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Chapter 1305 - Battle at the Summit

The mountain was grand, but it was also precipitous, some cliffs having strange rocks pointing towards the sky. Many great peaks towered into the clouds!

They were all light gold in color, immersed in the radiance released by the beast skins. This place was auspicious and brilliant, scripture sounds chanted unendingly in this place.

Meanwhile, outside the mountain range, the atmosphere was tense. Shi Hao and He Wushuang from the other side confronted each other, an invisible domain appearing between the two great experts, powerful winds engulfing this place.


There were a few giant rocks between them, many several million jin in weight, to the extent where there were some weighing tens of millions, as well as a few smaller mountains. Right now, they all exploded!

One had to bear in mind that this was a battlefield for the strongest, so the terrain was extremely sturdy.

However now, the world between the two distorted, producing astonishing destructive power that exceeded the limit!

When one looked out, everything was blurry, heaven and earth warping, space collapsing. This domain began to spread, tearing apart all living things.

They didn’t truly trade attacks, but this type of confrontation, this type of formless pressure already created a terrifying domain storm, about to destroy this small world.


A terrifying lake of electricity appeared, erupting in the void!

In that instant, space and time seemed to have collapsed, all vitality severed, all life ended, shattering the flesh and spirits of all creatures.

These were the irregular changes that took place within this domain, the shockwaves produced by a clash between essence energies.

“You are not enough, too inferior. The aura my master naturally releases is already like this, someone who the young supreme beings of your world need to resist with everything they have, not even on the same order of magnitude in power. No one can compare to him!” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared from the side, the hair around its temples bright red like blood, its body also dripping with blood. It was seriously injured by the little ant, and only now could it be said to have vented a breath.


The golden little ant flew back. Its body was covered in blood, its blood energy surging like smoke signals into the heavens, tearing through heaven and earth. It entered a crazed state.

Right now, it already lost the consciousness to stay awake, stepping over a boundary it shouldn’t have, just like how it was in Heavenly Deity Institution’s underground Immortal Manor.

It was currently terrifying, completely going berserk, only having a trace of its instincts left. It wanted to fight, wanted to cut down everything in its path.


It rushed at He Wushuang again. Even though its consciousness was no longer clear, there was still a type of hatred driving it on. It wanted revenge, wanted to kill that person.

“The Heavenly Horned Ant really is unordinary. When I killed your older brothers and sisters, I had seen how frightening they were. You still didn’t mature yet, so there’s no need for you to try to show some slight skill before an expert. All matchless divine force before me is useless. I won’t harm you, instead want to raise you by my side, use you like a war servant.” He Wushuang said calmly.

He leaned his head over slightly, looking towards the little golden ant, and then he swung out his sleeves again. A black whirlwind rushed into the heavens, severing the void, blasting the little ant flying again.

It had to be said that this was the most direct embodiment of unmatched power!

Even Shi Hao was moved. This person was just too strong, a casual attack was enough to send the Heavenly Horned Ant in its current form flying. It really could only be described as deep and immeasurable.

His intuition was correct. This person’s talent was matchless, cultivation astonishing, worthy of being a leading figure of the foreign world. In the future, he was definitely going to become one of the most terrifying undying beings!

The Blood Phoenix Lion ridiculed from the side, saying, “Little bug, you should stop overestimating your abilities. You aren’t master’s opponent at all, even your so-called companion can only crawl beneath master’s feet. No one from this heaven and earth in your generation is master’s opponent. The so-called unmatched under the sky isn’t just a saying, but rather that one really can only look up to him, forever unable to truly face him!”


Shi Hao took action. After holding it in all this time, he now released a thunderous attack, fist tearing apart the void, slaughtering his way forward.

The heavens collapsed and earth ruptured, ghosts and gods in alarm!

When the two confronted each other, the domain surged with energy, sweeping out in all directions. However, at that time, the two were both calm and unmoving, but now, they finally erupted with power!


Shi Hao was too fast. His body tore through the sky, arriving before his opponent like a streak of lightning. His right fist erupted with power, exploding like a sun, blasting towards the space between this person’s brows, wishing to pierce through his primordial spirit.

Shi Hao had never been this concentrated, his will this resolute. He wanted to kill this enemy, not holding back at all.

He Wushuang’s head of long golden hair scattered down to his calves, falling like a golden waterfall. Right now, powerful winds swept about, instantly blowing the hair back, the golden radiance dazzling.

His green robes even more so fluttered about, about to tear.

Even now, he still remained calm, his feet now moving, as if a pine tree took root here on the cliff, unmovable.


His great sleeves moved, fluttering about. Strong winds whistled; he now took action. His right arm moved, forming an imprint, brushing towards Shi Hao’s fist.


The sound was world-shocking. If there was someone watching the battle here, they would definitely cover their ears, as if the most sturdy Immortal Gold weapons clashed, releasing dazzling light, the noise sky splitting!

This strike was too powerful, the two individuals’ strength colliding.

A streak of lightning erupted. Shi Hao’s right fist pushed forward. He looked calm, but at this moment, it was unknown just how many times it had blasted out!

Divine light surged from his fist like an ocean, wave after wave reaching high into the air, divine force surging powerfully, wishing to forcibly blast his opponent to death.

Right now, Shi Hao used several precious techniques in turn, mixing them together. It was as if thousands of streaks of lightning crackled about his fist, all of it smashing forward.

Towards this strike, He Wushuang still remained extremely calm and unperturbed. His right hand formed a palm, stopping a fist. It was also shining, endless sharp radiance surging from his palm.

Those were like steel needles, all of them shooting at Shi Hao’s fist.

They opposed each other with equal harshness!

Two great experts clashed powerfully, not taking half a step back, competing here. They fought with the most powerful physical strength and great divine abilities!


Shi Hao’s right hand was like a rainbow, smashing forward. Golden feathers filled the skies, as if divine arrows were going to shatter the heavens!

This was the combination of lightning and Kun Peng feathers, condensing into weapons, the overlaying of two types of precious techniques. Right now, it blasted towards all different areas of the other party’s body.

He Wushuang’s left hand moved, the trajectory strange and beautiful, as if it was a divine bird spreading its wings in descent. Right now, the sound of the void resonating could be heard, and then there was a great collapse. With a hong sound, chaotic energy was drawn out.

His left hand hacked apart the universe, revealing primal chaos!

Moreover, this person was extremely terrifying, operating all things, directly forging a weapon out of primal chaos. A shield was forged, stopping all of the feather arrow attacks.

Then, the primal chaos shield enlarged, becoming like a mountain, powerful beyond compare, crushing down on Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s hands were both pulled back, forming imprints. With a peng sound, the shield was blasted through, a great explosion erupting here.


The two took action fast and powerfully. Within the primal chaos, they confronted each other with extreme speed, fists and palms clashing, both arms moving, their bodies moving like dragons.

They were just too fast, impossible for others to react. The two great experts fought intensely in the void, accompanied by primal chaos and exceptional precious techniques, using heaven reaching power.


Shi Hao jumped up, diving forward, as if he was going to shatter the stellar dome. He struck towards the other party’s head.

He Wushuang shifted outwards, and then with a chi sound, the finger served as the sword. Sword light overflowed, engulfing the heavens above and earth below, terrifying beyond compare, nothing it couldn’t destroy, no obstacles it couldn’t overcome.

Shi Hao’s expression changed. What kind of sword technique was this? It wasn’t any weaker than the Chaos Calming Art!

Of all the offensive precious techniques he had come into contact with, the Chaos Calming Art was exceptionally penetrating, its sharpness impossible to block. It was known as one of the world’s three most powerful great sword arts!

This person was too frightening, just a casual attack producing this type of unmatched technique!

Shi Hao dove down, not withdrawing. All types of symbols appeared on his hands, interweaving together, extremely concentrated, as if tens of thousands of tadpoles were swimming about on their surface, extremely strange.

This was the True Primordial Record. He now comprehended to the most complex level, transforming the rotten into the miraculous, at this moment deriving all of the bone texts, making the various creatures on the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram all appear on his hands, condensing and engraving on the surface.


Shi Hao attacked, using his fists to suppress the sword radiance, clashing head-on against his opponent!


It first sounded as if golden weapons clashed in an ear-splitting manner, and then this place exploded with a honglong sound.

Heaven and earth cracked apart. The two figures became indistinct. They collided,then attacked each other viciously, fighting fiercely under a close distance, neither willing to cower back.

This was a true competition, the first great battle between the peak of young experts from the two words. Both of them wanted to subdue the other party with power and prevail.

This was a fated battle.


Heavenly winds roared, wreaking havoc across the great earth.

Sand and stone flew everywhere, the heavens fallen and earth sunken, nothing visible any longer. Only two figures could vaguely be made out from time to time, tangling about each other, fighting ferociously.

Shi Hao and He Wushuang clashed, a hundred zhang between the two.

There were no traces of blood, only leftover battle markings.

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. Was the foreign side really that terrifying? The first top level young expert from the other side he met was already this powerful, it truly was troubling.

Just now, they had spent about half the battle competing in physical strength. With Shi Hao’s current state, his body refined thousands of times over, just how terrifying of a level did his body reach? However, he wasn’t able to subdue the other party, merely on equal footing!

“You are somewhat amusing. Not even one of the most powerful sword arts of your world was able to cut you down.” He Wushuang said.

His skin was like jade, face as if sculpted with a blade, full of sharp lines, extremely handsome and heroic. His head of golden long hair fluttered about as he calmly looked at Shi Hao, his eyes carrying an expression of shock.

Shi Hao was shocked. It was as he had suspected after all; the other party possessed an unmatched sword art, one that was comparable to the Chaos Calming Art. It’s power really was incomparable!

“What a pity, the sword art only has three forms, it isn’t complete.” He Wushuang shook his head.

Shi Hao’s expression was cold. “Just do your worst, display your so-called foreign divine ability!”

“You won’t be master’s opponent. In this world, no one in this age range can face him. All enemies can only submit.” The Blood Phoenix Lion shouted, extremely savage. “All of your so-called elites, seedling experts, immortal energy condensed into three great dao flowers, what is so special about them? They will all similarly be wiped out by my master!”

“Shut it up, kill it!” Shi Hao said, having the little Heavenly Horned Ant that pounced over crazily take action, kill that Blood Phoenix Lion.

It was because Shi Hao felt a wave of anger within him. There was a group of youth from Immortal Ancient’s final phase who were killed before they were even allowed to grow up, it really was too great of a pity.

He had even met some of them in his dream back to Immortal Ancient!

He Wushuang spoke, saying, “You came for the Imperishable Scripture, and so have I. This is not only a battle over the scripture, it is also a competition over the fate of two worlds. I will not allow it to fall into your hands, the scripture is something I need!”

“Then just come! The victor will obtain the scripture, the defeated will fall. This will be a continuation of Immortal Ancient’s great confrontation!” Shi Hao roared.

He didn’t hold back, going all out. He had never fought with such seriousness, wishing to squeeze out every bit of power to kill this opponent!

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