spirit!

“What? How could it be like this? This time, he really is going to die?!” The Heavenly Horned Ant cried out.

“Heavens! Why did this type of thing happen?” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared out.

Was everything going to end here?

The two great experts took each other down with them, dying here. There was no winner.

Endless darkness, eternal death. This place became quiet, as if endless eras had passed.

Time hurried along, flowing in reverse.

Plants prospered and then withered again. The blood in the battlefield long dried, the shining sacred ancient mountain range also becoming ordinary again. Not even the corpses of those powerful individuals could be seen, only grit and other things left behind.

Time flowed. This was previously the land of utmost despair, the most terrifying battlefield, but now, everything was different.

Endless time passed, as long as an entire great era!

It was difficult to find traces of the past here, not even heroic spirits appearing.

In the distance, ancient trees took root, covering all of the withered bones.

Nearby, only the majestic mountains were special. It used to be extremely sacred, several golden beast skin sheets previously floating on the mountain peaks; it was the Imperishable Scripture.

However, now, they couldn’t be seen at all. The mountains had long stopped shining, becoming ordinary.

A thumb-sized ant was crawling on the ground, its strength great, digging up a skull from the earth. There was a terrifying finger hole between the brows, pierced open by sword radiance.

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