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Chapter 1291 - Netherworld

The black mist was boundless, the location of the great sea unclear. There were no sounds, only the underworld boat moving on its own.

It was extremely strange. The great sea seemed like an endless world, as if there was no limit to be seen. However, there was not even the slightest bit of sound, to the extent where not even a splash was made. This place was like a sea of death, quiet to the point where it was a bit frightening.

On the black bone ship that was less than a zhang in length, Shi Hao’s expression was serious. He stared at the blood on the boat’s wall, and then looked into the lifeless sea.

He wasn’t that sure either, never asking others about this in detail. Now, he saw this type of situation while at sea, was this normal?

At the very least, blood flowing out of a black ship was completely abnormal. It should be something that others hadn’t seen before.

“Is there something on me that made it produce some type of reaction?” Shi Hao said to himself. Otherwise, why was there this type of strange situation?

He felt a bit uneasy. The underworld ship moved on its own, so was its destination still the Northern Sea Forest? He wasn’t sure. If something unexpected happened, it would definitely be extremely difficult to deal with in this boundless ocean region.

“What kind of smell is this? Even though I do smell a fishy smell, there is also a faint fragrance.” That little golden ant on Shi Hao’s shoulder said, and then it jumped off.

Shi Hao was speechless. Why was the reaction of the Vicious Ten descendant so different? He still carried worries inside, yet this fella was actually this carefree.

“Why don’t you give it a taste?” Shi Hao said in a bad mood.

Even though the golden ant was less than an inch in length, it directly carried out a copper cauldron the size of a person. It possessed extraordinary abilities, normally able to store massive items.

“Refine a bit!” He pointed out. A few drops of dark red liquid splashed out from the ship walls, landing in the copper cauldron.

“Great strength immortal flames, refine all evils!” The little golden ant released a light cry, releasing a streak of golden light from its mouth. It turned into flames, burning its copper cauldron.

Even though its body was small, the power of the flames that were spat out was extraordinary. The temperature here immediately rose fiercely, the void even warping, releasing pi pa sounds.

Immediately afterwards, that copper cauldron was burned red, moreover becoming transparent.

This cauldron was extremely special. It was sparkling and translucent. Just now, it was still a bronze-green color, but now, it became like colored glass, the interweaving patterns inside visible.

Those were Immortal Ancient great dao symbols. They formed the internal structure of this cauldron, the patterns complex and profound.


Soon afterwards, a wave of black flames surged from within the cauldron, the strong smell pungent, making one feel like vomiting.

Shi Hao and the little ant quickly backed up. There wasn’t that much black smoke, only, it possessed astonishing corrosive properties, making the surrounding mist all release chi chi sounds. In addition, it carried terrifying energy. The moment it surged, the surrounding void unexpectedly cracked apart.

Forget about Shi Hao, even the little ant that was previously talking drivel was stupefied.

“So weird! Is this the ruined blood of a long life being after its blood was cursed?” The little ant muttered.

Shi Hao was even more shocked than him. Just a bit of the blood that spilled out from the boat’s walls, the few drops already possessed this level of power.

It was clear that this was remnant poison. If it still had all of its characteristics from the past, what would it then be like? It truly was unimaginable, perhaps just a single drop able to wipe out the top level figures of this world.

In the cauldron, there was one droplet of blood that could still be considered red and glistening, containing a hint of spirituality. However, it lacked life aura, similarly carrying a faint fragrance.

This was precious blood!

It was definitely extremely precious, but after endless time passed, the essence flowing away, for it to still have this bit left was already not bad.

However, even though this was the case, this drop of blood still carried terrifying strength.

Shi Hao stared at it. He saw stars moving one after another through it, these irregular scenes, events that had taken place in the past. Chaotic energy roiled, the great stars colliding in the cosmos, and then exploding.

This left him deeply shocked!

The little ant was extremely nervous. He also stared at the scenes in that drop of blood.


After a great noise, they seemed to have heard a great roar, one that was full of despair. Then, a golden spear tore through the great cosmos. With a pu sound, a creature was pierced through.

A string of blood shot into the air, scattering into the stellar dome. The blood was like a terrifying supreme being magical artifact, continuously blasting through giant stars.

They were clearly just some droplets of blood, but they destroyed many ancient and giant stars, shattering all of them.

“Heavens, how powerful! Probably not that much weaker than my own dad, right?” The little golden ant cried out in alarm.

Shi Hao’s expression couldn’t help but change, a chill running down his back. What level of battle was this? The instant a creature was struck down, the blood that was released scattered across the starry sky, yet this already destroyed so many stars. This was just too shocking.

A single drop of blood could destroy a starry sky, hacking down several hundred to over a thousand extremely large stars!

This was like a legend of legends, truly a bit frightening.

“This blood has already been diluted by who knows how many tens of thousands of times, yet there are still these imprints left behind, containing the information of endless time past. It truly isn’t simple!” The little ant said.

Shi Hao hinted for him to taste this blood.

He shook his head in an exaggerated manner and said, “What blood is there that is more powerful than my Extreme Strength Blood? Not even the heart blood of a True Dragon is necessarily comparable!”

“You have a point. Let me take a look then, see just how great the Extreme Strength Blood is. I still never seen it before.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

“Get lost! Don’t try to scheme against me!” The little ant put on vigilant look.

The atmosphere was clearly extremely tense and nervous, the boundless great sea lacking sound, like a place without life, but with their bickering, it eased the tension by quite a bit.

Shi Hao carefully studied this blood, but unfortunately, they didn’t make any more discoveries. It gradually grew dim, becoming quiet again.

Time flowed on, and then soon afterwards, three days passed. There was more and more mist in this ocean region, thick to the point where it wouldn’t scatter. Eventually, even heavenly eyes lost their effects.

They entered a demonic land, the ocean bottomless, unknown just how deep it was. However, giant bones appeared on the ocean surface from time to time, brought to the water surface.

What kind of blasted place was this? It really was strange!

According to what he had heard, there was definitely no place like this in the areas the underworld boats passed by. This wasn’t a place the boat was supposed to bring them to.

Semi-circular bones appeared on the water surface. Upon closer inspection, that was a skull. It floated in the ocean region, incredibly large.

“This type of head is just too big, right? It could definitely support heaven and earth when it was still alive.” The little ant released an exclaim of admiration.

Shi Hao’s expression became grave. He felt as if he was following a tunnel of death that extended through the true Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, bringing him into the underworld.

Otherwise, why would there be this type of terrifying scene?

From time to time, giant arm bones and other things could be seen in the great sea, stretching into the clouds above the water surface. This was just too strange and sinister.

One could imagine just how miserable the battle here was back then. Those who died were definitely world-shaking individuals. If any of them were still alive, it would definitely shake heaven and earth!

They could feel the power of time here. There were so many powerful individuals, yet their ends were so lamentable, only a pile of withered bones in the great river of time.

Shi Hao couldn’t help but wonder where he would be after millions and millions of years passed, if he would also become a pile of withered bones.

What was it going to be like in the future? Right now, all different types of clues were foretelling that the future was inauspicious, that the order of the world was going to collapse. Foreign creatures were going to completely invade, and then the darkest of times were going to descend.

When the next great era started, just how many people of their generation would be left? Would they all become the dust of history?

Shi Hao clearly remembered that in Immortal Battlefield remains, there were ancient giants who crossed the river of time to kill him. There was a white-clad woman who defied the flow of time, taking action for his sake.

Was that someone from the future, someone from a future great era? Would they have the chance to meet in the future?

Or was it to say that she took action that time purely based on coincidence, something that was triggered incidentally.

During the darkest times when the most miserable times arrive, Shi Hao had no idea what his own fate was going to be like.

“En?” Suddenly, while he was thinking to himself, the boat shook intensely, and then they left this region.

The sky and sea were one color, immediately becoming wide open. The skies were dark blue, connecting to the sapphire-like seawater, beautiful to the point of leaving one intoxicated.

There were still layers upon layers of dark mists ahead, an aura of death surrounding this place, the water full of giant skeletal remains. However, this type of change suddenly took place immediately afterwards.

The difference was too great, exceeding all of their expectations!

“What kind of place did we end up coming to?” The little golden ant stuck out his head and looked around, feeling a bit stunned.

The sea was like jade, the skies blue, water surface like crystals, spiritual essence seeping out from within.

This was definitely not Northern Sea Forest, different from that place of legends. Shi Hao frowned, not in the mood to admire this type of peacefulness and beautiful scenery.

This underworld boat that had blood flowing out from it was strange after all, bringing them to a mysterious place. He just couldn’t figure out what was happening. What he experienced was completely different from everyone else.

This time, the underworld boat moved extremely quickly. In less than an hour, Shi Hao’s group was brought into a mist shrouded place.

This place was quite shocking, different from everything they were used to seeing.

A golden sun stuck to the water surface, releasing a pure and holy radiance. One could see a golden crow fast asleep inside the great sun.

This was an ancient sun, refined from the corpse of an ancient Golden Crow who had warped and weaved between heaven and earth. There was no deathly energy, only blazing radiance and auspiciousness.

Meanwhile, high up in the sky were many mountain peaks, but they were all inverted downwards. There were even more trees that seemed to grow in the sky, but the treetops pointed downwards, aimed at the dark blue seawater.

Apart from this, the mountain ridge, dry land, and other things were all upside-down, opposite of the things below.

The sun was sticking to the ocean surface, far from the sky, the plants growing in reverse from the heavenly dome. There were a few fierce birds and beats that roared out, similarly stepping on the skies, walking upside-down.

This was an upside-down world, completely opposite of this place.

It was a strange world, a different region. This place was extremely bizarre, making one feel rather puzzled.

The little golden ant reached out his neck, putting on a stupefied look. He looked around here, sizing up the world around him. What kind of place was this? It really was confusing.


Suddenly, thunderous noises rumbled endlessly, simply about to blast apart one’s soul!

It was just this abrupt, appearing from thin air, absolutely shocking. It was too sudden, breaking the peacefulness of this place.

The underworld boat moved slowly, mysteriously entering this region covered in thunderous noises.

The water and sky merged into one color, blue light faint. There was a shocking scene in front of the tranquil sea surface.

There was a whirlpool that was like a volcano that linked up the heavens above to the sea below. It was like an inverted Ocean Eye, but unfortunately, it didn’t rotate all things, sucking them into the ocean floor, but was rather about to suck everything into the heavenly dome.

The lightning radiance was endless, an ‘Ocean Eye’ that was coiling with lightning. Perhaps it could be called a ‘World Eye’.

There was no sound before, only when one entered this region would they suddenly hear the deafening noise that made one’s primordial spirit unstable, as if it was going to collapse.

The little ant held his head and couldn’t help but scream out, his expression revealing a bit of pain. This place was too sinister, he almost couldn’t hold on anymore!

The space between Shi Hao’s brows also felt like splitting, as if there was a blade hacking at him, directly aiming at his primordial spirit, sharp and impossible to block!

“What is that?” Shi Hao endured the pain and strengthened his mind. He looked towards that vortex that connected the heavens above with the earth below. He looked carefully, discovering with shock that the power of time was too strong, fragments of time everywhere, spinning about there.

“The power of time! I have never seen such terrifying temporal power!” The little ant had on an extremely miserable appearance.

Once something touched upon time, then it would definitely be frightening, with shocking changes easily taking place. Even though the number of times this kind of thing happened since ancient times was limited, once this type of place was formed, it definitely had to be avoided!

Right at this time, a frightening power was transmitted from the boundless vortex, drawing Shi Hao and the Heavenly Horned Ant closer, about to suck them in. 


The little ant screamed, revealing a face full of horror. Shi Hao also felt his blood run cold, feeling like he was in incredible danger, the situation not looking good at all.

“I don’t want to return to the past! This damn vortex is formed from the power of time! Once one falls inside, heaven knows what era it will be! I don’t want to die!”

It was because based on the records left behind by his father, once one fell inside, if one’s cultivation wasn’t incredibly powerful, they might just die halfway or perhaps disappear, falling into ‘reincarnation’!

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