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Chapter 1285 - Heavenly Horned Ant

When he saw this head and the blood covering the ground, Shi Hao couldn’t help but shiver inwardly. This was especially the case when his own skin was already splitting, his bones feeling as if they were going to break. This place had a terrifying pressure that attacked at one’s flesh and bones, hacking at one’s soul!

What was a so-called unmatched expert? It was precisely someone who after he died, he would still have lasting effects, his blood, his bones, to the extent where even his hair could kill others, make those who came later feel suffocated.

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. When he saw the giant head, his entire being became petrified, not moving at all. His body was cracking apart, blood flowing out.

“This really is… Heavenly Horned Ant Great One?” He muttered to himself, feeling as if he was dreaming.

That ant head releasing blinding golden radiance, as if it was cast from Immortal Gold. After millions and millions of years had passed, it continued to shine, the strand after strand of light simply about to blast through one’s flesh.

Heavenly Horned Ant, it was known as an unmatched being, so how could it have died so miserably? It was even stronger than a True Dragon, yet someone removed its head!

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. When he looked at the golden blood, the scales, feathers, horns, and other things in the distance, he was even more shaken up.

The battle back then was just too miserable!

They actually fought to this extent! Was this the result of it wishing to take down its enemies with it?

The blood here was all extraordinary, containing astonishing spirituality and immortal energy. All of this was left by those of the highest cultivation realm.

“Hey, what kind of expression is that, does my old man really look that pitiful?” From the side, that finger-sized golden ant cried out, seeming quite dissatisfied.

“You ungrateful kid, after seeing your elders die, how could you not feel sentimental at all?” Shi Hao reached out two fingers, picking it up.

The little golden ant was furious, struggling intensely.

If it was anyone else, how could they pick it up so easily? One shouldn’t judge it from its size. It was extremely strong, able to directly break one’s fingers.

However now, it was held in place, unable to struggle free, in an extremely embarrassing state.

“Let go! If that was my old man’s corpse, how could I not feel bad?!” The little ant cried out.

Shi Hao stared blankly for a moment. He let it free.

The little golden ant was furious, punching him with everything it had. As a result, powerful winds stirred, the void cracking, this bean-sized thing actually having this type of might. It was just too shocking.

“This is only my old man’s shed skin, not his true body!” The little ant was panting with rage.

Shi Hao was shocked. Even an ant could shed skin, just like a snake? He really had no idea.

However, this was the Heavenly Horned Ant, not a normal type of strange bug, so it wasn’t unusual at all for it to have special skills. It might very well be the most powerful bug in this world!

He endured the intense pain he felt, and then walked a circle around that head. He discovered with shock that the inside was empty, really just an external shell.

“If this isn’t the Heavenly Horned Ant’s true body, then where is the great one?” Shi Hao asked.

“Dead, body and spirit erased, no longer in existence.” The little ant muttered. It didn’t cry, didn’t reveal great grief, only a type of dejectedness, as well as a type of silence.

According to what the little ant said, the Heavenly Horned Ant alone held up too many enemies, fighting everyone with his own strength, sweeping through all before it, fighting viciously against the best from the other side.

In the end, however, there were still too many. After killing many foreign top level figures, the injuries it suffered itself were too great, sinking into the abyss of death.

Before losing all of his fighting strength, he dragged down enough enemies with him!

“This great one is extremely admirable. In the end, he fell in battle.” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

Without thinking about it too much, without needing someone to explain the events of the battle in the past, just from this place, he could feel how those final days were like. Blood definitely flowed like rivers, bones piling into mountains. The great battle between the Heavenly Horned Ant and the enemy was world-shaking!

“He dragged his ruined body over, not immediately dying, struggling all the way until the start of this great era before turning into blood and ashes.” The little ant said softly.

This left Shi Hao greatly shocked. Heavenly Horned Ant Great One actually persisted until this great era?

However, the Heavenly Horned Ant was extremely lamentable, his death extremely tragic. He didn’t directly ascend, but instead first turned into a pool of blood, and then it burned into ashes. Just how great of a suffering was this?

This was an unmatched expert who had cultivated the Imperishable Scripture, yet in the end, he fell to this extent!

The main thing was that his injuries were too serious, back then suffering injuries that could not be recovered from. His vital parts and primordial spirit had been continuously pierced by foreign powerful enemies.

It was a pity, too lamentable!

The Heavenly Horned Ant’s physical body was unmatched, extraordinarily strong, yet in the end, not even a physical body was left behind.

From the Imperishable Scripture’s legends perspective, he likely didn’t cultivate to a consummate level, or else he wouldn’t have fallen like this.

“In reality, my old man could’ve lived a bit longer, and he didn’t have had to suffer the way he did when he died, but he did it all to save me.” The little ant silently shed tears.

Even though it didn’t cry loudly, this type of grief was even more heartrending. It felt incredibly bad.

That year, its mother was killed in battle, its brothers and sisters also completely murdered. At that time, it was still in its mother’s stomach, so it also suffered serious injuries.

The Heavenly Horned Ant Race was clearly fundamentally different from a normal ant. Their reproduction and maturation process were all entirely different.

If not for the Heavenly Horned Ant being heaven-defying, there was no way it could continue living. It would have long turned into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Despite this being the case, its father still had to exhaust the last of his foundational essence to defy the heavens, change his fate, thus finally completing the final portion of the birth.

“Were you able to meet him?” Shi Hao asked.

“I haven’t. When I truly emerged in the world, he had already died a long time ago, turning into thick blood, burning into ashes. It was those old soldiers who told me all of this.” The little ant wiped away his tears.

Shi Hao didn’t know how to console this little ant. His father was powerful, and even though he never saw his father, the Heavenly Horned Ant already did enough. He used his own essence blood to revive his child, not asking to be able to meet one last time.

At the same time, Shi Hao was a bit puzzled. Since the Heavenly Horned Ant lived until this great era, why did it not leave behind the Imperishable Scripture?

When he voiced his doubts, the little ant thought for a bit, and then said, “There might only be one reason, and it is that I am still not strong enough, so I cannot obtain the inheritance!”

Then, Shi Hao and the little ant searched through this place together. The enticement of Imperishable Scripture was too great, not even Shi Hao able to remain calm.

Shi Hao forcefully endured the pain his body felt in this place, blood flowing out. This was produced by the pressure of the energy here!

He couldn’t help but gasp with admiration. The Heavenly Horned Ant’s shed skin was already like this, if its true body was here, just how terrifying would he be?

Of course, this wasn’t the only reason for the great pressure. There were other creatures’ blood, crushed bones, feathers, horns, and other things scattered about here, making this place feel like hell itself.

Comparatively speaking, the little golden ant wasn’t affected all that much, because he had the Heavenly Horned Ant’s aura on its body, thus protected by those remains.

“Is this immortal dao power? Even though it is only what has remained until now, most of the power long scattering, just some skin and hair left, it still affects me so greatly!” Shi Hao said with a sigh.

The main reason was because this place had remnant wills that gathered murderous energy, this place not peaceful. This was why his body suffered injuries.

They searched every corner of this place, but there were still no signs of the Imperishable Scripture, absolutely nothing. Shi Hao found this difficult to accept, but there was nothing he could do.

In the end, he shifted his attention to those horns, feathers, and other things. He wanted to collect them and refine them into weapons.

“I advise you not to rashly try things. These things have all been refined by the old soldiers through formations, used to temper my body. It is because I suffer from inherent deficiencies, so their nourishment was needed to make up for those faults.” The little ant said.

Shi Hao was speechless. There were so many heavenly materials and earthly treasures. They were all unmatched divine goods, yet he couldn’t use any of them?

“There is only baleful energy left, they cannot provide much value anymore.” When he spoke up to here, the little ant carefully pointed out a gray feather, saying, “Maybe this one can still be used, you can put it away.”

A bird feather?!

He gently moved it, but discovered that it didn’t hack apart the void. When he activated divine force, his energy disappeared with no signs of returning. It didn’t shine, didn’t release symbols, not displaying anything.

“Forget it, I’ll just put it away for now. Back then, I wanted to refine a Five Bird Fan, but have been putting it off this entire time. When the time comes, I’ll add this one and see what happens.” Shi Hao said to himself.

Shi Hao felt that it didn’t make sense for them not to find the Imperishable Scripture. How could Heavenly Horned Ant Great One not show consideration for his own child, leave behind the scripture for him?

“Maybe only when I mature and become strong enough can I open up some type of imprint, obtain the true scripture.” The little golden ant said.

“There is no time, your birth was too late. If things continue the way they are, the foreign army is going to come again. We have to become stronger as soon as possible.” Shi Hao said.

When the foreign side was mentioned, the little ant’s eyes immediately became bloodshot, terrifyingly red. His father, mother, and brothers and sisters all died in battle, the grudge he felt too great.

“Do you have any methods to make yourself stronger, stimulate and trigger your body?” Shi Hao suggested.

“I have tried before, but that type of forceful method isn’t a power I can control right now, I might lose myself. Also, this place would become extremely terrifying, even those old soldiers unable to approach this place, no one able to get close. When I am in an involuntary state, I have no idea what is going on at all.” The little ant was dispirited.

“No harm, try it again, I will protect this place.” Shi Hao said.

“We can’t, you will be torn apart, not even the powerful supreme beings and others can stay here, things will become extremely dangerous. Those old soldiers have been turned into puppets, long becoming inferior to their past selves. They wouldn’t be able to support this place."

“My true body will withdraw, only leave behind a strand of divine consciousness, attach it to a piece of supreme treasure. It should be okay.” Shi Hao persisted.

He produced the True Primordial Record’s Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. This sparkling white bone was able to block what was suspected to be the Heavenly Horned Ant’s horn Exiled Immortal used!

In the end, after discussing things over, Shi Hao’s true body withdrew, leaving a strand of primordial spirit on the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, protecting this place.

The little golden ant’s eyes became bloodshot, his body shining. Golden multicolored light surged, and then his entire body quickly grew, enlarging.


A world-shaking great roar sounded. The Shi Hao on the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram remained in place. The little ant was previously only the size of a large bean, but now, its transformation was too frightening.

In that instant, he became as large as a mountain. It was still golden, like an archaic divine peak, crushing down from above, his aura surging!

Just by relying on this type of power, right now, he could definitely match Great Xu Tuo, Daoist Qi Gu and the others, his true strength terrifying.

One had to understand that the current little ant still didn’t mature yet!

Immediately afterwards, that head on the ground, or it could be said to be remains, immediately trembled. Then, it released an imperishable aura that engulfed the world!

At this moment, the bones, blood, feathers, and everything else all exploded, some even more so directly shattering, nothing able to stop this power.

Shi Hao was stupefied. What kind of power was this? One had to understand that these were all immortal dao remains, yet everything broke apart at this moment!

The golden ripples and other things released by the Heavenly Horned Ant’s remains didn’t harm the little ant, but the other things weren’t that lucky.

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram shone, protecting Shi Hao’s strand of primordial spirit, ensuring that he wasn’t wiped out.

Shi Hao couldn’t help but feel fortunate. If not for this bone diagram being special, if it was any other defensive armor, they wouldn’t be able to hold on, definitely shattering!

At this time, he saw an astonishing scene. A middle-aged man’s figure appeared from within the Heavenly Horned Ant’s remains, floating up. He was tall and heroic, golden hair scattering down, his gaze sharp like cold lightning!

Shi Hao’s fine hairs stood on end, feeling like he couldn’t move, as if he was suffocating. Even with the protection of the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, he was still about to fall apart, his divine senses about to freeze here.

Just how frightening of a figure was this?

He… should precisely be the human form of the Heavenly Horned Ant!

It had to be said that this middle-aged man was too heroic in appearance, possessing a type of mountains and rivers devouring aura, as if he was the sole sovereign between the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. His body was straight and powerful, golden hair thick, brilliant and intimidating.

His pair of eyes were dazzling and brilliant, as if they could peer through endless time!

Right now, the little ant was going berserk, roaring crazily. He lost his real will, unable to see his most intimate loved one.

This middle-aged man stood in the void, around him a boundless stellar region. It was as if an ancient universe was circling around him, his body standing at the very center.

As the golden hair moved about, stellar rivers were destroyed streak after streak behind him, growing dim, disappearing, this scene leaving Shi Hao utterly horrified.

Was this the Heavenly Horned Ant? In the past, when he was alive, he was this powerful!

When his hair moved, the stars of the cosmos were destroyed, suns falling when his eyes opened and closed.

“This…” Shi Hao simply didn’t dare believe everything he was seeing.

The middle-aged man’s divine might was matchless, his vicious might oppressing ten thousand generations!

“Millions and millions of years ago, i have met you…” Right at this time, that middle-aged man spoke.

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