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Chapter 1307 - Light and Darkness

“Ah…” Shi Hao cried out loudly. His body shone, divine flames rushing into the heavens, his head of black hair blowing backwards. Precious techniques overlaid, releasing the most powerful attack.

At this moment, his aura was world-shaking, the void images of countless former natives appearing. Fallen heroic spirits arranged themselves, observing this life and death strike!

The songs of war sounded once again, resounding through heaven and earth, the voices carrying unwillingness, as well as a final bit of entrustment of hope!


Black lightning filled the world, a rain of blood pouring down, turning the entire world a scarlet red. Waves of blood overflowed, sweeping through the heavens above and earth below!

This was the truth, not an irregular phenomenon!

On the ground, numerous corpses appeared, recreating the miserable scene before the ancient natives’ deaths.

“Obliterate everything!” He Wushuang roared, gray mist pervading the air. He was like a demon lord who descended into this world, without equal. It was unknown just how many times more frightening his aura was than before.


His methods were earth-shattering. His aura was like a black abyss, about to devour everything, the area where he stood becoming completely dark.

A dazzling, brilliant blazing sun exploded.

A darkness stretched boundlessly, no hope to be seen, as if it was the most terrifying abyss of the cosmos.

These were the two sides, completely opposite. They then collided!

This was the most intense battle, as well as the most bitter clash!

Shi Hao carried the conviction to either win or die in the process, carrying out this collision at the very peak. At this moment, he forgot about everything else, he didn’t feel fear, didn’t have any other thoughts, all of his attention concentrated on this attack!

He could hear the shouts of the natives from the distance, the voices full of sadness and grief, telling him to return, for him not to die! However, he only wished to fight, to kill this so-called leading figure!

There was no sound that could be heard, nothing visible, everything becoming indistinct. Shi Hao felt like he was breaking apart, collapsing, falling!

“Ah, no!” In the distance, the little ant became clear-headed, shouting loudly.

“Master!” The Blood Phoenix Lion was also alarmed. Even though it was blood-thirsty and cruel, right now, it also became fearful.

At the center of the battlefield, nothing existed any longer. There was a great collapse, light and dark colliding, producing the most terrifying battlefield. Heaven and earth spun about, as if they returned to the primordial era, when heaven and earth were first opened!

At this moment, there was no sound to be heard. It was completely different from the powerful explosion they had imagined!

There was only destruction, only ruin, everything shattered, difficult for anything to remain whole.

Chaotic energy surged, the universe being crushed. As for the two individuals, they both disappeared, drowned out by the radiance. No one knew what they were like now.

However, from the level of fluctuations that were released, as well as the terrifying aura of destruction, it would be difficult for them to continue living. It made more sense for them to be dead!

It was still silent, only powerful beams of light surging, so dazzling it almost made one blind, their eyes in pain. It was hard to look directly at.

Finally, the divine radiance dimmed. That place was completely ruined. Within the great cracks of the void, chaotic energy surged, waves of terrifying noise finally sounding.

It was too bitter and cruel. Both sides used their most powerful methods in this strike!

The battlefield was already deformed beyond recognition!

At this time, blood dripped from the large void cracks, sprinkling down onto the withered earth.

The scene was bleak. There was half a body that remained, belonging to Shi Hao, as well as a severed arm, and a broken fist!

The little golden ant screamed out, his eye sockets about to split apart, this scene truly too hard to endure. Was his companion who came with him here going to be killed just like that?

It knew that the foreign creature was terrifying, actually able to kill his matured brothers and sisters, so he was definitely at the very peak of his level, strength impossible to surmise.

However, when the true event happened, he still found it hard to accept. Did his brothers and sisters die just like this back then?

WHen he saw the broken limbs and fists, as well as the white bones sticky with blood, he felt great pain, couldn’t help but howl out. His loved ones were killed, his companion cut down, this was impossible to endure.

“Haha…” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared with laughter, full of joy, incomparably excited and happy. Since that person was defeated, it meant that He Wushuang won. In its eyes, this was the best conclusion.

Otherwise, it really would have felt a bit of fear!

It was because that human looked quite extraordinary as well. If he really did continue living, he would definitely become a huge disaster.

“My master has the title of unmatched under the sky, how can he be someone the later generations of the defeated can compare to? He was destined to be killed by master, should have submitted a long time ago!” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared impudently with laughter, his behavior incredibly brash.

The little ant’s eyes were completely red. It rushed out, wishing to raise up Shi Hao’s corpse. He couldn’t allow him to have this type of tragic end.

“Little ant, do you still want to act rashly? Your conclusion is just as miserable! My master dealt with him, so the next one is naturally you. Just obediently bow down and await your punishment, or else there is only death! That taste… the meat of the Heavenly Horned Ant I had back then really was too wonderful, too hard to forget!” The Blood Phoenix Lion sneered, continuously ridiculing the other party.

It was because it didn’t want this Heavenly Horned Ant to live, not wishing for He Wushuang to raise it, instead wanting it directly killed. That was why it purposely mocked and angered the little ant.

“En?” Soon afterwards, the Blood Phoenix Lion realized that something wasn’t quite right. It was because the little ant up ahead suddenly stopped, somewhat stupefied.

The Blood Phoenix Lion’s mind jumped, recalling something. After all this time, why did his master not appear? It looked forward.

In the void cracks, there was more than one type of blood. There was a type of gray-colored blood that continuously dripped downwards as well.

“What? Master!” The Blood Phoenix Lion screamed out.

He Wushuang was also there, most of his blood red, but there was a bit of silvery gray color. That was his essence!

Once his blood completely turned silvery gray, that would be the day he became undying!

He previously had the reputation of being unmatched under the sky, but He Wushuang’s body still broke down, top and bottom separated. His arm was severed as well, his palm split up into pieces.

This battle was too cruel, both sides suffering. Neither of them were moving, as if they were dead!

“Dead, hah! You actually died!” The little golden ant roared in anger.

This result made the Blood Phoenix Lion’s face turn pale. How powerful was He Wushuang? Yet he actually fell here. It was truly inconceivable!

One had to understand that He Wushuang was one of the leading figures of the foreign younger generation, exceptionally powerful, possessing the title of being unmatched under the sky. How could he be defeated?!

Moreover, this time, his life was thrown in as well!

“No, master won’t die! He killed some of the most powerful young geniuses of this world, even more so murdered the Heavenly Horned Ant siblings, so how could he fall here?” The Blood Phoenix Lion was trembling.

It was now scared, because He Wushuang’s status was too noble, his origins too frightening. If he died here, then it wouldn’t have a good ending either.

“Shi Hao, what’s wrong? Are you still alive?” The little golden ant cried out. At this moment, its mind was experiencing great ups and downs, finally remembering to offer aid in case there was still a chance to save him.

“Master, don’t die! This is impossible, it is an illusion!” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared out, throwing itself into the spatial cracks.

“Ah…” The little ant screamed.

Only half of Shi Hao’s body remained in the great void cracks, no head to be seen, neck broken, everything dripping with blood. It was just too miserable.

On the other side, the Blood Phoenix Lion also trembled, shuddering, all of the hair on his body standing on end. It really was terrified, now completely scared.

It was because in another great void crack, it found He Wushuang’s lower jaw. This was just too miserable. Where did the top half of his head go?

Where was it?

At this moment, the Blood Phoenix Lion and the little ant both went crazy, quickly searching through this place, at the same time on guard against the other party’s ambush and destruction.

Great cracks of darkness stretched out, unexpectedly difficult to close, supported by a wave of mysterious power.

Moreover, at this time, a terrifying aura transmitted from the depths of the great void cracks, making the little Heavenly Horned ant and Blood Phoenix Lion’s souls tremble, developing a great feeling of fear.

This is...

They were both stunned. Through their heavenly eyes, they saw a terrifying scene that was extremely shocking. They might never see such a thing ever again!

In the innermost depths of the great void cracks, a palace hall appeared. It was wrapped within chaotic energy, incomparably vast, the door opened. There were things inside that were confronting each other!

“This is… Primal Chaos Palace?!” The Blood Phoenix Lion cried out, cold sweat pouring out, feeling a wave of alarm. It was so shocked it almost turned around to directly run.

If Shi Hao knew what was happening, he would definitely be shocked. It was because this was something from legends!

Regardless of whether it was the three thousand provinces or the nine heavens above, there were clues about it. When one moved through the void, there were three things that were the most frightening. The first was the blood-soaked black ancient ship that represented the ominous and inauspicious.

Shi Hao had previously seen that ship before, moreover ascended it. The Everlasting Immortal Sword was obtained from that ship, and that was also where he learned about the Desolate Border’s seven kings!

Meanwhile, the Primal Chaos Palace was even worse that the blood-soaked black ancient ship!

Now, it appeared here. There were terrifying things in confrontation within, colliding powerfully!

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