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Chapter 1287 - The Entire Opportunity

The Heavenly Horned Ant’s regret was precisely that it couldn’t truly obtain an imperishable body. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have experienced this type of end.

However, even though he didn’t fully cultivate the Imperishable Scripture, reaching its perfect level, whether or not those effects really did exist was hard to say. It really made one develop doubts, because that kind of result would be too inconceivable.

No matter how the flesh was hacked, it would remain unbreaking, completely overturning common knowledge. If this was the case, wouldn’t it make the body even sturdier than Immortal Gold?

The physical shell unbreaking, all methods undecaying, able to coexist with the world, to the extent where even when the stars shattered, he would forever remain!

The flesh would become the ‘place of origin’, able to reproduce the previous spiritual consciousness. This was an absolutely inconceivable corpse transformation, or it could be said to be primordial spirit transformation!

A few imprints fell into Shi Hao’s mind, incomparably deep and indelible.

At this moment, he knew why the Heavenly Horned Ant didn’t directly pass on the Imperishable Scripture. It was because the Heavenly Horned Ant suspected that there might be something missing inside, so he wanted those of later generations to seek it themselves.

If there was an opportunity, he could acquire the perfect ancient scripture. When the time came, perhaps he might really be able to create a miracle, display the imperishable divine legend!

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. This ancient scriptures was too ancient, ancient to the point where not even the Heavenly Horned Ant knew who the founder was, to the extent where he didn’t even know if it was left for Immortal Ancient Great Era’s people.

It was because those characters were extremely special, as long as one’s understanding of the dao was profound enough, they could be understood, interchangeable for any great era!

All things to one, hundred rivers gathered into a sea. Many paths, when they reached their end, were interlinked, sharing characteristics at the very end!

This was inconceivable, yet it was the truth. Based on the information Heavenly Horned Ant gave him, all individuals would ultimately undergo extreme transformations.

“Senior, shouldn’t we wake him up and have him meet you?” Shi Hao calmed down. He spoke to Heavenly Horned Ant, and then looked towards his child.

“There is no need, I have already died, now just a remnant will, there is no point in adding to his grief. My child does not need to be one who cries continuously, I want him to tower between heaven and earth, stand in that place alone, able to support the heavenly dome with his own strength!” Heavenly Horned Ant refused, decisively choosing to alienate himself.

Shi Hao became quiet. This was perhaps the temperament of the domineering. In the past, those at the very peak usually had extremely serious temperaments, cold to the point where it was difficult to accept.

What they attached the most importance to were the cardinal issues of right and wrong, not very good at individual emotions. However, this was also precisely the reason why they had their personal charm and charisma.

“Goodbye. After this period of silence, perhaps we might never meet again!” After Heavenly Horned Ant said this, he turned into a sphere of golden light, rushing towards the head remains.

That golden ant head dimmed, and then displayed many fine cracks, unknown how much longer it could continue existing for.

A price had to be paid for Heavenly Horned Ant to leave behind his remnant will. 

This left Shi Hao moved. Why did this extreme existence who had previously overlooked the entire cosmos leave behind a remnant will? Could it be that he still had grievances, not willing to be completely extinguished?

He was greatly shaken up, his eyes flickering with light. He silently thought to himself, and then he raised his head.

“It’s time to wake up!” He released a loud shout, wishing to wake up that little golden ant.

The mountainous golden ant’s eyes were red, his consciousness lost, moving about here, simply about to destroy all things, destroy all life.

Just a light tremble of his body would shatter the void. Black cracks extended everywhere.

This was precisely the Heavenly Horned Ant. Once they went berserk, even if they didn’t mature yet, they all possessed this type of exceptional divine might!

It was clear that he had unlimited potential. This was not some impure descendant, but the true posterity of a Vicious Ten, his talents able to overlook past and present.


A large golden claw slammed down. He didn’t wake up, instead acting out, attacking Shi Hao.


Shi Hao didn’t dare act carelessly. He operated the True Primordial Record, clear light wrapping around him. His body became resplendent, raising his hand and striking out, exchanging a blow with him.

It was as if thunder struck down on this place. Not only was space shattered, it even made one’s soul tremble!

“Wu, this is a bit troublesome.” Shi Hao frowned. It was because this wasn’t his true body, just a primordial spirit imprint, so it was difficult for him to display all of his power.


He stirred on the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, leaving this place, and then quickly returned to his body. He stood outside, waiting for the little ant to chase over.

Sure enough, the massive golden giant followed him out. It was world-shaking, releasing the aura of the Heavenly Horned ant, shocking the old soldiers near the cave.


The little ant’s horn shone, destroying everything. Immortal mist rushed out, as well as large amounts of patterns, blasting through everything in the way. These were immortal horns that could tear apart the great cosmos.

With a dong sound, Shi Hao’s true body rushed over, this time producing a fist imprint, displaying the Kun Peng method to subdue the little ant. They both used the power of the Vicious Ten.

After an intense clash, the giant was suppressed by Shi Hao, pressed underneath. Then, he refined him with all of his strength. The little ant released a low roar, continuously shrinking, returning to its original size.

“What happened to me? Did you find the Imperishable Scripture?” He woke up.

“I have some clues, but it isn’t here. We need to go out and look for it. Do you wish to come with me?” Shi Hao asked, not mentioning its father, not wishing for him to feel more brokenhearted.

“You are trying to trick me into going out with you?” The little golden ant’s large eyes were bright, a look of doubt appearing on his face, looking rather shrewd. His meaning was that he wouldn’t fall for his tricks.

“Up to you!” Shi Hao turned around to leave.

“Wait, don’t tell me you really know where the Imperishable Scripture is? Let me tell you right now that this is my family’s scripture, you can’t hog it for yourself!” The little ant cried out.

“Then just come with me. Could it be that you are scared that I’ll harm you?” Shi Hao said with a smile.

“Let me think about it!” The little ant thought to himself for a bit. He felt like there was no point in staying here any longer either, the powerful never grew up in greenhouses. Those old soldiers had always told him how miserable things were going to be in the future, how bitter the great battle would be. If he didn’t go out and gain experience now, when that day came, he would likely be in trouble.

“Fine, I’ll go out, let’s give this so-called world sensual pleasures a look, see what’s special about this great era. Otherwise, it’ll likely be destroyed anyway.” The little ant said.

The two of them walked out. Many people looked over, their eyes burning with passion, really wishing to make them spit out everything.

“Did you obtain that… Imperishable Scripture?” Cao Yusheng swallowed his saliva, quietly asking.

Soon afterwards, he corrected himself, saying, “Of course you haven’t, everyone, stop thinking about it already, just get out of here, don’t stare at us like this.”

It was because he was scared of everyone here surrounding them. After all, there were several young supreme beings, so if they really joined hands, who could withstand their power?

No one spoke out. Lan Xian, Lu Hong, Great Xu Tuo, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, and the others were all looking towards Shi Hao and that little golden ant, wishing to find something from their faces.

Outside the stone mountain, immortal energy curled about, white mist surging. However, it wasn’t all that peaceful right now, with faint killing energy pervading the air.

“There isn’t much to hide, I didn’t obtain the scripture from the cave.” Shi Hao said directly.

Up ahead, those people didn’t say anything, none of them expressing anything. They still stared at him and the little ant.

Behind him, Cao Yusheng, witch, Chang Gongyan, and Heavenly Deity Institution’s people all stood by his side, intending to move with him.

“There’s no need to do this. Then, he walked up alone and looked at those supreme beings, saying with a cold laugh, “I am someone who says what I mean, I don’t wish to hide anything. If you all don’t believe me, then you can just assume that I obtained it. I am standing right here, which one of you dares come at me?”

In that instant, the eyes of those people from Heavenly Deity Institution widened, hot blood surging, feeling extremely excited.

Huang was domineering after all, this bold and powerful, feeling that it was beneath him to try and explain himself, completely giving off a ‘if you don’t want to accept this result, then just come over and fight’ type of feeling, his bearing imposing.

Recently, Heavenly Deity Institution’s people had always been suffering humiliation, bullied intolerably, so they had always been on the receiving end of humiliation and enduring, having a wave of pent-up resentment.

“What are you implying? Do you want to provoke the dignity of everyone here?” Someone said coldly.

“Don’t want to accept this? Then feel free to come at me!” Shi Hao directly pointed out, having him accept the challenge. Meanwhile, he himself already moved, pressing forward, about to take the initiative to attack.

“Forget it, we believe you.” Great Xu Tuo spoke, mediating this situation that was about to erupt into battle.

“Brother Shi, why is there a need to do this? The day will come when we have to work together, we are not enemies. There is no need to fight amongst ourselves.” Lan Xian revealed a faint smile.

Shi Hao remained indifferent, not saying anything. Not long ago, these individuals had even taken action against him, their change in attitude really was fast. However, he didn’t wish to completely have a falling out either.


Shi Hao walked forward. Heavenly Deity Institution’s people all followed him. None of the young supreme beings followed him, allowing them to leave.


Soon afterwards, a group of people jumped into a lake, this place full of watery mist, forming a boundless white expanse.

“This is where I bathe, there are a few stalks of divine medicines planted within.” The little ant said. With this ‘undiscovered traitor’ among their ranks, their gains really were too great.

Unfortunately, only two mountain peaks were opened, one was the Heavenly Horned Ant’s residence, which was the place everyone had just headed to.

There were nine stone mountains in the city, the second one precisely in this area, adjacent to a divine lake.

It was extremely regretful. Only one creature was allowed to enter the depths of this place, which was the little snow-white Qilin. It was the descendant of one of the vicious ten.

Those old soldiers had long said that Qilin Great One left some things here, and those things should be left for its posterity, others could not fight over it.

As for the other seven stone mountains, some were empty, some a bit strange, having immortal dao formations around them, no one able to forcefully enter.

As for those seven, the old soldiers’ words were all rather vague, not saying exactly what was going on. They didn’t suggest the people here to search for opportunities there.

The so-called immortal king inheritances were partial towards the two direct Immortal Ancient descendants after all!

“Yi, the mud pool here is a bit strange, able to help one cast off their old skin, close to a type of rebirth transformation.” Someone discovered a wondrous location not too far from the lake.

“Back then, there was a long life medicine growing there, as well as all types of divine medicines, this place previously a medicinal field. Many medicinal herbs rotted here, turning into nourishment for the soil, which is why even though it has become mud, it still possesses astonishing effects.” An old soldier said.

Soon afterwards, Cao Yusheng, Zhen Gu, Teng Yi, and others rushed over, not worrying about appearances as they jumped into the mud, covering themselves in it.

It had to be said that this place possessed astonishing effects. Many people’s old skin were shed on the spot, producing new skin.

In the end, even a few female cultivators couldn’t hold themselves back, rushing over.

Apart from this, Lan Xian, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, as well as Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue and others also moved over, more and more people filing up this place.

Shi Hao also gave it a try, but he discovered that the effects weren’t that great. It was because in the three years of changes, his flesh’s refinement had been too freakish.

While everyone cheered in excitement, Shi Hao interacted with some old soldiers, asking them to help take care of Heavenly Deity Institution’s people. Then, he brought the little ant with him, leaving this place.

When faced with what might very well be the ancient land of an immortal king’s inheritance, he decisively left, heading there with the Heavenly Horned Ant!

“Where are you going? Can we really obtain the Imperishable Scripture?” The little golden ant was incredibly excited and stirred up.

“We definitely can, and it might be the perfect Imperishable Scripture. However, it will most likely be extremely dangerous!” Shi Hao replied.

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