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Chapter 1302 - Fated Enemy

Who was he? Why did he appear in this sacred mountain range? This made Shi Hao feel a pressing feeling. This might be an opponent he has to face for the Imperishable Scripture.

At the same time, his mind was clouded by too many things. Just what kind of place was this exactly? Why did he run into the elites of the other side?

There were corpses of powerful individuals everywhere on the ground, the terrifying Immortal Smelting Pot, a mysterious Blood Phoenix Lion, and now that figure under the divine mountains. What was up with this? He still didn’t know.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, his essence energy restrained. His body became slightly more taut, ready to release a thunderous blow at any moment, initiate an exceptional great battle.

However, he didn’t move rashly, because there was still no need.

Above those divine mountains, the golden beast skin sheet moved about, symbols jumping out one after another. They were all embodiments of the dao, supporting complex profound mysteries, untouchable.

Apart from this, the little Heavenly Horned Ant was fighting a decisive battle against another, so Shi Hao couldn’t leave.

In reality, he really wanted to take action and go against the Blood Phoenix Lion, but he understood the little Heavenly Horned Ant’s mood. It wanted to rely on itself to suppress this vicious creatures, cut it down.

Only this could be considered revenge, settling a grievance. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get rid of one’s resentment, it would affect his dao heart.

It was because this type of feeling was just too strong. Before he was even born, his family had already been completely murdered, all of them dying miserably, including his mother who was killed before he was even born. Just how tragic was this?

That was why one shouldn’t overlook this just because the little Heavenly Horned Ant normally put on a big display. When it truly touched upon one’s loved ones, then it reached his bottom line. He truly wanted to dream back to Immortal Ancient, participate in that battle, or else it was just too hard to settle this grievance!

“Ah… I want to slaughter my way into the foreign land, kill all enemies! What undying, what unmatched experts? All of them can just die! Return my parent’s life, give me back my mom, give me back my older brothers and sisters!”

The little Heavenly Horned Ant wept as he roared out, tears continuously tumbling down from his eyes. It was too hard for him to hold in the grief he felt in this decisive battle. It was as if he completely broke down.

This was extremely frightening. His strength continuously increased, simply exceeding the limits of his current age. This was a type of unmatched reflection of power exceeding the intrinsic limits!

Right now, apart from Shi Hao and a few others, no one could do this!


The Blood Phoenix Lion roared with fury, the hairs on its temple standing on end. It crazily brandished its large claws, moreover opening its large bloody mouth, simply about to swallow up all of heaven and earth.


The collision was intense. They fought endlessly, blood splashing out, divine force surging.

The Blood Phoenix Lion’s large hand was badly mangled, struck until it cracked by the little golden ant’s fist, the claws themselves even breaking off.

“Bug, go to hell!” The Blood Phoenix Lion was furious. Even if it was in the terrifying foreign region, on the other side of the world, it was still a creature with a noble bloodline, yet now, it was suppressed and seriously injured by this little thing.


The Lion King Roar resounded through the entire battlefield. It swallowed the heavenly dome, the little ant included within, about to completely refine everything clean.

During this process, in that sacred mountain rage, that figure was startled by this roar. It frowned slightly, but still didn’t turn its head around, its body not moving.


Immediately afterwards, golden light became resplendent, blood energy surging like smoke signals. The little golden ant went crazy. It forcibly blasted that Blood Phoenix Lion’s mouth rotten, slaughtering out a path of blood.

Devouring Heaven and Earth, this was a type of great divine ability that formed a terrifying world within one’s mouth. It would slowly erase the enemy.

After the Blood Phoenix Lion displayed this divine ability, it angered the little ant, making it go completely mad, display the greatest strength it had displayed in its life. It forcibly blasted apart this imprisonment, and then blew up its mouth.

“Ah…” This time, the Blood Phoenix Lion’s losses were serious. It cried out miserably, because seven to eight of its mouthful of fierce teeth were all broken, chest even blasted through, injuries too serious.

“Kill!” Its eyes also became red from fighting. It continuously suffered humiliation, the Blood Phoenix Lion using all of the methods it had.

Right at this moment, the pair of blood-colored wings at its two sides moved, powerful winds stirring about, hacking apart heaven and earth, making waves of chaotic energy surge. They then hacked at the little Heavenly Horned Ant.

This was the precious technique passed down from the Fallen Blood Phoenix, able to cleave the heaven and split the earth, cut through everything in its path!

Fallen Blood Phoenix, this was a traitor of the True Phoenix Race, but their strength was definitely not fake. They really were matchless through the world, terrifying beyond compare.

The Fallen Blood Phoenix’ divine ability was naturally world shocking. Blood Phoenix Cleave, this was well-known under the sky, known to be able to hack down all heroes through a pair of blood red phoenix wings!

There was a type of legend that the reason why the Fallen Blood Phoenix was scarlet red, especially its pair of wings that were scarlet like blood, was because it had killed too many creatures. It was dyed red by the blood of paramount beings when it became corrupt and slaughtered its way out.

Right now, the attack the Blood Phoenix Lion released really was terrifying to the extreme.

“My Heavenly Horned Ant Race’s strength dominates all under the sky. I won’t feel fear even if the Fallen Blood Phoenix itself arrives, let alone someone like you!” The little ant roared out in a powerful manner.


It faced those wings with its fists. The two clashed, immortal energy surging, bloody light collapsing, heaven and earth even more so shattering!

This type of confrontation was too astonishing, too miserable.

Scarlet red feathers fell, flying everywhere, blood splashing outwards.

The Blood Phoenix Lion flew out in reverse, its pair of wings seemingly broken, difficult for it to raise them.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the little Heavenly Horned Ant was also trembling slightly, because its fists were covered in injuries, blood flowing in a long stream. That pair of terrifying blood-colored wings hacked apart his flesh, some blood feathers stabbing into his body.

In that instant, it almost hacked apart his fist.

“My Heavenly Horned Ant Race becomes more courageous the more obstacles there are in the way, we will only become stronger! Our fists will continuously transform through battle, continuously become tougher. When they are injured, they will flourish even greater. Just hand over your life!”

Golden light surged from his fists, and there was a layer of dead skin that came off as well. His injuries healed, revealing a pair of divine fists that were even more resplendent!


The little ant was a battle maniac. He rushed over murderously at the Blood Phoenix Lion again.

“Kill!” The Blood Phoenix Lion roared angrily, bracing itself to face the little thing again. It used up all of its strength, using all types of forbidden methods.

However, after several dozen to over a hundred fierce clashes, its pair of blood-colored phoenix wings were already broken. It couldn’t raise them again, now being chased after by the little ant instead.


In the end, even though the Blood Phoenix Lion was incredibly arrogant, it still had no choice but to flee in a sorry state, or else it would be crippled, possibly even dying here.

“Hand over your life! Not even your traitorous parents can save you if you come!” The little ant chased after it, already going crazy from fighting.

The Blood Phoenix Lion was extremely angry, but it had to accept this reality. It wasn’t a match for the berserk Heavenly Horned Ant, it truly couldn’t win against it. While fleeing, many bones in its body broke.

It had to be said that this was an extremely glorious battle accomplishment. The little Heavenly Horned Ant defeated the strong as the weak, actually coming out on top, truly worthy of being the descendant of the Vicious Ten!


The little ant chased angrily, speed extremely fast. When it caught up to the Blood Phoenix Lion, it immediately used a great divine ability, sending its body flying, breaking its bones and tearing apart its muscles.

“Speak, how did you harm my siblings? I believe you don’t have that type of strength at all. My older siblings are unmatched young experts beneath the sky, your strength is far from being enough!”

The little Heavenly Horned Ant’s eyes were red as it spoke, because it had heard from the old soldiers that his older siblings were all extremely stunning. If they didn’t die, then they might even exceed his father.

“Hurry and talk!” The little ant roared out.

Shi Hao stood there quietly. He seemed to have realized something. The reason why the old Heavenly Horned Ant had them come here to obtain the Imperishable scripture might be because he had long realized something. He wanted to help his own son vent some of his grievances, remove his inner demons, allow him to grow up through this battle. His fatherly love was like a mountain, showing concern towards everything.

“Kill!” The little ant took action again, forcibly tearing off the Blood Phoenix Lion’s wings that had long broken. Blood flowed like a long river.


The Blood Phoenix roared in pain, resisting as if it had gone mad, roaring angrily, “Insect, you are bullying others too far! So what if I ate your older siblings? What are you going to do about it?!”

Then, it stood up, starting to produce imprints. Its entire body shone, blood-colored hair becoming golden, becoming unspeakably holy and grand. There was a type of grand and dignified feel.

“Fearless Lion Imprint!” Shi Hao said quietly. His expression changed, reminding the little ant to be careful!

As his understanding towards Immortal Ancient Great Era grew, even Shi Hao had heard of this restricted divine ability!

This was the extreme art of the ancient monk bloodline. It could protect the dao, protect the prosperity and decline of a sect.

It was rumored that long ago, when the Fearless Lion had yet to return to the ancient monk bloodline, it had previously killed an immortal monk after a bitter struggle precisely through this exceptional divine ability, an immortal dao supreme being!

In the end, the Fearless Lion was suppressed by someone from the ancient monk bloodline who cultivated the Zhang Six Golden Body, completely subdued.

From then on, the Fearless Lion bloodline remained in the ancient monk monastery for many generations. This lasted until a traitor appeared later on, rebelling together with the Fallen Blood Phoenix, heading to the other side of the world.


After the Fearless Lion Imprint was formed, the Blood Phoenix Lion roared out, staking it all against the little ant.

However, the little Heavenly Horned Ant’s eyes were scarlet red, not showing the slightest bit of fear, completely looking like it didn’t care about its own life. It abandoned all defenses, about to compete in strength and fight to the death.


At the final crucial moment, the Blood Phoenix Lion became weak, lacking in confidence. After only displaying half of this attack, it turned around again to run.

“The complete Fearless Lion Imprint can also be considered one of the most powerful divine abilities, but it is on the premise the one needs to be fearless! A mutt like you who feels fear, how can you display this divine ability? Just accept death!”

The little ant shouted, its voice like thunder, shaking heaven and earth. Its fist blasted through the barrier of light, smashing into the Blood Phoenix Lion’s body, making its body and bones release pi pa sounds, unknown just how many of them broke.

However, the Blood Phoenix Lion’s life force was tenacious, still holding onto a breath of blood energy. It made its way into the heavens, opening its mouth and shouting, “Save me!”

It rushed towards that sacred mountain range, asking the young figure who was standing by the divine mountains, comprehending the ancient scriptures for help, fearing for its life.

“Kill!” The little ant chased after it, continuously taking action, blasting the Blood Phoenix Lion until its entire body was covered in blood. It seemed like its life might end here.

Shi Hao couldn't just watch as a bystander anymore. He quickly chased after it, because he was scared that the little ant would suffer a loss. He couldn’t see through the depth of the young man in the mountain range, this creature giving him a deep and immeasurable terrifying feeling.

This type of feeling was extremely bad. When one reached Shi Hao’s current level, maybe he wasn’t able to sweep through all others in his generation, crushing all enemies in the Void Dao Realm, but it was already close enough.

However, in this place, he actually encountered a strange youth, unable to see what his cultivation really was like!

The young man in the mountain range turned around, no longer staring at the golden beast skin sheet that continuously fluttered about, but rather at the Blood Phoenix Lion and little Heavenly Horned Ant.

“Master, save me!” The Blood Phoenix Lion cried out.

The young man said something quietly, and then ended his comprehension, now facing them.

Right now, even though the little ant was in a berserk state, he was also stunned, feeling great shock. What did that Blood Phoenix Lion call that young man?

At the same time, Shi Hao in the rear was also shocked, almost doubting his ears. How terrifying was the Blood Phoenix Lion? It was practically the supreme being of its generation.

However, in this place, it actually called that young man its master.

For some reason, the instant he heard this manner of address, Shi Hao immediately felt a terrifying feeling. He might have encountered the most terrifying enemy of his entire life!

The Blood Phoenix Lion was but the descendant of the Fallen Blood Phoenix and Fearless Lion. With its noble bloodline and status, how could it become the servant of another, serve as a mount? This was unimaginable!

Moreover, judging from how it was acting, this was something it was perfectly happy to do.

“How stunning are you ancestors, even able to kill an immortal dao ancient monk supreme being, but you are too weak. Only by being fearless can you become truly unmatched!” That young man released a light sigh.

“Who are you?” The little ant shouted.

“There is no need to chase after the Blood Phoenix Lion. The one who killed your older brothers and sisters is me, I was the one who subdued them with my own hands, removed their heads, and then fed a Heavenly Horned Ant to the Blood Phoenix Lion.” The young man said calmly.

“What? Ah…” The little Heavenly Horned Ant felt like its heart and lungs were splitting. He couldn’t help but roar into the sky.

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