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Chapter 1306 - Heavens Crying


Shi Hao sprinted forward, his body shining, set aflame, his entire body like a human torch, overflowing with light flames that engulfed the heavens above and earth below.

Right now, he was fearless, incomparable. He unleashed all of his potential, fighting at full strength. He was either going to live, or he was going to die here.

This was not only a competition over the scripture, but also the fate of the war. This was a contest between the two most powerful young leading figures, representing two realms!


The heavens split and earth sunk, noise deafening, the entire world as if it was going to collapse.

Shi Hao’s entire body had countless streaks of golden lightning winding about it, these streaks of lightning carrying heaven overflowing light flames. He rushed forward, every step making the mountains and rivers tremble and shake.

Right now, he represented this world, this heaven and earth that was ruined, almost as if it was responding and resonating with him, great dao energy interweaving with him.

“Nothing special. My realm has as many experts as clouds in the sky, power able to dominate all under the sky. Even if you display thousands of divine abilities, withstand with tens of thousands of methods, I will still suppress and kill you with a single blade!” He Wushuang said.

He really was terrifying, waves of gray mist surging from his body. This wasn’t immortal energy, but rather a special energy from the other shore of the world!

Now, his power really was used. His words were arrogant, looking down on all people in this region. Even though Shi Hao was this powerful, he was still going to suppress him!


In the gray mist, He Wushuang moved, every step he made making him look like an undying being patrolling the skies. All life was suppressed, the world’s great dao natural laws itself subdued, terrifying beyond compare.

Heaven and earth began to throb because of him, unable to withstand the gray mist and terrifying foreign power.

This was like a child of the undying, aura devouring mountains and rivers, domineering and world-shaking!


He Wushuang took the initiative to attack, no longer as calm as when they first encountered each other. His head of long golden hair fluttered about chaotically, every single strand shattering the void.

Demon lord!

This was an incomparable might, as if he was the demon lord of the heavens, no one able to stop him, no one able to defend against him. He was going to break through everything!


The two attacked with full force. The great earth caved in, smoke and dust overflowing into the heavens, countless boulders weighing several million jin flying out, blasting the cloud layer, the scene terrifying beyond compare.

As for the ground, it even more so continuously collapsed.

It truly was a battle between kings!

The two smashed together, heavens falling and earth shattering, ghosts and gods howling and weeping in the surroundings. All types of irregular scenes appeared, this place becoming extremely terrifying.

The heavenly dome was blasted through, the great earth caving in.

Immortal energy and gray mist spread together, surging, clashing against each other, tearing through this place.

Ka cha!

A streak of black lightning emerged from the void. A rain of blood then poured down, covering heaven and earth.

The little ant who was slightly more clear-headed was stunned, the furious Blood Phoenix Lion shocked.

This wasn’t an irregular phenomenon, but what was truly happening. The heavens were weeping, blood scattering down.

Shi Hao was shocked. In the past, he had seen blood scatter down from the heavens, but those were irregular scenes, not real, yet today, he experienced the real thing.

The world was crying, blood trickling everywhere!

Was this the battle that would decide the dao fate of heaven and earth? Was it going to affect the future of both realms? Shi Hao felt some doubt, but at the same time, his mind was trembling.

“The two are both core members of their respective worlds, so they are fated to become enemies. Now that they encountered each other in an area of chaotic space, they seemed to have affected something profound and hidden!” The Blood Phoenix Lion felt a wave of horror, breaking out into a cold shiver. He then evaded the crazy little ant’s pursuit.

At this moment, Shi Hao felt a type of sorrow, affected by a wave of emotion. This heaven and earth was crying, blood flowing down, making him feel a type of stifling feeling, as well as a vague sense of pain. What was the reason for this?

Then, he understood. Giant faces appeared one after another from the distant horizon, all of them looking at him.

There were men and women among them, young and old, all of them shedding tears.

Those were the natives who fell in battle, heroic spirits who were killed in the final battle. They were previously unyielding, fighting bloody battles with their lives on the line, in the end all dying in battle.

“We were defeated. We couldn’t protect the mountains and rivers, everyone dying in battle. We’ve let down the loved ones who placed all their hopes on us, unable to protect our territory. Disaster descended, we were powerless… could only fight to the death… could not cower back!”

Shi Hao vaguely heard these words. They carried sadness, carried pain.

Blood descended in this world, heaven’s cry! The heroic spirits that had previously fallen in battle wept, full of unwillingness. They felt despair, unable to see the dawn, couldn’t protect the mountains and rivers, this world sinking into darkness.

This feeling of sadness traveled through endless generations, inextinguishable through the long river of time, passing straight into the very depths of Shi Hao’s heart!

He understood. This was the sorrow of this world’s residents, a voice of despair. It filled the ruined mountains and rivers, hoping for later generations to rise up. This was the only thing they could entrust their hopes to.

“Ah…” Shi Hao released a long roar, screaming out like a wounded beast. His eyes became a bit moist, the blood within his body boiling without cooling. He charged forward.

The predecessors were dead, mountains and rivers in pain. He could feel that this was why the heavens were weeping. This was a confrontation for the dao fate of two worlds, so how could he not stake it all?!

He Wushuang shouted out, “The creatures of this world, no matter where you came from, what era you belong to, encountering me means that you’ve met your last days. All so-called young kings will be suppressed and killed, grovel before my feet. The banners of war will be soaked in blood, war songs resounding through the heavens, reaching the everlasting!

His brash words angered Shi Hao, making all of his black hair fly about chaotically, his battle intent boil!



Mountains and rivers surrounded Shi Hao, these all void images. The world seemed to have a soul, connecting with him, supporting him, advancing and retreating with him.

Endless battle intent erupted, as if a volcano had erupted.

“It is useless! My realm’s great dao has arrived!” He Wushuang roared out. His handsome face revealed killing intent, becoming extremely fierce.

At the same time, behind him, black shadows appeared one after another, towering between heaven and earth, reaching into outer space, in their hands battle-axes or long spears, grand and powerful beyond compare.

These giant shadows resonated with him, supporting his advance, also making He Wushuang’s killing intent terrifying to the extreme.

In Shi Hao’s surroundings, heroic figures appeared one after another between the mountains and rivers. They carried blood and tears, roaring angrily, also rising up powerfully.


This strike was powerful beyond compare. Light filled all directions, waves of energy surging everywhere.

The two great experts were both greatly shaken, fighting a life and death struggle. They turned into two streaks of electrical light, winding about each other, blasting out immortal energy, smashing out gray mist, vast and boundless beyond compare.

There was an ancient war song that rang out, the bleak scene of the final days reappearing once more. Countless heroic spirits stood tall. Even though they had fallen in battle, there was still some regret that couldn’t be released, their emotions still existing without fading away.

That was the war song of their final days. The people howled and roared in grief. Even though they knew that they would undoubtedly die, they still fought to the end, all of them dying!

“What can you bring out to contend against me? The past generation was defeated, all those from before killed by my realm. You are nothing special at all, what kind of splashes can you possibly make?!” He Wushuang roared.


He condensed magical imprints, displaying foreign divine abilities. Gray mist swept out, an undying aura spreading, corroding Shi Hao’s mind.

“The humiliation of the predecessors will be cleansed by later generations. Like I care if you are a so-called leading figure or not!” Shi Hao shouted, about to go crazy. He threw himself forward.

Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art was displayed by him. He went all out, displaying his conviction that he was the most powerful, advancing courageously; he was going to take down this enemy even if he died along the way as well.

“This heavenly art still hasn’t been lost? Good, good, good, then let’s settle this debt! There was previously someone who used this technique to kill important people from my world, so I will now suppress your bloodline!” He Wushuang shouted.

Shi Hao knew a long time ago that the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art was related to Immortal Ancient, an unmatched ancient heavenly art that crossed great eras, but he never expected it to incur such hostility from He Wushuang.

It was clear that He Wushuang grasped too many things, possessing world shocking skills.

Within the two pupils, cross-shaped markings appeared. Then, they became more and more brilliant. With a chi sound, a terrifying scene appeared.

Weapons came out from those eyes!

At first, Shi Hao thought that they were war spears, but when they became larger, they were actually divine swords!

There were four swords in total. Killing energy overflowed into the heavens, hacking at Shi Hao. They immediately cut apart the universe, about to sever the everlasting!

He Wushuang’s pupils were golden, containing cross markings, but they were actually crossed sword cores. At this moment, they descended into this space, starting to display might.

“Immortal Execution!”

He Wushuang roared. The four sword cores hacked at Shi Hao like weapons. Heaven and earth were shattered, the four sword cores incomparably terrifying.

At the same time, his pupils lost their golden brilliance, vacant like the underworld. A wave of mysterious power was formed that pulled at Shi Hao, about to devour him into the darkness.

He Wushuang’s pupils were just this terrifying, forming a realm of darkness. Meanwhile, the four sword cores weaved about, all of them flying murderously at Shi Hao.

The Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art displayed its might. Six black holes appeared in Shi Hao’s surroundings, time swirling about it as well. The fragments of time flew about, light and dark coexisting, interweaving together!

Apart from this, the fallen natives also appeared, bleak war songs faintly transmitted.


They were now staking it all, fighting a decisive battle of life and death!

Both sides used restricted methods, not holding back at all. They were going to decide victory and defeat, life and death.

“Suppress!” He Wushuang roared. Behind him, streak after streak of black shadows rose up, shaking up this heaven and earth, great dao aura covering the world.

In Shi Hao’s surroundings, those heroic spirits became indistinct, war cries fading. The void figures of mountains and rivers also scattered.

“Kill!” He Wushuang shouted. The four swords shot out like rainbows, flying towards Shi Hao.


One after another, gates opened within Shi Hao’s body. They were clear light like water ripples, not all that resplendent, but extremely gentle. They wrapped around him, freeing him from the corrosion of the foreign great dao aura.

He continued to operate the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, and in his hands was a sword core, precisely the Everlasting Immortal Sword. He was hacking it forward.

“En?!” He Wushuang recognized the sword core in Shi Hao’s hands with a single glance, his eyes erupting with radiance. He was extremely shocked, saying, “How could it be in your hands?!”


The sword light crashed down on those four swords like a waterfall.

He Wushuang released a scoff. The four swords transformed into golden crosses, returning to his eyes, turning into pupils, not facing the Everlasting Immortal Sword head-on.

“All Methods to Nothing!” He Wushuang shouted.

Something terrifying happened. In his surroundings, the void broke apart, symbols scattering, all methods unable to approach him, broken down before they got to him.

“Primordial spirit, depart the body!” His cross-marked pupils released golden radiance, and then his entire body already leapt up, trampling down towards Shi Hao.

At this moment, darkness appeared, gray mist surged, forming an unusual type of power.

Shi Hao felt as if his primordial spirit was going to leave its shell, be sucked away. The other party used some type of inconceivable secret method, making his primordial spirit wish to leave the body.


A streak of divine light appeared. A resplendent little figure appeared before Shi Hao, and then it turned into a sword core, hacking forward.

“Chaos Calming Art!” This was the first time He Wushuang was this startled, clearly shocked, quickly backing up.


Shi Hao’s flesh followed, quickly attacking.

This was naturally not the true Chaos Calming Art, but it greatly shook up the other party’s mind. Shi Hao used a primordial spirit imprint to seize the opportunity,deceiving him and borrowing this opportunity to forge ahead.


His single heavenly passage appeared. It quickly condensed, turning into an extreme point, and then it instantly exploded, incomparably powerful and ferocious.

This heaven and earth collapsed!

“Kill!” He Wushuang’s eyes carried flames. Just now, he actually backed up in alarm! He surged with killing energy, using world-shaking methods, rushing forward ferociously.

With a honglong sound, the two both flew out in reverse, blood trickling out from their mouths.

Only after a long time had passed, were the traces of ruin visible.

“You actually didn’t die?!” He Wushuang carried a look of shock. Just now, he used the All Methods To Nothing and Immortal Execution ancient methods, yet neither one of them could kill Shi Hao. This truly left him shocked.

One had to understand that regardless of whether it was All Methods to Nothing or Immortal Execution, they were both unmatched ancient techniques of the other side, yet they both lost their effects just now.

Shi Hao was even more shocked than him. The single heavenly passage had True Primordial Record’s symbols engraved on its surface, and then it erupted after being compressed to the peak, yet it unexpectedly couldn’t kill this person. This was just too terrifying!

“Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!” He Wushuang’s temperament completely changed, all of his previous calmness vanishing. Killing intent overflowed into the heavens. He continuously shouted the word ‘kill’ five times, charging forward ferociously.

Shi Hao was alarmed, his battle intent also becoming increasingly strong. All methods emerged at the same time within his mind, the precious techniques overlaying, everything blossoming brilliantly at this moment!

It was the final strike, the final move. They were going to decide life and death here. If they succeeded, then the other party would die, if they failed, then they would fall!

Countless heroic spirits appeared between heaven and earth, turning into giant faces one after another. They looked at Shi Hao from the heavenly dome above. A rain of blood poured down, the heavens truly shedding tears.

These were the regret of the past natives, the grievances of the last great era!

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