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Chapter 1286 - Dark Future

Met before? This really was like something out of a fantasy. How could this be? It was too absurd!

One lived millions and millions of years ago, the other in the present world, a great era separating them, so how could they have encountered each other?

However, this was one of the Vicious Ten, one of the most powerful long life beings of the past, his status venerable, so this shouldn’t be a lie.

This was extremely contradictory. Shi Hao became momentarily distracted, not knowing whether he should believe this. He was extremely puzzled. What kind of unforeseen events had taken place during this period?


From the side, the little golden ant released a great screech. He really wasn’t small anymore right now, as large as a mountain peak, his entire body golden. Each time he moved, there would be a great disturbance raised, making the void crack apart.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that his father’s imprint had appeared, unable to face him. RIght now, he went berserk, losing his own will.

The middle-aged man’s long golden hair fell down to his waist, his figure tall and sturdy, the starry sky as a backdrop, illuminating his body. He was unspeakably dignified, his eyes brilliant, overlooking all heroes from past to present!

His gaze slowly became gentle, looking towards the little Heavenly Horned Ant. it was different from the temperament a matchless expert should have, no longer exhibiting a mountain and river devouring might.

This was familiar affection, the love of a father. When looking at his own child, even the matchless Heavenly Horned Ant had a soft side. This was originally an overlord, a matchless monarch!

“I know what happened.” Shi Hao said to himself. He recalled a few matters. It was because he recalled the scene three years ago when he was searching for opportunities in Immortal Battlefield. Back then, a long river of time stretched across, a giant from endless years ago had previously crossed the great river, meeting him!

If not for the white clad woman appearing, forcing back the foreign ancient ancestor, then Shi Hao would have undoubtedly been in danger.

That woman stood far away, style unmatched, leaving Shi Hao with too deep of an impression. Unfortunately, he didn’t see her true appearance, the only thing he had to distinguish her was that face mask.

Since there were two people who could tower above the great river of time, overlook endless generations, then the Heavenly Horned Ant mostly likely saw him like this as well.

It was because the Heavenly Horned Ant was one of the most powerful beings of that generation. It was number one if they were strictly talking about the flesh, able to overlook the masses, its might unstoppable!

“Senior has peered through the future and met me?” Shi Hao asked.

“You don’t seem to be too slow.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said. It turned around and looked at him. The sun, moon, and stars fell within its golden pupils, immortal dao creatures tearing at each other could be seen. This was the scene of past great worlds collapsing, turning into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!


In a flash, Shi Hao felt a wave of terrifying energy sweep over him. It was as if he was now standing in Immortal Ancient’s final days, star systems torn apart, the world collapsing, all things withering.


Suddenly, he saw a world-shaking sword. It was green without luster, but it directly penetrated the cosmos, and then it entered the space between his brows, bringing intense pain.

“Ah…” Shi Hao cried out, feeling his entire body become ice-cold, covered in sweat. His fine hairs stood on end.

Immediately afterwards, he knew that this were Heavenly Horned Ant Great One’s experiences. When he was fighting, someone ambushed him, a sword striking him between the brows, blood dyeing the starry sky.

This was a type of message that was passed onto Shi Hao, to make him more careful when dealing with that unmatched powerful enemy!

There was previously a creature who held a long green sword just like that, tearing open the space between the Heavenly Horned Ant’s brows, injuring his body that was known to be number one in the world.

“That person is still alive.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

These words made Shi Hao certain that the other party was trying to guide him, tell him who the most terrifying opponents would be!


Immediately afterwards, a black shadow appeared in the Heavenly Horned Ant’s pupils. His large hand covered the sky, smashing down, covering the dome of heaven.

Shi Hao felt like he was about to suffocate, momentarily confined, unable to move!

“En?” This feeling was extremely familiar, incredibly clear.

It was that person, the giant who had overlooked endless time, previously peering through the upper reaches of the great river of time to kill him. In the end, he was forced back by that white clad woman.

This should also be someone the Heavenly Horned Ant faced, someone that had given him trouble!


A streak of sky-shocking radiance tore through the everlasting, wiping out the cosmos. That was a spear, the golden speartip about to directly slice through one’s soul, the radiance making one’s eyes about to turn blind.

This was the foreign side’s number three expert who was attacking!

This spear was too fast, tearing through everything unstoppably, impossible to block. With a pu sound, blood splashed out. Shi Hao felt as if it pierced his own chest, breaking all of his bones, shattering all of his veins and arteries, the killing energy engulfed towards his soul!

This was a world shattering spear!

It was clear that these were the Heavenly Horned Ant’s experiences.

When facing this spear, the Heavenly Horned Ant had previously roared furiously, many great stars in the sky falling, even more so launching and intense counterattack, fighting this enemy murderously.

“The original world was destroyed, turning into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, it seems like it was tied closely to this.” Shi Hao sighed with astonishment.

Then, he felt everything before his eyes go dark, as if he went unconscious.

Shi Hao knew that this was the result of the Heavenly Horned Ant’s serious injuries, leaving the battlefield. As a result, he also withdrew from this type of feeling.

“I killed countless enemies, wiped out so-called undying beings one after the other, but these three creatures were extremely frightening, all of them managing to survive.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

Those were definitely the most frightening creatures of the other side. Whether or not there were more formidable enemies now, the Heavenly Horned Ant couldn’t say for sure. After that battle, he was already half ruined.

He was originally a heaven warping individual, matchless and unequalled, but he fell in the last phase of that age.

Needless to say, that battle was definitely brilliant and gorgeous, glorious enough to enter the records of history. The scenes were world shocking, the intense battles bitter, a true competition between existences at the peak.

Unfortunately, everything returned to the earth, not much recorded. Those of the later world didn’t know about this battle, forgetting about it.

Perhaps only when one went to the other side’s prosperous world would one learn about some events of the past from the mouths of the enemy, hear about how lamentable yet brilliant it was.

“I do not know what kind of opponents the others faced, but the other party really did take care of me well! Three great world shaking experts emerged, bringing numerous undying beings, heh!” The Heavenly Horned Ant laughed coldly, feeling a bit of regret and unwillingness. In the end, he still fell.

“I saw from your body the image of your youth. You pursued the extreme dao, exceeding the most powerful, if you were also of the Heavenly Horned Ant Race, then I would be even happier!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

At this moment, his aura was oppressive, his thick long golden hair falling down. At his side, those stars shattered, erupting, the scenes frightening to the extreme!

He towered at the center of the cosmos, overlooking the prosperity and decline of endless generations, watching the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ rise and fall. He was without joy or worries, as if he already transcended above, no longer concerning himself with any of these matters.

“Senior, what kind of things have you seen?” Shi Hao asked. He really wanted to know what the future would be like.

“For the sake of seeing my child, I have also seen you. He is together with you, experiencing bloody battles, the flames of war engulfing the Nine Heavens!” The Heavenly Horned Ant’s eyes burned like flames, his aura oppressive, as if he recovered the majestic and imposing aura of the past, about to enter the battlefield himself.

Unfortunately, only a damaged soul was left of him.

“What happened in the end?”

“I was not able to see it clearly.” The Heavenly Horned Ant shook his head.

“How could you not be able to see it?” Shi Hao didn’t really believe this.

“The war isn’t too far off, this time even more frightening than what we experienced, involving too many. I truly never expected those things to jump out in the end!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

Shi Hao was shocked. There were other things in the future great battle? This… made one shiver with fear. Was there a way for the Nine Heavens Ten Earths to survive?

“The darkest era since the beginning of history is about to come. It is greater than Immortal Ancient Great Era, more terrifying than what we experienced. Have you properly prepared yourself? Are you scared?!” The Heavenly Horned Ant shouted.

“What is there to be scared of? We don’t even know what kind of things they are, all of them can just come!” Shi Hao said.

“A day will come when no one can help you, war ravaging the world until no sounds remain, only a deathly stillness. When that time comes, do you still dare withstand the enemy?”

“I dare!” Shi Hao spoke without any hesitation.

“The world is boundless, yet you are all alone. It is a battlefield you have to fight in alone, the blood that flows yours alone, fight from youth to early gray hairs, and then to the bleak declining years, blood energy dried-up and withered, all the way until the flames of life flicker. Do you still dare fight?” The Heavenly Horned Ant asked.

“These things you have seen, are they of my life?” Shi Hao calmly asked.

“It is but a passing question.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

“What about the others? Why am I the only one left?” Shi Hao asked loudly.

“I saw two endings, this is merely one of them.” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

Even someone as powerful as him, when he saw the youth before him, he also felt complicated emotions. He never expected to meet someone who would suffer things even more frightening than their great era.

“There is only one real situation, there is no way there can be two!” Shi Hao said.

“It is because what I saw wasn’t clear, some things overlaying, indistinct. There were two scenes, scenes of others, and of you. I could only view them as two different situations.” The Heavenly Horned Ant explained as things were.

“I do not believe in a future that is peered into now, I only believe that my two fist will forge their own future, smash open a brilliant world!” Shi Hao clenched his fists, his tone incredibly resolute.

It was because others had foretold inauspicious futures more than once. He wouldn’t accept this, believing firmly in his own strength. He was going to reverse the world, change that ‘result’!

“What kind of enemies will there be in the future?” Shi Hao asked.

“There are many, some of them perhaps not even those that Immortal Ancient Great Era’s people have thought of. They have existed all this time, and all of them will jump out.” The Heavenly Horned Ant’s eyes burned like torches.

“For example, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ protectors race, why is there golden blood within their bodies, where does it come from? When the time comes, everything will be clear! There are also those who come from the same place as them.”

The Heavenly Horned Ant gave him a serious warning. He felt a type of regret, a great sigh released from his mouth. He truly wished he could borrow another five hundred years from the heavens so that he could truly fight a great battle against those people!

He was an unyielding expert, a matchless figure, longing for battles against the most powerful in this world.

“When the time comes, you will discover that the Nine Heavens Ten Earths aren’t all that large. The true battlefield is vast and boundless, the scope that it involves unimaginable!” The Heavenly Horned Ant said.

He didn’t wish to talk about the rest, because Shi Hao hadn’t reached that level yet. Speaking about those things now might only make him feel a sense of gloominess.

“I want the Imperishable Scripture!” Finally, Shi Hao only had this sentence.

Those who dared to speak like this, directly asking for the scripture, there really weren’t that many. He was extremely candid and straightforward.

“Fine, I will show you where to obtain it!” The Heavenly Horned Ant replied in a rather pained manner. It was because he had seen a corner of the future. That type of great world was too frightening, the battle too fierce.

He hoped that someone from this area of heaven and earth could rise up, able to compete, and then truly win!

It was precisely because the future was cruel, and the Heavenly Horned Ant attached importance to Shi Hao, which was why he wouldn’t waste time, nor would he act overly politely.


The Heavenly Horned Ant’s finger pointed out. An expanse of stars appeared, directly rushing into the space between Shi Hao’s brows!

“In the past, I cultivated this method, but I was still unable to achieve perfection. It might very well be because I didn’t obtain the complete scripture! I hope that when you head to that place, you can obtain the complete ancient scripture, and thus not share the same regret as myself!” The Heavenly Horned Ant warned.

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