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Chapter 1288 - To Vie Over

On the surface, there were many people, most of them from Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy, the number of true Heavenly Deity Institution disciples instead few. They were previously even rejected.

Right now, Shi Hao brought the little ant with him to the surface, immediately drawing everyone’s attention. They all stared at the mud pool’s entrance, watching them closely. Huang came out!

What did he obtain from the underground cave? This was what many people were paying attention to. In addition, why did he come up so early? What about the others?

“Huang is the first one who came out. Did he obtain a great harvest, or did some type of unforeseen change happen? Did the others encounter danger?”

There were quite a few people who were nervous, speaking softly here. Even the expressions of a few old monsters from the three great academies  became serious. Even though there were several living fossil level existences who went down, they still haven’t returned yet.

“En? He brought out a creature with him!” The eyes of an elder from Immortal Academy narrowed. He stared at Shi Hao’s shoulder, seeing a golden speck there. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t see anything at all.

However, when one reached their level of cultivation realm, they could clearly sense that even though that creature was extremely small, less than an inch long, it carried terrifying blood energy within it. Once this energy erupted, it would become extremely astonishing.

“An ant!” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution said quietly. A look of shock appeared on his face. He immediately thought of the Great Elder.

Several years ago, the Great Elder sat here every day, using fragrant bait here to fish for a creature, wishing to draw it out. Could it be precisely this thing?

“Inconceivable. That creature was an ant?” That elder said softly.

However, when everyone else heard this, the result was completely different. It was as if it was thunder striking down.

It was because the Great Elder protected this place year-round, angling from time to time, this wasn’t a mystery. Many people knew that there was a living creature in the underground immortal cave.

In that instant, everyone’s imaginations went wild, thinking all different types of things!

Those who could stand here were all geniuses, or else how could they enter Immortal Academy or Sacred Academy? There were no stupid people here, which was why they immediately made shocking associations!

“Heavenly Horned Ant!”

Finally, someone spoke these three words. It was immediately as if a meteorite was thrown into a great sea, producing a tremendous commotion!

Correct, many people had already came to this type of speculation. How could a creature that came out from the cave of an immortal king be commonplace?!

From past until now, those who were in the form of an ant, yet still possessed unmatched strength, there was only one species: Heavenly Horned Ant!


This was one of the true Immortal Ancient races, the descendant of the Vicious Ten, not a descendant with impure blood. A true long life bloodline holder appeared!

This really was huge news, leaving everyone shocked.

In that instant, Shi Hao and the little ant on his shoulder became the focal point of attention. Everyone’s eyes began to burn fiercely. This was definitely the greatest reward for entering the underground immortal manor! No wonder Huang came out so quickly!

Right now, forget about the others, just Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy’s old monsters’ eyes revealed horrified expressions. They all stared at that young Heavenly Horned Ant.

No one understood more clearly than them how astonishingly precious this type of creature was.

In reality, the others also knew that the small ant’s entire body was precious, its innate precious technique world-shaking and matchless!

Also, the blood within its body was even more so an inexhaustible treasury. If one used its extreme strength blood to carry out a body refinement, the benefits would be unimaginable!

Which one of Immortal Academy’s young supreme beings didn’t receive a baptism in precious blood?

As for Sacred Academy, there is even less of a need to talk about them. The True Dragon heart blood and Heavenly Horned Ant’s extreme strength blood were the best that they had to offer!

It was precisely because Sacred Academy had several types of world shocking precious blood that could allow one to change, undergo complete transformations again and again that their present world method cultivators advanced further and further.

And now, Huang caught a true Heavenly Horned Ant. It was still young, but if it was raised at his side, and the things it needed for growth were provided, wouldn’t he have as much blood as he wanted?

Everyone’s eyes immediately became red!

It wasn’t just the youngsters, even the breathing of some old monsters became rough. For their own later generations, for their respective academies, they had more than enough reasons to seize the Heavenly Horned Ant!

“This is a Heavenly Horned Ant?” Finally, Immortal Academy’s elder was the first to speak up, asking Shi Hao.

“It is precisely this king!” Before Shi Hao replied, the little golden ant already raised his head, his arms carried behind his back, doing his best to imitate a mature appearance.

“Truly is… the Vicious Ten’s descendant?” The voice of an old monster from Sacred Academy even began to tremble. This was just too moving.

Even though the hair on the head of the elder from Immortal Academy was already sparse, his complexion was still rosy. Apart from his two eyes, there was also a vertical eye on his forehead. At this moment, he looked towards an elder from Heavenly Deity Institution, saying, “Dao friend, this is a Heavenly Horned Ant, an extremely important existence. It should be sent to my Immortal Academy.”

In the distance, after Shi Hao arrived on the surface, he watched in indifference like a bystander this entire time, but at this moment, his face immediately became cold. It was because this elder was too direct, actually scheming against the little ant.

Moreover, this three-eyed elder actually didn’t ask him or the little ant, directly asking for it from Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders.

This was a clear act of arrogance, not placing a younger generation individual like himself in his eyes!

“If this truly is a Heavenly Horned Ant, then we cannot make the decision. We do not have the right to interfere. You should be asking Shi Hao or the little ant if they are willing to follow you.”

At this moment, Heavenly Deity Institution’s number two walked out. Second Elder spoke calmly.

“Young man, are you willing to join my Immortal Academy?” The three-eyed elder asked. He looked at Shi Hao and the little ant with an amiable countenance. He already realized that he was too direct just now, ignoring the feelings of those directly involved.

“I am not willing!” Shi Hao was extremely straightforward, decisively rejecting this offer.

It was precisely at this time that someone from Sacred Academy stepped out at the same time, fearing that Immortal Academy’s people would try to bring them away first.

“You cannot join them, even if you join some place, you have to enter my Sacred Academy!” A purple-haired old woman from Sacred Academy said. Even though she was already quite aged, her hair was still purple and sparkling, only her eyes carrying traces of endless time passed, unable to conceal the feeling of great changes.

“I will not join your academy either!” Shi Hao was extremely direct, not hesitating at all, not wishing to beat around the bush.

There were many people here. Geniuses from both academies hurried here, and there were some people from long life families as well. However, right now, they were all extremely quiet, not a single person speaking.

Huang was actually this decisive, directly refusing them!

At the same time, they immediately revealed strange appearances, feeling like the two academies’ elders really were direct, actually stirring up this type of play.

Back then, regardless of whether it was Immortal Academy or Sacred Academy, neither of them took in Huang. One didn’t want to give out a perfect seed, the other directly stated that all of the extreme strength blood already had owners.

However now, they actually calmly gave out this type of request, inviting him to join.

As a result, Shi Hao straight up refused them. This left them in quite the ugly situation, returning the favor right back.

It was to the extent where some people felt like this was a slap to the face, moreover extremely resounding, fiercely smacking the faces of the people from the two academies.

Back then, the two academies didn’t attach enough importance to Shi Hao. Now, Huang powerfully returned, not only had he defeated their young supreme beings, he even directly brought back a Heavenly Horned Ant, truly making them feel jealousy, their minds burning greatly.

“Huang, you are a genius. You should carefully reconsider. You should join my Immortal Academy, in that place, you can go further, your achievements can become more profound, open up a whole new world for you!” Immortal Academy’s three-eyed elder spoke kindly, maintaining his smile.

“There is no need. I understand my own path well. I didn’t fritter away my time during these past three years. This proved that even when I rely on myself, I can still forge ahead!” Shi Hao shook his head.

Quite a few students from Immortal Academy felt embarrassment in their elder’s place. When one grew old, they became crafty and cunning, but they still couldn't just be this thick-skinned, right?

Even their own students felt embarrassed. Back then, they didn’t attach enough importance to Huang, yet now that they saw Huang rise up, stepping on a path no one had ever succeeded in before, they were actually this direct. It truly was a bit unscrupulous.

“Huang, I can see that your body is powerful like an unbreaking body, powerful to the extreme, extremely suitable to head down the path of present world methods. You should enter my Sacred Academy, because we have a world shocking scripture -- Sovereign Scripture. It is a work that will take you to the very limits of this path. If you join us, we can allow you to read it. If will allow you to be like a tiger that sprouted wings, a fish that turns into a dragon!” Sacred Academy’s purple-haired old woman also tried her best to rope him in.

“Much thanks for your kindness. Currently, I have not finished polishing my own path yet, so I cannot get distracted.” Shi Hao shook his head.

Sacred Academy’s geniuses all felt their faces turn hot. Even though Huang’s refusal was tactful, no longer as forceful, the result was the same.

“Truly annoying, the people of this world are just too enthusiastic, just shouting and asking others to join them, so senseless!” The little golden ant couldn’t help but mutter like this.

“Haha, Heavenly Horned Ant Race’s little fella, are you willing to join my Sacred Academy?” The old-woman was all smiles.

“This won’t do, the Lunar Jade Rabbit already brought that young Qilin beast into your Sacred Academy, the Heavenly Horned Ant must join my Immortal Academy!” The three-eyed elder stopped her.

“That Qilin…” The old woman’s face was bitter. She had also wished to research it, but she couldn’t truly find out the little Qilin’s secrets. It was because there was a terrifying seal within its body that, once touched, would become incomparably terrifying.

“Alright, let’s go. These people are too boring.” The little golden ant urged on Shi Hao. His voice was soft, extremely tender, but in everyone’s ears, it would undoubtedly sound ear-piercing.

“No, the Heavenly Horned Ant is related to too much. This is but the descendant of the Vicious Ten, so we definitely cannot allow anything unexpected to happen to it. It has to be strictly protected and cannot be allowed to take risks with Huang. It has to stay behind!”

Right at this time, there was someone from a long life family who spoke.

Shi Hao suddenly raised his head in that direction, immediately recognizing that this was someone from Wang Xi’s family. The two sides had old grudges, so now that the other party stopped him like this, they clearly feared that he would obtain Extreme Strength Blood as well as the Heavenly Horned Ant’s matchless divine ability, fearing that his evolution would become even more immeasurable.

“I also feel like this makes sense. The Heavenly Horned Ant Race can be considered extinct. Now that one has finally appeared, it has to be properly protected. A long life family might not be a bad choice.” A middle-aged man spoke, his figure tall and heroic, imposing in appearance, his bearing extremely outstanding.

Cold light flashed past Shi Hao’s eyes. This person left him with too deep of an impression; it was precisely Yuan Qing. He became quite a bit younger, previously harming him and almost killing him in Origin Ancient Mine, one of the main culprits who prevented Shi Hao from joining Heavenly Deity Institution.

After Shi Hao arrived in the Nine Heavens, his first enemy was this person. He wanted to cut short his dao path, suppress him for ten years. For a young cultivator, this was an incredibly severe persecution!

However, Shi Hao already killed Yuan Qing’s grandson, so he could be said to have gotten some revenge.

“Wu, I think you make a valid point. The Heavenly Horned Ant’s safety is indeed something that has to be paid attention to, it cannot be lost, best if it stays behind.” Right at this time, another elder spoke.

He also came from a long life family, precisely people from Wind Clan.

Shi Hao’s eyes became cold. There was definitely no way for this family and himself to get along anymore, because back then, Yuan Qing acted precisely due to this family’s inciting, and that was why he was going to suppress Shi Hao for ten years.

From a certain perspective, the one from this long life family was the giant he ought to oppose the strongest against!

Shi Hao suspected if the Wind Clan and Stone Clan’s ancestors had some hidden grudge, having some kind of different relationship with the sinner’s blood descendents. Otherwise, there was simply no reason for them to target him that early.


Right at this time, Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder released a cold snort. His eyes scanned over them and said, “You all are concerning yourself over too much. My Heavenly Deity Institution is enough to ensure Huang and the Heavenly Horned Ant’s safety!”

“Dao friend, we had good intentions, because this truly involves too much!”

“Correct, we must be extra careful!”

The Wind Clan and Wang Family, two great long life families expressed their opinions one after the other. These were two giants, families where long life families came from before. They overlooked the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, every word carrying great importance!

It could be said that the voices of long life families carried frightening influence. They were the largest powers!

“Get lost! You all dare to sink your claws into my Heavenly Deity Institution, all of you will be chopped up all the same!” Right at this time, a cold shout sounded, the aura terrifying, covering heaven and earth, descending from above.

To dare berate those of a long life family in such a manner, it truly was domineering to the point of leaving one stupefied. The other party didn’t leave them with the slightest bit of face, humiliating them in an undisguised manner.

“Who dares?” Wang Family’s person was shocked and furious.


A figure descended here, straight like a pillar that supported the heavens, his aura able to devour mountains and rivers. Gray clothes fluttered about, this individual facing everyone.

“Great Elder!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s people were all overjoyed. The Great Elder who had disappeared for three years also came back! This was quite the fierce person, someone who didn’t fear anyone else in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

“Haha, Great Elder has returned! It truly is a joyous event. I approve of having the Heavenly Horned Ant remain in Heavenly Deity Institution!” RIght at this time, a middle-aged man who wore a crown roared with laughter.

Everyone was shocked. This person’s background was extraordinary, coming from an undying imperial court, also from a long life family. He was Princess Yao Yue’s father!

Immediately, quite a few people agreed, feeling great respect for the Great Elder, some of them from long life families!

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