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Chapter 1284 - Place of Natural Luck

The Imperishable Scripture was this inconceivable, possessing such wondrous brilliance!

Once one cultivated it to perfection, the flesh would become impervious to all methods. Even if the divine consciousness was scattered by another, the flesh shell wouldn’t be destroyed, several hundreds of thousands to millions of years later, a new primordial spirit would be produced!

How heaven-defying was this?

All of them were shaken up without exception, everyone staring at the ancient and magnificent giant city, hoping that they could gain some benefits.

“Since Shi Hao passed the trial, what kind of reward will seniors grant him?” Cao Yusheng’s skin was extremely thick, directly asking.

“You are permitted to enter Heavenly Horned Ant Great One’s cave. If you can find the Imperishable Scripture, then it is your natural luck!” The leader said. He wanted to smile, but his body had been turned into a puppet, so his expression was rigid.

This type of promise made many people feel envious, producing a great commotion. However, most people could still understand this, because this was an opportunity Huang obtained by relying on his own skills.

After all, most of them were brought in by Shi Hao, like the witch, Chang Gongyan, Lunar Jade Rabbit, as well as Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples and others.

However, there were still some who felt jealous, but there was still nothing they could do. For example, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, Lan Xian, and a few other young supreme beings, the ones known as the most powerful of this generation, still couldn't enter the cave.

“Can I bring some people with me?” Shi Hao asked.

“You may not!” The leader strictly refused.

Where was the cave? Was it the immortal mountain beneath their feet?

There were nine stone mountains here in total, every one of them releasing immortal energy, looking like there were nine caves in total. They really wanted to know what exactly they were hiding.

“Please leave this immortal mountain. No one is permitted to remain here.” An old soldier said, showing everyone down the mountain.

“Even though you all are not permitted to enter Heavenly Horned Ant Great One’s cave, there are other areas in the city, as well as medicinal herbs, divine stones, and other things outside the mountain that you all can acquire based on your own opportunities.” The leader turned around and said.

When he heard this, Shi Hao didn’t say another word, turning around to leave. Everyone was a bit stunned.


Shi Hao turned into a streak of light, rushing in the direction they had just entered the city from.

Quite a few people immediately realized what was happening, quickly chasing after him. Even Lan Xian and Lu Hong, these fairies from long life families were no exception. They knew what he wanted to do, so they chased closely behind.

“Soul Guiding Lotus!” Cao Yusheng cried out strangely, running out together with everyone.

When they entered the city, they saw a pool that had three stalks of divine medicine inside that could nourish the primordial spirit, nurture the soul. They were rare precious medicines.

“You bastard, are you going to destroy my bathing place?!” The little golden ant cried out. With a sou sound, it pierced through the void, leaving behind a streak of golden afterimages, also chasing after them.


Shi Hao went all out, a pair of Kun Peng wings moving behind him, tearing apart the sky. Lightning radiance curled about, Lightning Emperor Precious Technique was activated as well as he moved, incomparably fast.

He was the first one to get here, grabbing towards it with a raise of his hand.

The young supreme beings behind him attacked, several great experts taking action to stop him. If it were other divine medicines, then it was one thing, but these were Soul Guiding Lotuses! They would help them tremendously.

Even if one’s primordial spirit was scattered, if one could eat this type of thing, the scattered primordial spirit could still be gathered and reconstructed. It really was seizing the natural luck of heaven and earth!

With this stalk of medicine, it was equivalent to having an additional life!

Back then, Shi Hao had obtained this type of medicine. At the crucial moment, he handed it over to the Great Elder to refine his body, so it was used up. Now, he managed to find more.

Om! Great Xu Tuo shouted, even someone as aloof as him tried to fight over it. This was the dao sound passed down by the ancient monk inheritance, ringing out like heavenly thunder here.


Where Shi Hao stood, the void directly exploded. One could vaguely make out a Zhang Six Golden Body ancient monk condensed from symbols, currently suppressing everything.

It was said that the ancient monk line’s ancient syllables perhaps displayed the most profound dao sounds of the universe. It looked like there was a reasoning behind this after all.

However, Shi Hao didn’t feel fear, his flesh undamaged. After the heavenly passage was opened, he stood in a sphere of divine light, impervious to all methods!

At this time, he retaliated. His single heavenly passage was compressed, turning into an extreme point, and then it fiercely exploded, expanding in all directions.

An expanse of light specks erupted like a river of stars, rushing at Great Xu Tuo.

This really was like a galaxy itself sweeping out, a myriad of different scenes, majestic and astonishing. It made everyone shiver with coldness.


Great Xu Tuo released a shout, his hands forming magical imprints. His body reacted as well, as if an ascetic instantly achieved enlightenment, becoming an immortal monk, entering a seated posture.


Golden ripples were released, the tangible light rays like blades as they randomly bashed about between heaven and earth. There was divine radiance everywhere, brilliant and dazzling.

Shi Hao forced him back, quickly taking action, picking the three Soul Guiding Lotuses. His movements were extremely fast, pu pu pu three sounds rang out, all of them removed and then sealed in jade containers.

He didn’t damage the roots, leaving them, because this type of thing was too precious, so he wasn’t willing to damage the source of these plants’ vitality.

The other young supreme beings found this result difficult to accept. There were others who took action as well.

Streak after streak of blue light flew over, the radiance incredibly dazzling. These were all arrows, every one of them ten li in length, thick and astonishing. They collapsed the clouds, penetrating the void as they quickly arrived, shooting towards Shi Hao. 

These were divine arrows, the condensed natural reasoning a Void Dao Realm expert comprehended from heaven and earth that was fired out!

Lan Xian appeared to be aloof and spiritual, as if she was a solitary immortal, but when she now moved her hands, it was terrifying and astonishing, her stance wonderful, as if she was dancing. Her blue dress fluttered about. The power of this attack was frightening.

These arrows were all released by her, not fired from a bow. With a move of her hand, large amounts of blue light filled the skies, ultimately gathering towards Shi Hao.

The attack power was terrifying. When some experts who exceeded the heavenly deity level saw this, they were horrified, because those arrows were simply impossible to defend against, able to kill large amounts of void dao level individuals!

“All of you, stop him and seize the Soul Guiding Lotuses!” Lan Xian transmitted sound to the other young supreme beings.

A stalk of Soul Guiding Lotus was equivalent to an extra life, so no one could ignore this type of benefit. Even if they had to offend the powerful Huang, they still didn’t hesitate to do so if they could obtain these divine medicines. That was why she began to collude with the others.

There were several individuals who took action, releasing divine light, forming a terrifying screen of light that covered heaven and earth. It began to move down towards Shi Hao, creating spatial fetters to bind him in place!

Everyone was shocked. The young supreme beings were working together, wishing to suppress Shi Hao like this. Things happened too suddenly!

Right now, the old soldiers remained indifferent, none of them showing any signs of interfering. They all quietly observed from the side.


Electrical light overflowed into the sky, blazing electrical arcs rising and falling like True Dragons streak after streak, drowning the area Shi Hao was standing in. These were irregular scenes, he wasn’t displaying the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique.

Then, gates opened one after another within him, all of them cracking open, clear light flowing out.

Afterwards, he supported the single heavenly passage. He also began to chant true scriptures, operating the True Primordial Record, producing terrifying symbols.

The single heavenly passage was as resplendent as a blazing sun, surrounding him within. He stood in the divine light, innately undefeated, impervious to all methods. The young spatial shackles released by the young supreme beings could not do anything to him.

It was because the single heavenly passage was covered in the bone texts of the True Primordial Record, densely filling its surface like unmatched armor.

Together with the gates within his body that continuously released clear light, endless power pouring out, Shi Hao stopped their attack with three heaven shocking methods.

“What else do you all have? Feel free to use them all!” Shi Hao said coldly.

The blue divine arrows over ten li in length were incredibly frightening, piercing through the void one after the other, all of them blasting straight at Shi Hao. However, they were all stopped outside his heavenly passage.

In addition, these giant arrows all began to break down inch by inch outside the single heavenly passage, and then they exploded, the scene terrifying!

The single heavenly passage, True Primordial Record’s bone texts, and the clear light that flew out from the gates in his body, the three were merged together, neutralizing all types of attacks, all methods unable to approach him!

Everyone was stunned, completely stupefied.

Even the young supreme beings were alarmed, feeling like things were extremely problematic. This person was too terrifying!


In the blink of an eye, Shi Hao disappeared. Then, world shaking divine radiance erupted, his body already appearing at the side of those young supreme beings, starting to take action fiercely.

Everyone was baffled. Just how domineering and wild was this? A single person dared to barge into a group of supreme beings, fighting against them head-on, fighting them all alone!

Everyone knew that from this day forth, Huang’s power would definitely resound through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Once he was allowed to properly grow up, he would definitely become one of the most powerful individuals.


After several exchanges, these individuals split up. Shi Hao swaggered off, walking towards the Heavenly Horned Ant’s cave, no one stopping him. It was meaningless to continue this, because there was no way they could get the Soul Guiding Lotuses back.

“Bastard, you destroyed my bath pond, take a fist from me!”

A golden speck of light suddenly appeared from the void, and then a fist was brandished. It was like a little sun as it smashed towards Shi Hao.

Following a loud noise, a figure was sent flying into the horizon.

“Ah…” A long cry sounded, becoming more and more distant. A golden line was drawn in the air. The little ant’s fist was met with Shi Hao’s, its body directly sent flying.

“Haha…” Cao Yusheng erupted with laughter, feeling like a bit of resentment was vented. He shouted, “Little bean, how does it feel to be punched into the horizon? Just stay there and clear your head for a bit!”

Among the nine immortal mountains, there was one that had more caves, like a hornet’s nest. They released strand after strand of immortal mist, forming a hazy expanse. White mist lingered about, giving off an immortal dao feeling.

Shi Hao arrived in this place, led here by a few old soldiers.

Meanwhile, the others also followed them here, but they could only watch now, unable to go further. It was because up ahead was where Heavenly Horned Ant Great One’s cave was.

“Divide these up amongst yourselves and strengthen your primordial spirit!” Shi Hao turned around, handing two jade cases to Chang Gongyan, Cao Yusheng, and the others.

There were two stalks of Soul Guiding Lotus inside. These were incredibly rare divine medicines!

He left one for himself for the future just in case.

Directly eating this medicine to strengthen his primordial spirit wouldn’t do too much for him, because he already did it before, long developing resistance to its effects.

Shi Hao turned around, walking towards this manor. This was the Heavenly Horned Ant Great One’s residence, an extremely important ancient palace.

“Ah, bastard, you better stop right there!” A little golden ant rushed over from the horizon, arguing noisily, “What kind of skill is this, are you bullying me for not maturing yet? If you have the guts, then fight me again in a few years. Also, don’t step through my family’s door!”

Shi Hao revealed a faint smile, and then said, “If you are unwilling, then just follow me at my side. You can compete against me at any time! If you have the guts, then just come!”

“Bastard, you… stand still! Fine! I will still challenge you again in the future!” The little golden ant was furious, diving down from above.

Everyone sighed, feeling envy, yet there was nothing they could do.

In everyone’s eyes, even though this little Heavenly Horned Ant had a vicious background, when facing Huang, he was undoubtedly pure like a little white rabbit. It was going to fall into his hands!

The inside of the stone mountain was like a giant labyrinth. Countless ancient caves were linked up together, extremely easy to get lost inside.

Shi Hao and the little ant wandered about inside, walking an entire day and night, and only then did they visit every corner. However, they really didn’t discover the Imperishable Scripture.

However, there were a few precious immortal items inside, but they were difficult to move away, the items heavy like the heavenly dome.

“As the descendant of the Heavenly Horned And, do you really have no doubt that the Imperishable Scripture left for you exists? Where exactly is it stored?” Shi Hao asked.

“If I knew where it was, then I would have long cultivated it already!” The little ant said with an upset tone.

Soon afterwards, it widened its eyes again, feeling a bit of fear. It muttered, “There is one other place. Do you dare follow me there?”

In the depths of the cave was an ancient path that led to a stone wall. When the golden little ant arrived here, it gently touched it with the little bulge on his head, that small golden horn that hadn’t fully grown yet. That stone wall slowly showed a response, and then an ancient door finally revealed itself.

“What kind of place is this?” When Shi Hao first stepped inside, he was immediately shocked, his fine hairs standing on end.

It was because there were traces of blood on the ground, as well as all types of scales and feathers. When standing here, his entire body uncontrollably went taut, about to break apart!

Soon afterwards, he understood. These were the blood, scales, and feathers of unmatched beings!

Moreover, he saw an ant leg here, within the golden color complex patterns, as if it could crush the entire world.

Soon afterwards, he was even more shocked. He saw more and more feathered wings, strange horns, and blood of all different colors, making his body feel like it was going to collapse, about to explode here!

In the end, he even more so saw the head of an ant, golden light resplendent, as if a giant sun was resting here!

“Heavenly Horned Ant Great One?!” Shi Hao couldn’t help but cry out.

Where was this place? Was it the final area of death where Heavenly Horned Ant Great One dragged down numerous enemies?

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