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Chapter 1304 - Member of the Foreign Army

“Get lost! The son of traitors don’t have the right to criticize me!” The little golden ant roared angrily, and it began to attack again, wishing to blast aside that blonde young man He Wushuang.

However, the young man on the other side wasn’t moved in the slightest, to the extent where not even the golden hair that hung down to his waist moved in the slightest, his entire body steady like a boulder.

He was impossible to move!

He Wushuang was incredibly calm, the cross markings in his golden pupils were intimidating, divine light surging when they opened and closed, making one tremble.

“Move!” The little ant roared. It used all of its strength, fists erupting with great power, releasing dazzling radiance. Ant Fist collapsed the sky, shattered the universe.

However, it was still useless!

He Wushuang, this terrifying young man stretched out a single arm, this arm not even shaking, still grabbing its fist. He revealed a faint sneer.

“I already said that it’s completely useless. Your strength is too weak.” He said extremely calmly, as if he was doing something completely insignificant.

This type of thing was too shocking!

One has to understand that this was but the Heavenly Horned Ant, known as one of the most powerful creatures of the world, unrivaled among its peers. No one could compare to them in strength.

However, right now, this blonde youth He Wushuang didn’t use any tricky methods, only using the power of his flesh, yet it was already this frightening, subduing the Heavenly Horned Ant.

Just how terrifying was his physical body? It overlooked this world, truly incomparable!

The little ant felt great resentment, feeling like it was because he was still too young, not growing up yet, and that was why he wasn’t the other party’s opponent, his strength inferior to the other party’s.

He firmly believed that if he had a few more years, no one among his peers would dare compare with him in strength anymore.

“Unconvinced? Back then, your older siblings had all matured, yet they were still subdued by master, later on had their heads removed. Do you think the Heavenly Horned Ant’s divine force is unmatched?” The Blood Phoenix Lion not too far out released a low roar, attacking the little golden ant psychologically. “You all aren’t enough. There are creatures who are more powerful than you all on the other side!”

“Traitor, lackey, get lost!” The little golden ant was angered badly. It was already sad to begin with, and now, it was even humiliated by this traitor’s child, so it was naturally furious.


Light flashed past He Wushuang’s eyes. Thunderous noise erupted, the sound deafening, penetrating divine light shooting out. It was as if two streaks of golden lightning tore through the sky!

He only slightly exerted strength, yet blood immediately flowed out from the corners of the little golden ant’s lips. He was seriously injured!

At this moment, Shi Hao’s expression couldn’t help but change. He slowly walked forward, couldn’t allow this person to harm the little Heavenly Horned Ant.

At the same time, he was greatly shaken. This blonde male named He Wushuang truly was deep and immeasurable, possessing extraordinary strength, actually subduing the Heavenly Horned Ant this easily.

Even if it was because the little Heavenly Horned Ant had yet to grow up, this was still enough to explain a few things.

Perhaps this might be the most terrifying enemy Shi Hao had encountered yet. He couldn’t see through this person, feeling as if he was staring into a black cosmos abyss, one that could swallow up its enemies.

“Unmatched under the sky, you all will never understand how heavy these four words are, how terrifying. My master is one of the leading figures of the other side’s younger generation. These four words are his glory and title, he is beyond compare!” The Blood Phoenix Lion said in a deep and cold manner.

It now completely relaxed, no longer feeling scared. When it saw the blonde young man take action, it became completely calm, because in its eyes, this young man was without equal, impossible for him to meet his match here.

“Is that so?” Shi Hao responded indifferently. He walked forward step by step, gradually getting closer.

The little golden ant was suppressed, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips. He stared rigidly at He Wushuang, truly angered badly. He felt a type of sullenness. When faced with the murderer of his siblings, he was actually completely helpless, about to fall himself.

“There’s no need to feel dispirited. You are still young, lacking in years. If you were the same age as him, it would be hard to say who would emerge the victor.” Shi Hao said.

He pressed forward, his essence energy currently at its very peak, ready to launch a vicious attack at any time. He couldn’t let this young man harm the Heavenly Horned Ant.

He Wushuang was calm and confident, not feeling nervous at his arrival at all. He was instead extremely carefree, saying, “Since I said that I wouldn’t take the Heavenly Horned Ant’s life, only letting it understand the difference between us, I will not take action. I am a man of my word.”

“Who do you all think my master is? You all just don’t understand, or else how could you have the courage to challenge him? You all would already be groveling on your knees.” The Blood Phoenix Lion was extremely unbridled and arrogant. “My master is one of the leading figures of the other shore’s younger generation. His mission after entering this world is precisely to subdue the so-called young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, using absolute strength to sweep through them, display his unmatched stance, crush all of your younger generation’s confidence. He will forever be without equal!”

Shi Hao’s pupils contracted. “Immortal Ancient Great Era, the most powerful of the younger generation, there were some who had been killed by you before?!”

“Is there even a need to ask?” The Blood Phoenix laughed coldly, and then said, “My master is known to be unmatched under heaven. There is definitely no one from your side who can stop him!” 

Right at this time, the cross in the blonde young man He Wushuang’s pupils released frightening radiance, truly like crossing war spears, extremely terrifying!

His spiritual awareness was extremely terrifying. He stared at Shi Hao, saying, “You said Immortal Ancient Great Era… you are not someone of this world?!”

He truly was too sharp, seizing clues from this conversation, directly tracing it back to the source. His pupils were extremely frightening, golden light resplendent. He stared at Shi Hao.

“Interesting, I was just about to say, the few young Heavenly Horned Ants had long been killed by me, so how could another one appear? Turns out it doesn’t belong to this world.” He said to himself.

It had to be said that this He Wushuang was extremely terrifying. When faced with this type of unexpected event, he was still extremely calm and cool-headed, not showing too much changes in emotion.

“Not belonging to this world, then where are you all from?” The Blood Phoenix Lion was shocked, the blood-colored hair on its temples all standing on end. It immediately became alert, taking careful precautions.

It was scared to interact with those of a different time, because there were some rumors that doing so might produce terrifying consequences. If it ended up having some type of relation with those types of people, then it might die without even a burial site.

“It isn’t strange for there to be some opportunities for those of different time to interact, it isn’t much. My teacher has encountered such a thing before as well.” He Wushuang said indifferently.

He sized up Shi Hao, his expression serious for the first time, as if he wanted to see through him, understand what was going on.

“Regardless of who you all are, you’re dead for sure! You’ve encountered someone who is unmatched under the sky, has no match in the younger generation.” The Blood Phoenix Lion slowly calmed down. It felt great admiration for He Wushuang.

“Ah…” The little golden ant screamed angrily, struggling with everything it had. It didn’t want to be suppressed by the one who murdered his brothers.

“Master, just kill him to eliminate a future grievance!” The Blood Phoenix Lion’s eyes revealed cold light, suggesting like this.

“No, the Heavenly Horned Ant’s potential is great. I am scared that after those were killed, this might be the very last one of its bloodline. I wish to keep it and raise it at my side!” He Wushuang said.

“You’re courting death! You bastard, go to hell!” The little Heavenly Horned Ant attacked in anger, his fist almost lighting on fire, divine light surging, about to blast aside all enemies.

However, blood flowed in long streaks from his fist, difficult for him to struggle free from his opponent, still caught.


Right at this time, Shi Hao took action, immediately using a great divine ability -- Reincarnation Precious Technique!

This was his innate divine ability, the symbols engraved on his supreme being bone. It touched upon time and reincarnation. A rain of light filled the skies; these were time fragments!

It could be seen that Shi Hao was extremely afraid of this opponent. For the sake of stopping him from harming the little Heavenly Horned Ant, he immediately used a world-shaking divine ability!

This was something he rarely did, almost never immediately using his own great divine ability. This proved how serious he was, how frightening the enemy was.

“I won’t kill it, only raise it at my side.” He Wushuang said. He loosened his hand, and then with a swing of his robes, great winds swept about, simply about to blow out the little golden ant.

Immediately afterwards, He Wushuang’s sleeves expanded, immediately covering heaven and earth, terrifying beyond compare. It was simply about to suck in all of the sun, moon, and stars.

World Sleeve!

This was the complete precious technique, the World Sleeve great divine ability!

He used this type of heaven shocking secret method to resist the time fragments, using space against time. That sleeve carried an entire world, collecting those fragments of time.


An intense great collision happened here. Shi Hao vaguely saw that hand within the great sleeve, around it the sun, moon, and stars. There was a stellar doman rotating at his palm!

Apart from the World Sleeve, there was an expanse of nascent cosmos that began to take form and rotate within that person’s right hand. This was extremely shocking.

That was another type of great divine ability, the ancient monk bloodline’s World Palm.


This place collapsed. It was endlessly brilliant, as if many great stars fell from outer space and all of them smashed together. It was too brilliant, endless divine light burning and boiling!

After a long time had passed, this place became peaceful again.

The two individuals separated, brushing past each other.

He Wushuang was extremely calm. “You came here to compete against me over the Imperishable Scripture?” 

He then looked towards the golden beast skin sheets on that massive peak.

Shi Hao trembled inwardly, feeling that things were going bad. The scripture was too important, if it landed in the other side’s hands, things really would be far from reassuring.

“This is your so-called unmatched under the sky?” Even though Shi Hao was shaken up, he looked calm on the surface.

“I only used the divine abilities of your world, not the methods of my realm.” He Wushuang gave Shi Hao a indifferent look, his eyes carrying a type of powerful confidence, as well as a type of restrained power and might.

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