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Chapter 1301 - Blood Phoenix Lion

“Even a little bug dares bare its fangs against me? Nothing more than an ant!” The Blood Phoenix Lion spoke with a tone of disdain and ruthlessness. Its claw slapped outwards.

Compared to the Heavenly Horned Ant, it really was too large, its hundred zhang body like a demonic mountain, scarlet red like blood. The hair on its temples were long, falling like a waterfall.

Its head was massive, eyes like blood moons. Its teeth were sharp like snow-white blades, its appearance malevolent and terrifying. When its claws descended, strong winds roared, bitter explosions erupting.

“Vicious mutt, hand over your life! You dare harm my siblings, I’m not finished with you! This won’t end until one of us dies!” The little golden ant screamed, tears of blood about to flow out.

He had never met any of his family members since birth, only hearing from others that he had a few older brothers and sisters. However, they all fell in battle, dying in the battle of the last age.

This blood-colored lion before it might be a main culprit, so how could it not be angry? It was filled with rage, mouth couldn’t help but release a roar, venting out the resentment in his heart.

In reality, in that short instant, they had long traded several dozen strikes with great divine abilities, all of these exchanges like the explosion of fiery light. This place erupted with an expanse of brilliance.


The blood-colored lion’s large claw descended, extremely terrifying. When its long scarlet hair fluttered with the wind, it looked extremely terrifying. The sharp lion claw tore apart the sky!


In that instant, golden light erupted. Even though the Heavenly Horned Ant was extremely small, the power a single fist released was too frightening, as if a volcano was surging, as if golden liquid splashed out.

Sparks flew in all directions here, divine force erupting like a sea of magma, vast and boundless. The skies were completely blasted to pieces.

The two creatures were both greatly shaken, respectively backing up.

The little golden ant was extremely vexed. He used 120% of his strength, yet he couldn’t kill the other party, actually unable to move that massive lion king.

He knew that he still hadn’t matured, many methods he couldn’t use yet, his strength unable to oppress the other party.

However, the Blood Phoenix Lion didn’t see it like this. In its perspective, this little thing was like a bean, something that would be completely overlooked if it didn’t look carefully, yet it could fight it head-on right now.

If this Heavenly Horned Ant was allowed to grow up, then wouldn’t it meant that it could completely suppress itself? The Blood Phoenix Lion was shaken up inwardly, deciding that it definitely couldn’t leave behind this future grievance and had to directly eliminate it now.

“Little bug, how could a little thing like you be worthy of being my opponent? Back then, your siblings were much stronger than you, but they all similarly died on the battlefield, not even bones remaining, eaten by me. They truly were a delicacy! Your race’s Extreme Strength Blood really is the best mending medicine of this world!”

The Blood Phoenix Lion spoke with a cruel and complacent tone, its eyes carrying malevolence, as well as a type of ridicule. It was trying to disturb the little ant’s state of mind, make it lose control.

Sure enough, after being stimulated, the little ant’s body began to tremble slightly. It had never had any loved ones by its side. It truly longed for that type of affection, but now, there was someone humiliating them before his face, claiming that his older siblings died so miserably, only good as food. How could it not feel an urge to go crazy?

This was especially the case when one considered how proud of a race the Heavenly Horned Ant was. It was known as one of Immortal Ancient’s most powerful bloodlines. With the blessing of the Extreme Strength Blood, their might was matchless!

How could this type of race tolerate the humiliation of another?

“Mutt, even a declined posterity of a Blood Phoenix and ancient monk bloodline dares mock me? I am going to kill you!” The Heavenly Horned Ant threw itself forward.

At this moment, its golden body was starting to be dyed with blood, becoming a bit red. However, the golden light also became even more resplendent.

This was result of the young Heavenly Horned Ant sensing danger and erupting in rage. Once their species entered a berserk state, their strength would increase greatly, but of course, there would be some residual effects after they overused divine force.

Hou! The Blood Phoenix Lion released a low roar, its scarlet eyes like cold moons. It was also angry. Even though its family background was rather dim, there was no need to doubt its strength.

“Petty and low bug, come and accept death!” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared.


The Heavenly Horned Ant threw itself over, scarlet red mixed with golden radiance, a terrifying aura spreading outwards. It completely went crazy, entering a berserk state!


The profound mysteries of extreme strength smashed out, collapsing heaven and earth. Ghosts wept and deities howled. It was as if this place exploded, undergoing a great destruction.

The little ant looked small, but a single fist from it blasted apart the heavens, tearing apart the battlefield. The giant corpses on the ground flew in all directions from the blast waves.

From the distance, the scene was extremely shocking. An ant stood there, the corpses all around it surging like waves, rushing in all directions.


The Blood Phoenix Lion coughed lightly, spitting out a mouthful of blood. It was immediately shocked. It originally thought that this ant was too young, its strength not that profound, but now, why did it suddenly erupt with strength, able to fight against itself?

It disturbed the little ant’s mind, but didn’t make the other party’s strength chaotic, instead increasing. This truly was a blunder.

“Mutt, come over and accept your death! Forget about you, even if a true declined Blood Phoenix came, it still wouldn’t dare act so rude before my Heavenly Horned Ant Race, yet you dare humiliate me. Die!” The little ant shouted.

Its body began to increase in size, becoming larger than before. Golden light shone resplendently, and there was scarlet multicolored light that swirled about as well. Extreme Strength Blood was surging and burning.

“Just a type of bug, yet you dare look down on me? The Blood Phoenix and Fearless Lion are both supreme individuals, and as their descendant, I have two types of unmatched precious blood! How dare you look down on me? Just accept death!” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared out. It was shrinking in size, its body no longer as large as before, ultimately only ten zhang tall, doing this to more effectively attack the Heavenly Horned Ant.

The two just happened to be undergoing opposite changes; the little Heavenly Horned Ant was increasing in size, turning into the height of a person, its entire body swirling with metallic radiance, full of explosive power. At the same time, three strands of immortal energy frantically swirled about its body, turning into a terrifying tornado, forming a body protecting screen of light!


At the same time, the Heavenly Horned Ant’s speed also became faster. It took action with full strength, displaying its clan’s most famous Ant Fist, its bearing incredibly domineering and tyrannical.


The heavens collapse and earth split. The Heavenly Horned Ant didn’t look that tall, but every fist made large amounts of mountains and rivers tremble, rise and fall greatly. One had to understand that this was the battlefield of the strongest, but it was still trembling right now.

As for space, it had long collapsed. It was like the end of the world, black cracks everywhere, chaotic energy crazily surging from them.

The Blood Phoenix Lion roared. It felt great danger. Fists smashed over one after another, making one feel fear. It actually couldn’t hold on!

In its eyes, this little ant went crazy, its strength increasing a large amount from before, exceeding the strength it should have.


The Blood Phoenix Lion took a fist, making it cough out large mouthfuls of blood. Cracks appeared on its claws, leaving it shocked and furious.


A lion roar sounded. The Blood Phoenix Lion displayed its innate divine ability. Energy waves rippled out like a great sea, quickly battering out, sweeping towards the little Heavenly Horned Ant.

Sound waves appeared in the form of energy. It was extremely terrifying, vast and boundless, shaking up the heavens above and earth below!

This was the roar of a lion king, one that subdued ten thousand beasts. All common people within the Nine Heavens Ten Earths would develop a feeling of reverence!

This was a unique great divine ability -- Lion’s Roar. Where did it originate from? Precisely the ancient monk bloodline’s Fearless Lion. Now, its descendant was displaying it, so it was naturally world-shaking and incomparable!

“Ah…” The little golden ant shouted out, blood flowing out from its lips. Apart from this, drops of blood even trickled out from its eyes, the scene incredibly bitter.

“Kill!” The Heavenly Horned Ant wasn’t a normal creature after all. When faced with this type of exceptional divine ability, it was still incomparably fierce. Its fists only became even more terrifying.


The heavens split and earth collapsed, ghosts wept and deities howled. The Ant Fist was unmatched, truly an unrivaled divine ability. It directly shattered the sky, as if it wanted to expose the everlasting, terrifying beyond compare.


The roar of a lion king resounded through the heavens, scattering the clouds in the sky, causing the earth to rupture open. It howled bitterly; even though the destructive power of the energy sound waves was astonishing, it paid a great price itself as well, smashed into by a fist, struck until its forehead almost broke apart.

The Blood Phoenix Lion’s Lion King Roar great divine ability was forcefully endured by the little ant, and it was even able to return a heavy blow.


The Blood Phoenix Lion coughed out blood, the red temple hairs on its massive body moving on their own even though there was no wind, spreading out, and then stood on end like steel needles.

It was angry. What kind of status did it have? It was the descendant of a declined Blood Phoenix and Fearless Lion, its bloodline noble, not inferior to others. This was especially the case with it being in its golden age right now, blood energy surging, yet in the end, it was stopped by a little ant who was younger than itself, who hadn’t even matured yet, seriously injured. This truly was a type of humiliation.

“Ant, little bug, you’ve angered me. Even your older siblings have been eaten, yet you injured me, making me shed blood. You are going to pay the greatest price for this!”

“A mutt like you, with your strength, you definitely weren’t my older siblings’ opponent. I am going to personally chop you up and wash away my clan’s humiliation!” The little golden ant roared furiously.


The golden ant’s fist carried scarlet red blood radiance. This was anger, even more so the embodiment of its madness. The Heavenly Horned Ant entered a berserk state, releasing strength that was even more terrifying than before!

The current little ant’s eyes and mouth all had blood flowing out, but the atmosphere became more and more terrifying. Blood energy surged, rushing into the heavens like a tornado.

A giant blood energy whirlwind took form, the golden Extreme Strength Blood, under the flames of anger and madness, carried blood-colored killing intent. It swept through this world, making the mountains, ravines, boundless great earth, nine firmaments and everything else shake intensely!

During this process, Shi Hao didn’t take action at all, only coldly watching it play out.

Right now, he acknowledged the little ant, moreover attached great importance to him, because his display was extremely astonishing, boldness world shocking, potential limitless. This was a companion and comrade that was definitely worth relying on in the future.

The Blood Phoenix Lion was extremely domineering, to the extent where it could be said to be ridiculously terrifying, the descendant of two types of vicious beings, its divine might immeasurable.

At the very least, this Blood Phoenix Lion wasn’t weaker than the Void Beast King, a matchless supreme being!

Under this type of situation, when facing this type of enemy, before the little golden ant even matured yet, he could already face his enemy. This was already enough to speak of everything, proving its potential.

If the little ant could smoothly grow up, the heights it could reach were limitless. Perhaps this Heavenly Horned Ant truly had a chance of surpassing his father!

“Kill!” The Blood Phoenix Lion carried out a final attack. It could feel how dangerous the little ant was, now already resisting with everything it had.

Meanwhile, at this time, Shi Hao already calmed down a bit, starting to observe the divine mountain range, carefully listening to the scripture sounds.

The golden beast skin sheet continued to move about above the shining grand mountaintops, releasing hua hua sounds. There were even more so all types of symbols that were released, chanting the most powerful scriptures from past until now.

Meanwhile, not far from that ancient mountain, there was a figure that stood there, seemingly listening to the ancient scriptures, experiencing the imperishable true meanings.

Who was this? Shi Hao was immediately shaken up. When did this person appear? In that instant he turned around to look at the little ant, how could a creature have already appeared?!

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