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Chapter 1290 - Heading North

“You aren’t bad!” Xu Mingxuan walked over, his movements imposing, emperor aura intimidating. He patted Shi Hao’s shoulder.

The little golden ant hissed out, quickly evading, because that palm almost struck him. He even suspected that the emperor was doing this on purpose, wishing to slap it.

Xu Mingxuan’s head of dark hair was thick, his face like blades, stars collapsing within his eyes, his aura astonishing! He looked like he was middle-aged, but his blood energy was flourishing. His golden dragon robes released brilliance, illuminating the void, looking like an unmatched war god.

“Senior is wise, divine heroicness unmatched!” Shi Hao laughed loudly, praising him here.

“You brat, just now, your temper was quite fierce, yet you know how to flatter others now.” Xu Mingxuan said with a smile.

“I merely said things as they were. After seeing your distinguished self give that little brat who doesn’t know the immensity of this world a slap, it really was domineering. I was moved.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

Many people revealed strange expressions, Wang Family even more so hated it as much as they could hate it. This was directly humiliating them before their faces! Huang really was a good-for-nothing, incredibly hateful in their eyes.

“Wang Family, I hope you all stop before going too far. There are some things that cannot be randomly said, not to mention that I still haven’t decided who to choose as my daughter’s dao companion. Even if I was certain, it isn’t something you all can randomly mock.” Xu Mingxuan said.

Then, he looked at the Heavenly Horned Ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder, revealing a strange expression and saying, “Why are you looking at me like that, even displaying enmity?”

“What was you trying to do, drawing a stupid lizard on your sleeves, are you trying to show off in front of me? Even if you were going to have something on them, you should have added a great golden ant!” The little Heavenly Horned Ant said angrily.

There was always something that had gnawed at his clan’s minds, they always wanted to compete with the True Dragon to see who was stronger.

When everyone heard this, all of them began to roar with laughter. Xu Mingxuan was also speechless.

Now that Great Elder returned, no one dared act recklessly any longer. The ones who originally still desired what was in the immortal king cave below all became obedient, truly not daring to offend this old man.

After a few words of exchange, Great Elder and a few esteemed guests entered the copper palace on the divine mountain to carry out official business.

Right now, many geniuses entered the underground world, all of them searching for opportunities. It was because news came out from the underground immortal city, letting them know that that place wasn’t dangerous.

“Shi Hao, you, come.” Great Elder spoke to him in secret.

Shi Hao wasn’t in a rush to leave all this time, because he had long received Great Elder’s instructions, which was why he was waiting for him here.

After Great Elder accompanied some esteemed guests for a bit and came out from the imposing copper palace, he brought Shi Hao to the rear mountain. They arrived at a secluded place with only a few fine residences and some ancient bamboo. No one else could come here.

“Senior, what kind of creature did you end up digging up from that ancient cave exactly?” Shi Hao had always carried some misgivings inside.

That ancient land was too mysterious. Great Elder actually dug out a creature that still hadn’t died from the endless skeletal remains, it truly was a bit frightening.

One had to understand that that place was extremely strange, many bones about to become ashes. These were all world-shocking experts endless years ago.

This meant that the creature buried even deeper within might very well be incomparably ancient, its age unimaginable!

After all this time passed, that creature was still alive, it was simply inconceivable. Just how tenacious was its vitality?

Moreover, back then, Shi Hao clearly sensed that this creature, even though it was weak to the extreme, it was still unimaginably terrifying. When its wings moved, heaven and earth ruptured!

If it was able to recover, then it was impossible to measure just how powerful it would become!

“I called you over precisely because of this. You must keep this matter to yourself, you cannot mention it to anyone, must not speak of it to anyone!” Great Elder’s voice was incredibly serious.

“What are you two talking about?” The little ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder was curious. It was because he actually couldn’t hear a single word, completely covered up by Great Elder.

Then, Great Elder gave Shi Hao a ring. It was extremely simple and ordinary in appearance, not looking like anything special at all, not really glowing. It was unknown what type of material it was made out of, the entire ring a navy blue.

It was as if it was polished from a blue-green rock, not really having any aesthetics to speak of, to the extent where it was even a bit crude.

What is this? Shi Hao was confused. He looked towards Great Elder.

“Wear it on your hand, perhaps it might prove useful one day, the rest you don’t need to ask about. You have to remember, you must not speak of the creature that was unearthed to anyone!” Great Elder warned seriously once more.

Originally, Shi Hao used the body as the seed, suddenly succeeding, stepping on a path none before him was able to take, so Great Elder was extremely happy and moved, wishing to celebrate.

However, because of this creature that was suddenly dug up, everything suddenly changed. Great Elder attached great importance to this matter, a great load on his mind!

Shi Hao told Great Elder that he was going to search for the Imperishable Scripture, the situation urgent. The creatures of the other side might launch an attack at any time, and once they broke past the Desolate Border, this world would undoubtedly be in danger, which was why he had to immediately leave and quickly strengthen himself.

“Just go, be a bit more careful.” Great Elder warned.

“Let’s go!” After leaving the back mountain, the little golden ant cheered, greedily breathing in the outside fresh air.

In reality, this place was far worse than the underground manor. That place was full of strong spiritual essence, to the extent where there was even immortal energy mixed in, far greater than the outside world.

However, for the little golden ant, everything outside was new, full of exuberant life force, not as monotonous as that underground world.

“Where are we going to look for the Imperishable Scripture?” The little ant asked.

“Northern Sea Forest!” Shi Hao said. This was an extremely important place that had existed from the ancient times until now, a stone forest in the great sea.

There were just too many legends related to this place.

In this great era, all those who had some accomplishments visited this place. They left their names in this stone forest, leaving an inscription on the greatest peaks to display their strength.

For example, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Lan Xian, and others, after emerging from seclusion, all went there to leave their names on the divine cliff’s walls. They were all high up above, transcending many heroes of the past, extremely dazzling, auspicious brilliance shining unendingly!

It was rumored that roughly half of the young supreme beings left their names there, making some of the divine peaks in the sea resonate and tremble!

The only fortunate thing was that Northern Sea Stone Forest was in Immeasurable Heaven, or else crossing realms would be a huge problem for Shi Hao. This was something ordinary people couldn’t do.

Immeasurable Heaven was extremely large, the great wilderness full of ponds. There were many great cities, between them several tens of thousands of li.

Moreover, there were some central divine cities that were even more so astonishingly large, the distance between them easily tens of millions of li. That was why they all had giant transport formations built.

Shi Hao borrowed these formations as he advanced, passing from one transport formation to the next, each time being transported several tens of millions of li out. He headed north, about to leave this great continent and enter the Northern Sea.

It was hard to imagine just how vast this realm really was. He continued without stopping to rest, passing through transport formations continuously, yet still used up seven days of time, only then did he arrive in the northernmost region.

The great wilderness still existed here, with all types of ancient beasts roaming about, ferocious birds spreading their wings. Apes cried and tigers roared, a savage and barbaric aura filling this place.

Even though they were now close to the Northern Sea, hearing the roaring of the great sea, all types of giant beasts were still roaming about the oceanside, figures visible from time to time.

Shi Hao couldn’t help but sigh with praise. Only when he entered the Void Dao Realm could he truly walk about outside in the wilderness, roam between the mountains, rivers, and great lakes. It was because there were quite a few vicious beasts that were at the Void Dao Realm!

If this was in the past, he would’ve had to avoid them. He definitely wouldn’t have dared to press forward, needing to carefully avoid all types of divine bugs and vicious beasts.

Right now, he was also a sect master level figure, now able to act much more carefreely.

Of course, this was still far from being able to travel unhindered through the world, charging recklessly into the great wilderness. He still had to pay attention, because one of those mountain ridge depths might very well have a giant vicious being hiding within.

There might be some ancient vicious Flood Dragons hidden within an abyss. These type of existences easily lived for several hundred years, their cultivation levels profound.

The Northern Sea was extremely vast and boundless.

However, when standing by the shore, one couldn’t help but feel their hearts tremble, because it was just too frightening.

When one gazed forward, they would see a great hazy expanse, the sea covered in dark mist. It was as if it was a spiritual sea, a bit deathly still.

There were transport formations that led to the depths of the Northern Sea as well, but none of them were too reliable.

Those ancient transport formations had been worn down by years of non-repair, often displaying issues. From time to time, people would be sent into the boundless great sea, and thus disappear.

Shi Hao came here precisely with the same intention as everyone else, waiting for an ‘underworld ship’. Even though these ships sounded frightening, they weren’t actually that dangerous.

In the mist, there were ships everywhere, like guests of the ghost realm as they moved through the black mist. There were some ancient ships that moved about on their own, bright red lanterns hanging from the front of the ships.

This was a bit terrifying, but to this day, rarely was there anything dangerous that happened.

Soon afterwards, a few underworld ships appeared, floating nearby. They were completely silent, the blood-colored lanterns at the bow of the ships flickering with cruel looking radiance.

“Are these the underworld ships?” Shi Hao said to himself.

“Really are scary!” The little golden ant couldn’t help but break into a cold shiver.

“Did you not know? These are ships that have survived from Immortal Ancient, existing from the last great era until this world, not decaying all this time. They float along the ocean surface, able to bring people from one shore to the other.” Shi Hao said.

“I didn’t know, never heard about them before.” The little ant shook his head. It was because he was born in the last great era.

In reality, Shi Hao was also quite curious, full of puzzlement. The first time he heard that they needed to rely on this type of boat to cross the northern sea, he was also shocked.

They were now close. One boat arrived at the sea, not all that large, but it was extremely sturdy. The ship body was black-colored, not being damaged even after experiencing endless time.

Was this really an ancient ship that had floated over from the last great era? Shi Hao found this a bit difficult to believe, it was just too inconceivable.

There were previously other great figures who had fished up a few boats to study them, but they didn’t obtain any special findings.

“Let’s go, we are getting on the boat.” Shi Hao said.

He was about to set out to sea. He had heard that there was one region at the center of the Northern Sea that was quite lively, flourishing with activity with quite a few cultivators living there.

“En, it seems a bit familiar!” When he ascended the underworld ship, Shi Hao frowned.

Why did the boat seem more and more familiar? It really pulled at his heartstrings, stirring up waves in his mind. He found it a bit difficult to calm down.

Suddenly, Shi Hao remembered. When he was around ten years old, he had previously set out to sea in the lower realm, heading to the Kun Peng nest to fight for a matchless precious technique. In that place, he had seen these before…

Only, back then, what he saw were paper ships, ships that had been folded by another.

This ship’s appearance was exactly the same as those paper ships!

Moreover, he was sure that this ship wasn’t transformed from paper, it was extremely real. When he touched it with his hands, it felt a bit cold.

“Bone ship!”

The ship was polished from a type of bone material. It didn’t sink into the water, and it was incredibly sturdy, definitely had an astonishing background!

As Shi Hao was baffled, this boat moved on its own, making its way through the black mist and heading towards the Northern Sea.

Shi Hao sat down. He gently struck this ship, carefully examining it. Could it really be just like the rumors stated, that they were refined from the bones of the rulers of the underworld?

Suddenly, Shi Hao was horrified, standing up with a sou sound. He saw a dark red liquid flowing along the ship’s surface, seeping out.


On the boat’s ship, there was a bit of blood that suddenly seeped out.

He didn’t notice it just now. He moved his hand over it, his entire hand becoming a dark red. It was extremely terrifying and sinister!

This… he had never heard of it before! When others set out to sea, this type of thing had never even happened before, everything going smoothly.

Shi Hao was horrified. What was going on?

His mind trembled, developing a type of daring speculation. Could it be that he really arrived at the root of it all, the woman who folded the paper boat was actually in this sea?!

When he thought of this possibility, Shi Hao’s mind was greatly shaken!

That woman was too mysterious, previously leaving him with an incomparably deep impression, to the extent where it even exceeded the Kun Peng itself when he was near the Kun Peng nest. It was something that was hard for him to forget.

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