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Chapter 1299 - Doomsday Battlefield

The ground was covered in corpses, bright red blood dyeing the great earth. This battlefield’s scenery was just too astonishing. Just who were the ones who died?

Where did they come from? Why was it that no matter how he looked at it, it seemed as if a great battle had just ended? However, why was it that the outside world had no idea? Could it be that this place was connected to a bizarre great world?

Shi Hao and the little golden ant felt a great headache, both of them feeling like this was inconceivable. At the same time, they felt a wave of chilliness; this place was too dangerous.

In their perspective, those giant corpses all belonged to the most powerful individuals. The appearance of any one of these in the outside world would trigger a huge commotion.

There were many different races among these creatures, and they weren’t quite the same as those of the present world, even though there were some areas that were similar. 

“What is going on? If it wasn’t because the blood is still releasing heat, I would have thought that I arrived in Immortal Ancient’s final years, seeing the scene of the final battle.” The little ant muttered.

Shi Hao nodded, expressing his agreement.

He truly couldn’t figure out what power in this present world could send out this many experts. Only a doomsday battle could have this many participants, right?

Only, how could the two of them have arrived in that type of place?

This didn’t make sense!

“Something’s not quite right. When the blood energy of so many experts gathers together, it is enough to tear apart the universe, but this place is extremely quiet.” Shi Hao said.

In his perspective, these giant creatures were extremely terrifying, many of them at the top of the food chain. However, right now, they were all over the ground, and the blood energy they released wasn’t that oppressive 

“Let’s try and walk a bit closer.” The little golden ant said.

They were originally already standing in the middle of the boundless battlefield, below their feet dark red blood.

Shi Hao squatted down, carefully removing a drop of blood from a small puddle and studying it. He was immediately shocked.

The essence in the blood was gone!

It was to the extent where even the killing intent the blood originally possessed disappeared, the most mysterious and complex substance no longer in existence.

What happened?

These creatures were clearly all exceptionally powerful, so how could their blood possibly be this weak, lacking spirituality, lacking the biting cold killing intent?

Then, Shi Hao climbed onto the body of a golden-violet ape. It was the size of a mountain, its brains already smashed open. He removed essence blood from its body, and then he discovered that this one also lacked spirituality!

Then, Shi Hao chose several extremely powerful looking creatures, examining them one by one. In the end, he discovered that all of them lacked spiritual characteristics.

Even though the blood was shining, it had long become turbid, lacking the divine characteristics left behind by the most powerful beings. It didn’t match their statuses as powerful creatures.

What was going on?

Shi Hao and the Heavenly Horned Ant were both confused. After exchanging a look, they decided to continue forward and see what exactly was going on.

It had to be said that this battlefield was too large and boundless, they still didn’t see any sign of its limits after speeding along all this time. Meanwhile, there were just too many powerful beings from all different species everywhere, all of them corpses.

“Truly is hard to believe. I feel like aside from a war of the last phase, how could there be this many experts?”

There were corpses everywhere, floating on blood. This wasn’t an exaggeration, but rather what they really saw.

It truly was too bitter. The large corpses were like mountains, to the extent where they were comparable to stars, the small ones only a few feet in length, all of them rare powerful species.

Along the way, there were a few valleys and basins that were completely filled in by the blood of those giants, forming blood lakes.

When had he ever seen a scene like this? It was something that was only mentioned in ancient blooks.

“During Immortal Ancient’s last phase, the most miserable final great battle was precisely like this, slaughter engulfing this world until it became quiet, almost all creatures killed in battle.” The little ant said.

It felt more and more like this was a scene that would only be seen during the final days.

They turned into two streaks of rainbow light, rushing into the limits of the horizon to see what exactly was going on. They wanted to know how vast this battlefield was, and then use this to determine how many creatures had died.


Suddenly, Shi Hao and the Heavenly Horned Ant both shivered inwardly, feeling like something wasn’t right, as if judgment day had arrived. Even their souls were shaking, about to break down here.

Why was it like this?

This feeling was too terrifying. They didn’t know what the reason behind this was, and it happened just this abruptly, as if the greatest crisis appeared out of thin air.

“It’s up ahead!” After Shi Hao closed his eyes and thought to himself, he came to this conclusion.

The two of them continued forward, moving with extreme speed, traveling eight thousand li. They passed over the large battlefield, and then finally knew why they felt the way they did!

It was because three thousand li out, smoke rose into the sky, directly reaching into the heavens!

What was that?

They rose up streak after streak, all of them extremely thick, scarlet and dazzling. They shot into the heavens, entering outer space.

It was too frightening. The undulations that were released gave one a feeling of suffocation even from several thousand li out, making them feel an urge to bow down in servitude!

Shi Hao was shocked, inwardly filled with horror. This was a feeling he had never felt before! He actually saw such a grand and majestic scene, definitely a marvel since the ancient times.

“What is that?” The little golden ant’s body was trembling. He suppressed the shock he was feeling, staring three thousand li beyond.

He refused to believe that his soul would tremble like this even from this far away.

“Don’t tell me that that is… a gathering of essence blood?!” The little ant’s voice was shaking, the words spoken out with difficulty.

“You’re exactly right, it is precisely heaven overflowing blood essence!” Shi Hao nodded.

Even though the scene there was extremely horrifying, hard to believe, they still had no choice but to admit that this was real, not a so-called mirage!

Streak after streak of blood energy reached into the heavenly dome. What kind of concept was this, just how magnificent of a scene was this? It was something that was rarely seen throughout all of history!

This meant that the heavens were torn apart purely through blood energy, heavenly dome blasted apart. This was the embodiment of the strong, and there was not just one, but a group of them!

It was because when they looked forward, they saw that every streak of blood energy was different, all of them like smoke signals, rushing into the sky. Their colors, fluctuations, and other things were all different.

Shi Hao really was stunned, completely speechless.

The reason why their souls were trembling, minds uneasy, was actually this!

Could they still continue forward?

Shi Hao and the little golden ant ultimately decided to withstand the pressure and continue.

They finally saw what was going on. When they were still a thousand li away, there was a type of terrifying feeling, as if their bodies were going to break apart. Blood energy appeared streak after streak, all of it surging from those skeletal remains.

They were incomparably frightening, surging into the world beyond, blood energy blasting down the stars from outer space!

Shi Hao was stupefied. What kind of scene was this?

This wasn’t because of the blood energy, but rather because there were just too many powerful individuals here, all of them killed in battle. Their blood energy shot straight up, some intertwining, forming enormous streaks of blood energy. They tore apart outer space, blasting down stars.

Shi Hao felt his blood run cold. If this blood energy wasn’t aimed into outer space, even this entire battlefield might be blasted to pieces. It was too strange and terrifying.

That region couldn’t be approached!

It was because blood energy surged, interweaving together, forming the most powerful domain of this world, constructing an impassable restricted area.

This blood still had spirituality, divine force not lost.

In this battlefield, experts were like trees in a forest, too many to count. When so many corpses gathered together, they created an irregular scene that was terrifying to the extreme!

That place collapsed, the floor rupturing, mountains shaking and earth moving. Even though those experts had all died, it was still extremely shocking!

“We cannot go forward. These corpses’ blood essence still remains, covering heaven and earth. No one can break in.” The little golden ant said.

Who was the one that killed all of these creatures? This was the greatest question in Shi Hao’s mind. Also, exactly what kind of backgrounds did these creatures who died have?


Suddenly, a strange noise sounded. It was like a crying or sobbing voice, sounding from the distance, shaking up everything within hundreds of thousands of li, making Shi Hao and the little golden ant’s bodies instantly go rigid, difficult to budge an inch.

Right now, their scalps all tightened, chills running through their bones. They both couldn’t move, their hands and fingers going rigid.

What was that?

The strange voice from the distance wasn’t all that resounding, nor was it that sharp, but it was just that horrifying.

If it was a normal person, they would have definitely already fallen weak onto the ground, unable to support themselves.

It was to the extent where the primordial spirit would crack because of fear. This was a type of formless suppression.

At the limits of the horizon, a black hurricane appeared. It was just too vast, absolutely enormous, moreover producing astonishing scenes.

Wherever the black whirlwind passed, all of the blood energy would be sucked in. The smoke signal-like blood energy no longer shot straight into outer space, but was rather disturbed by the whirlwind, obstructed!

Just how astonishing was this? One had to understand that this blood energy could even blast down stars from outer space, but it was disturbed and intercepted by these great black winds.

Soon afterwards, the black winds stopped. Something appeared there. It was pitch-black like ink, resembling an abyss.

It was a pot, not that big, almost a foot in length. It floated above the sky dome like a dim black sun, rather frightening in appearance.

“What is that?” Shi Hao was incredibly bewildered.

He still couldn’t move. He was outside the battlefield, yet he was still imprisoned.That black magical artifact was too abnormal, as if it could destroy the entire great realm.

“Heavens, this legendary thing really exists?” The little golden ant couldn’t help but cry out.

“You recognize it?” Shi Hao was astonished.

“I’m not too certain. It is extremely similar to that item from legends, but didn’t they all say that it no longer existed? However, from its appearance and the terrifying power it’s releasing, it’s clearly that thing!”

“What exactly is it?” Shi Hao urged.

The little golden ant’s face became pale. It swallowed down a mouthful of saliva, and then looked at the corpses everywhere on the ground. He then looked towards that black pot, and then with a rough voice, said, “Immortal Smelting Pot.”

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