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Chapter 1300 - Immortal Smelting Pot

Immortal Smelting Pot, what is that?

Shi Hao knew that this thing was formidable the moment he heard it. Was it going to refine all immortals in this world?

The black pot was less than a foot in size. It floated in the void, precisely its appearance that cut off the blood energy, preventing it from continuing to rush into the heavens.

“Immortal Smelting Pot is something that belongs to the other side. However, I heard that it never appeared in the great battle of Immortal Ancient Great Era, only some ancient beings knowing about it, feeling like this type of thing might exist.” The little golden ant said.

“What?” Shi Hao was shocked. Just how ancient was this thing, to be considered a thing of legends even in Immortal Ancient Great Era? Not even the people of that era had seen it before.

However, now that it appeared here, what was it trying to accomplish?

The most important thing was that it belonged to the other side, a foreign item. Could it be that this battlefield was connected to that world?!

Shi Hao broke into a cold shiver. Eventually, he said to himself, “Don’t tell me that this is the Desolate Border!”

If this was the case, then this was where Stone Clan’s ancestors fought, the edge of the world they protected.


That black pot moved, releasing a noise that sounded like weeping. It made one feel extremely uncomfortable, their moods greatly affected.

Something terrifying happened. The Immortal Smelting Pot swayed, starting to take big gulps, devouring all of the blood essence in the battlefield. Streak after streak of scarlet red light rushed at it.

Just now, the blood energy rose like smoke signals, shooting into the sky, but now, it was being devoured, everything quickly entering the Immortal Smelting Pot.

One had to bear in mind that when this blood energy gathered here, it was enough to hack down numerous stars, yet now, it was easily devoured, forcefully removed by the Immortal Smelting Pot.

Shi Hao felt a wave of coldness. This time, he finally understood why he saw so many corpses along the way, why even though there was blood, there was no spirituality.

Everything was devoured by the Immortal Smelting Pot, the blood’s essence sucked out!

The battlefield was extremely vast. There were countless corpses, blood essence all disappeared, all of this because of this pot. Just how astonishing was this?

This was a vicious weapon, and it might be one of the most powerful ones since ancient times!

“It is rumored that the Immortal Smelting Pot is something an unmatched being’s ancestral teacher previously grasped, but it had never appeared in the last great era.”

The little golden ant’s voice was trembling a bit, extremely unnatural.

It was because based on the information it obtained, that unmatched figure’s ancestral teacher had long died in the beginning period of Immortal Ancient Great Era. He had lived for far too long, ultimately dying in meditation.

This pot also disappeared with him, so why did it appear here?

“Something’s not right, I feel like things are strange, extremely abnormal. Is this the present world? I refuse to believe that there are this many corpses. I am starting to suspect that we arrived in Immortal Ancient’s last phase!” The Heavenly Horned Ant shook his head fiercely as he spoke.

Shi Hao had previously made this association as well. Could it be that after he stepped foot into the ultimate land of self-refinement, he entered up going through a passage of time, arriving in the scorched earth following Immortal Ancient Great Era’s destruction?

It really was too similar! Otherwise, why were there this many corpses, moreover all of them this powerful?

Perhaps only in that great era, that battle that wiped out the world could create this type of disaster.

The Immortal Smelting Pot floated there just like that, frantically absorbing blood essence. Large amounts of scarlet multicolored light surged, entering inside. Only heaven knew just how great of a wave of life blood energy it sucked away!

Shi Hao was shocked, the little ant also stupefied. Was this Immortal Smelting Pot prepared specially for slaughtering true immortals?

Its name was astonishing, its actions making one tremble!

“This Immortal Smelting Pot definitely doesn’t need this blood itself, it is only an artifact, used to store this essence blood!” Shi Hao said.

“This is just too frightening. Is this the scene of the final battlefield’s cleanup after the other side won?” The little ant’s voice was bitter. The scene was too frightening.

At the same time, it felt lamentable. Many creature’s bones were buried here, unable to change the situation. They were still wiped out by those of the other side, all of Immortal Ancient buried.

There was such an exuberant blood energy force, countless experts here, all of them the most powerful cultivators. They were all cut down here, and then had their blood essence sucked out.


In the end, the black Immortal Smelting Pot tore through the air, and then disappeared without a trace. Shi Hao and the little ant recovered their freedom, no longer feeling that feeling of collapse.

They stretched out their bodies, unblocked their blood vessels, and then released a breath of relief. When they looked at this battlefield again, their eyes carried dismal expressions.

Sure enough, when they continued forward, they weren’t inhibited anymore. The blood energy those corpses released was all sucked away, no longer affecting this battlefield.

Everything became peaceful again.

The corpses here became just like the ones that they saw earlier, lacking divinity and power, all becoming ordinary again.

“Why are we seeing these things? There is no way we arrived in Immortal Ancient’s final years.” The little ant was confused, carrying grief. He thought back to his loved ones who all died in that calamity.

Shi Hao thought to himself, and then said, “In order to obtain the Imperishable Scripture, some inconceivable trials definitely have to be experienced. Perhaps we are inside of one right now, just completely unaware.

The battlefield became quiet. They continued forward towards the ultimate land, wishing to see what there was exactly.

After flying out tens of thousands of li, there was faint golden light that could be vaguely seen up ahead, incredibly divine, as if it was the most blissful auspicious land.

However, a ripple transmitted over from not too far away. A terrifying vicious beast appeared, one that was extremely bold and powerful, sinister and terrifying. It released a powerful life aura, its eyes deep and ice-cold.

What kind of creature was this?

It was a hundred zhang in height. When compared to the other corpses in this battlefield, it wasn’t that large, but it was extremely frightening. It was in the shape of a lion, but its entire body was scarlet red like blood, its fur extremely long.

Meanwhile, there was a pair of blood-colored wings at both sides of its body, as if they were phoenix wings.

“Blood Phoenix Lion!” The little golden ant cried out with alarm. Even though it wasn’t born in Immortal Ancient, those old puppet soldiers had taught it many things.

“Are they extremely strong?” Shi Hao asked.

“Extremely formidable, not inferior to a Void King, a terrifying vicious beast on the same level!” The little ant responded.

Shi Hao was shocked. Back then, he had personally fought against a Void Beast King in Immortal Battlefield, a young supreme being who had cultivated three strands of immortal energy, definitely a terrifying creature.

He actually encountered another type of vicious beast from the other side here.

According to what the little ant said, the Blood Phoenix Lion was the posterity of a declined Blood Phoenix and the  ancient monk bloodline’s ‘Fearless Lion’. It possessed extraordinary strength and exceptional magical force.

This type of vicious beast was extremely rarely seen, but they were all extremely powerful!

“A living Blood Phoenix Lion, why would it appear here?!” Shi Hao stared at it.

“There were fish that escaped the net after all, it seems like cleaning up the battlefield is needed after all. Foolish creatures, why are you all not prostrating yourselves after seeing me?” The Blood Phoenix Lion spoke.

The hundred zhang tall body was scarlet red like blood, a pair of eyes even more so releasing deep cold radiance. It looked down at Shi Hao, carrying cold intent and a type of murderous energy.

“What is this place? Is it the other side? Are we in Immortal Ancient era?” Shi Hao quickly asked.

“I am the one asking the questions. What qualifications do the defeated have to interrogate me? Will you submit or die?!” The Blood Phoenix Lion said coldly.

Of course, their interaction was done purely through divine will. Otherwise, there was no way for them to communicate at all.

“Wu, there is also a little ant. Let me think what species you are. It seems to be the Heavenly Horned Ant, a rather well-known one. Ah, I remember, I previously ate one, its essence blood too tasty. However, it was much larger than you, it really was a great mending medicine, greatly increasing my strength!” The Blood Phoenix Lion spoke with a speed that wasn’t too fast or too slow.

This type of arrogance and this type of contempt made Shi Hao’s eyes go ice-cold. The little ant’s eyes went red, he couldn’t help but cry out.

“You ate a Heavenly Horned Ant?!” It almost cried, because it had a few older brothers and sisters, but they were all killed, their corpses not even seized back.

“Precisely, it looked just like you. Don’t tell me it was one of your relatives?” The Blood Phoenix Lion sneered in a bloodthirsty manner.

“Courting death!” Shi Hao shouted. He formed a magical imprint, already about to take action.

“No, I am going to do it, let me do it! I am going to kill him with my own hands! How could this type of mutt have killed my siblings? I am going to kill it with my own hands!” The little ant’s eyes were scarlet red, going crazy.


Immediately afterwards, its fists shone, smashing towards that frightening vicious beast.

At the same time, a large mountain in the distance erupted with golden multicolored light, pervaded with brilliant colors; scripture sounds were produced. One could vaguely see that there were a few sheets of golden beast skins that were moving about, floating in the skies above the great mountain.

“Imperishable Scripture?!” Shi Hao said quietly. He felt like if this was a scripture, then it might very well be what he was looking for.


At the same time, the Heavenly Horned Ant and the Blood Phoenix Lion began to fight murderously, clashing intensely, divine force surging in waves, the space around them exploding!

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