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Chapter 1289 - Opposing With Equal Harshness

The Great Elder’s gray clothes fluttered about, his face thin, hair scattered about. His figure was tall and lanky. As he stood there, he actually looked calm, not all that intimidating.

However, everyone had a feeling that this person’s aura devoured mountains and rivers, overlooking the Nine Heavens. He truly was someone they couldn’t anger, or else there would likely be an absolute disaster.

This was a type of vigiliance, more so a type of instinctive feeling. All of the experts here felt apprehension, to the extent where it could be considered fear. They couldn’t bring themselves to calm down when facing the Great Elder.

It really was strange. The Great Elder’s expression was calm, not showing joy or worry, but this type of intimidative force was silent, formless. It was internal, making quite a few people tremble inwardly.

“Turns out to be senior.” The one from Wang Family who had just shouted out was now embarrassed, not daring to oppose him directly, and even more so wouldn’t act overbearingly.

Not long ago, him and his clansmen were still setting their eyes on ShI Hao, wanting him to hand over the Heavenly Horned Ant, but now, when they saw this elder return, they threw everything aside.

When faced with this person, who among the Nine Heavens Ten Earths wouldn’t feel restraining fear? This would most likely be the case even if the clan’s eldest few individuals were invited out, only if that ‘ancestor’ whose life or death was currently unknown came out would the Wang Family have enough confidence.

The Great Elder gave him a cold look, not saying anything. The Wang Family’s people immediately shivered inwardly.

“After not meeting for a long time, dao brother’s spirit is hale and hearty, bearing even greater than the past!” An elder from Wind Clan said. His status was extremely high, a senior figure from this clan.

Great Elder only nodded. Even though he was disgusted with this clan’s way of doing things just now, he couldn’t show too much coldness towards this person whose background couldn’t be considered that low.

“Great Elder truly has raised a good disciple. His age is not great, yet he is already stunning, rising above outstanding individuals of past generations!” Princess Yao Yue’s father, the ruler of a long life imperial court spoke.

He was dressed in golden robes with True Dragon embroiderings. Golden light shone resplendently. He wore a crown, appearing incomparably dignified. This was an extremely powerful cultivator, his age already extremely great, but he still looked young, as if he was middle-aged, blood energy flourishing.

Everyone knew that this person had achieved the supreme being status many tens of thousands of years ago, his strength deep and immeasurable. He was one of the creatures with the greatest authority in the nine heavens above!

At the very least, this was the case on the surface. The clan’s former emperor who withdrew regarded him as extremely important, placing a great amount of authority in his hands, having him deal with various important matters.

No one expected the ruler of a long life imperial court, the emperor himself even appearing, moreover not long ago clearly expressing goodwill towards the Great Elder.

Were they going to form an alliance?

One had to understand that the imperial court and the Wang Family didn’t get along, always opposing each other. Otherwise, Princess Yao Yue wouldn;’t have always been going against Wang Xi in Heavenly Deity Institution.

That was why Wang Family immediately trembled inwardly, revealing a look of alertness!

“Our Heavenly Deity Institution should have prepared a grand welcome if we knew Emperor Xu was coming.” The Great Elder smiled, his attitude completely different from when he was dealing with the two individuals from before.

This type of difference made Wang Family feel even more uncomfortable.

Wind Clan was still alright, always maintaining rather peaceful relations with Heavenly Deity institution. Apart from dealing with Shi Hao just now, they had always remained rather low-profile.

“Haha, Great Elder is too courteous! Your distinguished self is a senior, wouldn’t this be showing a younger generation undeserved attention?” Xu Mingxuan laughed loudly, displaying another act of etiquette.

Many people walked up to greet the Great Elder formally. Only now did all of the geniuses suddenly discover with shock that almost all of the long life families sent people here.

One could see just how astonishing that immortal king manor underneath Heavenly Deity Institution was!

And now that Shi Hao brought out the Heavenly Horned Ant, this also proved how extraordinary the cave was, definitely making their eyes turn red, making a big fuss over it!

However, with Great Elder’s return, those restless individuals had no choice but to hold back a bit, fearing that they would be suppressed if they went against this old monster.

In the nine heavens above, Great Elder was one of the most powerful individuals!

This was definitely the case, because he had lived for just too long, to the extent where some even speculated that he might have touched upon the immortal dao domain, already having one foot into being a long life being.

If this was the case, then he might be the first person in this great era who had a chance of achieving immortality!

Of course, there were even more people who were certain that Immortal Academy, Sacred Academy, few great long life families, and a few other individuals could stand toe to toe with him.

However, regardless, this type of living fossil level figure who had lived for an endless amount of time was worth treating with great importance by people of all sides. None of them dared to recklessly offend him.

“Worthy nephew, you really are quite leisurely, coming here as well to join the liveliness.” Great Elder said to Xu Mingxuan.

“I had to see for myself if there really was an immortal king cave that appeared. I had no choice, this is just too astonishing, the temptation of an immortal king inheritance too great for anyone.” Xu Mingxuan said calmly.

Then, he changed the topic, saying, “Actually, I came this time to pick an outstanding youth, see if he could become dao companions with my little girl.”


This triggered a huge commotion. No one expected this Emperor Xu to be this direct. Wasn’t this just too easygoing? Was he going to determine his daughter’s marriage right here?

The pearl of a long life family, the princess of an undying imperial court, the weight of this was just too great! If one married and lived with her family, wouldn’t divine medicine resources, precious method treasuries, and all other things be in reach?

One has to understand that this type of imperial court has existed since the ancient times, never being overthrown, surviving from the last great era. It had previously produced true immortals!

No one knew just how extraordinary their backing was. This was simply world-shaking, perhaps something that would devastate the entire great world!

“Worthy nephew, you must be joking. This type of event concerns your daughter’s entire life, how could you just casually mention it?” Great Elder said.

“I was just casually mentioning it, the crucial part will still depend on my daughter. It is because I heard that the young supreme beings of the present world have pretty much all gathered here, so I wanted to pick one that was more outstanding.” Xu Mingxuan laughed loudly, extremely free and at ease. Then, he even more so gave Shi Hao a look.

“He’s going to pick you as a son-in-law!” The little golden ant stood on Shi Hao’s shoulder, clearly less than an inch tall, yet it still held its hands behind its back, putting on the appearance of some important person. He spoke quietly to Shi Hao.

Everyone’s mind trembled. Just now, Xu Mingxuan’s eyes were too direct. Could it be that he favored Huang?

Wang Family’s people’s minds even more so jumped. They couldn’t help but shiver with coldness. It would be extremely difficult for them to endure this type of thing.

One had to understand that back then, Shi Hao had been treated by them as a slave. They placed a diamond band on his head, about to send him to his death in Origin Ancient Mine just to excavate some type of Life Stone.

They viewed Shi Hao as their servant for an extremely long time, someone who was of inferior status. Even later on when they found out his talent was extraordinary, they still felt a bit of arrogance, as if they were inherently superior.

Of course, this was also the reason why Shi Hao had a falling out with them. He broke the diamond band, captured Wang Xi, and subdued her for a night, using this to wash away his humiliation.

Both sides had already had a falling out, becoming enemies. If they saw Shi Hao join the Xu Family, becoming their ideal son-in-law, Wang Xi wouldn’t be able to accept it no matter what.

It was because all of them already knew that Huang had incomparably frightening talent. If he truly married into the Xu Family, he would be a like a tiger with wings. That would become a type of extremely frightening alliance!

If that happened, the outside world might say that Wang Family had eyes but no pupils, forcing away an extraordinary genius, chasing him into their opponent’s sect. At that time, Wang Family would most likely become a laughingstock.

“I have always had respect for the wise Xu Family, feeling great admiration. Huang had previously mined for my Wang Family, this truly a bit of a waste of talent. Is Xu Family attaching importance to him? Really is quite extraordinary temperament.”

Right at this time, a young man from Wang Family spoke up. He was a student from Immortal Academy, his words at this moment unclear, hiding some implications.

He was praising Xu Family on the surface, yet was actually mocking them. Within these words, he even more so ridiculed Shi Hao, saying that he was previously a servant of their family. Meanwhile, Xu Family wanted to choose this person as a son-in-law, wouldn’t that be shameful?

Shi Hao’s expression immediately became cold. He looked towards that youngster, only having a single line for him. “Do you want to die?!”

That young man could be considered a proud and arrogant individual, or else how could he dare mock Shi Hao in this type of situation, as well as ridicule a long life imperial court, the Xu Family, so openly?

As a result, his expression immediately changed. He coldly said, “Huang, you are too unbridled. Do you truly think that you can already overlook the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, that you can do whatever you please?”

“You thing that doesn’t know life or death, do you feel like a hero because you can humiliate me in this type of situation?” Shi Hao’s voice was cold, immediately pressing forward.


He didn’t hesitate in the slightest. A fist smashed over murderously, immediately taking action, not trying to hide anything at all.

Many people were stunned. The Wang Family’s senior was right here, so no matter what, no one thought that Shi Hao would dare do this, directly going to strike him down here!

If it was someone else, they would likely rebuke the other party first, and then incite the Wang Family’s genius into taking action, and only then would it no longer be considered ‘lacking in manners’, tactful enough and acceptable.

“You dare take action against me?” Wang Manglong shouted, his eyes releasing cold light. He was both shocked and angry, now truly feeling a bit afraid.

“You think you are anything special?!” Shi Hao’s fist smashed over murderously, powerful winds sweeping about, tearing apart the void. Before Wang Family’s geniuses truly faced him, blood was already flowing out from his mouth.

It was because this was 120 percent of Shi Hao’s power, going all out!

Shi Hao said coldly, “Forget about you being just one person, even if your Wang Family sent over your ten best geniuses at me, I can still completely wipe them out!”

Everyone was stunned. This place became incredibly quiet.

He really wasn’t giving the other party any face at all, saying this to Wang Family’s face. This type of undisguised contempt and disdain, was likely a direct slap to their faces.

“Haha… straightforward, this is just how it should be. However, you should just let me deal with this vile person!”

Xu Mingxuan laughed loudly. He had already become a supreme being level creature many tens of thousands of years ago. Right now, he was even more so deep and immeasurable. He immediately vanished from his original position, blocking in front of Shi Hao, and then sent a palm flying in Wang Family’s direction.


This slap was extremely loud and clear, smacking on Wang Manglong’s face. He immediately screamed miserably, his face warping, flesh and blood ulcerating, bones fracturing, teeth completely falling out.

His entire body flew outwards, fainting on the spot, his primordial spirit almost collapsing.

This was naturally the result of Emperor Xu holding back. Otherwise, with his strength, just a slight point of his finger would wipe out this person’s body and soul.

“Xu Mingxuan, you dare!” An elder from Wang Family was furious. This really wasn’t giving them any face, striking his descendant’s face in front of everyone, wasn’t this the same as humiliating him?

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Your Wang Family’s discipline isn’t strict enough, letting a younger generation make thoughtless remarks in this type of place. Let me ask you, do you wish to start a ten thousand year war between our two clans because of what that young man said?!” Xu Mingxuan severely berated.

At first, no one thought too much of this, feeling that as the emperor of a generation, Xu Mingxuan’s action was a bit too ‘trivial’, not dignified enough.

However, when he spoke like this, they all sensed the severity of the situation!

“You… heng!” Wang Family’s elder was full of anger and resentment, but in the end, he could only release a cold snort. With a swing of his sleeves, he backed off, no longer pursuing this.

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